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Volume 5 Issue 7

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Title : Optimization of Complex Multi-Band Joint Spectral Measurements of Ambiant Media Objects

Authors : H.H. Asadov, Sh. N. Jahidzadeh

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The paper is devoted to questions on optimization of comlex multi-band joint spectral measurements of environments objects. It is shown that results of joint multi-spectral measurements could be assessed by new indicator of authenticity expressed by signal-noise ratio at the output of spectral channels of multispectral measuring instrument.

Summing of such indicator on all spectral channels and substitute of researched object by model of ideal black body characterized by Plunk function make it possible to derive the formulae of optimal interrelation between mean quadratic deviation  of noises and model function. On the basis of said optimum interrelation function the new optimum interrelation function  concerning  dependence of mean quadratic deviation of noises on wavelength and absolute temperature is derived. It is shown that in optimum regime, upon some value of wavelength the mean quadratic deviation can reach the maximum amount i.e.  the authenticity of measuring results in this case would be minimum.


Title : New Method for Increase of Noise Immunity of GPS Navigation Systems

Authors : Abdulov R.N., Asadov H.H.

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The paper is devoted to the developed new method for decrease of effect of specially formed jamming signals on functioning of GPS navigation system. The effect of hindering signal of jamming type transmitted by technical means of adversary side is considered. Generation of jamming signal of relevant frequency and sufficient power by adversary is carried out by the aim to reach the condition of non-possibility of receipt of GPS  signals.  The suggested method is based on basic equation of antenna theory, that is Frees equation. According to Frees equation the power of signal receipt by antenna of moving object with defined gain coefficient  can be calculated upon transmission of signal from target objects antenna with known gain coefficient. The new parameter calculated by integration of Frees formula  on passed distance supposing static character of jamming signal source position is suggested. On the basis of research of suggested  parameter the target functional is formed taking into account the motionless position of jamming signal  generator and non-changeable motion direction of moving object toward target containing jamming signal generator. The possible strategies for changing the jamming signal power on transition of object on  route are also taken into account. It is shown that suggested parameter  is of extremum feature upon proportianal or non proportional variation of gain coefficients of antennas of object and jamming signal generator: upon proportional variation the   suggested parameter reaches the minimum and upon inverse identity maximum.  Taking into account the extremum feature of suggested parameter the method and algorithm for decrease of effect of jamming signal on functioning of GPS  navigation systems of similar technical constructions are developed.


Title : Questions on Optimum Correction of Attenuation of Carrier Laser Beam Energy in Distributed Communication and Control Systems

Authors : Abdulov R.N.

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Questions on optimum correction of attenuation of intensity of carrier laser beam in distributed control and communication systems are considered. The model task on compensation of intensity of carrier laser beam in distributed control and communication systems is formulated. The task on optimum multiplicative correction of attenuation of intensity of carrier laser beam upon imposed limitation on power of used signals is formulated and solved. The applicability of obtained results for both the distributed laser communication system  and  laser targeting  systems of controlled missiles is shown.


Title : Clustering Technique to Improve Rural Malaysian Primary School Pupils’ Writing Skill

Authors : Sharon Lawai, Azlina Abdul Aziz

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For pupils in rural areas, English has been one of the most challenging and difficult subjects to learn. Environment, outreach and resources to English materials are among the reasons they are lacking of exposure to the language. It is no wonder the majority of rural school pupils faced hiccups when it comes to written composition. This paper investigates on the use of clustering technique in improving rural primary pupils’ writing skill by employing action research. The objectives of this study are (1) to find out whether clustering technique can help pupils to improve on their writing skill, (2) to look into pupils’ perception on the use of clustering technique in writing. Based on the results accumulated, it was found that clustering was effective in improving the pupils’ writing and they also perceived positive attitude towards the technique during their writing process.


Title : The Perception and the Effect of Using Concept Maps Strategy on English as a Foreign Language Learners’

Authors : Amir Aizuddin bin Sebi @ Hasbi, Nur Ehsan bin Mohd Said

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This research is to study the perception and also the effect of using concept maps strategy when the pupils use as foreign language. The case study was conducted in rural school in Malaysian Borneo which is situated in Sarawak whereby five samples were selected. The name of the school is Sekolah Kebangsaan Ulu Machan in Kanowit district and the pupils are all in Year Six which consists of five pupils. The instruments to collect the data from this case study are ‘think aloud’, one to one interview and the final instrument is group discussion where they manage to elaborate their perceptions towards the concept maps strategy and also the effect of the concept maps when they are using during English lesson in class takes place. The data from the analysis and finding found out that there was a positive improvement towards the strategy applied in class as in the analysis. To sum up, the usage of the concept maps strategy has brought the pupils of Year Six in the school improvement in essay writing.  


