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Volume 5 Issue 10

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Title : Ageing Populations: Economic Challenges and Policy Implications

Authors : Bhavya Visal

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This paper analyses the economic challenges presented due to the recent phenomenon of a rapidly ageing population and recommends suitable policies, while also highlighting the case studies of Japan and Italy - countries with the highest proportion of their population  aged above 65 in the world.


Title : Immigration: Costs, Benefits and Policy Implications

Authors : Bhavya Visal

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Since 2000, the total number of international migrants has increased by almost 50 percent to 258 million persons globally in 2017 [1]. This paper discusses the effects of immigration on countries’ economies and labour markets, analysing the effects on key metrics such as economic growth, productivity, welfare and wages through various perspectives, while also recommending suitable policies.


Title : Development of an Evacuation Device that Enables Persons in Wheelchairs to Descend Stairs

Authors : Tomoya Miyasaka, Keiko Kawashima, Mamiko Kamoshida, Katsuyuki Toide, Noriyuki Sugawara, Shinya Hashimoto, Atsushi Matoba, Kouhei Takatsuka, Kenji Edazawa, Masanori Kawai

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Many residents of elderly facilities such as dementia group homes and special elderly nursing homes require evacuation with assistance during a fire, and the number of caregivers is often limited. The purpose of this study is to develop an evacuation device that enables evacuation using the stairs for wheelchair users living on the second and higher floors in elderly facilities and welfare facilities with assistance by just one caregiver and without the use of an electric motor. The developed machine was provided with a structure that includes a carriage that supports driving, braking, overall load, and a backrest frame that holds and fixes the wheelchair and is operated by a caregiver. A staircase descent experiment was conducted and the results showed that the total operation time was 92.18 seconds on average, which almost achieved the target time of 90 seconds. The result of a questionnaire survey showed that respondents had positive opinions on the necessity of equipment that can evacuate persons in wheelchairs by descending stairs and some said they need to introduce such equipment into their facilities. The lock of the developed machine was improved, which reduced the wheelchair mounting process time by an average of 9.88 seconds. The total operation time was 49.42 seconds on average, which made it possible for the evacuation time to be conducted in under one minute. Further improvements will be carried out leading to greater practical use.


Title : Economic Development and Type of Political Regime

Authors : Bhavya Visal

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Over the years, conflicting conclusions demonstrating the link between political regime and economic development have been formed by different schools of thought:

1.         An authoritarian government facilities economic development.

2.         An authoritarian government impedes economic development (and hence, democracy fosters economic development).

3.         There is no direct relationship between the type of political regime and economic development.

In the following paper, I will evaluate all three perspectives through an objective economic lens supported by reason and evidence.


Title : Impacts of taxation on Small Scale Industries

Authors : Ritesha Das

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In developing the economy, small and medium-sized businesses play a crucial role. In the last few years, in particular, in the field of creation of jobs, innovation, improving people's living standards and financial contribution to the growth of the country's GDP. The importance of small scale Industries to economic development in any country cannot be underestimated. The challenges of the lack of financial expansive resources, entrepreneurial management skills, unqualified labour, low quality goods production, a lack of market for their products, infrastructure and above all taxation policy that does not promote their potential for growth hinder growth in this sector are hindering its growth.


Title : Exponential Metric in Binary Mass Systems Gravitational Field

Authors : N. Perković, M. Stojić

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This paper deals with the procedure for determining binary mass systems metric. It is performed by placing a test mass m in the common gravitational field of two other objects having much larger mass. The resulting gijmetric tensor is diagonal with the exponential component. Metric tensor exponential components show that the metric in binary systems gravitational field equals the product of metrics of objects making up the system.


Title : Servitization of Solar Energy Sector

Authors : Yogita Pandey

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India suffers from acute power shortages, increased by an inconsistent coal supply. A strong industry-driven campaign is needed to educate and inform consumer’s that solar is the key to solving power woes in the country. The objective of the paper is to show the transformation journey in the Solar Sector over the years. The paper shows various identified factors that are assumed to be influencing consumer’s intention for the purchase of Solar Energy. Due to the Challenges faced by the solar industry suppliers and customers, we suggest that the industry should consider an introduction of servitization in their operations model. Under the current process of purchasing solar energy systems, the user purchases the system and is charged with the responsibility of maintenance, replacement of consumables and disposal of the equipment. The major disadvantage of solar energy products is its high price and area demand to setup a device aside from these drawbacks, the customers should think about the actual fact that solar power Products are highly beneficial not only for the environment but also for human beings for its unique feature of infinite abundant energy. A primary goal of our thesis would be to develop such business model which will operate in the field of Solar Energy sector to increase the consumer’s access to solar power.


