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Volume 4 Issue 2

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Title : Underwater Image Restoration Using UICCS Method in Matlab

Authors : Joel fathimson.J, Bibis.S, Aswanth.R, Gayatri S

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Due to absorption and scattering of underwater the images obtained suffers an information loss. The study of underwater is very important to find the unfound many algorithms have been derived to enhance an underwater image but no method gives a clear vision of human eye. Many methods found suffers a disadvantage that the clarity reduces as the depth of the water increases this is due to the fading of colours in underwater. To solve this problem, we get into a non-reference underwater image enhancement method the UICCS method. The three main attributes of an image are its colour contrast and sharpness. In this method we modify the attributes of the image step by step to attain a clear image. The results of this experiment demonstrate clearly that this method produces an output image with a high information the measures are applied to underwater images to show their importance in practical application. This project solves this problem my a simple and easy methodology with changing the three main attributes of an image thus enhancing the information of the image.


Title : Pattern Discovery Using Association Rule Mining on Clustered Data

Authors : Htun Zaw Oo, Nang Saing Moon Kham

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Many organizations use Word Wide Web as a multipurpose platform during these days. It is very important to understand how a website is being used by users. Web Usage Mining is the one of the data mining technique that aims to discover interesting usage patterns from web log data. It also helps effective website management, creating adaptive websites, personalization and so on. In this paper, the aim is to find frequent user access pattern from web log entries. Combined effort of clustering and association rule mining is used to apply for pattern discovery.


Title : The Combined Learning in Higher Education. An Experience Through the PBL

Authors : Brenda Luz Colorado Aguilar, Ruben Edel Navarro

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The present study is based on the Blended Learning (B-learning) method using the Project Based Learning (PBL) as a teaching strategy. The students’ performance can be valued through face- to- face sessions and on-line interactions when they created business projects as an approach to real situations of business life. To carry out this study, the students use the Canvas model, as a systematic prototype integrated by nine interrelated blocks that enable the comprehension about the different activities to follow for the creation of a business model in a holistic and simple way. As a result of this mixed study, it was found out that the professors make the most effective contribution to B-learning. This is due to the fact that they are in charge of the coordination, organization and planning of the teaching-learning process in general. They have to look for the best teaching strategies and technological resources to achieve their educational aims. Throughout the course, the professor’s role is to motivate the student in order to make a final product which can connect his/her educational activities with real life situations. Meanwhile the student is carrying out the project, he needs to solve complex problems.


Title : Geometrical Calibration System for Rotating Bi-Planar Radiography Instrument

Authors : Jae-Seong Han, Sang-Hoon Ji, Sang-Moo Lee , Su-Jeong You

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There are many image-guiding systems which provide a surgeon with surgical information including location or orientation of tools and bodies such that they helps the surgeon monitor the surgery during the operation. But these image-guiding systems may suffer from imaging distortion due to their mechanical deformations. Therefore, it is needed for the systems to preserve their good localization ability with the calibration process in which the precise radio-projection geometry is determined for X-ray image. But, it is very difficult to reduce deformation error with calibration of the imaging system because of its high complexity of mechanical model. So, in this paper, we suggested a simple calibration method based on a series of laser images, which can be applicable to on-line calibration procedure.


Title : Resistant Blood Hypertension and its Relationship to Sodium and Potassium Ingestion

Authors : Jose Roberto Abreu Queiroz, Roque Aras Junior , Luciara Leite Brito, Cristiano Ricardo Bastos de Macedo, Marco Antonio Silveira, Andre Rodrigues Duraes

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Backgroud: The relationship between resistant hypertension (HAR) and sodium remains controversial. This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between resistant hypertension and urinary sodium and potassium excretion. Methods: It is a cross-sectional study. Socio-demographic, clinical and laboratory variables were evaluated. The estimated consumption of Na + and K + in 24 hours was determined by the formula of Kawasaki & Tanaka (2002) and defined as high for Na +> 4g, and potassium> 4.2g. Results: Fifty-one patients with HAR were evaluated. Sodium intake increased by 56% and was associated with HAR in patients with: age between 40 and 65 years (OR = 14.91, 95% CI 1.37-162.07); Potassium intake> 4.2g (OR = 8.27; 95% CI: 1.12- HYPERLINK "call to: 1.12% 20-% 2061.16" 61.16) and Caucasians (OR = 23.17; 95% CI 1.23-147.85). High potassium intake was negatively associated with uncontrolled HAR, and this association was at the threshold of statistical significance for patients with daily sodium intake of less than 4 g (OR = 0.05, 95% CI 0.01 - 1.00). Conclusion: It was observed an association between adequate blood pressure control and HAR and uncontrolled with high potassium excretion and low sodium in patients with lower age and Caucasians. The result of the present study suggests a distinct relationship of sodium and potassium among patients with resistant and uncontrolled hypertension, observed in studies investigating this association with systemic arterial hypertension.


