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Agile Development Methodology and Testing for Mobile Applications - A Survey

( Volume 2 Issue 9,September 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ganesh Prasad P, R Hamsini,Smitha G R


Agile methods allow software teams to respond quickly to change. The agile approach reduces the schedule risk associated with traditional software engineering, in which integration of component parts is treated as a late-phase effort. Testing throughout the process as opposed to at the end of the project can bring a number of benefits for app developers, especially in the discovery of coding flaws or other bugs. When testing takes place on a regular basis during the development process, app developers and testing counterparts easily spot issues along the way and correct them as they go. This ensures that the project will continue smoothly and that any issues will be more easily corrected. Additionally, introducing test automation early, connecting functional along with even load and performance tests to Continuous Integration acts as a part of regression testing, where the development team takes responsibility for bugs in the code. This frees up dedicated testers and performance experts to focus on more complex use cases and determining test scenarios that cover areas outside the code, like infrastructure, corner cases and third party testing. This papers discovers different methodologies in agile that suits mobile application development along with testing.

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