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Title : Golden Ratio and Its Effect on Handwritings Using Golden Line

Authors : Vishvesh Lalji Solanki

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The handwriting we write weather is good or bad have large impact on our life as well as in our academics. Some have synchronized or some have very irregular hand writing. Is the art of good handwriting is like something by birth skill? Answer to this question is no.  In this very advance world there is no such skill one cannot master .If you do it with all your effort put in right way. And most important is to do naturally. By using the natural laws, one can master any skill. By this way your mastered skill will not only last for long but also it will be appealing for one who witness it. In this way our hand writing is also the skill, one can master easily. With very limited resource. Just a paper and pen is required. After all our hand writing make lot of impact on our life as well as study. Good handwriting is a sign of good education. This paper is about four parallel lines drawn in such a way that it’s satisfied golden ratio (1.618) or golden mean. After practicing writing skill on that four parallel line. How one can write better than before and how good writing last long after time, this paper of just four parallel lines will influence everyone who goes through the process called education. The main goal of this paper is to provide easily way to the writer who wanted to make his handwriting good by means of golden line.

This is a paper of engineering in which a ratio is used to increase the aesthetic quality of the handwriting. It’s this paper also show how golden ratio is presented in the world we live and many natural objects.


Title : Finding Optimum Diameter and Thickness of AISI 1020 Tube for Manufacturing Go-Kart Chassis

Authors : Vishvesh L. Solanki, Rushit D. Vaishya

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Go kart is popular hobby sports in America and Europe, it was initially made in us in 1950 and then other country followed this carting culture. In India go kart is making huge wave, many recesses is been conducted. The important criteria to be consider while designing kart is its chassis it does not have suspension so all the load should be absorb by chassis alone without deflecting unduly, the rigidity and strength of the chassis should be consider too much of rigidity will reduce the strength of the chassis, the material used is AISI 1020. Different impact test is conducted and final optimum diameter (D) and thickness (T) is obtain using CAE toll and validate by applying formula for different values.


Title : Effect of Non-Performing Loans on Bank Performance of Some Selected Commercial Bank in the Nigerian Banking Sector

Authors : Timothy Amos John

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All over the world financial institutions face massive risk on non-performing loans. As a result of the foregoing, financial institutions are obliged to review their lending policies. As noted by Sharon (2007), loans have a vital contribution towards development of economy. However, its nonpayment also leads to incidence of huge loss on banks in particular and country in general. Hence, this study was conducted to examine both bank specific variable (return on asset ) and macroeconomic factors (gross domestic product, unemployment rate and exchange rate) determinants of NPLs of commercial banks in Nigeria. This research is an explanatory research design that identifies the cause and effect relationships between the NPLs and its determinants. Two commercial banks in Nigeria were sampled judgmentally. This study used secondary sources of data, which is panel data in nature, over the period 2010-2015. These data were collected from annual statement of account and CBN statistical bulletins.  The study found that GDP ratio had positive relationship with ROA, whereas exchange rate as well as unemployment rate had negative relationship with ROA. The study, therefore, recommended that the government should maintain political stability and combat corruption at all levels, banks should have a good track of their customers regarding loans repayment and lastly the banks should employ sustainable manpower.


Title : Li-Fi Based Helping Stick

Authors : Ankush Kumar, Piyush Shinghal, Ms. Amrita Kaul

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Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity that is transmitting data through visible light. Li-Fi is a 5th Generation Communication system of Visible Light having a light-emitting diodes as a medium to high-speed communication as that in a Wi-Fi. In the days where internet has become a major demand, people are in a search for Wi-Fi hotspots. The main idea of the paper is to create internal navigation systems for the bigger areas to create automatic navigation for the visually impaired using Li-Fi technology, as visible light is present everywhere.


