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Volume 4 Issue 8

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Title : The Influence Human Resources, Information Technology, and Work Experience on the Quality of Financial Report with Internal Control as an Intervening Variable at Hospital Blud/Blu Lumajang

Authors : Labitsta Untsa Afnany, Muhammad Miqdad, Agung Budi Sulistiyo

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This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of human resources, information technology, and work experience on the quality of financial reports with internal control as an intervening variable. The population in this study were all non-medical employees using purposive sampling technique in the determination of sampling consisting of civil servants and non-PNS employees in the financial section Data sourch is primary data and secondary data. Data testing method is (1) Validity test, (2) reliability test. Data analysis method is Partial Least Square (PLS). The results show that there are seven hypotheses obtained, including: (1) Human Resources affects the Quality of Financial Report, (2) Information Technology affects the Quality of Financial Report, (3) Work Experience affects the Quality of Financial Report, (4) Internal Control affects the Quality of Financial Report, (5) Human Resources effect to Internal Control .Internal Control, (6) Information Technology affects Internal Control, (7) Work Experience effect on Internal Control.


Title : Role of Jinnah in Partition of India- Pakistan

Authors : Kavita Sharma

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India was under control of British for about 200 years. It finally got freedom on 15th August, 1947. Many people, nationalist have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. One such prominent nationalist who fought for the freedom of India was Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is said that Pakistan is created because of dispute between Jinnah and Nehru. It is often said that Jinnah played prominent role in the partition of India- Pakistan. In the research the researcher has tried to trace out that whether Jinnah was the sole reason of partition or not. India faced lots of problem but this was drastic decision taken by our leaders. It is difficult to say that we should be happy that we got Independence or we should be sad that we got divided with our brothers on this vary day with creation of Pakistan.  Jinnah was a leader of Muslim League. From very starting he did not wished that Pakistan should be created. It was only due to some circumstances that led him take this decision. We will be dealing with such causes that made Jinnah changed his ideology and made him demand for separate state i.e. Pakistan. It is always said that person never claps with one hand. So it will be interesting to see that whether demand of partition by Jinnah was for his sole profit motive i.e. for acquiring political power or something else was there behind his demand. Therefore, researcher will be carefully dealing with events which involves Jinnah and which played important role in partition of India- Pakistan.


Title : Effect of Firm Size, Leverage and Institutional Ownership on Disclosure Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Authors : Nurfina Pristianingrum, Yosefa Sayekti, Agung Budi Sulistiyo

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This study aims to determine the effect of firm size, leverage and institutional ownership on ERM disclosure. This research is a quantitative research using multiple linear regression analysis method with the help of SPSS version 24 software. The population in this study are mining sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX ) in 2016-2017. The selection of research samples using purposive sampling and the number of samples used were 61 companies. The results showed that: (1) company size had a positive and significant effect on ERM disclosure; (2) leverage does not affect ERM disclosure; (3) institutional ownership has a positive and significant effect on ERM disclosure.



Title : Quantification of Morphometric Analysis using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in the Qa’ Jahran Basin, Thamar Province, Yemen

Authors : M. Albaroot, Nabil M. Al-Areeq, Hamdi S. Aldharab, Mohammed Alshayef , Saleh A. Ghareb

