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Color Detection System

( Volume 7 Issue 5,May 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS

Nikhil Pandey, Aayushi Saxena, Amanya Verma


Color detection, color blindness.


A Color detection technique is a program that gives the color of what user asks for as output. In this method the color codes already provided in the program are compared it with the image whose colors we want to know. Let us first began with why is it needed? We know of a disability in humans very commonly found “color blindness” it is very common in humans but mostly people manage with it, as if you don’t go deeply about the colors it won’t cause any problem to you in general activities.


What is color Blindness?

It is a disability in which the person suffering from it is unable to see some colors (fun fact: his/her vision is not black and white) the colors not visible depends on type of Color Blindness.

This disability makes a person impaired from doing task which involves selection of colors like choosing clothes, buying vegetables, fruits or even while travelling (Traffic lights or other cars lights).


Self-drive cars are the future and they require color detection to easily commute on road. It is true that, there is no cure for color blindness currently and it is also true that no one has seen the future. But right now what we can do to atleast is to solve this issue temporarily (not close to reality but start is always small). Recognition of colors from an image and then from live video has been done by many, we have also tried to do the same. We have successfully detected color in the image, now in the next step we are going to implement the live video color detection. In the program the R,G,B values of colors are to be compared with the that of the image and then display the name of the color that will be easily visible to the user, this system can help in knowing the colors to normal people(especially men) and hence this system can be very useful and it do have the future use for like connecting this system in the goggles or specs and also in helmet for those driving motorcycle, these all things might seem of no use now or to most people but all those people suffering from it most probably find it very useful. As it will help them recognize the color(even if not by seeing them but recognizing them). Hence it can be easily said that this program will help many people if implemented.

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