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Volume 6 Issue 2

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Title : Examining the Dynamics of General and Specific Didactics: Case Study the Use of Conflict Resolution Approach in the Teaching of Citizenship Education

Authors : Dr. Mbonteh Vivian Mbole Nkong

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The secondary school system of Cameroon has suffered a lot of critic from parents and general public especially at the domain of implementing the curriculum for effective skills acquisition and competence of the learner, so this study seek to examines the Dynamics of General and Specific Didactics, Case Study: The Use of Conflict Resolution Approach in the Teaching of Citizenship Education in Cameroon. The study was carried out through descriptive survey. The study population included Citizenship teachers in Secondary Schools in Cameroon. From this population, a sample of 50 Citizenship secondary schools teachers were drawn using purposive sampling. The instruments used for data collection were:  questionnaire, document analysis and classroom observation checklist. Descriptive statistics namely: frequencies and percentages were used to analyze the data. The findings of the study showed that, majority of the secondary schools and teachers teaching citizenship in Cameroon secondary schools lack the competency of teaching conflict resolutions as a result neglect that aspectof the affective domainin the citizenship curriculum. Secondly Conflict Resolution in the current Secondaryschools curriculum is a matter of core topic that cut crossed many other subjects, is not a subject on its own, when the society rely on morality, peace and integrity to sustained, which is currently lacking.  The teachers also lacked sufficient didactics for effective teaching of Conflict Resolution and other related topics, there is much more use of general didactics than specific didactics in secondary schools curriculum of Cameroon especially the Citizenship curriculum.  Conclusively, the study was that curriculum developers in Cameroon are currently realizing the needs and relevance of the topic conflict resolution in Cameroon and should focused their curriculum more to the affective domain.


Title : Determination of Field Parameters in a Strong Electrical Field Using GR Approach

Authors : Branko M. Novakovic

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The process of determination of the field parameters in a strong electrical field using GR approach is presented. In that sense a new Relativistic Alpha Field (RAF) theory is employed. This theory extends the application of GRT to the extremely strong fields at the Planck’s scale. The solution of the field parameters α and α′ in a strong electrical field are obtained as the functions of the normalized electrical potential energy U. Energy-momentum tensor for electrical field is generated automatically from the left side of Einstein’s field equations. This tensor satisfies required properties of energy-momentum tensor for electrical field. Derivation of the related electrical force equations confirms valorization for a strong electrical field. In the weak electrical fields these equations are reduced to the well-known force relations. Finally, the related consequences of the solution of field parameters of strong electrical field using GR approach are pointed out. In that sense it is theoretically proved that an electrical field has no interaction with space-time, while a gravitational field has.


Title : Use of Chelate Zinc in Vermiculture

Authors : I. Beshkenadze, N.Zazashvili, M. Gogaladze, N. Klarjeishvili, M. Chikaidze, O. Lomtadze, L. Gogua

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The impact of glutamine acid (GlH2)-containing chelate zinc on earthworms’ protein mass and the degree of cocoon reproduction is studied, and the effect of different external stress-factors: inundation, substrate quality and chelate zinc toxic doses on earthworms is established, as well. For this purpose, an experiment was conducted according to one and the same pattern by four options. Four groups (one control and three test ones with maximum (Max), normal (Norm.) and minimum (Min.) doses in grams) were composed for all options. Each of them has three repetitions. 5 earthworms of roughly equal mass were selected for each repetition. Weighing and cocoons’ counting was made in three stages, on the 21st, 31st and 41st day since the start of the experiment. Earthworms’ mass gain was registered in all groups throughout the course of test in the first option of the experiment. At that, mass gain degree in all test groups was quite high compared to the control one and reached the maximum in II test group – 108.6%. Reproduction growth degree compared to control group was higher in all test groups and reached the maximum in I test group – 152.9%. Based on the analysis of obtained results the optimum and effective dose of chelate zinc is established and it equals to 0.0269g. per 300g. of substrate.     

When studying external stress factors – inundation (second option) and poor-quality substrate (third option), on the basis of conducted studies an enhancement of resistance of earthworms treated with chelate zinc to different external stress factors is established. All earthworms of all three repetitions of the control group died, while in the test group – only part of them. On the basis of experiment conducted on earthworms (fourth option) treated with chelate zinc one can draw conclusion that they are quite sensitive to high doses of microelements, earthworms of all test groups died, while all five earthworms of all repetitions of the control group were alive. Thus, earthworms can be successfully used as toxicity biotests, and that is very important due to cheapness and simplicity of this method.     

We suppose that obtained results are of great importance for agriculture, particularly in vermiculture, since earthworms breeding and use of this renewed bioresource for obtaining high-quality vitamin-proteinic feed premixes in poultry, animal farming and fishing is one of its important direction.


