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Bacteria or Caketeria?!!?

( Volume 4 Issue 1,January 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Vinithra Suresh , Kousalya. M , Nachammai. SM , Krittika. S


Background. The present study is done to confirm the transfer of bacteria when birthday candles are blown.

Materials & Methods. The study has been carried out in the 2017. The candles were blown on sterile foil and the samples were collected in sterile swab and cultured in blood agar plates.

Result. Our study shows a 100% increase in the bacterial count comparing a sterile foil sheet containing blown candles.

Conclusion. The ceremony of blowing out candles in a birthday cake is proved to transfer bacteria to a greater extent. Probability of   the risk of spread of respiratory illness is 100%. Hence this study stands as an evidence proving the spread of bacteria aerosolized from the respiratory tract. Precautions should be taken when a person coughs, sneezes and nowadays even when the person blows his or her birthday cakes!

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