Title : An E-Exam Management System under E-Network Management Course

Authors : Shaimaa H. Shaker, Noor M. Jaafar

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In the methods of teaching the E-learning become the one of great invention, there are many assessment methods in E-learning, one of these assessment is the essay, when teacher want to correct manually it may take long time, so the automatic scoring of essay in recent years has been increasing rapidly. Using usually the method of cosine similarity, it depends on feature extraction in the texts of answers, no matter about the order of the words in the statement.   In this study show how the text similarity can have evaluated the student’s answers, so its need to be more accurate.


Title : The Antibacterial Activity Screening of the Extracts of Some Moroccan Medicinal Plants

Authors : Youssef LAHLOU, Belkassem El AMRAOUI, Toufiq BAMHAOUD

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The antibacterial and antifungal activities of some Moroccan medicinal plants extracts were evaluated against six bacterial species and three yeasts.

The agar diffusion method was used to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of the extracts of the following medicinal plants: Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia officinalis, Psidium guajava, Crocus sativus, Dysphania ambrosioides, Trigonella foenum graecum and Cymbopogon citratus. The used standard antibiotic is the Ampicillin 30µg, and the standard antifungal is the Econazole30µg.

The highest antibacterial activity was observed for the extracts of Rosmarinus offficinalis (16,6mm

This study proves, in part, that excepted Dysphania ambrosioides all the studied medicinal plants  extracts have a good antibacterial activity, so they can establish a source of alternative antibiotics in the  pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand,  the species of these studied medicinal plants  could be valuable due to their bioactive compounds. The results confirm also the ethnobotanical importance of the screened plants for the treatment of some bacterial infections.


Title : Operations Research in Financial Services

Authors : Janvi Mehta, Ishan Pendse, Janit Singh, Hritvik Polumahanti, Hriday Chhabra

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This research paper provides an overview of the state of the art in research on operations in financial services.India is today one of the most vibrant global economies, on the back of robust financial services sector. The efficiency of conducting operations in this industry vastly depends upon the scientific methodologies used. This research paper seeks to enumerate different models and quantitative solutions used to co-ordinate operations in the area of financial services. In the final section we state the findings and conclude with a discussion on research directions that may become of interest in the future.


Title : Adoption of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) for Informatics Institute Postgraduate Studies Open Journal System (OJS)

Authors : Rana Saeed Hamdi, Prof. Dr. Rafah Shihab Al-Hamdani

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The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a collective of academics, librarians, has been, since 1998, building open source software (free) publishing platforms that create an alternative path to commercial and subscription-based routes to scholarly communication. It sets out how its various website platforms, including Open Journal Systems, Open Conference Systems, and, recently, Open Monograph Press, provide a guided path through the editorial workflow of submission, review, editing, publishing and indexing. Thousands of faculty members around the world are now using the software to publish independent journals on a peer-reviewed and Open Access basis, greatly increasing the public and global contribution of research and scholarship.

        Informatics Institute Postgraduate Studies Journal (IIPSJ) publishes research and scholarly contributions that inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of research, education .

    IIPSJ  provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to share knowledge in the form of high-quality research papers and to improve ranking of Iraq in technological field over the world, researcher’s names, and make huge library for Iraqi students can use it on their studies.


Title : Effects of Multimodal Textbooks on Learning

Authors : Ananya Chaudhary, Dr. Mahesh Mohan

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A good teacher can keep students engaged and help them in achieving their learning objectives. However, not every student has access to a good teacher. We propose the use of multimodal learning to keep students engaged and help them learn better. Multimodal learning aims to improve the engagement of every student through the use of different learning modalities. This in turn, will help a larger number of students achieve the overall learning objectives. It is not meant to replace but rather to complement traditional learning methods.


Title : JPEG Image Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform

Authors : Damaraju Sri Sai Satyanarayana, Govindareddy Rahul Reddy, R.S.P. Shanmukhanath, Kumar Gaurav

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In this paper, Baseline JPEG standard using has been implemented along with encoding and decoding of gray scale images in JPEG. The first step in encoding starts by dividing the image in 8*8 blocks into sub-images on which DCT is performed which is followed by dividing the resulted matrices by a Quantization matrix. The algorithm ends by making the data one-dimensional which is done by Zigzag Coding and composed by Arithmetic coding or Huffman Coding. Reversing the process of encoding results in decoding process. At first, the received bit stream is converted back into two-dimensional matrices and multiplied by Quantization matrix and Inverse DCT is performed and the sub-images are connected to restore the image. Effect of coefficients on the image restored and difference between compression ratios has been presented in the paper.


