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Artisans of Meitei-Pangal/Pangal Community (Muslims) in the Making of Some Bamboo Tools and it’s Implements and Their Role in the Conservation of Bio-Resource in Manipur

( Volume 2 Issue 8,August 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

M. Mustaque Ahmed, Ranee Das, S. K. Borthakur


Tools and it’s implements especially of bamboos have been searched, took photograph and documented their useful aspects. T3he information of artisans in relation with the tool creation by bamboo plants and their view of earning family income in deference with their traditional knowledge have been recorded during a study period (January, 2012 to Nov. 2014). A total of 3 genus 8 bamboo species useful in 5 (five) categories of human affairs i. e. Agriculture & Horticulture, Fishery, House making, Weaving and Others (household) to make tool & it’s implements has been recorded.  The plants are Dendrocalamus sericious Munro.(Ui), D.longifimbriatus Gamble.(Unan), D.giganteus Munro.(Marubob/Mareebob), B. tulda Roxb. (Saneibi), B. nana Roxb., B. kingiana Gamble (Watangkhoi), B.nutans Wall Ex. Munro.(Oootang) and Melocanna bambusoides Trin. (Moubi).  The plants have been found to be conserved in the villages. It is believed that the long tradition of bamboo plantation has been converted to useful bio-resources of bamboo stalks in the villages.

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