Title : 3D Photochemical Machining of Copper By using Colored Phototools

Authors : Bandu Kamble, Abhay Utpat, N.D. Misal, B.P Ronge

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Photochemical machining is an engineering production technique for the manufacturing of burr free and stress-free components in various industries. The thin, precision parts and complex geometries can be produced by using non-conventional machining process in diverse industries as aerospace, electronics automotive manufacturing. This paper focuses on study of three-dimensional photochemical machining at varying temperatures by using coloured photo tool. The process is starting with by designing of photo tool for different surface curvature. Cooper material was selected for experimentation, it has good electric and thermal conductivity. The control parameters selected were temperature, concentration and time. The temperature and time are varying parameter for etching. The depth of etch was measured by using Digital Micrometre having least count 0.001mm. The objective of this study is to achieve variable depth on two dimensional surfaces.3D PCM was carried out for flat surfaces followed by curved objects on copper.


Title : Using ‘Capital Letters Bowling’ to Teach Capital Letters to Young ESL Learners

Authors : Erlinda Racha, Melor Md Yunus

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Capital letters is the most basic skill that every pupil should master in their writing skill before they proceed to the next skill. The purpose of this action research is to investigate the effect of using Capital Letters Bowling game in helping low proficiency primary school ESL learners in rural area to master the use of capital letters in their writing. A total of 5 ten-year-old children from a primary school in the rural area of Song, Sarawak participated in this study. An action research was employed for almost three months/12 hours to find out the effect of ‘Capital Letters Bowling’ on the teaching and learning of capital letters. Three instruments were used; document analysis, observations and interviews to collect the data. The data collected were then triangulated to conclude the whole research. The results revealed that integration of ‘Capital Letters Bowling’ game is an effective way to facilitate the young, low proficiency ESL learners in mastering capital letters. 


Title : Ask the Assistant: Using Google Assistant in Classroom Reading Comprehension Activities

Authors : Peterus Balan Sing, Mohamad Amin Embi, Harwati Hashim

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Language education is ever evolving to accommodate changes brought about by time and the development and breakthroughs in the education sector in general, and to rectify or improve non-effective approaches to suit unique language learning needs that may arise. This research was carried out to investigate the use of Google Assistant to help a group of rural primary learners in Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia who struggled with reading comprehension activities. There are two main objectives outlined for this study. First, the research sought to explore the effectiveness of using new emerging technologies such as AI-enabled virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, and to determine its usefulness in language teaching and learning under the technology-assisted language learning (TALL) paradigm. The research also sought to investigate the positive impacts brought by the usage of Google Assistant in classroom practices, namely in reading comprehension activities, and to an extent other language learning process as well. It was found that Google Assistant is an effective language learning facilitator in reading comprehension activities and brought notable positive impacts in reading comprehension activities.


Title : Creative Accounting and the Impact on the Financial-Accounting Information Users

Authors : Laura-Maria Popescu, Ileana Nișulescu-Ashrafzadeh

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This article aims at presenting an analysis of the Creative Accounting phenomenon, both from the quality as well as from the quantity point of view, and from the manipulation practices they have on the financial-accounting information users. Thus, bi-directionally, we analyzed the research subject, in the light of the works published on the theme of creative accounting, but also by implementing direct research on the companies in Romania. We also analyzed the creativity in Accounting from a positive perspective and from a negative one as well, so we could shape up a clear opinion on the impact these practiceshave on the message sent to the users, via the information presented in the financial-accounting situations.


Title : ADHD Influences throughout a Diagnosed Person's Lifespan A Literature Review

Authors : Dr. Phillip D. Clingan

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The qualitative review discusses Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the developmental influences of ADHD throughout a diagnosed person’s lifespan. The literature review examines and contrasts the negative and specific impacts of ADHD. A small literature review is focusing on the issue acted on elementary and secondary sources, which retrieved from education archives and diverse psychological sources of data such as University libraries. The central question behind the research is what challenges does a person diagnosed with ADHD face as they begin the various stages of lifespan? According to the literature review, ADHD is a compound and heterogeneous neurodevelopment disorder with no curative treatment. The disorder encompasses cognitive-behavioral components, which include inappropriate stages of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. The review provides an academic platform for scholars and clinical psychologists. Despite limited studies of aging diagnosed patients, considerable advances toward understanding the disorder provide coping strategies throughout all lifespans of human development. Most ADHD practices are in a continual state of adjustment and progress, as evidenced by developments as evidence in the limited studies considering the specifics regarding patients between ages 50-70 and morbidity challenges. There is a substantial demand for future research on the overall impacts and contrasts each person diagnosed with ADHD face throughout the lifespan. Each diagnosed person sufferers’ different spectrums of the disorder throughout the development of life. Further research will yield the challenging light on the different stages of life, and to further improve therapies for obesity, sleep apnea, depression, diminished employment, untimely deaths from accidents, and diminished quality of life.


