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Determination of Water Consumption Rate for A Growing Urban City in Osun State, Nigeria

( Volume 3 Issue 8,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

AWOFADEJU Ayinde Samuel, AKANNI Ayotunde Oluwayemisi,IDOWU Olajumoke Temitayo, FAMILUSI Ayokunle Oluwaseun


Water is the simplest important element of life that is basic to man’s existence. Most researchers are discouragedfrom working on determination of water consumption rate in Ikirun due to improper and inadequatewater demand data estimate in Ikirun the headquarters of Ifelodun local government in Osun State. Hence, this study determines the rate of water consumption in Ikirun.1213 questionnaires related to water uses and demand rate were randomly distributed to residential, and 250 were administered on institutional, commercial and industrial consumers from high density area (Eweta), medium density area (Oja-Oba, Thursday market, Oke-Afo area) and low density area (Laade/testing ground area) using End Use Analysis Technique.The results obtained show that most residential and commercial consumers source water from deep well, industrial consumers source their water from boreholes while institutional consumers mostly depend on tap water for their basic needs. The total volume of water used daily per house for residential consumers at low density area varied from 95-1255liters, the values at medium density area varied from 3465-11,570liters, while that of high density area varied from 3485-22,805liters. The daily values for total volume of water consumed for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities were4,824, 3299 and 3812 liters respectively. The average water demand for low, medium and high density areas were 25.31 l/c/day, 16.42 l/c/day, and 27.61 l/c/day which is not within the range specified by WHO standard. It is recommended that the water pipe network should be extended to all nook and cranes of Ikirun township to allow consumers access to portable water. 

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