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Volume 4 Issue 3

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Title : Preparation of Thyme Oil Loaded Microcapsules for Textile Applications

Authors : Senem Karagonlu, Guldemet Başal , Figen Ozyıldız, Atac Uzel

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The aim of this work is to develop functional textile materials with antimicrobial properties. For this purpose thyme oil (Thymus vulgaris L.) was encapsulated by complex coacervation method using gelatin (GE) and gum arabic (GA) as wall materials. No crosslinking agent were used during the encapsulation process in order to eliminate  their toxic effect.  These capsules applied to a nonwoven fabric. The effect of various processing parameters, including the amount of oil and concentration of wall material on the encapsulation yield, particle size distribution and capsule loading was investigated and antimicrobial activities of microcapsules and fabrics were determined. Microencapsulation yield increased as the amount of oil increased, but shapes of capsules became irregular. When amount of wall material in solution increased, formation of capsules diminished. Antimicrobial activity test revealed that both microcapsules and fabrics with different concentrations of microcapsules showed antimicrobial activity against E. coli, S. aureus ve C. albicans microorganisms


Title : Impact of Working Capital Management on Financial Performance of Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria

Authors : Zainab Dabo, Helen Afang Andow, Tokan Nuhu Shekari

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This paper is an empirical analysis of the impact of working capital management on financial performance of listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria for the period of seven years (2011 to 2016). The population consists of ninety one  (91) listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria Stock Exchange and the paper used forty seven (47)as the sample size. The study aims to investigate whether working capital management (proxy cash conversion cycle and Inventory Turnover in Days,) have any significant contribution on firm’s financial performance. The study adopted Simple Regression Analysis technique and data were collected from secondary source through the audited annual reports and accounts of the firms. The findings reveal that working capital management influences firm’s performance. Therefore it recommended that the listed manufacturing firms should maintain a considerable number of days in managing the process of converting raw materials to finish goods and cash collection to improve firms’ performance.


Title : Extended Contrast Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification

Authors : Jie Sima, Yongsheng Dong, Tianyu Wang, Lintao Zheng, Jiexin Pu

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Considering the limitation that LBP only focuses on the sign feature in extracting the texture feature as well as its low recognition rate, we in this paper propose an extended contrast ratio local binary pattern for texture classification. The extracted features include its sign feature, energy feature and its center pixel feature, which aims at constructing the histogram based on the features of the sign energy center pixel gained before. Then we perform texture classification by employing the Chi-square distance and the nearest neighbor classifier. Experimental results reveal that our proposed method outperforms several representative texture classification methods.


Title : Traversal of 3D AI Objects in Virtual Game Worlds

Authors : Syed Waqas Ahmed

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This paper aims to highlight the underlying problem of AI traversal in virtual game worlds. AI’s self-awareness as an entity, solely depends on the programmer and hence can run into problems if it’s not coded properly. The purpose of this research is to eliminate the various factors involved in the traversal of AI and provide a simple solution to the problem that even a novice would be able to code their AI to move around the terrain of the virtual world or in-game world. By using collisions, objective markers and virtual invisible points, the AI can not only move in a 360-degree direction, but cover sufficient in-game mileage and abstain from traversing in to the ‘danger zones’ which are aptly titled due to them being inaccessible or missing the collision feature.

The medium of choice to depict the virtual world is Unreal Engine 4. The reason for choosing UE4 is because it has a similar layout to other game engines like Unity and hence migration of code is possible though not without its own trials.


Title : Medical Applications in Everyday Surgical Practice

Authors : Kripouri Panagiota, Grevenitis Konstantinos, Filippou Dimitrios

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Technological evolution has lead to great inventions and smart phones are certainly one. This perception article investigates the possible advantages and disadvantages of using smart phone applications in different surgical subspecialties.   Since phones can now store a huge amount of data and can send and receive multimedia such as video and sound these applications could benefit surgeons not only in terms of telemedicine but also as an educational or decision-making tool.  However, such applications raise some significant ethical questions for the surgeon.  