Title : Effect of Quality of Work Life to Employees’ Job Performance in Private Clinics in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Authors : Le Minh Trung, Dang Duy Phuong

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Among sources of an organization, human resource is regarded as the most important one. Therefore, factors affecting to employees’ job performances have to be studied, especially in private clinics, since employees working in these clinics are persons directly taking care of patients. This empirical study will discuss about the Quality of Work Life with characteristics of Working environment (WKE); Facilities (FAC); Promotion policies (PMP); Leadership style (LDS) which are proposed to affect positively to Employee Job Performance (EJP). In addition, the study collected 202 good samples in the private clinics in Ho Chi Minh City to analyze this issue.  After analyzing the data and the results showed that, factor affecting most and strongly to EJP was factor LDS with β = 0.330; the second factor affecting positively and strongly to EJP was FAC with β = 0.230; the third factor affecting strongly to EJP was PMP with β = 0.195 and the final one was WKE with 0.166. Besides, basing on this finding, the author suggested managers of private clinics as well as scholars refer this study to orient their strategies or use it as database to improve employees’ performance in the internationalized context in the new era and the severe competition between enterprises.  


Title : Application of Edge Enhancement and Edge Detection method for Blood Vessel Extraction from Retinal Images

Authors : A.P. Sherine, S. Wilfred Franklin

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The retinal blood vessel has been recognized as a crucial component in both ophthalmological and cardiovascular disease identification, the precise segmentation of the retinal vessel tree has developed the essential stage for computer-aided identification systems. To enhance the accuracy, vigorous, and debauched vessel segmentation technique, this paper has examined an image segmentation process. It has established and executed a scheme of the precise retinal vessel segmentation. Edge Enhancement and Edge Detection (EEED) has been offered for blood vessel extraction (BVE). It has been intended particularly for atypical retinal images covering low vessel contrasts, drusen, exudates, and other artifacts.


Title : Using a Latin Square Design to Determine the Most Effective Mathematics Teaching Method

Authors : Charles K. Assuah

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This study determined the most effective teaching method among four (4) teaching methods (i.e., direct instruction, inquiry-based, cooperative, and guided discovery). The study adopted a 4 x 4 Latin-Square design, using four (4) classes, four (4) teachers and four (4) teaching methods to record students’ scores. Participants consisted of forty (40) public high school students and four (4) teachers in a school district in the western region. The results indicated that main effect for teacher was significant, F (3, 15) = 37.50, p < 0.05,  = 0.95, main effect for class was significant, F (3, 15) =755.83, p < 0.05,  = 0.99, main effect for teaching method was significant, F (3, 15) = 37.50, p < 0.05,  = 0.98.  (i.e., there were significant differences in students’ scores at all levels with respect to teacher, class, and teaching method). Tukey’s HSD post hoc multiple comparison tests indicated that students’ scores for direct instruction was significantly lower than their scores for cooperative, t (6) = -9.50, p < 0.05,C.I = [-11.95, -7.05], students’ scores for direct instruction were significantly lower than their scores for guided-discovery, t (6 ) = -15.50, p <  0.05, C. I = [-17.95, -13.05], students’ scores for inquiry-based instruction were significantly lower than their scores for cooperative, t (6) =- 9.50, p < 0.05, C. I = [-11.95, -7.05], students’ scores for inquiry-based instruction were significantly lower than their scores for guided-discovery, t (6) = -15.50, p < 0.05, C.I = [-17.95, -13.05]. Nonetheless, students’ scores for direct instruction were not significantly different from their scores for inquiry-based instruction, t (6) = .00, p > 0.05, and students’ scores for inquiry-based instruction were not significantly different from their scores for guided-discovery, t (6) = -15.50, p > 0.05.This study has demonstrated that a Latin-Square design has a greater ability and robustness in detecting treatment differences as compared to a one-way analysis of variance. The study finally concluded that mathematics teachers should be encouraged to use more guided-discovery and cooperative learning methods, in their instructions.


