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Volume 5 Issue 9

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Title : Risk of Transmission of Bovine Leukosis Virus (BLV) Using Semen from Seropositive Bulls in In Vitro Produced Embryos

Authors : Jacob Stewart, Marcello Rubessa, Kathryn M. Polkoff, Samantha Lotti, Matthew B. Wheeler

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Bovine Leukosis Virus (BLV) is a pathogen that affects the bovine immune system and leads to lymphosarcoma, leukemia, decreased milk production, and increased culling rates in cattle. The main transmission route between cattle is transfer of infected leukocytes from blood. Several farm practices, such as dehorning, rectal palpation, and vaccination can lead to pathogen transfer between animals that ultimately leads to high percentages of infected individuals within herds. This high percentage of infected animals restricts the trade of cattle on a global scale. Due to international trade laws and biosecurity concerns, semen from a BLV positive bulls is prohibited from sale between certain countries. The aim of this research was to study BLV transmission to embryos produced by in vitro fertilization (IVF) with semen from seropositive bulls. The first experiment examined the possible BLV transmission to embryos using seropositive bull semen in in vitro embryo production (IVP). The second experiment tested semen and medium for the presence of BLV using two different protocols for sperm selection: 1) Percoll discontinuous gradients and 2) Swim-Up. The results showed no virus detection in the samples and the embryos produced did not show presence of the virus. The same results were observed in the second experiment where no viral presence was observed in the semen or media samples after sperm selection. In conclusion, these data indicate the use of BLV seropositive bull semen for the production of in vitro fertilized embryos posed no statistically significant risk of transmitting BLV to the embryos.


Title : Bio- Modification of Galactomannan Gums Which Extracted From Guar Seeds and Their Rheological Properties

Authors : M. A. Ibrahim, A.A.Ragheb, A.Abd-EL Aty, J.I Abd- EL Thalouth, E.E.EL Sayed

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Galactomannan gum is an importing group of Polysaccharides base, hydrocolloids are high molecular weight polymers and generally used in a growing number of application. at the present work Galactomannan gum which has been extracted from Guar seeds were modified using an ecofriendly and alternative way to the chemical classical modification using an enzymatic modification by Laccase enzyme, Cellulase enzyme and Brewer yeast this was by rheological properties of the prepared gum were measured as well as the native gum in addition to different storage time also for both modified and un modified guar one.


Title : Prevalence of Intestinal Cryptosporidiosis in Malaysian Children with Malignancies

Authors : Lubna Mohamed Elbeshti, Fawzia Shawesh, Altayeb Elazomi, Rukman Awang Hamat

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Cryptosporidiumparvum is an opportunistic parasitic agent that has a world-wide distribution. This parasite can be severe and very difficult to manage in immunocompromised patients especially in children with malignancies. However, data on immunocompromised children in Malaysia is very much lacking. A cross-sectional study was conducted over ten months in Institute of Pediatrics, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. A self-administered questionnaire was used and medical records were obtained. Stool samples were examined for the Cryptosporidium oocyst by using two different techniques i.e. modified Ziehl-Neelsen stain and Immunochromatographic (ICT) assays (RIDA-Quick Cryptosporidium R-Biopharm, Germany).One hundred and five stool samples were collected from children with different types of malignancies. All stool samples were negative for Cryptosporidiumoocysts by two different techniques. (33.3%) from those patients had history of admission to other wards, (29.5%) had history of animal contact, (24.8%) had history of swimming in public swimming pool. In terms of precautionary measures practiced, (80.9%) and (75.2%) washed their hands before and after eating, or after going to the toilet respectively. In addition, preventive measures that were also observed: (16.2%) had history of admission to day-care center, (2.9%) had history of drinking tap water, and (0.9%) had history of travel. This study documented a zero prevalence rate of cryptosporidiosis amongst children with malignancies despite higher prevalence rates being reported in other developing countries. Our results may suggest that the children with malignancies are at low risk of acquiring cryptosporidiosis because of good personal hygiene, good infection control and practices in the hospital, and improve water supply system.


