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Connections between Planck’s and Gravitational Parameters

( Volume 5 Issue 11,November 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Branko M. Novakovic


New Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT) extends GR to the extremally strong gravitational field, including Planck scale. In this theory, for spherically symmetric Planck mass, the minimal gravitational length (diameter) is equal to Planck length. Thus, minimal gravitational radius of Planck mass is equal to half of Planck length. The ratio of Planck mass and Planck length is constant, Mp/Lp=c2/G. Generally, in gravitational field, the ratio of mass M and minimal Gravitational length Lg is also constant, M/Lg=c2/G, and the same as the ratio of Planck mass and length. This fact is employed in this paper for derivation of the connections between Planck’s and gravitational parameters. In that sense, the Gravitational length, time, energy and temperature are presented as the function of the Planck length, time, energy and temperature, respectively. This opens possibility for application of QFT to the gravitational field. The existence of a minimal radius in gravitational field means that no singularity in that field. Since the most minimal gravitational radius belongs to the minimal mass, the Planck length is not the shortest meaningful length in space-time.


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