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Behind the Parents Light: A Phenomenology of the Adjustments of Overseas Filipino Workers Children

( Volume 6 Issue 10,October 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Efren L. Burgos MAT, Yasser G. Ulod, James Ryan A. Agtoto, Miles Nicolas A. Corvera, Daniel John S. Sonza, Chrangel Eve M. Castillo, Frances Erica P. Galvez


Working Abroad, Children, Live Experiences, Development, Communication.


Background: A chronic problem in the Philippines is that many children are growing up without their parents because of lack of regular employment. Working abroad is a necessity and the only option they can take in order to make their lives better and for their children. It creates an impact in their daily lives which was obtained from different experiences. Method: This qualitative paper made use of a phenomenological research design to understand the lived experiences of the participants, specifically Overseas Filipino Workers’ Children, relative to the central question: “What are the adjustments of Philippine School Doha students who grew up without their parents?” Data were gathered through a twenty-five semi-structured interview; and were analyzed using an inductive approach in theme development. Findings: Findings have shown the difficulty in adjustments and living of children in terms of adjustments, coping mechanism, emotional effects, and attitude gaps for the past years; which implies the changes in their development along with their other life experiences. Conclusion: The implication of parental migration affects their families left behind. Their relationship can be distressed if the parents do not communicate to their children. Their relationship with their children can face challenges. It leaves the children struggling with coping during the time of parental absence. Recommendation: The researchers recommend that there must be communication between the parents and their children left behind to maintain a positive relationship. The presence of the parents must be felt by the child through communicating with any means despite the distance.



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