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Effect of Self Curing Compound on Strength and Durability of M25 Mix Concrete

( Volume 1 Issue 5,September 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

A Sreenivasa kumar , Dr.T Suresh Babu


Today concrete is most widely used construction material due to its good compressive strength and durability. Depending upon the nature of work the cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water are mixed in specific proportions to produce plain concrete. Plain concrete needs congenial atmosphere by providing moisture for a minimum period of 28 days for good hydration and to attain desired strength. Any laxity in curing will badly affect the strength and durability of concrete. Self-curing concrete is one of the special concretes in mitigating insufficient curing due to human negligence paucity of water in arid areas, inaccessibility of structures in difficult terrains and in areas where the presence of fluorides in water will badly affect the characteristics of concrete. So many studies are done about the usage of Self curing concrete. In the present study, the affect of admixture (PEG-200) on compressive strength, split tensile strength at one percentage for M25 mix was studied and it compared with the properties of PEA( Poly Ethylene Alcohol). It was found that Poly Ethylene Glycol-200 is a good self curing agent when compared with Poly Ethylene Alcohol. The present Study was shown about a clear cooperate picture about the strengths of PEG-200 and PEA and its stress strain behaviour also shown clearly. This study gives a clear notation on Durability aspect also.   

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