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A Novel Packet Aggregation Mechanism for Enhancing VoIP Performance on IEEE 802.11 Wireless Mesh Networks

( Volume 6 Issue 7,July 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Guan-Hsiung Liaw, San-Yuan Wang, Tain-Lieng Kao, Tsung-Cheng Chen


VoIP, IEEE 802.11, Quality of Service (QoS).


In recent years, VoIP has a high growth in application such as Skype [1], that lets people talk over the internet to anyone in the world for free. However, voice traffic is usually sensitive to delay, jitter, and packet loss. When transmitted voice data through IP, traffic is broken into small packets that are sent individually to their destination. Nevertheless, the characteristic of IP is Best-Effort (BE) that does not guarantee the provision of services and may cause to packet loss or packet disorder due to congestion and dynamic routing. It’s very important in Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism for VoIP quality. In addition, VoIP is usually compared with the traditional telephone. The VoIP voice quality has not fully caught with traditional telephone voice products. But with the advantages including reducing networking and management cost and supporting new services, such as combining voice communication with other media, VoIP is still considered to be a practical product and encouraged for mass deployment.

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