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Volume 4 Issue 11

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Title : Culture And Emotional Development In Children: An Overview of Fulah Children’s Emotional Development in Cameroon

Authors : Galy MOHAMADOU

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This paper discusses the interplay of culture as an important of factor of emotional development of Fulah children as well as its regulation. Children develop emotionally, express and regulate emotion with cultural contexts. Cultural models of self and other relations are transmitted through the processes of socialization which in some literature are called parenting beliefs or practices. These beliefs and parenting practices vary across cultures and as such they are likely to affect emotional understanding, expression and regulation in different ways. Within the African context in general and Cameroon in particular, the socialization of children is a collective enterprise and varies across ethnic groups. Cameroon is a multi-ethnic country where almost two hundred and fifty ethnic groups live together. This paper discusses cross-cultural studies on the function of parental support, control, and sensitivity for emotional development and regulation of children in the Far north region of Cameroon. Cultural differences shed light on the importance of taking the cultural context into account when studying emotion in general and specifically its expression and regulation in young children. Cultural views on the developing child and subsequent relations with others are the basis for children’s self and emotional development that could either facilitate or hamper emotional expression and regulation which in turn may affect children’s socio-emotional adjustment in the respective culture.


Title : Metric Topology and Visual Perception of Image

Authors : Dr Mir Mohammad Azad, M N I Chowdhury, Muhammad Aminuzzaman

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In mathematics, a metric space is a set for which distances between all members of the set are defined. Those distances, taken together, are called a metric on the set. A metric on a space induces topological properties like open and closed sets, which lead to the study of more abstract topological spaces.The most familiar metric space is 3-dimensional Euclidean space. In fact, a "metric" is the generalization of the Euclidean metric arising from the four long-known properties of the Euclidean distance. The Euclidean metric defines the distance between two points as the length of the straight line segment connecting them. Other metric spaces occur for example in elliptic geometry and hyperbolic geometry, where distance on a sphere measured by angle is a metric, and the hyperboloid model of hyperbolic geometry is used by special relativity as a metric space of velocities.


Title : Optimal Placement of PMU in Transmission Network by PSO Technique

Authors : Parijat Sarkar, Pinakpani Banerjee

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This paper presents particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique for the best allocation of phasor measurement units (PMUs) for the complete observability of connected power network. Phasor measurement units are thought-about as one of the foremost important measuring devices within the prospect of connected power network. PMUs operation may be incorporated to the wide-area connected power networks for observation and controlling functions. The optimal PMU placement (OPP) drawback provides relevance the reassurance of the least number of PMUs and their analogous locations for observability of the whole connected power networks



Title : Performance Evaluation of Extended Latency Time Algorithm in different Linux based Operating Systems

Authors : Dipta Gomes, Aneem Al Ahsan Rupai, Mimun Barid, Abu Sufian

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Extended Latency Time (ELT) algorithm is an extension of the Latency time (LT) algorithm. Unlike LT, its extended version allows a system to assign tasks containing arbitrary time into the different processors. In doing so each task is assigned a time frame which decreases as each time unit passes. This report provides detailed information on the performance of ELT on different Linux based operating systems. The algorithm was implemented and the runtime was measured by providing graphs as input, in three different operation systems of Linux which are Ubuntu, Mint and Kali where average execution time in Kali Linux has been the highest which is close to 2.284 time units. From the three Ubuntu showed the most promising result which has shown an execution time of 2.198 time units. After some close observation it was found that the algorithm showed the best performance in Ubuntu.


Title : Physical Properties of Energy-Momentum Tensor of Gravitational Field in RAF Theory

Authors : Branko M. Novakovic

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In Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT or RAF theory) there are two the most intriguing conclusions. The first one is that the Energy Momentum Tensor (EMT) of gravitational static field obeys the following properties: 1) the symmetry, 2) the non-negative energy density and 3) zero trace of EMT. Here the non-negative energy density means that the energy density is positive, but at the radius rc = GM/c2 is zero. This radius corresponds to the point where the acceleration is equal to zero because negative acceleration is changing into the positive one. This is the crucial difference between RAF theory of gravitational static field and field gravity approach, where energy density is positive and without null point. At the radius rc free fall velocity is maximal and equal to the speed of the light in vacuum c. The second conclusion is that the gravity force is attractive  ( in the region rc < r < ∞) and repulsive (in the region rmin r < rc ,  where rmin=GM/2c2). At the minimal radius rmin, repulsive force is maximal.


Title : Unification of SR and GR and Four Fundamental Interactions in RAF Theory

Authors : Branko M. Novakovic

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As we know, there exists requirement for unification of Special Relativity (SR) and General Relativity (GR) into one self-consistent theory. On the other side, there also exists requirement for unification of four fundamental interactions in the standard four dimensions (4D). Recently, it has been developed a new Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT or RAF theory) that can be used for the mentioned unifications. Namely, in RAF theory it has been introduced an alpha field as the function of two dimensionless field parameters α and α′. These parameters are the functions of the normalized potential energy of a particle in an alpha field. If there no potentials, then field parameters α and α′ become equal to unity, and all items in GR are transformed into the related items in SR. Thus, RAF theory unifies SR and GR into one self-consistent theory. Further, the fact that field parameters α and α′ are the functions of the normalized potential energy of a particle in an alpha field opens ability to unify all fundamental interactions in the standard four dimensions (4D). Here it has been shown that RAF theory is the adequate candidate for the unification of the four fundamental interactions in standard 4D, because it extends the applications of GR to the extremely strong gravitational field, including of the Planck’s scale.


