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Volume 5 Issue 1

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Title : Hypothetical Function of Influent Nutrients for the Immunological System in the Aspect of the Treatment of Patients with Visceral Leishmaniasis

Authors : Maria Nauside Pessoa da Silva

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The advances in studies related to serious diseases constitute new paradigms to understand the processes of illness and seek other ways to reduce the morbidity and mortality of people affected, so this study proposes to seek new knowledge about the relationship between nutrients as an influent factor in the immune system related to the treatment of patients with visceral leishmaniasis. The nutritional factor can act effectively in the treatment during the infectious diseases, improving the recovery and the healing process. Of the various existing nutrients we searched for vitamin A, zinc and protein. Of the various functions of these nutrients it is pointed out: vitamin A - strengthening of the immune system and antioxidant defense, is fundamental for T cell growth and function, important for lymphocyte secretion and proliferation, cell differentiation, immunity mechanisms, hematopoiesis and coagulation system. Zinc, which regulates the function and expression of transporters of divalent metal-1-DMT1 and iron-IREG23-regulated mRNA, required for cell reproduction, differentiation and growth, tissue repair and immune defense, plays an important role in process of DNA transcription, translation and replication. Proteins present immunological protection, recognize and bind with antigens, such as viruses and bacteria, are enzyme catalysts, carriers of hemoglobin and myoglobin, protective of antibodies, fibrinogen and cytokines.


Title : Chelate Chrome Use for the Vermiculture

Authors : I. Beshkenadze, M. Gogaladze, N. Klarjeishvili, M. Chikaidze, L. Gogua, O. Lomtadze

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Effect of methionine-containing chelate chrome, having Cr(Mt)3·4H2O formula on the protein mass change of rainworms and on the degree of cocoon reproduction is studied, and the impact of various external stress-factors, namely submerging, substrate quality and toxic doses of chelate chrome on the rainworms is established. For these purposes the experiment was carried out according to the same scheme for four options. Four (one control and three test) groups: with maximum (Max.), normal (Norm.) and minimum (Min.) doses of chelate chrome (in gr.) were composed for all options, each with three repetitions. 5 worms with roughly equal masses were selected for each repetition. Weighing and cocoons’ counting were conducted in three stages, on the 21st, 31st and 41st days since the start of the experiment. In the first option of the experiment throughout the course of the test an increase in rainworms’ mass takes place in all groups. Apart from that, in comparison to all test groups the degree of mass increase is high and reaches the maximum in the I test group – 106,19%. As for the increase in the degree of cocoons’ reproduction, it is higher in all test groups compared to the control one and reaches the maximum in the III test group – 142,59%.  On the basis of obtained results the optimum and effective dosage of chelate chrome is established and is 0,0028gr. per 300gr. of. 

When studying external stress-factors – submerging (second option) and low-quality substrate (third option), on the basis of carried-out studies it was established that chelate chrome increases the stability of rainworms against different external stress-factors that is expressed in the fact that in all three repetitions of the control group all worms died during submerging and when using a low-quality substrate, while in test groups part of them died. On the basis of experiments conducted regarding the toxicity of chelate chrome towards rainworms (fourth option) we can conclude that they are quite sensitive towards high doses of microelements which is expressed in the fact that worms’ death took place in all test groups, while five worms in each repetition of the control group were completely intact. Thus, the rainworms can be successfully used as biotests of microelements’ toxicity. This circumstance is very important due to the cheapness and simplicity of the method. 


Title : Status of Drug User in Buprenorphine Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) Center of Kathmandu Valley

Authors : Anup Adhikari, Maheshwar Ghimire, Kamana Khatiwada, Kabita Pathak, Rajendra Thapa

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Status of drug User in Buprenorphine Opioid SubstitutionTreatment (OST) center of Kathmandu Valley was conducted among drug users (both IDUs and DUs) aged 18 years and above who were currently using OST with buprenorphine. This study was directed in four OST centers in Kathmandu Valley with the main objective to assess the status of drug users in buprenorphine opioid substitution therapy.

Descriptive cross sectional study was conducted among 220 respondents using systematic random sampling method.Face to face, interview conducted with respondents using pre-tested, structured interview schedule. Data analyzed by statistical package for social Sciences (25 Version), visualization from R packages  and results were presented in table and figures.

Most of the drug users started using the drugs during their adolescent period. The mean age of fist drug use was 17.1 year. Half of the respondents started using drugs through smoking and 50% of the respondents first used the drugs under the influence of their peers and friendsand more than 85% of the respondents have ever injected drugs.


Title : Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Authors : Rishita Kukkala

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The Design and analysis Algorithms expect the focal task in both the technological know-how and ordinary almost about registering. Acknowledgement of this truth has led to the presence of an in-depth number of direction books regarding the matter. All around, they all considered one of two alternatives in displaying calculations. One arranges calculations as in step with a problem type. The sort of ebook might have separate elements on calculations for arranging, looking for, diagrams, etc. The advantage of this technique is that it permits a prompt correlation of, kingdom, the skill ability of different calculations for the same problem. The disadvantage of this system is that it underscores trouble types to the detriment of calculation shape methods. The second one alternative arranges the introduction round calculation structure methods on this affiliation, calculations from numerous areas of registering are collected together on the off danger that they have a similar structure method.


