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Comparative Study of Rcc Multistorey Building for Various Grades of Steel in Various Seismic Zones

( Volume 7 Issue 8,August 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS

Swati Patil, Shrikrishna A. Gosavi, Amol Kalubarme


Analysis & design, STAAD-PRO, base shear, storey drift, deformation.


The method of analysis and design of Rcc multistorey building for various grades of steel in various seismic zone i.e., III, IV, V. The scope behind this project is to learn relevant Indian standard codes used for design of various building element such as beam, column, foundation by using a software STAAD-PRO under seismic load acting on a structure. The calculation of base shear and also dead load, live load, seismic load acting on a structure. The structure was analyzed with various combination as per IS 1893:2002 part-1. The analysis and design of structure in various zones and base shear, storey drift, deformation by using STAAD-PRO. We used STAAD-PRO for analysis and design of structure.


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