Title : Jatti Thayamma - New References on Her Art and Life and it’s Significance on Bharatanatyam History

Authors : Bindu S. Rao

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Bharata Natya is considered as the origin from the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, specifically Thanjavur.  But, in Karnataka, the art of Bharata Natya had its own identity and tradition.  Mysore state became a centrestage for innumerous cultural activities. During Krishnaraja Wodeyar's III reign (1831-1868) a distinct style began to emerge which is now known as `Mysore Style' of BharataNatya. During the rule of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the dance was in its peak.  His greatness can be seen in abolishment of Devadasis practice way back in 1909, well before it was banned in Madras, and parallelly encouraging and flourishing Classical Music and Bharatanatya in Mysore State.  Four distinct traditions of Mysore Bani existed during that time, viz Muguru tradition, Nanjangud tradition, Mysore tradition, Kolar tradition, with stalwarts behind their prominence.  The gurukul system of education was strictly followed in all these traditions.  Jatti Thayamma was one such stalwart, hailing from a wrestler’s family, but made great contributions to BharataNatya in the pre-Independence era of the 19th and 20th Century.  Jatti Thayamma actively danced for almost 75 years of her life, and this is one of the greatest achievements.  Jatti Thayamma was not a devadasi [1].  This paper is dedicated to the Art and Life of Jatti Thayamma, to clear the myth about her being told to be a devadasi and provide some new interesting aspects that were not previously known, including her caste (unknown earlier), and the way it affects the history of Bharatanatyam itself.


Title : Investigation of Aesthetic Quality of Product by Applying Golden Ratio

Authors : Vishvesh Lalji Solanki

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Although industrial and product designers are extremely aware of the importance of aesthetics quality, they make aesthetic design decisions largely on the basis of their intuitive judgments and ‘educated guesses’. Despite aesthetic aspect of a functional product be an important reason for customer choice to buy a product. While ergonomics and human factors researchers have made vital contributions to the safety, productivity, ease-of-use, and comfort of human-machine-environment systems, aesthetics is largely ignored as a topic of systematic scientific research in human factors and ergonomics. Aesthetics is a link between a product and the user’s emotion contributes to obtaining more desirable products for the user. To develop products with aesthetic benefits, multiple factors must be considered simultaneously.

This paper presents the strategic focus on product design, arguing that an aesthetics dimensions may help a product to be a commercial success. To achieve product aesthetically appealing to consumer GOLDEN RATIO is used. The literature shows the ways and how golden ratio has been in existence in the world we live, and some works of art and architecture that asserts the presence of golden ratio. Its impact designer decision making in concept design stage and has a signification impact in success of the product, there for hybrid methodology to be adopted in concept design stage. This method will also utilize a parametric design algorithm, and make product aesthetically appealing. To develop this new methodology thorough, literature review was used. The graphical algorithm editor software is used to modify aesthetics dimensions, after getting the result, this approach can be used in many other area of product designing.


Title : Security Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) using Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Authors : Mr. R.B. Sarooraj , Kshitiz Lall, S.Krishna Kumar, Shivam Patel, Ashwani Kumar

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Aspiration to provide and analyze a behavior-rule specification-based technique for intrusion detection of medical devices embedded in a medical cyber physical system (MCPS) in which the patient’s safety is of the utmost importance. We propose a methodology to transform behavior rules to a state machine, so that a device that is being monitored for its behavior can easily be checked against the transformed state machine for deviation from its behavior specification. Using vital sign monitor medical devices as an example; we demonstrate that our intrusion detection technique can effectively trade false positives off for a high detection probability to cope with more sophisticated and hidden attackers to support ultra safe and secure MCPS applications. Moreover, through a comparative analysis, we demonstrate that our behavior-rule specification-based IDS technique outperforms two existing anomaly-based techniques for detecting abnormal patient behaviours in pervasive healthcare applications.


