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Volume 5 Issue 6

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Title : Cognitive Dissonance among Health Educators due to Gap in Knowledge and Practice of Teaching Skills in Kathmandu

Authors : Bhagwan Aryal, Anup Adhikari

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The improved way of communication and even the use of technologies in education have replaced the traditional roles of teachers. Several modern teaching skills are applied at the college level. Skill of set induction, skill of stimulus variation, skill of questioning, skill of explanation and skill of closure are some of the common skills to be used in every class. However, several factors may lead teachers to not practice the learnt teaching skills in the classrooms. Cognitive dissonance can occur in many areas of life, but it is particularly evident in situations where an individual's behavior conflicts with beliefs that are integral to their self-identity. An Education graduate after completing their studies may have strong conviction to use proper skills of teaching in classroom, but later could not transform that into the practice. This may result in cognitive dissonance. This article highlights the factors responsible for the creation of the gap between knowledge and practice in applying modern teaching skills among Nepalese health educators and explains how the teachers cope with the problem created by the difference in knowledge and practice of teaching skills.


Title : Influence of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Seedling Production of CUPUAÇUZEIRO (Theobroma grandiflorum Schum.)

Authors : Renata Aparecida Cardoso Campos, Ivio Alves Milhomem, Susana Cristine Siebeneichler, Magno De Oliveira, Laina Pires Rosa, Raffael Batista Marques, Gustavo Henrique Germendorff

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The Cupuaçuzeiro (Theobroma grandiflorum Schum.) is widely cultivated in tropical regions of has a few recommendations and requirements. The quality and growth of seedlings can be improved by nitrogen fertilization. The objective of this work was to evaluate the influence of different dosages of urea applied and coverage in the substrate for the seedling production of the Cupuaçu tree. The experiment was installed in the University campus of Gurupi from Universidade Federal the Tocantins in the first half of 2010. The experimental design used was the random blocks with four repetitions and five treatments, being 0, 20, 40, 60 e 80 mg dm−3 the basis of urea nitrogen. Each parcel consisted of five seedlings queued. Were measured weekly the diameter and height of the aerial part. The 72 DAE, the seedlings were collected for the evaluation of the following biometric data: average leaf area (cm2), average leaf area, and total and total (g), the relationship APA/DC, APA/ MSPA and the Dickson quality index (IQD). The results were subjected to polynomial regression analysis to evaluate the effects of doses of nitrogen, testing the linear and quadratic models. The relation and height of the aerial part the diameter of the stem and of the aerial part the dry mass of the aerial part showed that fertilizations between 74 and 80 mgdm−3 of N should provide Cupuaçu seedlings more balanced. The IQD indicated that doses of 66 of N may promote a better quality standard of Cupuaçu tree seedlings.


Title : Volumetric Properties of Amino Acid at Room Temperature

Authors : Shital Vijay Ambatkar, Proff. Urvashi Manik, Proff. Ramteke

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The ultrasonic velocity (U), density (ρ) and viscosity (n) measurements have been carried out for D-Histidine in aqueous medium as a function of composition at 298K. Experimental data have been used to estimate the adiabatic compressibility (B), Molar volume(Vm), Relative association(RA), Available volume(Va),  Rao constant(Rc) and Wada’s constant (W). The results are discussed in terms of structure-breaking effects of amino acids in the mixture.


Title : Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets in Sudanese Dialect

Authors : Huda Jamal Abdelhameed, Susana Muñoz- Hernández

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Sentiment analysis is the field of science that deals with extracting opinions embedded in human oral or written speech. In this paper we focus on sentiment analysis of Arabic tweets written using either Modern Standard Arabic or Sudanese dialectical Arabic. We have created our own lexicon which contain 2500 words and we have applied three different classifiers on the dataset namely; Support Vector Machine (SVM), Naive Bayes (NB) and K-Nearest Neighbor (K-NN), to classify the tweets based on its polarity into positive or negative. We evaluate our work by four different measures which are Precision, Recall, Accuracy and F-measure. The results show that, SVM achieved the best Recall, Accuracy and F-measure and it equals 95.1%, 76.5% and 84.4% respectively. While NB achieved best Precision and it equals to 85.1%.