Title : A Survey of Data Mining Tasks

Authors : Sanjana K S

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Data Mining is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets and establish relationships to solve problems through data analysis. The main goal of data mining is to identify  patterns and to transform them into a more understandable structure for further analysis. Data mining process pares the overall task of finding patterns from data into a set of well defined subtasks. Data mining uses sophisticated algorithms to find patterns and evaluate the possibility of a future event. There are fundamentally different types of tasks these algorithms address. In this paper we make an effort to briefly explain these funadamental tasks .


Title : Effectiveness of Ambiguity-aware Web Search Algorithm for Mobile Phone

Authors : Masafumi Matsuhara

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We have proposed a fast Web search method for mobile terminals such as mobile phones. We need to input some terms for Web searching usually. A full QWERTY keyboard is used for input of terms. It is not easy to press the intended key because the key size is small on a mobile phone. Moreover, a user needs to press a few keys per Kana character since one Kana character generally consists of a few alphabets in Japanese. A flick input method has been developed and is used for input of Kana-characters on a touch panel of a smart phone. Because the method needs only about 12 keys, the key size is larger than a full QWERTY keyboard. However, the flick operation is not easy. In our proposed method, a user is able to easily input terms because our proposed method needs only one keystroke per character using only 12 keys without flick operations. Character-strings inputted by the user are ambiguous because each string corresponds to not only the intended term but also other terms. However, the ambiguous strings are not translated into the intended terms in our proposed method. The system based on our proposed method directly searches Web pages by the ambiguous strings and outputs the searched result based on co-occurrence. Thus, we are able to find the intended Web page on a mobile phone rapidly and easily. In the result of the evaluation experiment, the Web search accuracy was 80[%] and the system was able to search Web pages by the correct terms at 90[%]. It was proved that our proposed method was effective for mobile terminals.


Title : The Effect of Financial Literacy on the Efficiency of Small-Scale Enterprises in Abia State, Nigeria

Authors : Okanta Sunday U

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The focus of this research is on the effect of financial literacy on the efficiency of small-scale enterprises in Abia State, Nigeria. A review of related literature was carried out to examine the extent of work done in the field. Carefully structured questionnaires were used to collect data on the perceived financial literacy of small- scale business owners and their levels of efficiency. Stratified random sampling was adopted in which the researcher divided the small scale enterprises into ten (10) strata and thereafter random sampling technique was employed. A sample of one hundred and fifty (150) respondents, which encompasses the different strata, was used. One way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and student t-test at 5% level of significance was used in the determination of the statistical significance of the hypotheses. The result showed that the level of adoption of financial literacy by small sc.ale enterprises in Abia state was low, and the owner-managers highly perceived that utilization of accounting records could significantly influence their efficiency. From the findings the researcher recommended as follows: that the Abia State Ministry in charge of the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should intensity policy efforts in financial and accounting training programmes for small-scale entrepreneurs, to ensure sustained awareness and use of financial records.


Title : Visual SLAM and Vision-Based Localization for Humanoid Robots

Authors : Titus Iulian Ciocoiu, Florin Dumitru Moldoveanu

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In this article will be presented the problem of real-time localization for humanoid robots. For this purpose we using a single camera as the only sensor.  In order to obtain fully autonomous robots an accurate localization of the robot in the world is much more than desirable. Moreover, if we can obtain an accurate localization in real-time, than we can use the remaining computational resources to perform other important humanoid robotic tasks such as planning [1], 3D object modeling [2] or visual perception [3].


Title : Computable Criterions for an Optimal Control of Fractional Integrodifferential Systems in Banach Spaces with Distributed Delays in The Control

Authors : Paul Anaetodike Oraekie

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In this work,Fractional Integrodifferential Systems in Banach Spaces with  Distributed Delays in the Control of the form is presented for investigation of existence and form of  an optimal control of the  system .Use is made of the Unsymmetric Fubini Theorem to establish the exact  mild solution of the system.The set functions upon which our results hinged are extracted from the mild solution.The concept of the game of pursuit and that of the Signum function are also used to establish results.The main result is built on the maximization of a set function,a technique drawn from the calculus of variation.Necessary and sufficient conditions for existence and form of control for the system are established.


