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Appendicular Pathology Which We All have to Know

( Volume 3 Issue 6,June 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

M Moujahid, V A Blata, I Talbi, Y Mejdahoui, A Laalou, R Chouiba, F Mohafid, M Laaroussi, N Njoumi, M Najih, H Laraqui, M Yaka, A Ehirchiou, A Zentar


Appendiceal mucocele is a rare disease. Sometimes it is discovered accidentally and sometimes it resembles acute appendicitis. Correct diagnosis before surgery is important for the selection of adequate surgical treatment to avoid intraoperative and postoperative complications. Ultrasonography, and particularly computed tomography (CT), should be used extensively for this purpose. If mucocele is treated incorrectly, pseudomyxoma peritonei may develop. We report a case of appendicular mucocele in a male patient aged 60 years old who was admitted to the emergency department of Military Hospial Mohamed V in Rabat, with the signs of acute appendicitis. As if it were an elderly patient, in whom the literature insists on performing CT, therefore appendicular mucocele was discovered by this imaging technique. Emergency open right hemicolectomy and ilio transverse-colon anastomosis termino lateral was performed because the base of the append was involved in the process. No free fluid was found in the peritoneal cavity. Histopathologic diagnosis was mucocele of appendix with simple mucous cyst. The follow-up were simple without any recurrance since five years.

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