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Volume 6 Issue 1

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Title : Best of Both Worlds: The Lived Experiences of Students Who Belong to an Interracial Family

Authors : Julius A. Reyes, Ed.D. , Ibrahim J. Sailani Nezafat , Fatima Khadija L. Anami , Ilonah Angelica B. Balatbat , Bria Angela A. Jove

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The Philippine School Doha registrar’s data shows that the number of interracial students has been exponentially increasing for the last three years concerning its relocation to a more massive campus.  This paper aims to learn and understand the different perceptions and experiences encountered by interracial students.Method: This study used a qualitative approach that utilized phenomenology as the research design to understand the lived experiences of students who belong to an interracial family, relative to the central question: “How do students with an interracial family adapt to their culture?” Furthermore, this study focused on the specific question: “What are the common social adjustments experienced by the students who belong to an interracial family?” Findings: Findings have shown the different social adjustments of students who belong to interracial families in terms of their ethnicity, language proficiency, enculturation, and lifestyle. Conclusion: Interracial students experienced difficulties as they have to adapt to a multicultural environment and manage academic & family challenges simultaneously. Recommendation:The researchers recommend a further investment of time and observation in this research in order to cover every aspect relating to interracial students for more significant variance and to avoid biases as this could not often be accepted by readers of all races, and conflicts could happen.


Title : Doing Things Right: The Lived Experience of Overseas Filipino Workers Having Brain Drain

Authors : Alexander S. Acosta, Joshua Emil B. Narisma, Charlize Gian A. Belarmino, Trisha Mae P. Maragana, Rochelle May U. Carino, Mya Kyrene D. Torres

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Brain drain is a common concern that continues to emerge over the years, particularly in countries with a high emigration rate, such as the Philippines. As this study attempts to capture the lived experiences of the OFWs who experienced brain drain, it also underscores the importance of understanding the life of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s). This research study follows a phenomenological research design, which digs deep in the lived experiences of the OFW’s as relayed through the articulations and musings of the respondents. The data were gathered through a semi-structured interview following the emic-to etic transcription saturated through cool and warm analysis in order to discover the emerging themes. Member checking procedure was utilized to ensure the trustworthiness of the data. Outcomes have emerged three demands of OFWs, namely, self-demand, family demand, and industry demand. Such resulting demands of job mismatch manifest that brain drain is an inevitable occurrence for OFWs, wherein they are left with no choice but to accept the jobs that are easily acquired or available in the industry for the sake of having stable financial support for themselves and for their families.


Title : The Changeover: The Stepchildren's Socio-cultural Adaptability Skills Towards their Stepparents

Authors : Monaliza P. Cayatoc MAG RGC, Marc Angelo C. Igna, Bianca Pauline B. Colle, Charlene Chloe I. Dolom, Deheimer L. Edra, Angelica Marie G. Samonte

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Background: What was once a contented and faithful family is presently missing a piece in their household. After the parents’ decision to separate, their biological parents eventually married someone else after a respite. Having their stepparents by their sides, the stepchildren felt uneasy while adapting to a different environment. Purpose: This research aims to discover and understand the lived experiences of stepchildren as they undergo the process of adaptation with their stepparents.  Method: This qualitative research which utilized phenomenology, pertains to our central question: “What are the socio-cultural adaptability skills that stepchildren have undergone as they are prompted to be with their stepparents?”  A twenty-five semi-structured interview guide questions were also used to gather and analyze data. Inductive approach was followed in the theme development. Findings: The study has uncovered four stages on the process of adapting of the stepchildren to their stepparents namely; Knowing Stage, Struggling Stage, Understanding Stage, and Adapting Stage.  Conclusion: The stepchildren’s socio-cultural adaptability skills towards their stepparents underwent many struggles that greatly affected the stepchildren’s development as an individual. The stepchildren struggle to adjust and adapt to their stepparents through the introduction, hesitance, exclusivity, non-conformity, unconsciousness, initiative, cultural commonality, acceptance, cultural diversity, and openness.  Recommendation: This research suggests that their biological parent must gradually introduce the stepparents to their stepchildren. Giving their stepchildren time to adjust allows more space for acceptance on the part of the stepchildren.