Title : Tourism Sites and Infrastructural Development in Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State, Nigeria

Authors : Sovereign Felix Nyong, Linus Odumogban Inyang

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The urge to diversify Nigeria economy had led to the opening up of different sectors, tourism is one of such sector that has gain attention in recent time. With a great climate heritage beautiful nature and geographical location, Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State is chosen for this study.  The study shall focus on the relationship between tourism sites and good road network of southern senatorial district of cross river state, Nigeria.  In order to achieve these objectives, one hypothesis was formulated and tested for this pilot research.  The study adopted a survey research design with the use of a structured questionnaire to procure relevant data to test the hypothesis. Data obtained was analyzed using simple percentages and chi-square, based on the analysis of data and the major finding.  Two theories were used to offer further explanation to literature review this includes, stages of economy growth theory and technological determinism. The population of the study comprises forty (40) field staff of Tourism Department serving at Biase Local Government Area, Akamkpa Local Government Area. And Calabar Municipality. The instrument was administered to the entire field staff since they were not many, based on statistical analysis, it was revealed that significant relationship exist between good roads and tourism site development in the study area, based on this findings, recommendations were made for more and better infrastructure at tourism sites, host communities need to be sensitized to protect infrastructures within their vicinity.


Title : Corona Mortis: Surgical Anatomy, Physiology and Clinical Significance

Authors : Eftychios Papagrigorakis, Konstantinos Gkarsioudis, Panagiotis Skandalakis, Dimitrios Filippou

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Corona mortis (CM) is classically defined as the arterial anastomosis between the obturator artery and the inferior epigastric artery that crosses the posterior aspect of the superior ramus of the symphysis pubis. Its clinical impact is considered great, as it lies within the surgical field of numerous specialties (general surgeons, orthopedists, gynecologists, urologists). Our systematic study of the literature revealed a diversity in the incidence of the Corona Mortis between cadaveric and patient studies. The new technological advances and especially the CT angiography, applied on the retropubic region vessels, have given the chance to obtain more precise depictions and thus estimations on the real incidence of corona mortis. This review intends to extract for the first time the corona mortis’ incidence from the major CT angiographic studies in bibliography and compare it with the incidence of CM in the major cadaveric studies. Special attention was given to the question whether this anastomosis is that important as its name implies (mortis) in the clinical setting or not.


Title : MAC Spoofing Detection Via Wireshark

Authors : Ms. Konika Abid , Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh

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When computers are, connect on any network a network card is used, known as NIC card which is having a MAC address. This address is use to distinguish one system from another we may say that it is the physical address given by the manufacturer to provide a unique identity to equipment. We have studied that MAC address is permanent and cannot be changed but there are different ways in which MAC address of equipments could be changed whether it is a pc/laptop or mobile. We could use wire shark to know the changed MAC address of any system for which the packet is been send or received. The change in MAC is called MAC spoofing, which is having advantages as well as disadvantages.


Title : Factors Associated with Uterine Prolapse among Married Women of Reproductive Age Group of Gorkha District

Authors : Kabita Pathak, Sudip Khanal

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Pelvic organ prolapse is the widespread chronic problem among women in Nepal; particularly among adult and old women of hilly areas. Uterine prolapse is a condition when the uterus drops from its normal position. The major purpose of the study was to assess the prevalence and factors associated with uterine prolapse in Gorkha district of Nepal. The community based descriptive cross sectional study conducted among the 153 married women of the Gorkha district. Simple random sampling procedure was adopted. Face to face interview was conducted with respondents using pre-tested, structured interview schedule. Data were analyzed by statistical package for social Sciences (20 Version) and results were presented in table and figures. Percentage, mean, median, Chi Square test was applied. 

Prevalence of uterine prolapse was found to be 13.7%. Majorities of the respondents were over 35 years of age. Difficulty in sitting was reported by more than 75% cases. It was found that Uterine prolapse is statistically significant with family income (p =0.017), Educational status (p=0.007), family type (p=0.048). It was found that knowledge level is statistically not significant with caste (p =0.617), religion (p=0.631), income level (p=0.493). Among 21 respondent 47.6% of respondent were treated the UP. But almost 52% were unable to treat their disease. Concerning the place of treatment, 80% of cases used public health facilities and only 20% of cases used medical and hospital facilities.

