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Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

( Volume 2 Issue 9,September 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Suneet Gupta, Kapil Kapoor


Wireless Sensors requires energy for communication,sensing and processing. Mechanisms are discovered to reduce the communication between the sensors .Multicasting in Wireless Network is the technique where there is one sender and multiple receivers. That means there is no need of broadcasting . But my proposed model is using mulicasting and it also uses the inherent broadcasting  property of Wireless links.This model  is based on demand based  protocol strategy  where the initiation for receiving the data  starts from the destination.This model assumes that a unique id is given to all the sensors. Another assumption in my model is that there are multiple receivers and only one source node. Each receiver is using a different session for searching and receiving information from the source node.Sink node which has  interest in receiving  data from  source will broadcast a search message and then nodes in the communication range of sink will supply a feedback message which contains the  id of sensor node sending the feedback  message. After this step selection of path or reservation will take place.Path selection is done according to the id of the source node. An id of sensor node is selected which is nearest to the source node id. Along with this an entry is made in the sensor node whose id is selected.This  is achieved by utilizing the feedbacks send by sensor  nodes.According to my model, reservation means that when a sensor node finds some already present entry in some other sensor node, And if that entry belongs to some other receiver then sensor node will make an entry in other sensor node so that when the information is transmitted from the source node to other receiver then it will be received by the sensor node which has done its registration. Registrations are performed so that only least number of sessions related to other receivers will be active and less number of nodes to be used while sending data  from the source node. Simulation showed less number of nodes are used while the information is coming from source node.

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