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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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A Survey on Smart Water Detector

( Volume 4 Issue 5,May 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dr. J P Navani, Osheen Mittal, Neha Pal, Nisha


In this paper we introduce the notion of water level monitoring and management within the context of electrical conductivity of the water. More specifically, we investigate the microcontroller based water level sensing and controlling in a wired and wireless environment. Water Level management approach would help in reducing the home power consumption and as well as water overflow. Furthermore, it can indicate the amount of water in the tank that can support Global Water types including cellular data loggers, satellite data transmission systems for remote water monitoring system. Moreover, cellular phones with relative high computation power and high quality graphical user interface became available recently. From the users perspective it is required to reuse such valuable resource in a mobile application. Finally, we proposed a web and cellular based monitoring service protocol would determine and senses water level globally.


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