Title : Women Entrepreneurs –Major Challenges and Future Prospects

Authors : Shivali Veen, Sonia Kamboj, Avni Chowfla

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In Indian society, there are deep rooted traditions and customs which have provided hurdles to the Indian women to achieve greater heights. Male dominance in almost all spheres of lives have also been a root cause for slow growth of women’s as entrepreneurs. Despite thisideology, women in India are achieving great heights in almost all sectors and are making their mark in the world as entrepreneurs. India has been focusing on improving conditions of society and education and primarily focusing on education of girl child. This has increased their desire to work hard, strive for a better lifestyle, becoming independent, competing with men, etc. Their desire to take risks as women leaders have been ever increasing and the hard work and persuasion has helped them survive and succeed in the world of businesses.The aim of the present study is tounderstand the concept of entrepreneurship in general and women entrepreneurs in particular. It also aims to list down the motivations behind women becoming entrepreneursand how they face challenges regarding the same endeavour.


Title : Investigation of Minimum Protein Percentage Required for Optimum Growth of Siamese Fighter Fish, Betta Splendens (Regan, 1950) in Juvenile Stage

Authors : Chathurani S.H.U., Rajapakshe A.D.W.R

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Betta splendens is an ornamental fish, which has high demand in the ornamental fish industry. It is a predatory fish that seems to have a high protein requirement. Natural and prepared fish diets are rich in protein. Generally fish tend to need high protein levels. In order to culture them profitably, a low cost diet suitable for their protein requirement is needed. Hence, the minimum protein required for the optimum growth of 1 ½ - 4 months old Betta splendens juveniles were investigated.

The minimum protein percentage required for the optimum growth of B. splendens was determined using five fish meal incorporated diets having different protein percentages ranging from 24.2 % to 43.3%. For each protein level three tanks containing 20 fish were used. Fish were fed by 5% of body weight and the amounts changed every 2 weeks after weighing them. Results were analyzed using Repeated Measurement ANOVA and the means were compared with LSD test.

According to the results the minimum protein level produced optimal growth was 33.4% and this was significantly different from the two lower levels (p < 0.05). The growth attained with the two protein levels above 33.4% level was similar to it.  Therefore, for the diet containing 33.4% of fishmeal can be recommended as minimum protein diet for juveniles of Betta splendens.


Title : Prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in Teachers from Seven Health Courses at the Unirg Foundation and University Center in the Municipality of Gurupi-TO

Authors : Vanderson Ramos Mafra, Rosana Rodrigues Alves Miranda, Denise Piccoli de Paula, Sara Falcão de Sousa, Aline Matos De Carvalho Berto, Eros Silva Cláudio, Jaqueline Cibene, Millena Pereira Xavier, Natallia Moreira Lopes Leão, Saulo José de Lima Júnior, Yara Silveira

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This study establishes the incidence of burnout in teachers and the University Center of the foundation of the city of UNIRG Gurupi -TO, using the MBI (Malasch Burnout Inventory). Burnout is a persistent condition and negative work-related, exposed by normal individuals, distinguished by exhaustion, reduced sense of efficacy, reduced motivation and dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors at work. An investigation was conducted with 101 teachers UNIRG the municipality of Gurupi-TO. The data indicated no major incidence of burnout in the sample. The 3 dimensions established by MBI for the syndrome was characterized by 9.9% in the dimension of emotional exhaustion (EE), 21.78 % in the dimension depersonalization (DE) and 100 % professional achievement in the dimension (RP). Even so, it would be important to create programs that prevent burnout syndrome, to prevent education professionals to get sick. It is also necessary to continue this type of research and to create more complex patterns for the outline of burnout in this specific context.


Title : Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Treatment Approaches Adult Psychopathology

Authors : Dr. Phillip D. Clingan

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The research paper addresses the problem of a psychological disorder called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and compare and examine treatment approaches, (1) stress inoculation, and treatment approach, (2) exposure therapy. A solution to this problem will help combat veterans and people who have PTSD, to include mental health professionals experiencing difficulties managing PTSD patients who express anger, anxiety, depression, fear memories and feelings of helplessness during therapeutic sessions to help control negative influences. To solve this problem, the researcher identifies through a research paper, peer-review journals, primary and secondary resources. These resources examine through using describing the psychological disorder, examining the effectiveness of two treatment approaches, comparing the treatment approaches, and analysis can recognize and decrease PTSD symptoms. Consolidated, the resources introduce primary treatment strategies such as psychotherapy, medications, treatment approaches that include stress inoculation, exposure therapy, self-care mindfulness, individual and group therapy, and structured approach therapy frameworks. This approach compares and summarizes sources used to address the research paper, comparison of treatment approaches, and emotional responses of veteran participants. The approach continues to examine the impact of client treatments, feedback from PTSD patients regarding group-based exposure therapy, and the need for further research. The research paper addresses how PTSD can make a veteran feel like the traumatic event is happening over-and-over, and how group-based exposure therapy (GBET) offers advance mental health care for survivors of traumatic events.