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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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Volume 4 Issue 5

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Title : Ionic Framework with Angular for Hybrid App Development

Authors : Juilee Waranashiwar, Manda Ukey

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Ionic framework is an open source cross platform tool which allows to develop hybrid application which work on different mobile platforms like android, IOS and windows without much efforts and increasing the ease of development. Ionic framework enhances the look and the feel of the UI of the  hybrid application with the use of  HTML5 and CSS.


Title : Design and Testing of Compressed Air Vehicle

Authors : Ankit D. Giradkar, Prof. Narendra K. Ade

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The production of domestic crude has been declining and the transport system has been increasing depend on imported crude oil to meet its needs. There is a growing concern that the world may run out of petroleum-based fuel resources. All these make it imperative that the search for alternative fuels is taken in right earnest. With the current fuel sources diminishing, we are looking for alternative ways to power our automobiles. With this goal in mind, companies are actively developing various new technologies from the perspective of achieving energy security and diversifying energy sources, which is necessitated by the dwindling supply of petroleum resources. The air engine works with air that is taken from the atmosphere and air pre-compressed in tanks. Air is compressed by the on-board compressor or at service station equipped with a high-pressure compressor. Air powered vehicles provides most comprehensive answer to today’s urban pollution problems in simple economic and most inoffensive manner which makes car users to replace their present cars running on gasoline in the coming years as these cars are safe to use safe to users and are also environment friendly.



Title : Short-term Accumulations Forecasting Using License Recognition Data

Authors : Lei Jin, Binglei Xie

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The emerging accumulation-based emerging perimeter control strategy in the context of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams (MFD) need to predict accumulations dynamically. The objective of this study is to present short-term accumulations forecasting problem. Forecasting models and its inputs vectors of traffic accumulations should be studied firstly. To avoid the drawback of fuzzy descriptions for link traffic states derived by traffic arrivals, this study newly proposes a method to monitor the dynamics of link accumulations in the context of MFDs. This method yields a full description of the MFD by relating the number of circulating vehicles (accumulations) to network flow (arrivals). The precise traffic data are extracted from discrete records of automatic license plate recognition database. In addition, this paper studies possible applications and accuracy levels of four machine learning models for short-term accumulation forecasting: back-propagation neural network (BPNN), wavelet neural network (WNN), radial basis function neural networks (RBFNN) and support vector regression (SVR). WNN and BPNN models are found to be adaptive and have accuracy levels only a sixth that of RBFNN and SVR models.



Title : Integration of Lean Method in English Language Teaching and Learning: A New Perspective

Authors : Dr. Filiz Yalcın Tılfarlıoglu, Jivan Kamal Anwer

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Lean is regarded as a logicalmethod to exploiting value by reducing waste, and by flowing the creation or service at the pull of the studentrequest. These key concepts of “value,” “flow,” and “pull,” align with the final lean goal: “perfection,” or a nonstopdetermined for development in the presentation of the organization. Through applying a lean methodology to the teaching processes, additionally the teachers can eliminate reasons that do not add value and are thus wasteful, and they can focus their efforts on the advancement of teaching and learning. By applying the lean principles and methodsindustrialized in the industry, teachers can improve the content, education, organization, and valuation methods engaged in their accounting courses to help and confirm that students achieve the knowledge and skills that will make them most necessary to students. Lean can be taught throughout several methods and tools, such as readings and class discussion, game- and simulation-based methods, and the open forum method. The readings and discussion technique present students with the chance, and even the responsibility, to express their Point of view on certain subjects, needing the students to think censoriously on the topic and use logic to assess others' situations through open and active contribution. When applying lean production to learning, we should first identify the process and then maintain focus on what adds value (i.e., student improvements), empower students to do CI (continuous improvement), eliminate what does not add value through Kaizen (brainstorm alternatives and identify a hypothesis to test), conduct PDCA (develop an experimental plan, carry out the plan or do it and then check for results and adjust accordingly), and make a team work to support and share with each other. To apply lean thinking and to create a lean culture classroom, the classroom should first be organized; thereafter, visual sheets should be managed, pre-planning must be done, takt-time should be established, and work should be standardized by creating syllabi and schedules and associated materials. Other classroom tools must be available as well, such as Pareto charts, root cause, and weekly quality assessments. To fulfill this objective, a research question has been approved as a data collection instrument in this descriptive study, a 35 item questionnaire was administered to English preparatory school student and an interview was conducted with twelve students.