Title : A Case Study: VLAN to Optimize the Network Solution to Enhance the Customized Service

Authors : Farzana Nawrin, Syed Jamaluddin Ahmad, Roksana Khandoker

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VLANs provide for logical groupings of stations or switch ports, allowing communications as if all stations or ports were on the same physical LAN segment. This includes stations or ports that are physically located on different 802.1D bridged LANs.  Technically, each VLAN is simply a broadcast domain. VLAN broadcast domains are configured through software rather than hardware, so even if a machine is moved to another location, it can stay on the same VLAN broadcast domain without hardware reconfiguration.



Authors : Jessica Malhotra, Mahek Mehta, Nainesh Poladia, Nandni Khanna, Nimit Agarwal

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With the increasing change in trend and fashion in today’s world, Food has become one of the important elements used to define one’s lifestyle and standards. But now, deciding ‘what to eat’ is a very essential part of a person’s daily routine. Alongside the changing needs and wants of people, the food industry has grown tremendously.

It is becoming increasingly clear that food tech is more and more of a logistics play and requires implementation of ordering and pricing strategy. Delivering and quality controlling is a complex problem with various aspects such as cost-effective routing, cost-effective delivery and pickup nodes, perishability of food, limited transport resources and there is a need to identify feasible as well as efficient solution methods to solve them. In this research paper, we have emphasized upon various methods through which techniques of operations research have been utilized to address various problems mentioned above.


Title : Big Data Analysis in Banking Sector

Authors : Shweta Sharma, Tushar Sharma, Bhaarat Kotak, Amogh Hasotkar

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Big data analytics is the often-complex process of examining large and varied data sets or big data to uncover information including hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences that can help organizations make informed business decisions. On a broad scale, data analytics technologies and techniques provide a means to analyse data sets and draw conclusions about them to help organizations make informed business decisions. BI queries answer basic questions about business operations and performance. Big data analytics is a form of advanced analytics, which involves complex applications with elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms and what-if analysis powered by high-performance analytics systems.


Title : Factors Affecting Credit Officers’ Performances in Commercial Banks in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Authors : Dinh Chi Thanh, Nguyen Thanh Binh

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The Vietnamese banking system was said to obtain some significantly successful results after the banking reform in the late 1980s when carrying on the two phases of Bank Modernization projects. This development of the “backbone” brings many benefits for the economy as well as significant challenges towards the bank system, primarily commercial banks. The success and failure of a commercial bank depend much on its employees’ performance; therefore, in this paper, the author attempted to explore factors affecting credit officers’ performance in commercial banks located in HCMC, Vietnam. The author applied the Quantitative method to explore five main factors, such as Leadership skills, Working environment, Compensation and Benefits, Promotion policy, and Training program, which affected credit officers’ performances at Commercial Banks in HCMC. As a result, leadership skills, promotion policy and training program were the most affecting factors towards credit officers’ performances at Commercial Banks in HCMC. Therefore, administrators of commercial banks have to enhance their senior managers’ skills, rewards and promotion policies, and update their training programs regularly for employees to catch up with the quick changes of financial market in order to serve clients effectively as well as lure new ones.


Title : Imbalances and Weakness of Hips and Thighs Muscles as One of the Sources of Low Back Pain

Authors : Mostafa M EL Soltan, Isra Enajeh Dow

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Low back pain (LBP) is a common public health problem worldwide. Musculoskeletal impairment was the most prevalent impairment in low back pain patients. Back and spine muscle impairments are the most frequently reported subcategory of musculoskeletal impairment. There is uncertainty about the source of low back pain because the number of studies of the effects of hips and thighs muscles on back pain has been few. A strong correlation between the weakness of the abdominal muscles, tightness of some hip and thigh muscles, lower physical activity and decreased endurance of hips, thighs and back muscles with low back pain. Imbalances of hips and thighs muscle strength that occurs in many years have been thought to be one of the most reasons for developing low back pain. The present study is the nature of multi-factorial cross-sectional none-experimental study. The aim of this study was to identify whither muscles weakness and imbalances of hips and thighs have a negative effect and developing low back pain. Twenty fife LBP patients has subscripted in this study from mixed gender their ages ranged from 20 to 70 years. Results suggest that hips and thighs muscle groups is extremely weak and do not match the test value of 5 ( P = 0.00. ), therefore hi level imbalances between hips muscles and thighs muscle were confirmed in this study, right hip extension versus left  hip extension ( P = 0.001 ), right hip flexion versus left hip flexion ( P = 0.05 ), right hip flexion versus  right hip extension ( P = 0.000 ), Right Knee extension versus  Right Knee flexion ( P = 0.009 ), left hip flexion versus  left hip extension ( P = ( 0.007 ),  left Knee extension versus left Knee flexion ( P = 0. 043 ).