Title : Cryptography using Modular Arithmetics

Authors : Shrivathsa B, Nisha, Kiran Kumar V G

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The image is encrypted and decrypted using modular operations such as addition and multiplication. The operations like rotation and ex-or implemented to increase the complexity of the encryption algorithms. All these implemented and simulated in Xilinx ISE. Area, delay of encryption and decryption are tabulated and compared.


Title : Biomimicry: (Innovation Inspired by Nature)

Authors : Shivi Pathak

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In today’s modern times, where unsustainability threatens the very existence of mankind, revival of the philosophy of BIOMIMICRY opens up an avenue of probable solutions. It is an emerging horizon that looks to the natural world for ideas and inspiration for all kinds of design opportunities. In the search of sustainable building design and technology Biomimicry is an alternative solution. The inspiration from nature is driving force in architecture, resulting in majestic works of architecture. Biomimicry is about solution refined and developed by nature. These principles help designers to create products, processes, and policies that are well adapted to life on earth in its long run. Sometimes human designed solutions are cruder and more additive than the nature’s solutions of the same problem. As we seek new ways to design and live sustainably, and in many cases have solved the same problems with a far greater economy of means. It is a design principle seeking sustainable solutions to divert attention towards nature’s solution for human problems by consulting and emulating nature’s tested and tried patterns and strategies. The primary idea is that necessity requires nature to be imaginative. Through this imagination, nature has successfully solved many of the problems that designers today are still struggling to solve. The behavioral and operational systems of the nature have a lot to teach and inspire us, provided we as architects and designers open our eyes towards it. The core idea is that nature already has all the remedies hidden in its deepest sanctuaries, we just have to be insolent and find it. Nature’s consummate engineers – flora and fauna, have held in themselves the secret of survival. Aim is revealing how radical increase in resource efficiency can be achieved by looking to the nature for inspiration. For any sustainable building design, structural efficiency, water efficiency, zero-waste systems, thermal environment, and energy efficiency, Biomimicry is all about deriving solutions from nature.


Title : Subgrade Soil Stabilization Using Chicken Feather Fiber

Authors : Anupama Krishnan, Dr. Agnes Anto C

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Sub grade soil is an integral part of the road pavement structure as it provides the support to the pavement from beneath. Poor sub grade soil conditions can result in inadequate pavement support and reduce pavement life. Thus soils properties may be improved through the addition of chemical or as stabilization. These additives range from waste products to manufactured materials and include lime, Class C fly ash, Portland cement, cement kiln dust, fibers etc. These additives can be used with a variety of soils to help improve their native engineering properties. The effectiveness of these additives depends on the soil treated and the amount of additive used. of the various pavement layers is very much dependent on the strength of the sub grade soil over which they are going to be laid. The sub grade strength is mostly expressed in terms of (CBR). For an engineer, it’s important to understand the change of sub grade strength. This project is an attempt to understand the strength of sub grade in terms of CBR values. Treatment with chicken feather fiber (CFF) was found to be an option for improvement of soil properties, based on the testing conducted by varying the percent (0.1%, 0.25% and 0.5%) of the feathers. It was found that with the addition of stabilizers i.e. CFF, the C.B.R. Increased up to a certain limit because CFF served as a reinforcement in soil but after that the C.B.R. , due to replacement of soil by CFF.


Title : Edge Deviation Analysis for Photochemical Machining of Copper

Authors : Chandrakant K. Vhare, Vikram R. Chavan, Amit A. Shinde, Rameshwar D. Solage, Shashikant S. Jadhav

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Photochemical machining is broadly employed in the fabrication of components which are used in various fields like electronics, medical, biological, etc. Copper is one of the materials having various applications. The accuracy of the photochemically machined component is governed by edge deviation and it plays vital role in many small size components. This paper focusses on the edge deviation analysis for photochemically machined copper specimens. The experimentation has been performed for different concentrations for ferric chloride etchant. The analysis of the specimens has been carried out and the suitable parameters are predicted in the paper. 