Title : Assessment of Heavy Metals Distribution and Contamination in Atmospheric Dust from Major Roads in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State using Pollution Indices

Authors : Abegunde Segun Michael, Dada Emily Bola, Adelaja Oladapo Idowu

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Atmospheric dust samples from major roads in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria were analyzed for heavy metals. The heavy metals were determined using atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) Buck Scientific model 210VGP. The overall mean of the concentrations of heavy metals assessed in the samples were in the order Zn > Mn > Pb > Ni > Cu > Cr. Pollution indices such as contamination factor, enrichment factor, ecological risk factor and geo-accumulation index were used to evaluate the heavy metals concentrations in the dust. Result of contamination factor indicated that the degrees of contamination are moderate to considerate except Ni with very high value of contamination factor while enrichment factors are deficiency to moderate. All heavy metals assessed showed low ecological risk and the index of geo-accumulation of the metals in the dust samples were found within uncontaminated to moderately contaminated level except Mn which was extremely contaminated base on value computed. This confirmed that the dust from the urban area is facing probable environment pollution with dangerous heavy metal.


Title : Tulexia: Tutor for Dyslexics

Authors : Pratibha Kokardekar, Sakshi Nanwani, Sajel Goel, Amit Iyer

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This paper introduces a software for dyslexic patients. Dyslexia is a brain condition in which people face problems in detecting words, reading sentences. They cannot read words aloud and they get confused in similar alphabets and numbers. This problem can be cured but it requires proper attention and training to dyslexic people. Training is given like word detecting practices, character visualization, practicing similar alphabets, teaching phonics. This software is based on artificial intelligence and virtual reality. It will try to help dyslexic people and will improve their condition. This software will also contain some animations to reduce the frustration level of dyslexics.


Title : Techniques for Enhancing and Maintaining Electrical Efficiency of Photovoltaic Systems

Authors : Muhammet Kaan YEŞİLYURT, Mansour NASİRİ, Ahmet Numan OZAKIN

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Demand for electricity generation from solar energy, which is a clean and renewable resource, is increasing day by day. It is desirable that the panel surface temperature is not excessively hot while generating electricity with PVT panels. High temperature causes thermal degradation and panel electric efficiency decrease. There are many studies in the literature about active thermal cooling of PVT panels used for electricity generation as well as for storing thermal energy. In this study, a review was made on methods developed to increase the thermal and electrical efficiencies of PVT panels.


Title : Depth Estimates Deduced From Source Parameter Imaging of High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data over Part of Nasarawa and Environs, North-Central Nigeria

Authors : Rowland A. Ayuba, A. Nur

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Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) of high resolution aeromagnetic data over Nasarawa and environs was carried out to determine depth to the magnetic basement for hydrocarbon deposit. The technique is a profile or grid-based method for estimating magnetic source depths, source geometries, dip and susceptibility contrast. It is a procedure for automatic calculation of source depths from gridded magnetic data where the depth solutions are saved in a database.  These depth results are independent of the magnetic inclination and declination.The result of the analysis has its highest sedimentary thickness of about 5.297 km and 4.752 km around Akwanaand Adadu areas.The shallow sedimentary thickness occur at basement complex around Kogum River, Pankshin andNasarawaEggonareas at northern fringes.Detailed seismic survey and testdrilling be carried out around Akwana and Adadu areas, withsedimentary thickness of about 5.0 km.


Title : A Green Cloud Service Provisioning Method for Mobile Micro-Learning

Authors : Li Yang, Ruijuan Zheng, Junlong Zhu, Mingchuan Zhang, Qingtao Wu

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Title : Smart Gadget Product Label Reading Using OCR Algorithm and TTS Engine

Authors : R.Abhishek, K.Nanda Kumar, R.Karthik, R.Pushkal, S.Arun kumar

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Assistive technologies are being developed for visually impaired people in order to live confidently. This project work proposes a camera-based assistive text reading framework to help blind persons read text labels and product packaging from hand-held objects in their daily lives. The project work is framed into three stages. First, Image capturing Using a mini camera, the text which the user need to read get captured as an image and have to send to the image processing Platform. Secondly, Text recognition Using text recognition algorithm, the text will get filtered from the image. Finally, Speech output. A filtered text will be passed into this system to get an audio output. This project work can be able to insist the blind people in their daily life. The entire application will run on Raspberry Pi.


