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Determining The Affecting Factors on The Delay to Renew The Auto Insurance (Case study: a survey on the Saman insurance agencies in Shiraz)

( Volume 3 Issue 2,February 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Narges Abbasi, Simin Moradi Kakash, Mansoreh Maani Shirazi


All the owners of land and rail vehicles whether they are real persons or legal persons, are obliged to insure their vehicles against physical and financial damages to the third parties which may occur because of accidents of the mentioned vehicles or towing and trailer attached to them or their cargo. Despite third party insurance is compulsory, but there are people who have delays in their renewal of the insurance contract. This research intends to identify the affecting factors on this delayed action. For conducting the research, 524 registered case in all of the Saman insurance agencies in the city of Shiraz over five years (2011-2015) was studied. The factors are year of manufacturing, the number of driving accidents record, the type of automobile, type of insurance company, the beginning month of the contract. The results show that only the desire to change of type of insurance has been the affecting factor on this delay.

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