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Distributed WSN SHM with RF Wake-Adaptive Sleep Energy Saving & Artificial Intelligence Based Fatigue/Threat Perception with Early Warning System

( Volume 5 Issue 7,July 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Priyanka Modi, Mrs. Manju Mathur


As technology is emerging, & with the advent of secure wireless digital communication protocols such as digital communication protocols such as wifi (IEEE 802.11), The Trend of using wireless devices is gaining wide momentum of Using wired devices Sensor Network are also going popularity & are using latest wireless technologies. Use of wireless sensor networks (WSN) for structural Health monitoring is a promising avenue due to low maintain & easy deploybility, but simultaneously deploying wireless sensors has addition challenges such as energy efficiency due to their essentially battery operated nature, battery life scarce bandwidth allocation & security concerns. This word is aimed at development a hierarchical wireless sensor network with intelligent energy conservation techniques employing multiple sleep modes with full wakeup & partial wakeup.

Also other challenge is analysis of huge data collected by widely deployed wireless sensor networks, thus this work incorporates usage of artificial intelligence for processing of sensor data. Innovative methods have been deployed to process neural network results, to obtain structural health prediction, immediate structural threat & cumulative structural fatigue.

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