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Educational Status and Role in Rural Economic Development of Mising Women in Assam: A Case Study in Golaghat District, Assam, India

( Volume 2 Issue 2,February 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Bhumika Bori


Misings, the second largest tribal population of Assam, are mainly the rural inhabitants. Like other womenfolk of developing nations most of the Mising women are engaged in primitive economic activities and work hard to fulfill the day to day necessity and to uplift their economic status. This paper highlights the findings of a case study conducted on educational status and  participation of womenfolk in farm and non-farm activities like agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, fishery, sericulture, horticulture and other activities such as weaving etc. in Bokakhat West Development Block of Golaghat District, Assam. Respondents have been selected randomly. During field observation it was revealed that outdated agricultural practices, lack of basic infrastructure, lack of proper marketing mechanism, exploitation of middlemen, lack of credit system, village money lending system, lack of economic empowerment, lack of leadership quality, illiteracy, poor health status, and natural calamities like perennial flood are the main obstacle to the rural economic development in the study area.      

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