Uterine prolapse was observed among women; among these almost all were married before the age of 20 years. Illiterates and low family income women were suffered greatly. The service utilization was reported to be low among respondents. Women’s empowerment, income generating activities and provision of educational opportunities are recommended for the prevention of uterine prolapse.



Title : Laboratory Investigation of the Effect of Chikoko Mud on the Compressive Strength of Portland Cement Concrete

Authors : Captain G Ottos, Daniel Nyebuchi

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In this paper, the compressive strength of chikoko blended cement concrete is investigated. The test results show that the replacement of cement with chikoko mud reduces the compressive strength at a uniform rate of 4%, 10%, 15%, 24% and 37% respectively for 7, 14, 21 and 28 days curing as the content of chikoko increases. The trends of the results are reflections of the predictable properties of concrete with supplements and as a result, it can serve as a useful tool for assessment of chikoko mud. Also at 10%, the minimum strength of 20.38N/mm2 was observed at 7days curing while maximum strength was 26.49N/mm2 at 12 days curing. The study therefore has revealed that chikoko mud can be used for mass concrete and non-load bearing structures at 10% replacement.


Title : Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Historical Aspects of Anatomy and Physiology

Authors : Konstantinos Gkarsioudis, Eftychios Papagrigorakis, Panagiotis Skandalakis, Dimitrios Filippou

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Throughout the years complexes of symptoms of the upper extremity, caused by compression, were to be explained. Pain, paresthesia, edema, ischemia and motor dysfunction of the arm was and still is a diagnostic problem. From the start many separated syndromes have been developed in order to explain the patient’s problems which at the end came they all together to a nosological entity, the thoracic outlet compression syndrome (TOS). This paper reviews the evolution of the syndromes throughout the years and the historical landmarks that formed this multifactorial problem as we understand it today.


Title : Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Performance of Fe3O4/g-C3N4 Composites Assisted by Hydrogen Peroxide

Authors : Quan-Liang Chen, Yi-Ling Liu

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Different loading rates of composite photocatalysts Fe3O4/g-C3N4 were prepared by in situ precipitation method and were characterized by IR and XRD spectroscopies. Their photocatalytic performances were evaluated by the degradation of RhB under visible light irradiation. Fe3O4/g-C3N4 composites assisted by H2O2 shows higher photocatalytic performance than that of Fe3O4 or g-C3N4. As the dosage rate of Fe3O4 increases, the degradation rate is slightly increased. The Fe3O4/g-C3N4(0.1:1) composite has the best photocatalytic performance. It is inferred that the introduction of Fe3O4 is beneficial for the separation of photogenerated electrons and holes on the surface of the catalyst.


Title : Adaptive Routing Forwarding Strategy Based on Neural Network Algorithm

Authors : Chao Ma, Mingchuan Zhang, Fenghua Zhang, Yaming Chen, Xinlu Wang, Qianpeng Li

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With the profound changes in global digital media, the focus of Internet users has gradually shifted to how to quickly obtain information without paying attention to where the information is stored. However, the current TCP/IP network protocol architecture cannot adapt to the rapid development of today's content applications. In order to adapt to the changes in the Internet, information-centric networking (ICN)has received extensive attention. Besides, the optimization of the user service request scheduling problem is the core issue affecting the performance of the ICN , and it is one of the hot research topics in the ICN network. To solve this problem, this paper proposes an adaptive routing forwarding strategy based on neural network algorithm. Through the modeling of the classic architecture named data networking (NDN) network delay model of ICN network, a neural network algorithm is used to delay prediction, and a forwarding strategy mechanism based on predict delay is designed to innovate in the NDN. The interface information Stat is added to the forwarding information base (FIB) of the network component to implement the dynamic selection of the forwarding routing. In addition, routing dynamic self-adaptation adjustment mechanism and fault rerouting function are designed in consideration of the situation of route congestion and interruption. Simulation results show that this strategy effectively reduces network delay and improves network performance.


Title : Effect of Mastery Learning Strategy on Junior Secondary School Students' Academic Achievement in Basic Technology in Edo State, Nigeria

Authors : ISERAMEIYA F. E., Prof. IBENEME O. T.