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Demand for irrigation water increases day by day along with meteorological vagaries and extension of irrigated area in the drought-prone Jahran district. The study is aimed at studying the morphometric parameters of the Qa' Jahran basin in Jahran district and on their relevance in water resource management. The drainage network was prepared from the ASTER (DEM) and verified with survey and mineral resources board of Yemen’s maps in GIS environment.Quantitative morphometric analysis was carried out for different sub basins for linear aspects, areal aspects and relief aspects.The results of the morphometric analysis reveal that the Qa’Jahran basin is of dendritic pattern, high erosion activity, basin is underlined by uniform materials, basin is flat, Drainage density is moderate spacing streams, permeable sub soil materials with dense vegetated cover and low relief (alluvial plain), susceptible to flooding, gully erosion, enhanced ground water recharge potentiality, Form factor and circularity ratio results represent an elongated shape, have a flatter peak flow for longer duration and drainage system were subject to less structurally controlled on the drainage development in over all the basin, low relief for most portion of the basin, high surface runoff and high susceptibility of the basin for both soil erosion and flooding.The higher slope gradient in the study area is contributed by the eruption of basaltic flow in northern, eastern and western parts. Higher slope gradient results in rapid runoff with potential soil loss or erosion. The Qa' Jahran basin relief value is 110m for sub basin 1 to 640m for sub basin 2 indicates low infiltration and high runoff conditions. The ruggedness number ofthe subbasins 1 and 2 indicates higher soil erosion susceptibility.


Title : Learning SVM from Distributed, Non-Linearly Separable Datasets with Kernel Methods

Authors : Karlen Mkrtchyan

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Learning from distributed data sets is common problem nowadays and the question of its actuality can be inferred by the number of applications and from even higher number of problems coming from real world business solutions. Here we will review the question of distributed classification with Support Vector Machines, and present our approach to handle the problem in effective way.


Title : Smallholder Agricultural Finance in Nigeria: Literature Review on The Research Gap

Authors : Oluwamayokun Anjorin Fadeyi

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The aim of this paper is to first and foremost review various literatures on agricultural financing in Nigeria and study the various streams and impact of financing that are available to the smallholder farmers, and secondly, to propose a direction for future research in enhancing the utilization of these funds for sustainable development of smallholder farming in Nigeria.

This paper is based on review of articles identified using the following search algorithm: “agricultural”, (“finance” or “funding” or “credit”), “Africa”, and “Nigeria” published between 2015 to 2017. The author identified 146 articles from the Emerald Insight database and 722 articles from the ScienceDirect database After removing duplicates and carrying out a thorough analysis based on the problem studied, 59 papers were included in this study. The framework for evaluating the need for smallholder farming financing in Nigeria was studied based on the use of modern farming technology, the level of farm productivity and the livelihood of the farmers.

The definition of the term agricultural financing in this article was defined from the perspective of the provision of credit for agricultural activities by the smallholder farmers. While, several literatures that were reviewed indicated that there has been funding provisioned to the smallholder farming industry in Nigeria, but the impact of these funds in terms of level of farm productivity, use of modern farming technology and the livelihood of the farmers is yet to be experienced. To the best of my knowledge, limited study on the evaluation of institutional sector financing has so far been conducted.


Title : Molecular Interaction Studies of Binary Mixtures of Acetophenone with Butylamine, Cyclohexylamine, Dipropylamine, and Dibutylamine at T = (303.15, 308.15 and 313.15) K

Authors : P.G. Bamane, D.R. Ambavadekar, M.V. Rathnam

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Measurement of densities ( ρ ), viscosities (η) and ultrasonic speeds of sound ( u ) has been carried out for binary mixtures of acetophenone with butylamine, cyclohexylamine, dipropylamine, and dibutylamine at T = (303.15, 308.15 and 313.15) K. The experimental data have been used to calculate the excess molar volumes (VE), deviation in viscosity (Δη,), isentropic compressibility (Ks), deviation in speeds of sound (∆u) and deviation in isentropic compressibilities (∆Ks). These excess properties were correlated with Redlich-kister polynomial equation. Further the predictive ability of some selected viscosity models (Tamura-Kurata, Heric, McAllister (4-body)) was tested. The Speeds of sound data were also correlated using Vandel- Vangeel, and Jouyban- Acree models. The results were interpreted in terms of inter molecular interactions.