Title : Plenary Session Evaluator (PSE): A Problem Oriented Based Learning Approach

Authors : Iqbal Uddin Khan, Qazi Muhammad Fuzail, Muhammad Danish Afzal, Faizan Hussain, Afzal Hussain

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The aim of this paper is to proposed a platform that has the primary objective regarding the ease factor of end-users. An issue has been inspected on several platforms regarding the individuals that they feel hesitated, shy, and dithered while asking and sharing their opinions, suggestions, feedback, queries, etc. Such a stance occurs when there are a lot of people in their surroundings. It ultimately reflects on effectiveness and productivity in a particular domain. To mitigate such issues in order to attain high-quality artifacts researchers proposed a mechanism that helps in facilitating the people to eradicate their shyness and hesitation in domains while asking questions and queries or giving any suggestions or feedback through the technological medium which is Plenary Session Evaluator.


Title : From Foreign Migration to Cultural Affinity: The Journey of Foreign Expatriates toward Filipino Cultural Adaptation

Authors : Danilo Keh Jr. MAED. , Castillo, Hans Rainer C., Sali, Marwa S., Rodriguez Maria Kristina, Uy Luis Miguel S.

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Background. The present study puts forward a discourse on the journey of non-Filipino expatriates in Qatar who are deeply immersed in the Filipino culture. Its main focus is to extrapolate their experiences regarding living and working with Filipinos; paving the way for their eventual adaptation of Filipino values and practices; hence, cultural affiliation. Method. A phenomenological research design was utilized to understand the lived experiences and perceptions of the Filipinized expatriates, focusing on the central question: “How do the foreign expatriates adapt to the Filipino culture?” A semi-structured interview was conducted to gather data. The data gathered were analysed using an inductive approach in theme development. Findings: The findings extrapolate the degree of influence the Filipino culture has on these foreign expatriates. It underscores three themes from the respondents’ verbalization of their experiences namely: Filipino Values, Customs and Traditions, and Acculturation. Conclusion. The Filipino culture is permeating. It has enriched the lives of non-Filipinos and has made them appreciate and lived the Filipino way of life. Hence, non-Filipinos showcase different adaptation skills in order to make sense of the foreign culture they are immersed in.

Recommendation. The paper suggests that future researchers consider a more diverse selection of nationalities.


Title : Influence of High-Speed Bone Drilling on Drill Bit Wear Intensity and Heat Generation

Authors : Tomislav Staroveski, Tea Zizak, Miho Klaic, Danko Brezak

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The objective of bone drilling procedures is to drill a hole at the right angle and position with the minimal negative mechanical and thermal influences on a bone tissue. Whereas machining parameters represents one of the most important influential factors related to the quality of the whole process, the aim of this study was to analyze the influence of standard and high-speed drilling regimes on the drill bit wear intensity and bone heat generation. High-speed drilling parameters were selected according to the required torque amount and limitations in the size and weight of electric servo-actuators suitable for hand-held drilling operations in bone and joint surgery. Experiment was performed on a custom-made testbed using medical drill bits and drilling samples made of artificial biomechanical composite material. Wear intensity of drill bits was expectedly higher when using the high-speed regime. However, average temperature values, compared with the one obtained with standard machining parameters for the same flank wear levels, were up to 15% lower. Furthermore, drill bit wear process seems to have a very limited influence on the bone heat generation in the case of the high-speed drilling.


Title : Impact of Social Media in Social Life in China

Authors : Mir Mohammad Azad, Changshou Deng, Hu Peng, Xiwei Dong, Engr. Abu Sayed Sikder

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 In the era of Information science and technology the social media likes WeChat, Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ, Toudou Youku, Baidu Tieba, Douban, Zhihu, Meituan – Dianping, Momo, Meitu have become a widely accessed social network in all over  China. As internet becomes easy accessible, people can get almost every kind of information using it. According to a Chinese government study, 802 million people in China are now active internet users. This amounts to 57.7% of the country’s population. Compare the US’s estimated 300 million internet users, or 78.2% of its population. While China might not yet have the same market penetration, it has a greater potential for growth. Even more interesting is the incredible level of mobile uptake in China: 98% of Chinese people using the internet do so via mobile devices. Compare that with just 73% in the US. This makes Chinese social media more immediate and dynamic, with mobile users looking to platforms like WeChat and Weibo for the latest recommendations, testimonials, and tips. The peoples in all over China are using those above social media. The peoples share their thoughts, activities and acquire knowledge from it. Besides the benefits, it has some negative effects for the users, especially the teenagers. They are getting addicted by those social media and wasting their valuable time by doing some non- fruitful activities. We also obtained from the data that there are some meaningful relationship between addiction level and gender with age.