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The need to enhance academic achievement of students in Basic Technology in Edo State necessitated this study; it focused on the effect of mastery learning strategy on academic achievement of Junior Secondary School Two (JSSII) students’ in Basic Technology (BTE). Four research questions guided the study and two null hypotheses formulated were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Quasi-Experimental design was adopted.  Specifically, Solomon Four non equivalent group design model was used.  The population was 3,170 (1,675 male & 1,495 female) JSS II students from 25 schools in Edo Central Edo State. A sample size of 119 (66 male, 53 female) JSS11 students from two selected mixed schools participated in this study.  Stratified sampling technique was used. A 50-item multiple choice Basic Technology Achievement Test (BTEAT) was used for both the pre-test and post-test.  The instrument was face and content validated before administration. Test – retest method was used to establish the reliability of the instrument. Pearson product moment correlation coefficient was used to correlate the two results and a reliability index of 0.85 was obtained. Experimental group E1 and control group C1 received pre-test before commencement of the treatment, post-test was administered to all the groups. Data collected were analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics (mean, mean difference t-test and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA). It was found out that students taught BTE using MLS differ significantly in their post-test academic achievement compared to those taught using DIS. Students taught BTE with MLS exposed to pre-test  performed relatively higher in their post-test academic achievement than those exposed to post test only.  Also, there was a significant interaction effect between MLS and students academic achievement in BTE. Furthermore, there was a significant interaction effect between pre-testing and instructional strategy (MLS) on students’ academic achievement in BTE.  Based on the findings, it was concluded that MLS is an effective instructional strategy that significantly enhances students’ academic achievement, irrespective of the subjects. Therefore, the use of MLS is recommended, and this may require developing teachers’ capacity for effective administration.


Title : Analysis Of Road Transport Impact On Rural Development In Nigeria : A Study On Akure North Local Government Area, Ondo State

Authors : ADENIYI Joshua Olu, AKINRINMADE Yomi , ABIODUN Ayodeji L.

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Rural transportation is a significant channel of ensuring effective movement of rural people and the collection and exchange of goods and services to enhance rural economy and development in Nigeria. This study was aimed at assessing road transportation impact on rural development, with a view to determine the contributions of road transport to rural development. Eight settlements were selected randomly in the study area with total population of 2,651 (1991 population census). This was projected to year 2015 and amounted to 4,794 at which 5% was taken as sample size. This translated to 240. Therefore, 240 questionnaires were administered in the study area. Systematic Sampling technique was used for the questionnaire administration. Findings from the study revealed that the rural roads are in poor condition which has influence on the cost of transporting farm produce and economy of the area. Recommendations were made to improve the existing road condition of the study area; Local Government Council should be equipped with finance, personnel and equipment to manage and maintain rural roads to ensure effective movement and Federal and State Governments should embark on various policiessuch as upgrading and maintenance of rural road, rural empowerment and development, rural infrastructure improvement and development towards enhancing rural development in Nigeria.


Title : Electric Power Generation Using Stirling Engine

Authors : Mr. Mrinall K Patil, Mr. Rupam R Rahate, Ms.Shamli Muppidwar, Ms. Pooja Bongiri, Ms. Sonal Bele

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The performance of Stirling engine meets demands of the efficient use of energy and environmental security and therefore they are the subject of much current interest. The Stirling engine is both practically and theoretically a significant device, its practical virtue is simple, reliable and safe which was invented by Robert Stirling in 1816. The Aim of this paper is to design and build a Stirling Engine Capable of Generating Electricity. Here Concentrated Solar energy is used as a potential Heat source. The main principle is the pressure and temperature difference between the Hot and Cold air, due to this pressure and temperature difference the pistons move to and fro. The pistons here are coupled with the flywheel, thus as the pistons move it rotates the flywheel. The Flywheel being coupled with the generator produces electricity.  Stirling Engine has the potential to use renewable heat source more easily, quieter and more reliable to low maintenance. Due to the advantage of the renewable source of energy i.e. the solar energy which is a free and eco-friendly source of energy and to minimize the use of other non-friendly and costly sources of this solar energy is being used.

            The study was undertaken to discuss the various sources of providing heat to the Stirling engine which included providing heat by burning waste, providing heat by using a gas cylinder and many more sources. In comparison to an internal combustion engine, Stirling engine offers high efficiency and less exhaust emission.


