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Effect of Employee Engagement Practices on the Overall Development of Employee Working in Telecome Industry

( Volume 2 Issue 12,December 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ms. Amrita Mathur, Dr Bharti Sharma


The Telecom Industry in India is more than a century old. It has immersed as third largest network in the world and second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. The growth of the industry prompted the government to allow more telecom players on the field leading to an intense price war in an attempt to gather market share. The increased number of market players also led to fast technical advancement and new and innovative marketing strategies, also to achieve all these, the organisation needs more skilled and enthusiastic man power with them. Thus Managing employee turnover has become a major challenge for the Telecom industry, especially in India. To get rid of this problem organizations are now focusing on methods and techniques to increase employee engagement and reduce attrition. The main objective of providing training and development opportunities is to improve employee knowledge and the skills for their better performance and knowledge up gradation.  These performances are measured in terms of the improvement in Productivity, Absenteeism and the Employee Job Satisfaction .Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employee's emotional attachment to their job and job environment. It intensely influences their willingness to learn and perform at work efficiently and effectively. Purpose of the study: The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of Employee Engagement practices on the overall development of employee working in Telecom Industry.

Research Methodology:This research is a descriptive Research. The data is been collected through questionnaire, The data was collected from both public Sector and private sector telecom. The data collected was further analysed by applying correlation and regression as a tool. Analysis:The Research shows that Employee Engagement and Employee overall Development is positively correlated. Development process is a continuous process .It acts as an important solution of the problems that arises on regular basis in front of management. If training and development process is designed properly that always result into positive Engagement to the Employees but these programmes need to be designed properly and very carefully and on per employee basis because it include so much of cost and time too.

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