Title : Experimental Investigation of ECMM Parameters through Micro Hole Drilling using RSM

Authors : Lajwanti Parwani, Dilip Gehlot, Love Kishore Sharma, Yadram Singh

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ECMM is an advanced version of ECM. It is a non-conventional machining process.  Electrochemical micro-machining (ECMM) appears to be very promising as a future micromachining technique since in many areas of applications, it offers several advantages, which include higher machining rate, better precision and control, short lead time and a wide range of materials that can be machined and fabrication of microhole. In the micro ECM process, it is not easy to decide the optimal machining parameters for improving the output quality because this process is complex. The optimization of process parameters is essential for the realization of a higher productivity, which is the preliminary basis for survival in today’s dynamic market conditions. Optimal quality of the workpiece in ECMM can be generated through combinational control of various process parameters [1].  In this paper we have taken three input parameter Voltage, Concentration and Inter electrode Gap (IEG) to optimize material removal rate (MRR). Response surface methodology is used as an optimization tool to design the set of experiments and to find the optimum values. The electrolyte used is NaNO3 (Sodium Nitrate), and workpiece used is aluminum with the copper electrode as the tool.


Title : Assessment of Opportunities and Expert Counselling Intervention for Persons With Female Genital Cutting in Oyo State, Nigeria

Authors : Dr Christine E. Udoh-Emokhare, Prof Ifeoma M Isiugo-Abanihe

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Study Objective: Female genital cutting (FGC) has been identified as one of the most common harmful traditional practices that affect females’ psychological well-being in Nigeria. The aim of this study was to establish the existence of psychological complications due to FGC; and the provision of opportunities and expert counselling especially for those at the adolescent stage.

Design: The Input-Process-Outcome evaluation model and the survey research design were adopted. Purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used to select participants for the study. Two qualitative (FGC In-depth Interview and FGC Focus Group Discussion Guides) and one quantitative instrument (Female Genital Cutting Update Training Rating Scale [FGC-UDTRS]) were developed by the researchers; while a second quantitative instrument (FGC Opportunities and Expert Counselling Rating Scale [FGC-OECRS]) was adapted for collection of data from relevant respondents.

Setting: Healthcare providers were engaged in one-on-one discussions on the existence of psychological complications due to FGC, especially among females with FGC in their adolescence years; while females with FGC participated in focus group discussion sessions to express their views on FGC and psychological experiences associated with the practice. Relevant quantitative instruments were administered to both groups of participants to establish the outcome of update training on opportunities and expert counselling assessed by HCPs for the provision of psychosocial support services.

Participants: Healthcare providers and females with FGC from five (5) primary healthcare centres/maternal health centres participated in the study. These were selected from the two Local Governments Areas (LGAs) of intervention in Oyo State i.e. Ibadan North East and Lagelu LGAs.

Interventions: Intervention activities included update training on opportunities and expert counselling for HCPs; and the establishment of Maternal Health Counselling Centres (MHCCs) to facilitate psychosocial support services for females with FGC.

Main Outcome Measure(s): Narrative analysis was used to analyse qualitative instruments while quantitative instruments were analysed using Simple Linear Regression.

Results and Conclusions: Evidence from the study shows a high level of psychological complications due to FGC; these were very much associated with the practice by affected females. Effectiveness of update training for healthcare providers is evident in the high rate of psychosocial support assessed at the various maternal health centres. Hence, constant and relevant update training should be embarked on for healthcare providers, in order for appropriate psychosocial support services to be rendered to females with FGC.