In addition, the descriptive statistics indicated that the male learners employed language learning strategies more frequently (average=3.3) than the female learners (average=3.2) It can be determined that male learners use lean learning methods more than female student do. The value of (F) is 2.479, which reflects the dependency to be at significant levels (>0.01 at the level of 1%). Rendering to this model, duration of taking English (b = 1.534, p= .116 p > .01) is statistically not significant predictor of learning lean method. Value of T which is (27.87> .01) and the Value of P (.000) reveals the descriptive factor of gender effect on learning lean method as statistically significant. Besides, all the values in the regression model come out to support the view that gender is effective in the use of learning the lean method.


Title : A Study Analysis of Brain Tumor Infection Detection of MRI Brain Image and its Comparison With Different Methods

Authors : Ms. Rutuja Umarkar

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A hybrid technique is being proposed for classification of brain tissues in magnetic resonance photos (MRI) based totally on the method adopted. A wavelet based totally texture feature set is derived. The most useful texture capabilities are extracted from regular as well as tumor regions through the usage of spatial gray level dependence technique. The proposed technique resolves the massive trouble of category strategies. These most efficient functions are then used to categories the brain tissues into benign, every day, or malignant tumor. The overall performance of the set of rules is evaluated based totally on a sequence of brain tumor photographs.


Title : Arp Spoofing Detection via Wireshark and Veracode

Authors : Ms. Konika Abid, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh

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In current scenario, static and DHCP both has addressing schemes which also protect large number of end users without any burden on administrator. Also performance study need real network[1] and the final result shows that end user take not more than one millisecond to register himself or herself for protected ARP cache. Lastly server can hinder any external attacker in only a moment.


Title : Towards a better Estimation of the Parameters of Linear Regression Models: The Optimal Designed Experiment Approach


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This study investigates and compares Optimal designed Experiment with classical design which is non-Optimal using statistical tools. The two designs were evaluated on the basis of six parameters; viz, Information matrix, Dispersion matrix, Prediction variance, A-Efficiency, D-Efficiency and G-efficiency. These six parameters help to determine the better design of the two experiment. Thus, it helps to establish efficient experiment suitable for better estimation of parameters of Linear Regression Model. The result obtained in this research work showed that the D-Optimal design increased the A-Efficiency, D-Efficiency and the G-efficiency of the Initial non optimal design. Furthermore the D-Optimal design maximized the determinant of the Information Matrix, Minimized the determinant of the Dispersion matrix and minimized the trace of the Dispersion matrix. It was therefore established in this research work that the D-Optimal Design Experiment has higher statistical efficiency than the initial non-optimal design. Moreso statistical analysis of the model parameters for both designs established the D-Optimal design experiment produce better models when used for estimating the parameters of Linear Regression models. It is therefore suggested that D-Optimal approach is suitable for fixing a poorly designed experiment. It is therefore recommended for use in estimating the parameters of Linear Regression Models.


Title : Finite Element Analysis of Two Wheeler Honda Bike Crank Shaft

Authors : Lakhan Gadge, K.K. Gadgey, Sunil Jamra

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The most important objective of this study is to study weight and cost reduction opportunities for a crankshaft. The necessity of load history in the FEM analysis necessitates performing a detailed load analysis. Therefore, this study consists of two major sections: (1) FEM and stress analysis of existing crankshaft, (2) optimization for weight and cost reduction. Crankshaft is one of the vital components for the effective and precise working of the internal combustion engine. In this study, a static simulation is conducted on a crankshaft from a single cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine. A three dimension model of crankshaft is created using CATIA software. Finite element analysis (FEA) is performed to get the variation of stress magnitude at critical locations of crankshaft. The preliminary static analysis will be done on existing design of crankshaft with FEA Software ANSYS. The boundary conditions are applied according to the engine mounting conditions. The deflection, stress and strain will be obtained from FEA study. The second step consists of Topology optimization of crankshaft for similar boundary conditions.   The main purpose of optimization study is to reduce the weight of a crankshaft. The optimization will be carried out in Altair Optistruct software. The existing design will be divided in design and non-design space. Geometry, material, and manufacturing processes will be optimized considering special constraints, developing feasibility, and cost. The optimization process include geometry changes well matched with the current engine, reduce weight compared to existing design, cost of the crankshaft, without changing other components. 


