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Evaluation of Suitable Scale Factor for Irregular Building Structure

( Volume 7 Issue 8,August 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS

Revannath J. Salunke, Vidyarani S. kshirsagar, Avinash B. Kokare, Shrikrishna A. Gosavi, Nitin A. Shinde


Building structure, Indian seismic code.


Irregularity are not avoidable in construction of a building. Building structure are almost irregular, as ideal perfect regularity very hardly occurs now days. As far as building structures are concerned, for practical use, Indian seismic code splits irregularity in structure which are plan irregularity and vertical irregularity. Plan irregularity is due to re-entrant corner with some torsion in the building structure. This investigation, aims to study the linear static and linear dynamic analysis (response spectrum analysis) with ETABS 2016. In the structure, which scale factor is dominant either base shear scale factor or torsion scale factor? Ten different shape of model is taken with re-entrant ratio is greater than 15% of that building structure. Mode dominance factor is calculated with the help of 1st mode of all the building. While calculating the base shear of the response spectrum analysis, matching is done for both base shear scale factor and torsion scale factor. Behaviors of all the 10 structures are observed and comparison between both the scale factor is done. Investigation is done with the different shape of the building structure and appropriate results are found.


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