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Assessment of Road Traffic Violations in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria

( Volume 3 Issue 4,April 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

G.C. Emenike, D.N. Akpu


The study examined the impact of traffic violations on road transportation in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The study made use of structured questionnaire which was administered to drivers in the six traffic zones created by the Rivers State Government. Also, crash data from Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) between 2005 and 2015 was made use of in the study. Inferential and descriptive statistical methods were utilized for data analysis. Findings showed that speed violation (33.0%) and dangerous driving (23.0%) were the most occurring traffic violations in Port Harcourt City. The study showed that all major junctions in Port Harcourt City were identified as areas prone to traffic violations. Majority (31.8%) agreed that drivers’ attitude to reduce travel time or saving fuel was the cause of traffic violation while 48.12% and 31.38% agreed that commercial drivers and private drivers were the types of drivers largely prone to traffic violation. However, 86.2% understood round about signs, 82.43% understood T-Junction, 71.55% understood pedestrian crossing while 32.22% understood double bend and 33.1% understood narrow bridge.  No stopping sign (47.7%) was the least understood in regulatory signs while the knowledge of the drivers on information signs was higher for filling station (92.05%) and telephone (phone booth) (80.8%). Similarly, No crossing sign (38.1%) was the least understood sign in road markings while more than 85% understood all the traffic lights. The study recommended among others that the traffic agencies in the city should enhance the enforcement of traffic rules and ensure that every vehicle plying the city’s highway is fixed with speed limiting devices.

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