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Analytical Evaluation of Seismic Response Reduction Factor for Steel Frame Building by Using Various Types of Steel Bracing

( Volume 6 Issue 5,May 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Swapnil M. Patil , P. M. Pawar


Bracings, Steel Frame Building, Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis, Response Reduction factor.


Now days steel structure has played an important role in all aspects of civil engineering. It is important to design a structure to perform well under seismic loads.  The objective of the present study is to evaluate seismic response reduction factor(R) using various types of steel bracings. The R factor of various types of frame is evaluated from nonlinear pushover analysis. The structure is analyzed in SAP2000 to check its adequacy compared to IS code recommended R value. The R factor components including ductility reduction factor and over strength factor obtained from inelastic pushover curve of braced frame systems for different heights and configurations for various types of frames are compared with IS code values. Method of analysis, design and evaluation data are presented in detail. Previous studies in literature and the theory of response reduction factor is also presented.


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