Title : Handwriting Recognition using LSTM Networks

Authors : Sarita Yadav, Ankur Pandey, Pulkit Aggarwal, Rachit Garg, Vishal Aggarwal

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Recognizing digits in an optimal way is a challenging problem. Recent deep learning based approaches have achieved great success on handwriting recognition. English characters are among the most widely adopted writing systems in the world. This paper presents a comparative evaluation of the standard LSTM RNN model with other deep models on MNIST dataset.


Title : Controlling Of Non linear Process Using Neural Network Based Adaptive PID Controller

Authors : Mr. R. Sakthi Vel, Mrs. A. Dhanalakshmi, V. Dhivya , S. Keerthana , M. Revathi

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Fault tolerant control of dynamic processes is investigated in this paper using an auto-tuning of Adaptive PID controller. A fault tolerant control scheme is proposed composing an auto-tuning Adaptive PID controller based on an adaptive neural network model. The model is trained online using the Unscented Kalman filter (UKF) algorithm to learn system post-fault dynamics. Based on this model, the Adaptive PID controller adjusts its parameters to compensate the effects of the faults, so that the control performance is improved. The auto-tuning algorithm for the Adaptive PID controller is derived with the Lyapunov method and therefore, the model predicted tracking error is guaranteed to desired point asymptotically.


Title : The Effects of Emotional Intelligent on Job Satisfaction: The Evidence from National School Teachers in Jaffna District

Authors : Ramakrishnan Vivek

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Educational systems around the world have rapidly experiencing changes and reforms, impacting to teachers’ job satisfaction. Despite these changes, discussion on how to predict teachers’ satisfaction is complex and remains difficult to evaluate. This study addresses the gap in the literature by investigating the role of emotional intelligence in teachers’ job satisfaction. This study analyses the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) which consists four dimensions: self-regulations, self-awareness, self-motivation and social skill (relationship management) and job satisfaction Respondents were 212 teachers in 3 most leading National schools in Jaffna District. Data was collected through questionnaire survey and a significant correlation emerges from the data between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction. Overall, this research contributes to the emotional intelligence literatures by providing meaningful management implications to the school administrators and Sri Lankan Higher Education System. higher education system.


Title : GPS-GSM based Vehicle Tracking System

Authors : Tarun Karkera, Aparna Dubey, Shefali Kamalnakhawa, Sharvari Mangale

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Avoiding car theft is impossible but now finding your stolen car will be easier! You just need to install Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System with the GSM+GPS module hidden in your car, maybe in your trunk, in the glove compartment or under the spare tire. Then connect the GSM and GPS antenna and a SIM card, all of this powered with a battery and you are ready! If you want to locate your car open the ‘SPYder’ App and request location, longitude and latitude at the moment. The ‘SPYder’ app used this data to track the location on Google Maps. This system is programmed to recognize your number and only if it is correct it will send you this data. Thanks to this system you can track your car in real time.


Title : Secure Copier

Authors : Aravindhan.S, Sundar.R, Naveen.D, Raja.R

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Secure copier is a software/ tool which allow the transfer of data between the authorized devices with user’s confirmation. A file system is used to cross check whether the pen drive is authorized. Once the pen drive is authorized it checks for jar file inside Pen drive, if the jar file is present in the pen drive it automatically attach a virtual hard disk. All the user action is takes place only inside that Virtual Disk. The Virtual Disk will be attached only to an authorized system. All the operation inside the Virtual Disk is done with user confirmation, in order to avoid transfer of wrong file/data. If the jar file is not present in the pen drive, it automatically recognize that the pen drive is an unauthorized, then the pen drive gets formatted automatically and it ask user confirmation to make it as authorized pen drive with security password. If the user doesn’t want to authorize the pen drive, it automatically gets ejected from the system.

   The tool named Secure Copier, inside the pen drive will cross check, whether the system is authorized or not. If it is not authorized system then the tool will automatically format the pen drive.