Title : Performance Test of a Solar Refrigerator Temperature on Water, Milk and Honey

Authors : Afolayan O.A., Q. A. Adeniji

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Solar-powered refrigerators and other solar appliances are commonly used by individuals living off-the-grid. They are able to keep perishable meat and dairy cool in hot climates. Solar refrigerators are very useful as an alternative to absorption refrigerators, as they can be safely left running year-round. The irregular and not constant supply of power in the developing country and non-availability of power grid in the rural communities prevent the use of conventional electrical refrigerator in rural areas. 50cm3 each of water, milk and honey were wrapped put in the solar powered and electrically powered refrigerators for the laboratory bench work. The water, milk and honey samples initial temperature both tin and nylon were 26 0C, 39 0C and 34 0C respectively and readings were taken after every 20 minutes.


Title : Role of Sectorwise FDI Inflow on Growth of India- An Empirical Analysis

Authors : Dr. Bashir A. Joo, Faiza Ali Dhar

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With the major economies of the world embracing globalization, Foreign Direct Investment has attained the status of an eminent and indispensable tool. India opened up its economy to globalization during the 1990s and experienced a multitude of changes with the beginning of an era of economic reforms. With the establishment of an open trade policy, India has become increasingly competitive in attaining foreign funds. But the debate around the effects of FDI still has a wide range of conclusions. From a negative relation with the growth of the host economy to a positive robust relation, all sorts of conclusions have been drawn. This paper attempts to empirically investigate the role of FDI in the growth of Indian economy by studying the effect of FDI inflows in major sectors.


Title : Relativistic Equations of Motion Based on Equality of Heavy and Inertial Mass

Authors : N. Perković , M. Stojić

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The paper presents the dependence on heavy masses and its position in the central symmetric static field. On the basis of the equivalence of the heavy and inertial masses, the equation of the point object mass m in the mass gravity field of mass M is derived, with M >> m. The account was conducted for observers in an inertial and noninertial system. From the obtained solutions of the equation we calculated the difference between the light defletion and perihelion shift by a short procedure.


Title : EEGSynth=Brainbow

Authors : Melissa Hurley

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Upon learning about what Cognitive Decline can look like as a physical form in our brains as we grow older, I could see a link in how our brains are wired that could help us find a way to normalize ourselves later on in our lives. Through all the experiences I have had in my life in becoming a traveling musician, a freelance model, and a paid actress, the people whom have taught me the things that I will share in this report, deserve all the recognition for the knowledge they have placed upon me and the other’s whose lives they have influenced. They taught me how to live on a strict diet based off of the effects of certain foods on your digestive system as well as how to keep cognitive ability through my mid 50’s by keeping an active lifestyle. This document will also explain my research in healing consciousness with Neuroplasticity. It’s amazing how much our life changes when we begin to change our thoughts.


Title : The Nutrition Label – Which Information is Important to The Consumer?

Authors : Mr. Gautam Donga, Dr. Naresh Patel

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Purpose - To study importance given by consumer to the various information on nutrition label, and to survey consumer of various cities of Gujarat, India, to determine the percentage of consumers who read nutrition label, how frequently they read nutrition label while purchasing different food products.

Methodology - Consumers from Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot were surveyed using a structured questionnaire. The survey has been conducted at outside the various retail stores in all the four cities. Questionnaire contain questions on various components of Nutrition label, frequency of reading nutrition label while purchasing specific categories of products and demographic information (n = 2192).

Findings - Of 2192 respondents, 95.8 percent were aware about nutrition label and 88 percent reported reading nutrition label. The most important information on nutrition label for respondents were ‘Total fat’, ‘Calories from fat’ and ‘Cholesterol’. When ask about specific product categories, read nutrition label more frequently were snacks, soft drinks, and chocolates.


Title : Brand Equity and Green Marketing as a Predictor Decision to Purchase with Mediation Spectrum Considerations Honda Beat Series Consumers in Surabaya City

Authors : Syaifurrizal Wijaya Putra, M. Dimyati, Bambang Irawan

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Honda Beat Series became the best-selling motor in the year 2017 until 2018. This phenomenon is very unique given the increasingly competitive motorcycle industry competition. Several previous studies show the result that consumers are currently considering brand equity and green marketing before buying a product. Previous research has also shown that the spectrum of consumer considerations is what consumers do when they buy products.                This study aims to examine the influence of brand equity and green marketing as a predictor of purchasing decision with Mediation Spectrum Considerations Honda Beat Series Consumers in Surabaya City. Population in this research is consumer of Honda Beat Series which domiciled in Surabaya City. Sampling method used is non-probability sampling which is Accidental Sampling with the number of respondents as much as 150 people. Analytical tool used is Structural Equation Modeling. The results showed that 1) Brand equity and green marketing can be a significant positive predictor of economic considerations, passive considerations, cognitive considerations and emotional considerations of Honda Beat Series consumers in Surabaya; 2) Economic considerations, passive considerations, cognitive considerations and emotional considerations can be a significant positive predictor of the purchase decision of Honda Beat Series in Surabaya; 3) Economic considerations, passive considerations, cognitive considerations and emotional considerations play significant role in mediating the influence of brand equity and green marketing on purchasing decisions of the Honda Beat Series in Surabaya.


Title : Interpersonal Communication: A Stress Reducing Remedy

Authors : Mr. Jefin Mathews , Mrs. Sheljy Shajan

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Stress is becoming a major physiological and psychological concern to each individual of the world. Along with the modern families where the scope of mutual interaction gradually diminishing, negative effects of stress exacerbates. Caring touch and free communication lack in families nowadays. Even though the burden of stress is heavy, the simplest technique of interpersonal communication is sufficient to relieve it. Communication with the significant person is the simple and ‘an effective’ technique to keep away the ill effects of stress.