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Finding Optimum Diameter and Thickness of AISI 1020 Tube for Manufacturing Go-Kart Chassis

( Volume 4 Issue 4,April 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Vishvesh L. Solanki, Rushit D. Vaishya


Go kart is popular hobby sports in America and Europe, it was initially made in us in 1950 and then other country followed this carting culture. In India go kart is making huge wave, many recesses is been conducted. The important criteria to be consider while designing kart is its chassis it does not have suspension so all the load should be absorb by chassis alone without deflecting unduly, the rigidity and strength of the chassis should be consider too much of rigidity will reduce the strength of the chassis, the material used is AISI 1020. Different impact test is conducted and final optimum diameter (D) and thickness (T) is obtain using CAE toll and validate by applying formula for different values.

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