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Covert Image Transmission over an Unsecured Channel Using Hybrid Steganography & Cryptography with Biometric Authentication

( Volume 5 Issue 5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Gaurav Sharma, Vipra Bohra


The existing method was further extended with the transmission of covert image with the use of steganography and cryptography with the generation of variable length key which gets created through the minutia. The transmission side is being used for sending the covert image under cover image and is being steganographed. The variable key so generated is used for encryption of the image using mixed key cryptography the recovery exist at the receiver end with the retrieval of encrypted image which is decrypted to get the crypto image. As the process goes we receive the cover image and covert image. Steganography is that the methodology of activity secret information within any style of digital media. the most plan behind steganography is to cover the existence of a knowledge in any medium like audio, video, image etc. once we name image steganography, the thought is kind of easy. Pictures are created from picture elements that sometimes sit down with the colour of that individual pixel. The LSB steganography being Least significant bit, the thought behind LSB embedding is that if we modify the last bit worth of a picture element, there won’t be a lot of visible amendment within the color. In cryptography, a hybrid cryptosystem is one which mixes the convenience of a public-key cryptosystem with the potency of a symmetric-key cryptosystem. Public-key cryptosystems are convenient therein they are doing not need the sender and receiver to share a typical secret so as to speak firmly (among different helpful properties). However, they typically have confidence difficult mathematical computations and ar therefore usually way more inefficient than comparable symmetric-key cryptosystems. In several applications, the high price of encrypting long messages during a public-key cryptosystem is preventive. The biometric authentication could be a security method that depends on the distinctive biological characteristics of a private to verify that he's WHO is says he's identity verification systems compare a biometric information capture to keep, confirmed authentic information during a information. If each samples of the biometric information match, authentication is confirmed. Typically, identity verification is employed to manage access to physical and digital resources like buildings, rooms and computing devices.

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