Title : Cloud Mobile Learning for Hearing Impaired Candidates

Authors : Lubna Maher Abbadi, Karim Q. Hussein

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This paper presents a modern aspect of computer science application deals with Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) and e-Learning as well as computer application for Hearing Impaired Candidates (HI).  The major aim is to design and implement an authoring system which can generate tutorial lessons oriented to HI candidates however those lessons would be displayed on Mobile while all process of generating, saving and retrieving them in the cloud.  Mechanism of generating lessons is simply the teacher submits his instructional material in text to the system. In the cloud two tasks to beacted, reconstruct the submission into typical tutorial lesson, then translating each word in corresponding video cut. Therefore HI students can read contents of the lesson in sign language. There are security issue has been considered to protect data base. Results of testing the system were positive and the system can successfully generate tutorial lessons for HI students via MCC.


Title : Attitudes and Motivation of Young ESL Learners

Authors : Dadyana Dominic Kajan, Dr. Parilah M. Shah

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English language is widely used all around the world for the purpose of communication. It has been one of the languages used in Malaysia ever since it was brought into the education through the colonization back in pre-independent days. Due to its prestigious, English language is seen important among the education stakeholders. Various programmes had been implemented to raise the awareness among the students of how essential the language can impact their knowledge. However, there were very limited studies had been implemented in rural primary schools to find out the pupils’ attitude and motivation towards English language learning. Therefore, this paper was aimed to investigate the attitudes and motivation towards learning English of Year 6 pupils. A total of 60 Year 6 pupils from three primary schools in Upper Tinjar Baram had participated in this survey study. An adapted survey questionnaire from Gardner’s Attitude and Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) was used to collect the data. The findings showed that all pupils had positive attitudes and motivation towards English language learning. The outcomes of the study had highlighted the impact of teacher’s roles and parents’ support in pupils’ learning of English.


Title : Performance Assessment of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Agriculture

Authors : Mohd. Quasim Khan

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The combination of renewable energy and farming is a winning combo. Energy production is to nation’s economy like the way engine powers the vehicle. Renewable energy is promising source for energy production with sustainability. Solar energy is free of cost when utilized in any application and present in infinite amount. Agriculture sector struggles to meet the demand of food production with the present resources so switching to solar technology has a lot of advantages in terms of economy, environment and energy production. From last 20 years, solar energy has brought many changes especially in agriculture where it needed the most. The paper focus on the research work and current development of solar energy applications in agriculture field like PV panels in farm field, solar water pumping system, solar greenhouses, irrigation systems including manual and automatic, solar water heating and solar dryer with their working, setup and cost parameters. It is an approach to motivate people to use renewable energy source for energy production in automobile, space crafts, agriculture field, homes, etc. for sustainable development. 


Title : Evaluation of Upper Limb Muscle Load in Lower-Limb Amputees during Ladder Climbing

Authors : Kisuke Iwasaki, Gen Okuya, Yoshiki Nishisako, Naoki Chijiwa, Hisashi Arizono, Chikamune Wada

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In recent years, the popularity of sport climbing competitions has increased considerably. Currently, not only non-disabled people but also people with disabilities are interested in sport climbing. However, the evaluation and guidance in climbing competitions are often subjective, and there are individual differences in the progress of sport climbing performance.

Additionally, the current training methods have been developed for non-disabled people, and it is not known whether they are suitable for people with disabilities. If an objective evaluation method is established, it will be possible to propose rational and effective teaching methods for sport climbing participants. Therefore, the goal of this investigation was to develop an objective training method for climbing aimed at lower-limb amputees.

We studied subjects’ climbing a ladder that imitated the wall-climbing process and compared it with normal conditions and dead-point conditions. At that time, as a result of measurement of the upper limb muscle, it was suggested that both the nonamputeeand the lower-limb amputee can reduce the load on the upper limb musclesduring thedead-point condition.


Title : History and Hindu Mythology: The Thinning Lines with References to Ashwin Sanghi’s Bharat Series and Related Literature

Authors : Poumita Paul

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India is a country enriched with a diverse past of discovery, altering social order, invasions, battles and heroism reflected keenly by the historians with a linear chronological structur eon the basis of relevant investigations and enquiries. Hinduism is one of the widely practised religion in this part of the world and holds its own version of widely propagated past which includes a circular notion of time, rebirth and characters like Shiva, Ram, Krishna and the tales associated with it which is supposed to have paved the socio-political structure of the present sub-continent. However, due to the lack of proper evidences, these tales do not find any place in the documentation of a rational historian and are only confined as mere literary creations getting its shape in the Vedic period (c. 1500- c. 500 BCE) meant to set morals and mould the human behavior likewise. These tales find their places only in the realm of Mythology. But, with the advent of the Postmodernity and  its zeal of seeking the unsought, several notions related to the Hindu Mythological tales had obtained a material form through the discovery of various associated relics and texts tending to locate such circulations as a part of the documented history. Such re-establishment of past and the thinning line between these cultural mythologies and the documented history has become a widely popular and highly accepted phenomenon in 21st  century India and there are ample amount of contributions from authors like Ashwin Sanghi and Christopher. C. Doyle to the domain of Indian English literature to correspond to the same. This paper tries to focus on the tangible variations on the status of popular tales and characters of Hindu Mythology with time and try to analyze the associated rationale acting upon the Indian society causing to thin down of the line previously barring it from the realm of history. It also aims to seek the purpose of such histography from the Indian authors and hence, inspect the presence of any socio-cultural or political wave within the process.


