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Antifertility Effect of Alcoholic P.nigram Fruit Extract on Adult Female Wistar Rat Models

( Volume 1 Issue 8,December 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Pankaj K Nirala, Prof S.C.Dwivedi


In this research work effect of P.nigram fruit extract on the fertility, microscopic structure of ovary and the associated changes in the serum levels of female reproductive hormones in mature female albino rats had been observed. The animals were divided in different group’s control and treated. The treated group further subdivided into animals treated with low and high dose respectively.The animals were administered with low (0.6ml/animal/day) and high dose (1.2ml/animal/day) of alcoholic fruit extracts of P.nigram orally to sixty days .At the end of the experiment the animals were sacrificed and ovary collected for histological and serological studies. Microscopic sections of the ovary revealed decrease in the number of follicle. Significant changes observed in the level of reproductive hormone. 

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