Title : Experimental Study on Compressive Strength of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete and Partial Replacement of Cement with Flyash Research

Authors : Ms. Reshma T.V

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Glass fibre reinforced concrete is recent development in the field of concrete technology. Concrete being the most important and widely used material is called upon to possess very high strength and sufficient workability properties. The concrete has more desirable properties like High compressive strength, stiffness, durability. At the same time concrete is brittle and weak in tension. To improve the concrete properties, the system was named glass- fibre reinforced concrete view the alkali resistance glass fibre is used.

In thefirst part of experimental investigation, the glass fibre has been used to study the effect on compressive strength on M15, M20 & M25 grade of concrete for different % of glass fibreie., 0%,3%, 5%, 7% by weight of aggregates.

And in today’s world the main emphasis is on green and sustainable development. Presently large amount of fly ash is generated in thermal power plants as a waste material with an improper impact on environment and humans. Fly ash is difficult to decompose, so using fly ash is a major step towards sustainable development. Also, Cement industry is one of the major contributors to pollution by releasing carbon dioxide. So, by partially replacing cement with pozzolanic material such as fly ash, the cement industry can serve both the purposes of meeting the demands of construction industry and at the same time providing a green and clean environment. This research workincludes second part whichinvestigates the behavior of concrete and optimum percentage while replacing fly ash in different proportions.  The cement has been replaced accordingly in the range of 0%, 18%, 20% &22% by weight of cement of M25 grade concrete. Concrete mixtures were produced, tested and compared in terms of compressive strength, as an alternative to traditional concrete.


Title : Security Methods in the Art and Science using Spectroscopy in the Visual and Near Infrared Range

Authors : Vilko Ziljak, Lidija Tepes Golubic, Jana Ziljak Grsic, Denis Jurecic

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Near infrared Z values are determined with spectroscopy of colorants, which are used in security charts, printing of documents and banknotes. A new application of security methods in informatics is being observed in this article. The processes of dyeing of fabrics are being controlled by programming twin dyes. Two different mixtures of dyes have been created for the same color. They differ in light absorption only in NIR area. The given, desired difference in their values of light absorption and NIR spectrum has been achieved. Conversely, those are two dyes of different mixture but with the same color parameters in the visual spectrum. The dyes have identical spectra graphs of light absorption in the visual area. The experimental result has been shown in the gallery with infrared pictures and through the design of textile clothes that carries the hidden information. The design with text “IJNTR – VZ security” has been analyzed by forensic light blockages from 400 up to 1000 nm.


Title : The Effect of Interlanguage and Arabic Verb System on Producing Present Perfect by EFL Learners

Authors : Mona Tahseldar, Soha Kanso, Yousra Sabra

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The acquisition of foreign language goes through many processes. One of these processes, which attempts to frame the impact of native language on foreign language, is Interlanguage. This study investigated the effect of Interlanguage and Arabic Verb System on producing Present Perfect by EFL learners. The participants of the study were Lebanese University undergraduates who had been studying EFL for 14 years. The erroneous, absence or unconventional usage of the present perfect motivated the researcher to inspect the reasons behind this production. The instrument of the study is four topics, addressing the present perfect temporal notion,was presented to the learners who chose two of them, and wrote a paragraph on each. The studied samples, which consisted of 100 paragraphs, belonged to 50 participants. Following quantitative and descriptive approach, the samples were collected, corrected, and data were analyzed using tables to demonstrate the percentages of proper usage of the present perfect and the verb forms that replaced it mistakenly. The results revealed that interlanguage is the reason behind the learners’ wrong production of the present perfect form, as they produced their own systematic linguistic system, which mixed between their native Arabic language verb system and their English tenses in replacing erroneously the present perfect.