Title : How Effective is the U.S. National Security Strategy Policy in Protecting the American People?

Authors : Dr. Phillip D. Clingan

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This study discusses the National Security Strategy (NSS) Policy and policy enforcement practices at the Executive Branch level. The research examines and compares the negative and positive impacts of the Executive Branch and the execution of the NSS Policy. A literature review addressing the issue was conducted on primary and secondary sources, which were retrieved from government archives and other sources of data such as institution libraries. The main question behind the study was how practical the United States NSS Policy is in protecting the American people. According to the literature review, NSS policy is a critical element in protecting U.S. citizens. It offers a platform for the leading elites to explain the security priorities of the country. Despite being criticized as verbose and lacking specific actionable objectives, the NSS has benefitted U.S. citizens. The policy has been cited as reducing terrorist activities in the world and increasing the safety of American citizens. The policy has offered bases for various actions taken by the American government to protect its citizens, not only on American soil but also in other parts of the globe. Most national security policies illustrate how policies are in a constant state of change and transition as evidenced by changes in international policies between the Obama administration and the previous regime of President Bush. There is a future need to conduct further research on the overall impacts of some policies adopted by the state because they have been faulted as causing more insecurity to the American people.


Title : An Analysis of the Sustainability of India’s Fiscal Deficit

Authors : Ritvik Singh

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Public debt is always a significant consideration and has direct implications while taking fiscal policy decisions. It is a prevalent part of the Indian economy and has an innate influence on the national income as it has a magnitude of around 50 percent of the total Indian GDP. High fiscal deficits due to unadvised government spending, public tax evasion and slowing economic growth among other causes often lead to high public debts having the potential to hinder the growth of an economy. This threat compels governments to ensure financial sustainability through fiscal correction and consolidation and design and adhere to institutional mechanisms maintaining prudent fiscal policy. In the Indian context, it is becoming increasingly important to define an optimal level of sustainable public debt and formulate policy decisions to not breach it since the persistence of debt raises the risk of government insolvency during economic slowdowns. This study finds that the aggregate public debt must be curbed at 40 percent for a developing country like India using workable Debt Management Strategies. The trajectory followed by the increase in Indian public debt appears to be in sustainable limits as shown by several indicators.


Title : Psychiatric Symptoms and Hostility in a Group of Schizophrenic Patients

Authors : Balta GT, Angelopoulos NV

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Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between hostility features and psychiatric symptomatology in a population of schizophrenic patients.

Methods: The Hostility and Direction of Hostility Questionnaire (HDHQ) and the Delusions Symptoms States Inventory (DSSI) were administered to 172 patients given the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Results: Significant relationships were found between the HDHQ hostility subscales and certain psychiatric symptoms. Acting Out Hostility mainly with Phobic symptoms and state of Elation. Criticism of Others mainly with Compulsive symptoms. Paranoid Hostility mainly with Delusions of Persecution, Delusions of Disintegration and Dissociative Symptoms. SelfCriticism mainly with Delusions of Contrition and Phobic symptoms. Guilt with Delusions of Contrition, Depressive symptoms and Phobic symptoms. 


Title : Using Dictogloss Technique to Enhance Student’s Skill in Writing Narrative Text

Authors : Aouriaza Intik Anak Pingan, Nur Ehsan Bin Mohd Said

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This research aimed to identify the process of improving students’ skill in writing a paragraph orientation of narrative text for the Year 6 students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Nanga Jagau through Dictogloss technique. The researcher carried out an Action Research in two cycles. Participant observations, field notes and teacher’s reflections were the instruments to gather the data. Statistical description is used to analyse the data obtained from pretest and post-test. Purposive sampling technique is applied and 12 students from class X C became the sample of this research. The results of this research showed that there was an improvement of the students’ ability in writing a paragraph orientation of narrative text. 50.67 was the mean score for writing test 1. As a result of applied Dictogloss technique, cycle 1 gained 59.33 as the mean score and improved 8.66%. Next, the result of the cycle 2 showed that their mean score was 69.50 and attained improvement of 18.83%. Diverse educational contexts through the process of teaching and learning looked presentable than it was before. Furthermore, the implementation of the technique received positive feedbacks from the English teacher and students. To conclude, Dictogloss technique can enhance students’ ability in writing a paragraph orientation of narrative text.