Title : Hydrodynamic Numerical Simulation and Flood Risk Assessment in a Natural River

Authors : Evangelia Farsirotou, Athanasios Blantas

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The current research work presents one-dimensional numerical simulation results of water surface elevation along a natural river, in order to investigate an accurate operation of three existing dams, with flat and arched gates, for flood protection. The study reports an extensive numerical simulation procedure of four different operations of the dam gates, including all gates opened, all gates closed, only flat gates opened and only arched gates opened, for flood risk estimation through the studied river reach. The one-dimensional hydrodynamic numerical simulation procedure of water surface profile variation, under steady flow conditions, through the natural river, was performed for available maximum inflow discharges of 5, 25 and 100 year flood period.

All numerical results are graphically presented and comparisons between different gate operations provide an accurate investigation of a safe dam handling in order to prevent the surrounding river area against flood events. The applied hydrodynamic numerical model, “HEC-RAS” model, is a useful and accurate methodology for flood risk assessment in a natural river area, with complicate geometries and different hydraulic constructions.


Title : Relativistic Modification of Newtonian Gravity Law

Authors : M. Martinis, N.Perkovic

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We show how Newtonian gravity with effective (actually observed) masses, obeying the mass-energy relation of special relativity, can explain all observations used to test General relativity. Dynamics of a gravitationally coupled binary system is considered in detail and the effective masses of constituents are determined. Interpreting our results in terms of motion in a curved space-time background, we are led, using the Lagrangian formalism, to consider the exponential metric as a natural space-time metric of Newtonian gravity.


Title : Construction of Rook Polynomials Using Generating Functions and nxm Arrays

Authors : M. Laisin

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In this paper, we studied the game of chess, the rook and its movements to capture pieces in the same row or column as the rook. With this idea we applied it to combinatorical problems which involve permutation with Forbidden positions. 


Title : Relative Controllability of Fractional Integrodifferential Systems in Banach Spaces with Distributed Delays in the Control

Authors : Dr Sir Paul Anaetodike Oraekie

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In this work, Fractional Integro-differential Systems in Banach Spaces with Distributed Delays is presented for controllability analysis. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the system to be relatively controllable are established. The Set Functions upon which our results hinged were extracted. Uses were made of: Unsymmetric Fubini theorem, the Controllability Standard and the Concept of Fractional Calculus to establish results.


Title : Goods and Services Tax- A Critical Analysis

Authors : Nupur Priyadarshi

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The paper is about the biggest tax reform that our India went through as the tax structure has become now direct which was lately indirect since ages, this paper will introduce this indirect tax structure through different explanations, and will explain the principle behind GST Bill which was placed in parliament through122nd Constitutional amendment. What was a non- GST regime and how will GST function with the salient features of GST and the advantages with the lacunae in it. Concerns which come with the GST Act has also been discussed further with more emphasis led on the vital 122nd amendment made in Indian Constitution.


Title : Design of Power System Stabilizer Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Technique


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Modern civilization is driven mainly by electricity and hence a reliable and secure power system plays a vital role. One very important aspect of this vital system is stability. Over the years generations of power engineers studied the stability aspects and a lot of research was conducted and methods of maintaining the stability of this highly nonlinear distributed system of very high order are suggested. One of the developments over the years is use of supplementary signals to keep the system dynamically stable over a wide range of operating conditions. In power system parlance, this is called power system stabilizer (A controller). Various classical and modern control theory techniques are used to design power system stabilizers. This work address the problem of designing a power system stabilizer for a Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) system. The SMIB is modelled as a fourth order system and the Power System Stabilizer (PSS) is designed using PID controller using Particle Swarm Optimization technique. The results obtained are compared with stabilizers designed using phase lead compensator and a PID controller using Ziegler-Nichols method. Comparison made for a small disturbance in the mechanical torque, for a wide range of operating conditions, to ensure robustness of the controller. The responses are generated using MATLAB-SIMULNK software.