Title : Research Cache Replacement Strategy in Memory Optimization of Spark

Authors : Caili Zhao, Yong Liu, Ximei Du, Xuezhen Zhu

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In Spark, using LRU to implement RDD cache replacement. Its metrics do not take the data characteristics of Spark into account, resulting in memory not being effectively utilized, affecting task execution efficiency. This paper optimizes the LWR (Least Weight Replacement) algorithm, and a new replacement algorithm is proposed. Considering the parallel computing, the dependency integrity impact factor is added to the weight calculation to make the RDD partition weight value more accurate, so as to improve the accuracy of the cache replacement object selection, and the relevant factor values are dynamically adjusted according to the task execution, so that the cache replacement can adapt to the changes in the task execution process. The source of the experimental data set for this article is the Stanford Network Analysis Project. According to comparison experiments, this methods can effectively improve task execution efficiency.


Title : Application of Full Factorial Approach for Determining Impact of Parameters on Helical Compression Spring

Authors : Narendra Kumar, Love Kishore Sharma, Bhupendra Verma, Anil Kumar Sharma

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Helical Compression Springs finds wide application in automobiles as shock absorbers. Springs stores the energy of deformation due to applied load and retain its original position, shape or size after the load is removed. Springs can be further classified as leaf springs, torsion springs. The basic design parameters for spring manufacturing consists of spring index, pitch, free length, wire diameter, flat ends, circular ends, number of turns etc. Various research scholars have performed successful investigation on springs with different software packages.

Our end goal in present work is to determine relationship between wire diameter and number of turns on load bearing capacity. The concept of Full Factorial Design is studied for obtaining the desired result. Pareto Chart along with OVAT analysis shows impact of factors on response. Further ANOVA analysis is carried out for determining the validity of the proposed model.



Title : Comparison of Simple Communication Aids between Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients and Caregivers

Authors : Tomoya Miyasaka, Mamiko Kamoshida, Norio Kato, Keiko Kawashima

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neuromuscular disease in which muscle strength and motor function decrease with the progress of the disease. As the decreased motor function is associated with poorer communication abilities in ALS patients, supporting methods are needed to enable better communication according to their residual capacity. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare features of the "transparent character board" and the "mouth-shape character", which are simple communication methods for patients with ALS and other diseases in which patients have difficulty in speaking or writing. Healthy subjects role-played the patient (the patient's role) and the caregiver (the caregiver`s role). The trials were conducted to express the intention of the patient using Hiragana characters (The Japanese alphabet) to the caregiver using 3 communication aids: a "transparent character board", the "mouth-shape characters" method, and an "electronic character boards" with voice output set as the control. Each trial was recorded with an eye-tracking device worn by the caregiver and a video camera, and the communication process was measured. The transparent character board communication requires the board as a tool. This method can be used for speedy communication if the environment allows the patient and caregiver to spend much time learning the operation process. The mouth-shape character method requires no tools for communication. The ease of the method makes it applicable even when the relationship between the patient and caregiver is not so long.


Title : Experimental Study on Performance Characteristics of Electrodynamic Rotors in Maglev Transportation System

Authors : Syed Hassaan Abdullah, Mirza Shuja Mohiuddin, Mohammed Hasnain, Mohammed Irfan Siddiq, Mohammed Abdul Aziz

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When an array of rare-earth magnets, embedded in a rotor, is subjected to mechanical rotation over a conductive, paramagnetic guide-plate, where the axis of the rotor is perpendicular to the guideway, it induces eddy currents that create a counter magnetic field resulting in levitation and drag forces. Since the net drag force in the guide-plate is zero, hence, rotors only generate levitation forces that stabilize the system without creating any directional motion. This paper is an attempt to investigate the effects of varying parameters (rotational speed of rotors, number of magnetic poles and material & dimensions of guide-plate) on a “quadcopter” working on electromagnetic levitation achieved by spinning electrodynamic rotors. Additional investigation on the effect of an increase in temperature of the guide plate on the lift of the quadcopter was also recorded.