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Biofilm Formation and Siderophore Production by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolated from Wounds Infection

( Volume 2 Issue 8,August 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Syed Sajeed Ali, Wakte P.S


The study was aimed to determine the efficiency of P .aeruginosa for biofilm formation and siderophore production, and to assess the existence of correlation between siderophore production and biofilm formation. Ten P .aeruginosa were isolated from different wounds infection and identified based on morphological, biochemical and fatty acid methyl esterase analysis.  Biofilm formation capability of isolates was studied by growing them on 96-well microtiter plate containing trypticase soy broth at 37oC for 24h.  It is found that all strain of P. aeruginosa have the ability to form biofilm. However the strains PA01, PA02 and PA03 were shown strong biofilm formation. Siderophore production by isolate were study on CAS agar plate, after incubation the individual colony of isolates shown orange colored zone around the colony,  reveals that all are positive in siderophore production. Further  siderophore production  were  estimated and it’s  found that, out of ten isolates, the strains PA01, PA02 and PA03 of P .aeruginosa were produced maximum siderophore i.e. 66, 68, and 65%.

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