Title : Factors Militating Against The Teaching And Learning of Technical Drawing In Technical Education In Public Nigerian Universities

Authors : Agbonghale Godwin Onoselease , Miss Iserameiya Florence Ejodamen

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This paper examined the factors militating against the teaching and learning of Technical Drawing in Technical Education in Public Nigerian Universities. Two research questions were raised to guide the study. The researchers adopted descriptive survey research design for the study .The sample of the study consisted of 470 technical education teachers using proportionate  sampling techniques. The questionnaires was used to collect data from the respondents. Four point rating scale of likert format of strongly agree, agree, disagree and strongly disagree. The findings of the study revealed that there were inadequate qualified technical drawing teachers, students were not exposed to practical technical drawing, resource persons in technical education were not available for talks, seminars and workshops, government did not purchase facilities, provide studios instruments, materials, there were inadequate classrooms and the schools had no good technical drawing textbooks in the libraries. it was recommended that Federal ,States, Local government Tertiary Trust Fund should employ qualified technical education teachers, provide studios, purchase technical drawing instruments, materials, facilities, classrooms, libraries with good technical drawing textbooks in technical education  in public Nigerian Universities.


Title : Factors Associated with an Abnormal Ankle-Brachial Index in Patients with Resistant Hypertension

Authors : Fabio Vieira de Bulhoes, Roque Aras Junior, Luciara Leite Brito, Cristiano Ricardo Bastos de Macedo

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The ankle-brachial index (ABI) has been used to identify peripheral arterial occlusive disease and is a marker of macrovascular complications in patients with hypertension.  The objective of the present study was to investigate factors associated with an abnormal ABI in patients with resistant hypertension.  A cross-sectional study with a consecutively selected sample was conducted in a referral cardiology outpatient clinic in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.  Sociodemographic, anthropometric, clinical, laboratory and echocardiographic data were collected.  The association between abnormal ABI and possible risk factors was evaluated using odds ratios (OR), with their respective 95% confidence intervals (95%CI).  Next, logistic regression analysis was performed, using a hierarchical model.  The prevalence of an abnormal ABI was 19.0%.  Most patients were female (74.8%), black (57.1%), overweight or obese (85.8%), of 40-65 years of age (60.3%), and with education above primary school level (63.8%).  In addition, 44.0% were diabetics; 29.9% had hypercholesterolemia, 21.9% had hypertriglyceridemia and 18.1% had had a cerebrovascular accident.  The factors that remained significantly associated with abnormal ABI in the final model were diabetes (OR=4.11; 95%CI: 1.10-15.50), age >65 years (OR=3.30; 95%CI: 1.13-9.69) and hypercholesterolemia (OR=4.18; 95%CI: 1.12-15.58).  The prevalence of abnormal ABI, albeit not as high as in groups of patients with specific pathologies, was found to be significantly associated with the risk factors traditionally described in the literature.  Therefore, the ABI should be used routinely to evaluate patients with severe hypertension as a method of screening for vascular alterations.


Title : Housing Typology of Pune (A Case Study from Nal stop to Chandni Chowk, Pune)

Authors : Ar. Ketki S Darp

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This paper aims to discuss the various types of housing systems in Pune that is traditional, planned and unplanned in a way the city evolved. Further going to details of traditional system that includes the Wadas and chawls of Pune followed by planned unit development including residential bungalows or detached housing, town housing or row housing, apartments and mixed use housing. It also discusses how the typologies are somehow interconnected and also deals with slums or the informal housing types. This paper looks at the choice and appropriateness of different housing typologies[1], considerations given to the availability, cost of land, socio-economic profile of end-users and thus, enhancing their general wellbeing.