Title : Classification of Twitter Data Belonging to Sudanese Revolution Using Text Mining Techniques

Authors : Huda Jamal Abdelhameed, Susana Muñoz- Hernández

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Twitter has attracted a great deal of attention recently. It is one of the most common social networking sites for chats, sharing ideas, and transfer of information and news through text. This paper focused on sentiment classification of twitter data belonging to Sudanese revolution which written using either Modern Standard Arabic or Sudanese dialectical Arabic. Twitter’s API was used to collect tweets related to Sudanese revolution. The dataset consists of 6482 tweets with a good balance of positive and negative sentiments. Three different classifiers were used on the dataset namely; Support Vector Machine (SVM), Naive Bayes (NB) and Decision Tree (DT) to classify the tweets based on its polarity into positive or negative. We evaluated our work by four different measures which are Precision, Recall, Accuracy and F-measure. We made a comparison between the three classifiers based on those measures. The results show that, SVM achieved the best Accuracy and F-measure and it equals 75.2%, 83.9% respectively. While NB achieved best Precision and it equals 75.2%. Also, DT achieved best Recall and it equals 99.9%. In addition, the percentages of positive and negative opinions toward the government was calculated. 9.4% represents the percentage of positive opinions related the government, while 90.6% represents the percentage of negative opinions related the same government.


Title : Practice Case Study: Family Treatment & Strategies An Academic Tool

Authors : Dr. Phillip D. Clingan

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The paper concentrates on the issue of a small family needing therapeutic intervention to bring about effective change.  An explanation of this issue will provide families impacted by family conflicts and environmental influences that lead to stress and uncontrollable behaviors within the family structure.  To solve this problem, Milton Erickson developed an important approach to therapy.  By the 1950s, Jay Haley approached this problem by promoting a remedial strategy where the therapist takes a more hands-on approach.  This approach means that the therapist creates and achieving change within the family.  Strategic family therapy addresses family problems differently by dealing with only the immediate issues and not in terms of thoughts and feelings during treatment.  Vital family therapy encourages clients through behavior adjustment and communication methods to reduce conflict barriers within the family structure.


Title : Dual Notch UWB Antenna for Wireless Communication

Authors : Priyanka Garg, Ira Joshi

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A dual notch band UWB antenna is designed here for UWB applications. Antenna proposed here is compact in size and has dimensions 40X40mm2. FR-4 dielectric material is used for substrate here with dielectric constant 4.6. The height of antenna excluding ground plane is 1.5mm. The antenna proposed here has two rectangular patch and a circular patch as of radiating patch. Coplanar waveguide type of feeding is used here for giving input to antenna. The simulation and designing of following antenna is done on CST (Computer Simulation Technology) software. As the proposed antenna works on UWB band which has multiple short distance applications and even there are some band interference in its working of UWB band so here we are removing two bands WLAN range and 


Title : Hybrid Keys Generated Based on Arnold cat Map and Henon Map

Authors : Shaimaa H. Shaker, Noor M. Jaafar

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In encrypted systems with public key, if someone reach to the ability of break the public key, can fully decrypted the message, so the key in any security system is important part to determine the weakness and the strength of the system, this paper aimed to proposed a new way to generate key stream based on a integration between 2D Henon map and 2D Cat map, which also in this paper the main goal after generated was to test the threshold of the hybrid technique.


Title : The Effect of Tarsia Puzzle on Vocabulary Learning in a Primary School Setting

Authors : Wan Shafika Omar, Nur Ehsan Mohd Said

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Vocabulary learning is essential in learning a particular language as its mastery will greatly affect how learners comprehend the language. Young English as Second Language (ESL) learners with limited vocabulary competence are at risk of being left behind in developing the four language skills. Thus, educators across the world play a key role to ensure pedagogical improvement in teaching vocabulary moves at a rapid pace in academia. As an alternative to a conventional vocabulary lesson, this study applied the Puzzle-Based Learning (PBL) to identify its effect on young learners’ vocabulary acquisition and their perception of the learning tool in an English as a second language (ESL) context. Tarsia Puzzle incorporates the most basic reasoning to accommodate the young learners’ English proficiency. Using a mixed methods research design, the study involved 29 Primary 5 pupils (age 10) from a Malaysian rural school in Lahad Datu, Sabah. Data collection was completed through a set of pre- and post-test as well as a semi-structured interview. Scores from the tests were analysed and compared quantitatively and emerging patterns from the participants’ interview were explored. The study suggests that Tarsia puzzle has helped to improve the learners’ vocabulary acquisition in addition to collecting positive feedback from them regarding the learning tool.