Title : Image Encryption based on Chaotic Systems and Shuffling Algorithm

Authors : Anish Batra, Siddharth Gorey, Ms. Reena Singh

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The process of encoding any given piece of information or data using a particular selection of available algorithms is known as encryption. The motive is to ensure that the message only reaches the actual receiving audience for which it was intended in the first place and even if the transmission pathway is compromised in one way or another and an unauthorized party is somehow able to get hold of the data,it should be nothing more than gibberish for them. Our research paper focuses on image encryption in particular. With the huge plethora of images being shared today with many containing sensitive and confidential information, the need of image encryption has never been higher. Further, with computational power increasing exponentially with every year passing, older encryption schemes may not always offer the security and protection that they once did. Hence constant up gradation and improvement of encryption algorithms is the key to ensuring security. Further, encryption algorithms that work for textual data aren't as efficient or effective when used for encrypting images. Extensive previous research has been done on image encryption algorithms, we intend to build upon that research. Initially the researchers were focused on chaotic systems for image encryption using either Lorenz or Rossler chaotic systems. As time progressed, several combinations of Lorenz and Rossler started emerging. Separate algorithms were also developed that focused on shuffling algorithms with and without s-boxes. In our paper, we will utilize a combination of Lorenz and Rossler, couple it with shuffling algorithm and apply s-box shuffling over and above these to encrypt a gray scale image. This effectively gives us a three layer encryption thereby providing hugely improved security.


Title : Interleaved Boost Converter with Coupled Inductor - Theory and Application

Authors : Miriam Jarabicova, Slavomir Kascak, Michal Prazenica

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This paper describe the analysis of interleaved boost DC-DC converter with a coupled inductor on the same magnetic core. The advantage of the coupled inductor over the non-coupled case is investigated. The current ripple equations as an input current for the boost operation mode and the ripple current in individual phase of the interleaved converter using coupled inductor are explained analytically, supported by simulation and experimental results. The novelty of the paper is an investigation of current ripples of interleaved boost converter operated over 50 % of duty ratio and utilization of the converter in the application of electric drive vehicle.



Title : Plantar Vibrational Stimuli Modify Dynamic Posture Control in Response to Translational Perturbations

Authors : Norio Kato, Toshiaki Tanaka, Takeshi Tsuruga, Yoshimi Tanahashi, Kouki Kuwano, Yasuhiro Nakajima, Takashi Izumi, Yusuke Maeda

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Declining superficial and deep sensory function, in addition to muscular weakness and other decreases in motor function, reduces balance in elderly people. In previous research comparing dynamic postural control following sensory disruption in young and elderly people, elderly participants took longer to achieve center of pressure (COP) recovery (i.e., to return to an upright standing position after perturbation cessation). We conducted the present study to determine how dynamic postural control in young and elderly people was affected by plantar sensory feedback with vibrational stimuli in accordance with the load acting on the soles. Six elderly people and five young people participated. With the participants standing on a motion platform, postural responses were analyzed following random translational perturbations in one of four directions (forwards, backwards, left, and right). The study combined four directions of translational perturbation with or without plantar vibrational stimulation for eight different conditions. In both groups, COP recovery was significantly quicker when vibrational stimuli were provided. This finding suggests that plantar sensory feedback with vibrational stimuli could help keep elderly people from falling.


Title : Research on IP fast Recovery Based on Multi-topology Routing

Authors : Xinyuan Liu, Hui Wang, Limin Zhang

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In order to reduce the need for rerouting of IP fast rerouting (rerouting the number of hops added by the packet). Based on the basic principle of multi-route backup configuration, this paper proposes a new backup topology generation method based on the ordering of important nodes in complex networks. The main idea is to sort the nodes in the network topology by using the K-Shell decomposition algorithm and introduce the contribution between the nodes, and then select the key nodes for the generation of the backup topology. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively reduce the number of rerouting hops and verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the algorithm.



Title : A Study of the Effect of Electrode Gap on the Production of Hydrogen from Aluminium/Copper Fuel Cell

Authors : Ezike I.F, Dr. U.V. Okpala, Ulasi C. C., Okoli O.S

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In this work, we investigated the effects of electrode gap spacing on the amount of hydrogen produced in Aluminium/Copper Fuel Cell and its efficiency. Aluminium/Copper materials were used as the electrodes because of their high performance in the electrolyser systems while Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) was used as electrolyte. 10% concentration of potassium hydroxide was used throughout the experiment. The electrode spacing of 5mm and 10mm were used. It was observed from the graph that 5mm electrode spacing produced maximum efficiency of 29.7% and 10mm electrode spacing produced 17.7% efficiency. This implied that hydrogen production was highly dependent on electrode gap distance. The smaller the gap between the pair of electrodes, the more hydrogen was produced and the more efficient is the system.