Title : Transparent System for Working of PDS

Authors : Gaurang Pandit, Yash Kava, Pratik Gupta

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Public distribution system i.e rationing distribution is one of the widely controversial issue that involves corruption and illegal smuggling of goods. One reason of this to happen is because every job in the ration shop involves manual work and there is no special technology involved in automating the job. Involvement of manual work calls a lot of irregularities. These irregularities or illegal activities are for example - wrong entries in stock register of shop containing wrong stock information of the products that is supplied to the public, sometimesthere are chance of distribution of low quality/graded products than the actual products provided by the Government for supplying to the public, also the information regarding the actual available stock quantity in a ration shop that is provided by the Government to the public. In this paper we propose the concept of replacing manual work/job in public distribution system (rationing distribution system in India) by automated system which can be installed at the ration shop with ease. In this automated system we replace the conventional ration card by smart card in which all the details about users are provided including their AADHAR (social security) number which is used for user authentication. This prompted us to interface smart card reader (RFID Based) to the microcontroller (AT89C51) and PC via RS232 to develop such a system. Using such a system, Government would have all required control/monitoring over the transactions at ration shop. To involve Government in the process we proposed connecting the system at ration shop to a central database (provided by Govt.) via GSM module (SIM900D) and RS232. Hence it is possible to pre-vent the corruption and irregularities at ration shop. This would bring the transparency in public distribution system as there will be a direct communication between people and Government through this.


Title : Impact of Facebook Obsession Among University Students in Bangladesh

Authors : Tahsin Sharmila Raisa

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In the era of science and technology the website “Facebook”has become a widely accessed social network in all overthe world. As internet becomes easy accessible, people can get almost every kind of information using it.Almost 2.1 billion people in all over the world are using “Facebook”, where a largenumberof them are students. They share their thoughts, activities and acquire knowledge from it. Besides the benefits, it has some negative effects for the users, especially the teenagers. They are getting addicted to“Facebook” and wasting their valuable time by doing some non- fruitful activities. Our study has focused on “Facebook”mania among university students of Bangladesh. We took a sample of 300 students from Jahangirnagar University, University of Dhaka and Daffodil International University and found that78.4% are problematical“Facebook” users where 41.4% are highly addicted to it. We also obtained from the data that there are some meaningful relationship between addiction level and gender with age.


Title : Capital Structure and Share Price: Empirical Evidence From Listed Deposit Money Banks (DMB) in Nigeria

Authors : Helen Afang Andow, Stephen Yero WETSI

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The study employed panel regression method of analysis to evaluate the impact of capital structure on share price of 15 listed Deposit Money Bank (DMB) in Nigeria by extracting data on capital structure for the period 2006 to 2016, a period of ten years. Hausman test was utilized to determine the suitable model between Fixed and Random model, which are the two main methods that are appropriate for analysing panel data. The test confirmed the appropriateness of the Fixed Effect Model. The finding shows that capital structure has a negative and statistically significant impact on share price of 15 listed Deposit Money Bank in Nigeria. The study recommended that listed DMB in Nigeria should make an effort to be rational when raising capital and listed DMB in Nigeria should attempt and make the most of retain profit for its financing.


Title : On the Eigenvalue Problem of the Dirac Hamiltonian in a Singular Spacetime Background

Authors : M. Martinis, N.Perkovic

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We studied the motion of a spin onehalf particle in a singular spacetime metric of exponential type. This singular spacetime metric is obtained from a particular interpretation of the Newtonian gravitational force. For a given energy, the motion of a particle is described by the eigenvalue modes of the Dirac operator in a singular space time metric of exponential type. In this paper only the first order solution is considered leading to a cubic algebraic equation for energy eigenvalue. A novel interpretation for a gravitational atom is obtained.


Title : A Note on Projective Klingenberg Planes over Rings of Plural Numbers

Authors : Atilla Akpinar, Abdurrahman Dayıoglu, Isa Dogan, Bercem Boztemur, Derya Aslan, Zeynep Sena Gurel

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This paper deals with a certain class of projective Klingenberg planes over the local ring F[η]/<η^{m}> with F an arbitrary field, known as the plural algebra of order m. In particular addition and multiplication of points on a line is defined geometrically and interpreted algebraically, by using the coordinate ring.


Title : Preparation of Biodegradable Magnetic Nanoparticles via a Simple Assembly Process for Controllable Drug Delivery

Authors : Qiu-yue Wang, Qing-han Zhou

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In this research, a functional cross-linked PEI assembled with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) were prepared via a simple assembly process for delivery of doxorubicin (DOX). The functional cross-linked PEI was synthesized by Michael addition reaction, where N,N-Bis(acryloyl) cystamine served as cross-linker, PEI, and dopamine (DA) acted as comonomers. Here the cross-linked PEI is directly assembled to the surface of SPIONs by the ligand exchange reaction forming the SPIONs@PEI, and then the DOX was encapsulated into the nanoparticles forming the drug loaded biodegradable magnetic nanoparticles (SPIONs@PEI@DOX). The hydrophilic PEI moiety provides the nanoparticles colloidal stability and good-dispersity in aqueous solution. TEM images showed that the SPIONs and SPIONs@PEI were well dispersed with high stability in water after the ligand exchange process. All the results showed that the prepared biodegradable magnetic nanoparticle could serve as a promising vehicle for targeting anticancer drug delivery.