Title : Different Algorithms used for Hiding an Image using Steganography with Cryptography

Authors : Manju Kumari Gupta, Vipra Bohara

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there are a lot of digital techniques exist for sending and storing images. These techniques require privacy, authenticity as well as integrity. Application of images is increasing in the medical field, science field, military field, engineering field, as well as the education field. In this paper, we provide a review and analysis of the different existing methods for hiding an image into another image and video.  In this paper, some methods for video steganography and image steganography are used. In video steganography, image is hidden into a video. Video is a collection of frames and frame is represented as an image so in this method, image is hidden into a frame (image) whereas in image steganography image is hidden into the image. This paper represents current trends in steganography, so in the future; we can develop appropriate and more secure steganography algorithms


Title : A Comparative Study of Conventional Method of Irrigation and Drip Method of Irrigation in Tirunelveli District

Authors : M Jayameenakshi

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The performance of the Indian economy depends largely upon the performance of the agriculture sector, which contributes nearly one –third of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Within the overall strategy of agricultural growth, irrigation is a major for modernizing Indian agriculture. Such irrigation resources are limited and the water use efficiency as well as agricultural productivity is low. Hence Micro irrigation in general and drip irrigation in is the most efficient method of irrigation was introduced in India in the year 1987. In this paper a comparative study of conventional and drip method of irrigation in Tirunelveli district has been studied in terms of resources use and production. Hence the policy should be focused on the promotion of drip irrigation in those regions where we find scarcity water and .


Title : Study of the Endogenous Influences System in the Consumer’s Decision

Authors : Adrian Nicolae Cazacu

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The purpose of this paper is to complete the research about the anime culture perception among the young and the dult entertainment consumer. We are dealing with a particular form of art, of animation art, which is proved that please the young and the adult generation, all the same, surely, from different reasons, so the goal is to analyse these reasons, especially in the male and female consumers. For that goal we wse statistical, mathematical, but mainly the information theory calculus. 


Title : Possibilities of Coping with the Violence against Women - A Review of Literature

Authors : Jéssica Xavier Santana, Daniel Cerdeira de Souza, Eduardo Sant’Ana Jorge Honorato, Sônia Maria Lemos, Tirza Almeida da Silva, Clarissa Santana Cruz, Luziane Vitoriano da Costa, Kenne Samara Andrade Martins, Rômulo Chaves Pereira de Oliveira

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Violence against women is an issue of great importance given the increasing statistics of feminicide in the Brazil. This study aimed to analyze the literature published between 2012-2017 in the format of scientific articles on the possibilities of fighting these violence. Articles were collected in the Virtual Health Library base (BVS) through the descriptor "Fighting AND Violence Against Women" and the findings were analyzed based on the elaboration of a literature review protocol and then submitted to Content Analysis. 15 articles composed the final revision and culminated in four nuclei: Access to care networks and identification of violence; Intersectoral coordination and articulation; Notification; Family / community support, religiosity and financial support. It is concluded that in order to confront violence against women, it is necessary the commitment of several social actors, involved in an articulated work that promotes female empowerment and the deconstruction of gender inequalities.


Title : Various Data Mining Techniques to Detect the Android Malware Applications: A Case Study

Authors : Rincy Raphael

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Android has become the most popular smartphone operating system. This rapidly increasing adoption of Android has resulted in significant increase in the number of malwares when compared with previous years. There exist lots of antimalware programs which are designed to effectively protect the users’ sensitive data in mobile systems from such attack. But the attacking rate is increasing year by year. In this paper we conduct a survey of various datamining techniques conducted to analyse and detect the android malware applications. We also analysing the classification algorithm used, dataset size and accuracy of the system.