Title : Preparation of Novel Magnetic PGA@SiO2@Fe3O4 Composite Nanoparticles for Heavy Metal Ion Removal

Authors : Kang-long Chen, Qing-han Zhou*

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The novel magnetic adsorbent was prepared by functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles with Poly-γ-glutamate (PGA), and the sorbent is named as PGA@SiO2@Fe3O4. The composite nanoparticles were further used in retrieval of heavy metal ions such as Pb(II) from the aqueous medium. The preparation of PGA@SiO2@Fe3O4 involves a two-step process: (i) surface modification of Fe3O4 nanoparticles by ethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) to form SiO2@Fe3O4, (ii) surface functionalization of SiO2@Fe3O4 nanoparticles by free radical copolymerization to form a cross-linking magnetic PGA@SiO2@Fe3O4 nanoparticles. The chemical structure of the PGA, Fe3O4, SiO2@Fe3O4, and PGA@SiO2@Fe3O4 was characterized by 1H-NMR, and FTIR. The nano-size and surface morphologies of the adsorbent were analyzed by SEM and DLS. Finally, the adsorbent was used to adsorb Pb (II), and the effects of different factors such as initial concentration, adsorption time, adsorption dosage, pH, and temperature on the adsorbent and adsorption were studied. 


Title : Face Recognition from Invariant Illumination Based on Textural Analysis and Machine Learning Approach

Authors : Mr. M. Prabu, Yash Srivastava, Arnav Shankar, Aditya Kumar Singh, Hillol Chatterjee

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Matching people across multiple camera views known as person re-identification, is a challenging problem due to the change in visual appearance caused by varying lighting conditions. The perceived color of the subject appears to be different with respect to illumination. In this paper, we propose a data driven approach for learning color patterns from pixels sampled from images across two camera views. The intuition behind this work is that, even though pixel values of same color would be different across views, they should be encoded with the same values. We model color feature generation as a learning problem by jointly learning a linear transformation and a dictionary to encode pixel values. Dominant Rotated Local Binary Pattern (DRLBP) have been proposed yields better performance. This paper proposes a novel method of classifying the human face using Convolutional Neural Network.


Title : GSM Module Operated Solar Powered Water Pump

Authors : Nayankumar Kapse, Himanshu Wadibhasme, Nehal Sonkusre, Roshan Vikhar, Ajinkya Pandhare

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This paper deals with the design of solar tracking system to harness maximum solar energy that is converted into electrical energy which in turn is used to power the irrigation system. The designed single axis solar tracker device, on the basis of LDR sensor values, orients the PV panel in accordance with the position of the sun. The irrigation pump can be controlled in GSM mode. GSM mode the farmer at his own discretion can send a message to ON and OFF the water pump without actually going to the field.


Title : Smart Cum Digital Classroom

Authors : Bhavansh Tandon, Pratik Bajpai, Sourish Roy, Hannah Pauline

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In the present scenario, smart technology is being applied to every field, and education is just another field which requires it. Smart cum Digital classroom introduces power consumption and time saving technology to the fold and also is ecofriendly as well. This project presents the design and implementation of an intelligent automated system for conserving electrical energy using image processing, which can be used in large organizations like a University or an office. The proposed system works on automation, so that the electrical appliances can be automatically controlled and monitored without any human intervention. It uses the available infrastructure in a classroom which includes surveillance camera and Ethernet connectivity so as to minimize the cost criteria. . The proposed outcome of the project aims at multiple benefits, including saving on electricity bills of the University or any other organization it is deployed in, eliminating human involvement and manpower which is often required to manually toggle the lights and electrical device on/off, and also most importantly, conserve precious natural resources by reducing electrical energy consumption. This project also works as a proxy eliminator and acknowledge the staff members as well as the students that which classroom is free.


Title : Analysis of Cosequences of Faults in General Zero Transmission Lines of Power Supply Stations

Authors : D. A. Simonyan, A. A. Gasparyan

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Zero transmission line faults in power supply systems in large apartment houses, office blocks, offices and other structures cause voltage excursions,which are in the spotlight of this research. The phenomenon has been commented from the theoretical perspective, and emergency situations, which are likely to arise as a result ofmalfunction of single-phase power supply consumers, as well as the probable dangers of fire occurrences, have been revealed. We offer to install an appropriateprotective device to avoid such emergency situations.