Title : Antibacterial Silver Loaded Hydroxyapatite Coating Prepared Through the Reduction of Phytic Acid-Silver Ion Complex

Authors : QuanxinWang, Jianbin Luoa,Chunmei Dingb

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Hydroxyapatite coating was built on the surface of materialsby mineralization of phytic acid-metallic ion complex, whichfurther absorbed surplus phytic acidon the outer layer. Then, silver ions were stabilizedbased on their chelation with phytic acid. Finally, we obtained silver-loaded hydroxyapatite coating when the silver ions were reduced to nano silver particles under the effect of glucose. The successful loading of silver particles were proved by scanning electron microscopy, Raman and EDS measurement. This coating exhibited broad antibacterial properties against Escherichia coli (gram negative bacteria) and Staphylococcus aureus (gram positive bacteria). The antibacterial hydroxyapatite coating developed here might have potential applications in the area of biomedical, such as bone and dental implant.


Title : Could Unnecessary Appendectomies be Avoided Using Neutrophil Count and CRP as a Diagnostic Criterion? Answering an Every-Day Clinical Question

Authors : Kripouri Panagiota, Filippou Georgios, Baltopoulos Ioannis, Triga Argyro, Andromanakos Nikolaos, Filippou Dimitrios

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Background: Despite improvements in diagnostic medicine the accuracy diagnosis of acute appendicitis in several cases is yet difficult. Methods: 76 patients were admitted in the hospital for possible acute appendicitis. White blood cells count (WBC) measurement and C-reactive protein (CRP) were assessed in all patients. Of 76 patients, 62 (81%) were operated on by the diagnosis of acute appendicitis, 2 (3%) were operated on without diagnosis of acute appendicitis and served as a control group, and the remainder 12 patients remained under observation, were finally not operated on and served as controls, too. The 64 patients, who were managed by appendicectomy, were divided in four groups proportionally to the operative findings and histopathological reports. Each group’s laboratory tests were investigated for WBC and CRP elevation and sensitivity and specificity of these tests were also estimated .

Results: The sensitivity and specificity of these tests were 69% and 71% for neutrophil count and 87% and 100% for CRP, respectively. Conclusion: Thereby, patients with normal results in all tests (CRP and WBC) together are unlikely to have acute appendicitis, but it is not absolute and that is why should be evaluated with greater caution.


Title : Fabrication of Pneumatic Four Wheeler

Authors : Clement Layolam Fernandez, Joel Ajit Thomas, Anoop Sabu John, MD Inzamam Aman Khan, Chennakeshava R

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Compressed air is a source of energy that has the potential to become one of the most viable renewable resources in the near future. Clean energy is the need of the hour and every industry is aiming for emission free vehicles. The aim of the project is to design a four wheeler powered by pneumatics that can be used for various purposes. This paper discusses about various design parameters, the drive system used, advantages and disadvantages of this energy source and various factors to be considered. The principle of the drive system is a slider crank powered by a single double acting piston. Since compressed air is a clean source of energy, there are no waste products like COx or NOx, thus preventing pollution or damage to the environment. There is a lot of research going on in this field and compressed air could be the future of automobiles.


Title : Verification of Identity and Syntax Check of Verilog and LEF Files

Authors : D. A. Simonyan

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The Verilog and LEF files are units of the digital design flow [1][2]. They are being developed in different stages. Before the development of the LEF file, the Verilog file passes through numerous steps during which partial losses of information are possible. The identity check allows to make sure that during the flow the information has not been lost. The syntax accuracy of the Verilog and LEF files is checked as well.

            The scripting language Perl is selected for the program. The language is flexible to work with text files [3].

            The method developed in the present paper is substantial as the application of integrated circuits today is actual in different scientific, technical and many other spheres which gradually finds wider application bringing about large demand.