Title : The Impact of New Pension Reform on The Lives of Nigeria Retirees

Authors : Agbaji Benjamin Chukwuma, Ipigansi Moun Pretoria

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This research attempted to investigate the effect of new pension reform on the lives of Nigeria retirees. The purpose of this is to explore the need for better retirement welfare and ensure prompt payment of retirement benefits. A structured questionnaire was used to obtain data. Data were analyzed using the information obtained from the questionnaires. Results from data analyses suggest that pension business should not be run like government business. Stocks at the floor of the stock exchange should be allowed to compete for pension funds but with some form of ‘Circuit Breaker’ that stops the bidding process when the market begins to go chaotic. The new pension reform act should be fully implemented as stated in section 4(1)(c) of the Act which stipulate that after the withdrawal of a lump sum of money to be paid to a pensioner as gratuity, the amount standing to his RSA credit should be sufficient to pay him an annuity of 50% of the last salary he received before retirement. In the case of a shortfall, section 12 (1) (b) also that the 'shortfall shall immediately become a debt of the relevant employer' who shall 'issue a written acknowledgment of the debt to the relevant employee (retiree) and take steps to meet the shortfall' (Nigeria 2004). This provision should be fully implemented, so that all retirees under the CPS can, at least, receive 50% of the last salary they received before retirement.


Title : Essentials of Cryptography in Network Security

Authors : Dr. Adil Jamil Zaru

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The  main aim of this paper is about how to protect information indigital form and to provide security services. However, a general overview of network security and cryptography is provided andvarious algorithms are discussed. The purpose of a digital signature is to provide a meansfor an entity to bind its identity to a piece of information. Thecommon attacks on digital signature were reviewed. The firstmethod was the RSA signature scheme, which remains today one of the most practical and versatile techniques available. Fiat-Shamir signature schemes, DSA and related signature schemes aretwo other methods reviewed.


Title : A Survey on Smart Water Detector

Authors : Dr. J P Navani, Osheen Mittal, Neha Pal, Nisha

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In this paper we introduce the notion of water level monitoring and management within the context of electrical conductivity of the water. More specifically, we investigate the microcontroller based water level sensing and controlling in a wired and wireless environment. Water Level management approach would help in reducing the home power consumption and as well as water overflow. Furthermore, it can indicate the amount of water in the tank that can support Global Water types including cellular data loggers, satellite data transmission systems for remote water monitoring system. Moreover, cellular phones with relative high computation power and high quality graphical user interface became available recently. From the users perspective it is required to reuse such valuable resource in a mobile application. Finally, we proposed a web and cellular based monitoring service protocol would determine and senses water level globally.



Title : The Impact of the Different Style of Organizing the Content of Digital Video through Mobile Applications on the Development of Computer Skills and Information Technology in the Preparatory Year Students at the University of Jeddah

Authors : Naif Saud Al-Enzi

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The current research intend to define the effect of content discrepancy pattern (totally-partially) digital video clips among the mobile applications to develop computer skills and information technology for students of preparatory year on the university of Jeddah. The research controlled over (50) computer skills and information technology studentsasrandom pattern for the year 2015/2016. Then, they divided to two groups randomly according to the variable autonomous, each one contains (25) students. The first heuristically students group had studied by the partial pattern of arranging the content. On the other side, the second heuristically students group had studied by the total pattern of arranging the content. What's app application used as one of the mobile application to present the content pattern (total-partial) for both heuristically students. The research tools represented as achievement test and note card to measure knowledge and performance side for the computer skills and information technology respectively.

Both tools controlled over the two groups, and the results showed statically significance differences between the average degrees for knowledge achievements and skilled performance for computer skills and information technology due to, the main effect of discrepancy of arranging partial pattern group. On the light of the research results, the researcher recommended to use digital videos and mobile applications in the educational process. In addition, The Research recommended using arranging partial pattern when prepare and present the content among mobile applications.


Title : Security Enabled Acoustic Based Assessment System

Authors : S. Arul Jothi, M. Mithun Kumar, S.R. Nandha Kishore, Aswath Raja, C.R. Jeyaganeshan

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Security Enabled Acoustic Based Assessment System is a desktop application that establishes a secure evaluation scheme for the benefit of both the institutional organizations and the students. This site is an attempt to remove the existing flaws in the current assessment systems and it would help not only visually challenged people but also physically impaired candidates to attend the test by automatic question dictation feature and the automatic answer recognition feature. Institutes enter on the site the questions they want in the exam. The questions are completely randomized and thus security is maintained. Fernet Key is used for the encryption of the questions that will appear on screen. Face detection is used for the user authentication and then the live monitoring is done until the candidate completes the exam and thus anti-cheating/anti-fraud mechanisms is ensured. Students can take exams and acquire their results as soon as they complete the exams. Online Tests save more time for evaluation. It also saves paper which is an issue in the past few years. The answers entered by the students are then evaluated and their score is calculated and saved. This score then can be accessed by the institutes to determine the passed-out students or to evaluate their performance.


