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Air Traffic Control and Management System

( Volume 3 Issue 3,March 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

G.Hemanth Sai


Traditional “Air traffic control system ”  is working on the ideas of DBS(Distance Based Separation ) and TBS (Time Based Separation) which leads to some minor issues regarding collisions. But here I want to design a new system to make technology highly efficient by managing the air traffic and managing the routes for flights so that they fly in different lanes. Also, it manages the free slots in the runway. There are multiple stations available in the space in which flight can travel from one station to another via multiple routes, the selection of two stations from which the flight can depart and can land so that it would not obstruct the other flight routes and no two flight would crash and maximum number of passengers can travel from one station to another . Along with that, my second primary objective is to almost choose the optimal path between the source and destination Prim’s algorithm is being used in order to calculate the shortest path between the stations and after among the different shortest path the selection of optimal path is being done, so that the overall cost would be minimum.The result would show the different path among various different station so that the maximum number of passengers can travel from one place to another (source and destination) and all that paths would represent the optimal path between the stations.

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