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Cloud based Solution for Small and Medium Franchisees

( Volume 3 Issue 3,March 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Zainab Mirza, Zaeem Farooqui, Mohit Jain, Anas Karolia


Cloud Computing is a leading sector of IT and is attracting the attention of various industries as well as for personal computing. A business that adapts cloud infrastructure has access to various functionalities and advantages that would otherwise either not be available to them or would have to expend a lot of resources and money to avail them. Normally the word Cloud Computing is usually associated with bigger organizations, however with the evolution and advancement in the field of cloud computing, it has become easier to develop and utilise cloud applications and has increased their overall accessibility.

Small to Medium businesses or organisations, particularly those with multiple branches are beginning to adopt cloud technologies or are basing their business models on top of cloud computing as they are realising the benefits that it can bring to their organisation. In this paper, the focus is on Small to Medium sized Franchises (SMFs) that use existing traditional applications for their management and the problems that these applications face. We have proposed a cloud based application for the management of SMFs and show how it will be executed and with the help of research and analysis describe how it will benefit the SMFs, the developers and the cloud providers.


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