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Detecting Mask in human Faces using Machine Learning Approach

( Volume 7 Issue 8,August 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ara Shandilya Mishra


Deep learning, Face mask detection, CNN.


Due to Covid19, it is mandatory to wear a mask. It is a challenging approach to detect if a person is wearing a mask or not. It is also a tough job as there is no proper labelled dataset available to train our models. In our approach, we prefer using deep learning based on CNN. Much work has been done in this algorithm and has a wide scope of face detection.

Our novel CNN-based method establishes three neurons of convolutional neural networks to detect face masks. However, we have manually generated the "face mask" dataset to enhance our model's accuracy as we lack a proper dataset. After evaluating our proposed approach in our dataset, we have got a satisfactory result and have enough precision.


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