Title : The Managerial Training and Development Program Requirements of Public Secondary School Administrators

Authors : Jameson H. Tan

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This study aimed to explore the management training and development program requirements of the secondary school administrators of Valenzuela City, Philippines. The descriptive method of research employing a questionnaire was used in conducting this study. Twenty (20) secondary school principals were utilized as principal-respondents of the study and one hundred fourteen (114) head teachers were chosen through the use of purposive sampling. The level of management training and development requirements of school administrators were moderately high on four areas of management: financial, academic (curriculum and teachers’ management), human resource management and general management. The management and development program where the school administrators need training are in line with enhancing quality instruction, in-service education for teachers’ development and performance evaluation of teachers. Curriculum, teacher, human resource, financial and general management are the order of priority in training school administrators on   school management.

There was significant difference between the management and development program requirements of school principals and head teachers in financial, teachers’ and human resource management.   A management development plan that addresses the management and development program requirements of school principals and head teachers is a felt need.  A continuing training program in various areas of
administration and supervision should be conducted. Education authorities should put in effect emergency administrative and supervisory training program especially for cases that need


Title : Sequential Measurement of Ascorbic Acid and Uric Acid Concentration by Linear Scan Voltammograms on The Plasma Treated Screen-Printed Carbon Paste Electrode

Authors : Yi-Huang Chang, Shih-Chang Wang, Chiun-Jye Yuan, Hung-Der Jang, Chuan-Liang Hsu, Ku-Shang Chang

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Linear scan voltammograms of various concentrations of AA and UA was used to test the effect of screen-printed carbon electrode (SPCE) and oxygen plasma-treated SPCE’s (OP-SPCE) ability to distinguish the oxidative peak potentials (Epa) of UA from AA. The oxygen plasma-treated SPCE (OP-SPCE) could make the oxidative peaks of ascorbic acid (AA) and uric acid (UA) on the linear scan voltammograms became more defined with the Epa to 150 mV (RSD =6.9%,n=7) and 350 mV (RSD =0.6%, n=7), respectively. While measuring a composite solution containing of AA and UA, the AA’s current signals, generated at the shoulder of the AA peak curve on the linear scan voltammogram caused interference behavior thereby background currents presented to the uric acid’s oxidative peak. The degree of background was found proportional to the concentration of AA in the composite solution with a linear regression equation of y = 0.0226x + 2.421 (R2=0.9962). A sequential measurement of ascorbic acid and uric acid concentration in a composition solution by linear scan voltammograms on the plasma treated screen-printed carbon paste electrode has developed: (1) determined the AA concentration (2) determined the degree of interference caused by AA at the uric acid’s oxidative peak (3) the estimated interference-free UA peak current is determined by subtracting the level of AA interference. By using the fitting procedure, The UA concentration can be quantitatively and accurately analyzed. Excellent recovery rates (97.9 to 106%) and RSD of 1.4% were obtained for the measurement of UA, even in the presence of high concentrations of AA.


Title : Video Classification Using Low-Level Components and Computable Features Assessment

Authors : Enwerem Udochukwu, Charles Robert

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Video classifications are usually tailored towards categorizing videos into one or more predefined categories (e.g. genres) using the contexts associated with such categories. This limits their application to only “production videos” (i.e. video produced and edited for a viewing audience). We seek to make the classification criteria more flexible by classifying videos using low-level computable features that can be determined for any type of video independent of the context associated with its predetermined genre. The methodology adopted was based on choosing unrestricted computable features for developing a classification scheme. It extracted and analyzed the low-level components (key frames) and computable features (such as dominant color, lighting condition, and color dynamics) from sample videos. It then generated a model SVM classifier that was able to discriminate between tested videos to be classified. It finally, developed an interactive application to automate the extraction and analysis process.


Title : Stop Forgetting and Remembering Now By Verma Method

Authors : Prashant Verma

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By using Verma Method peoples can stop forgetting daily routine things (Items). When a person goes from home to office, company, College, market or tour, He need wallet, handkerchief, mobile, pen, vehicle key, locker key, medicine, bag, any document etc. He takes many  items but leaving/missing  some items like mobile, wallet, key or other things. But by using Verma Method he will carry all items which he is requiring without any stress and memorizing to mind and brain at all.