Title : Performance Evaluation Models for a Secure Agent-Based Electronic Commerce

Authors : Araoye Olalekan I., Akintoye Kayode A. , Adu Micheal K

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Agent-based applications on internet are gaining more attention because of tremendous benefits one can derive from it, especially when you can dispatch your agent to do shopping for you. However security has been a major challenge to its development. Several security techniques such as cryptography, steganography have been deployed to combat security vulnerabilities of mobile agent system and certain reliable level of security has been obtained. This research paper shows how to evaluate the performance of a secure agent-based system. In this research, a secure agent-based application was developed using crypto-steganography security technique which is a combination of cryptography and steganography. Performance evaluation models were formulated based on work load and execution time of the agent.


Title : Micelles Prepared with Cinnamaldehyde and Vancomycin by Schiff Base Reaction

Authors : Fancui Meng, Quanxin Wang, Zhuangzhuang Qiao, Yan Yao

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To design a micelle which has a hydrophilic inner shell formed with vancomycin and a hydrophobic outer shell formed with cinnamaldehyde, vancomycin and cinnamaldehyde will be linked with the schiff base reaction, and then a further research on its properties will be conducted. Vancomycin, a good hydrophilic antibiotic drug, is highly effective in the treatment of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Cinnamaldehyde, owning the effects of sterilization and antisepsis, has obvious curative effect on fungi and is a hydrophobic drug. When vancomycin was reacted with cinnamaldehyde via schiff base reaction, self-assembled micelles, formed by their hydrophobic differences, were given with not only synergistic bactericidal action but also increasing the cycle time of drugs in vivo. At the same time, its pH response performance enhanced antibacterial properties and drug efficacy of micelles. This study focused on the preparation of micelles modified by cinnamaldehyde.


Title : Toxicity and Influence of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes on the Reproductive Ability to Strawberry

Authors : Xin Guan, Min Mo, Ailimire Yilihamu, Mengyao Shi, Lingyun Chen

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Multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are widely used in various fields due to their superior properties. Due to its wide-ranging research and application, the biosafety of MWCNTs should be carefully considered. In the study, we reported that the toxicity of MWCNTs and the influence on the reproductive ability to strawberry. The growth status and reproductive ability of strawberry were monitored after 60 days of soil culture in the presence of MWCNTs. MWCNTs showed adverse effects on the photosynthesis of strawberry leaves and the reproductive capacity of strawberry has been suppressed. Our results collectively suggested that the biosafety of MWCNTs should be highly concerned.


Title : Biological Effects of Various Essential Oils on Citrus Decay Pathogens

Authors : Fatemeh Hosseini Zahani, Nima Khaledi

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Penicillium digitatum and P. italicum have been identified as important postharvest pathogens of citrus in world. In the present study, we evaluated the antifungal activity in the various essential oil against pathogens. Essential oils of Syzygium aromaticum and Ferula assa-foetida were found to possess strong antifungal activity against pathogens. The essential oils had inhibitory activities on the growth, conidia germination and germ tube elongation. The main components of clove oil were included Eugenol (82.8%), β-caryophyllene (4.9%), Eugenyl acetate (2.3%) that identified by GC-MS. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of the clove oil ranged from 900 to 1000 ppm against the tested pathogens. Spore germination and germ tube elongation of the pathogens in PDA was strongly reduced in the presence of the clove oil. The clove oil at MIC concentration was a more effective approach to disease severity reduction on fruit than the application of other concentrations after incubation for 15 and 50 days at 20 °C and 4 °C, respectively. Activity of cellulose and pectinase decreased with increasing concentration of clove oil. However, this effect of clove oil reduced over time. The results of this evaluation of indicate that a compound found in clove oil was effective in reducing decay and enzymes activity.