Title : Numerical Simulation of Interfacial Waves in Two Layers of Immiscible Fluids

Authors : Kan ZHU, Abdelaziz BOUDLAL, Gilmar MOMPEAN

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This work is dedicated to the numerical simulation of two-phase flow (gas/liquid) stratified between two parallel planes and inclined relative to the horizontal. In this context, we have chosen to use a code for solving both the Navier-Stokes equations and the constitutive equations of viscoelastic fluid with finite volume (Gilflow) corresponding to a single phase flow of viscoelastic fluid confined between two horizontal plane walls. The two-phase flow model was here implemented successfully, by application of the "Volume of Fluid" method (VOF). The transport of the interface is solved by using the transport equation of the VOF function. Both methods: Hirt-VOF and PLIC-VOF are tested for a two-phase flow in an unsteady stratified flow regime (gas/liquid). To illustrate this numerical simulation, the configuration (gas / liquid) stratified is here presented.


Title : Different Parameters for Computational Depression Analysis: A Review

Authors : Shamla Mantri, Mrunalini Kulkarni, Mugdha Joglekar, Sharwin Bobde

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Depression is a mental disorder that affects not only the thoughts but also the body and behavior of the person suffering from it. Depression detection, as of today, is limited to analysis of the patient by the psychologist, which is prone to subjective bias. Although depression is a mental disorder, it affects various physical attributes like eye movements, voice modulation, urine, saliva, etc. These effects, if observed and analyzed, can be used for designing tests wherein the physiological parameters are observed and depression is detected objectively, thus reducing the burden on psychologists. This paper gives a systematic review of the studies undertaken for analyzing the effects of depression on different physical attributes.


Title : Virtual Museum as a New Reality: the Case of the “Paper Architectures” Rebuilt

Authors : Barbara Guastini

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The main feature of this research is to investigate the potential of virtual reality on architectural visualization. Not only as a representative instrument, but also as a new canvas in which architectural design process can take place. To evaluate this chance has been adopted the museum typology: its  structure allows to host a wide variety of collections, like 3d digital arts model, 3d reconstructions and so on. Basically everything that was born inside the virtual dimension could find a showcase in this project. Thanks to the flexibility of this instrument, every collection can be modified, revised or increased during time. It could be seen as a “never ending” project. Because of that this museum could actually become an online platform, for sharing personal experiments or studying others.The research is based on designing the museum’s virtual structure and its content; the first collection prototype is based on –as they’re called- visionary architectures: born on “paper” and never built. This collection tries to rewrite the usual approach to the “paper architectures”, increasing their value and their suggestive nature thank to the virtual reality. The project rebuilt this artworks adding them the third dimension, that gives them the opportunity to be explored as real buildings. Inside the virtual dimension these artworks don’t have to deal with any technical issue and they can live as in their authors’ mind.



Title : Object Recognition Using Template Based Matching Method

Authors : D. A. Simonyan, R. A. Simonyan

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The best-so-far ABC (BSF-ABC) is the modified algorithm of artificial bee colony (ABC) which is implemented to solve optimization problems. This algorithm is one of the swarm intelligence algorithms which has recently been introduced in the literature and the results of which show that the BSF-ABC can lead to higher quality solutions with quicker interaction than ordinary ABC or the algorithm based on the currently implemented modern ABC. In this work our goal is to implement the approach based on the BSF-ABC for detecting objects. The aforementioned approach is built on template-based matching using the difference of histograms of RGB level. The latter matches to the target object and template object as an objective function. The results come to prove that the suggested method has successfully been implemented both in object detection and in optimization of time spent on problem solving.


Title : Factors Determine Stock Return of Livestock Feed Companies: Common Effect Model Analysis

Authors : Endri

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The main objective of this study was provide evidence that would contribute to efforts to explain that the profitability ratios represented by Return On Asset, liquidity ratio represented by the Current Ratio, solvency ratio represented by Debt to Equity Ratio, the market ratio represented by Price Earning Ratio and special variable of imported of animal feed import can be used to predict stock returns that may occur in the future. Testing is done using the data selected by purposive sampling in LQ 45 group companies in the Indonesia Stock exchange, using data period 2012-2016. Quantitative data analysis used to the the hypothesis that is delivered through the presentation of data. The result of this research have shown that ROA and price of imported animal feed have positive and significant effect. CR, DER, and PER has insignificant effect to stock returns.