Title : The Effect of Synthetic Phonics on ESL Pupils’ Phonological Awareness

Authors : Yvonne Asong Anthony, Nur Ehsan Mohd Said

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The development of basic literacy skills is so essential that it begins even before a child enters formal schooling. In Malaysia, the English Language Literacy skill is very crucial that the Ministry of Education implemented the new curriculum, Standardised Curriculum for Primary Schools, which mainly focuses on developing reading through phonics. In recent years, phonological awareness has been given great attention. This study aims to examine the impact of synthetic phonics on English as Second Language (ESL) learners’ phonological awareness. This research describes an action research project that employed Jolly Phonics strategy implemented as a classroom intervention. The research involving 20 ESL learners aged 7 years old who attended a primary school in a rural area in Julau, Sarawak. The research instrument adapted was Kaminski (2002) Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy (DIBELS™) through a pre-test-and post-test design. The data obtained were analysed by using a descriptive method such as frequency calculations and percentages were calculated in the form of scores. The findings revealed the pupils increased their oral reading ability after being taught through phonics. The studies implied this systematic strategy could be useful in developing phonological awareness among learners to become successful readers. 


Title : Strategy Development and Promotion of Tourism in Romania

Authors : Gabriela Elena CSOKA, Gabriella KECSE

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Europe is the world's favorite tourist destination. Tourism plays an essential role in the development of many European regions, especially the less developed regions, due to its considerable potential for contagion and job creation, especially among young people. Tourism has also shown significant resilience, steadily rising during the recent crisis. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports the competitiveness, sustainability and quality of tourism at regional and local level. Tourism is undoubtedly closely linked to the use and development of natural, historical and cultural capital, and to the attractiveness of cities and regions as living, working and leisure activities. At the same time, it is closely related to the development, innovation and diversification of visitors' products and services. The launch of a cultural tourism business requires funding, which can be from its own resources or can be obtained from another. When a company generates financing from its own sources, ie from its own assets, from its own profits, we call it an internal source of funding.


Title : Real Time Visual Servoing Using Raspberry Pi

Authors : Bhumika Jain, Vipra Bohara

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Video processing is becoming widely used technique in robotics & automation systems to mimic human like sensing capabilities. Video processing of powerful platform has demonstrated widespread possibilities such as face detection around ball trajectory mapping games especially cricket robotics racer industrial vision-based inspection system. Video processing of powerful platform such as Intel & AMD processor has been widely researched & applied in main stream technique however there is very limited research on video processing on single board computers due to them constrains of processing power & memory. This work is aimed at development of a real time processing system based on raspberry pi single board computer which is a low-cost credit card size single board computer. The proposed work aims to demonstrated real time hardware control along with real time video processing to enfaces on the embedded nature of the single board computers & their application proximity to hardware control realm. Thus, a real time visual system is developed using raspberry pi SBC a web camera & opto isolated DC motor driver circuit. Vision processing is carried out by employing open CV (Image and Video Processing) in python.


Title : Distributed WSN SHM with RF Wake-Adaptive Sleep Energy Saving & Artificial Intelligence Based Fatigue/Threat Perception with Early Warning System

Authors : Priyanka Modi, Mrs. Manju Mathur

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As technology is emerging, & with the advent of secure wireless digital communication protocols such as digital communication protocols such as wifi (IEEE 802.11), The Trend of using wireless devices is gaining wide momentum of Using wired devices Sensor Network are also going popularity & are using latest wireless technologies. Use of wireless sensor networks (WSN) for structural Health monitoring is a promising avenue due to low maintain & easy deploybility, but simultaneously deploying wireless sensors has addition challenges such as energy efficiency due to their essentially battery operated nature, battery life scarce bandwidth allocation & security concerns. This word is aimed at development a hierarchical wireless sensor network with intelligent energy conservation techniques employing multiple sleep modes with full wakeup & partial wakeup.

Also other challenge is analysis of huge data collected by widely deployed wireless sensor networks, thus this work incorporates usage of artificial intelligence for processing of sensor data. Innovative methods have been deployed to process neural network results, to obtain structural health prediction, immediate structural threat & cumulative structural fatigue.


Title : Self Organizing Secure WSN for IOT Implementation

Authors : Surabhi Gehi, Roshan Jain

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As wireless sensor networks are gaining widespread acceptance &popularity the need for making the secure & easily deployable is emerging as major challenge. This work is aimed at development of aself organizing wireless sensor network which employs tree hierarchy & provide high level of security using the most advanced cryptography & key sharing technique MATLAB is employed to demonstrate. Automatic node initialization tree based node organization employment of wireless node machine address in private key generation & use of natural randomizers to enhance security. Also communication between nodes that node to node or node to base /master over TCP/IP is demonstrated. A master node or base node which is the tree root handless all node initialization addition & deletion in conjunction with random key generation server. Also the base node facilitated generation of separate private keys for every node under it. Thus a highly secure hierarchical WSN is presented for IOT implementation.