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Volume 4 Issue 1

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Title : A Review Paper on Phishing Through E-Mail

Authors : Monika Nishad

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We cannot imagine a day without a computer especially without Internet. E-Mail plays a vital role in communication globally for communication and sharing of data as well. Now a day the word phishing is known to some people but still a huge amount of people who does not know about this word.It is the most common way to perform cyber-crime by cyber-criminal. This paper present overview about phishing email attack, its classification and preventing approaches.


Title : Image Enhancement Of Gray Level Colored Images Through Redistributing The Histogram

Authors : Pooja Gupta, Vipra Bohara, Laxmi Narayan Balai

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In this paper, we are presenting Histogram Equalization for the shading picture and demonstrating the correlation for Mean, Entropy, BGL for HE and MHE. Results clarifies that the proposed system is capable for upgrading the nature of picture that is by and large ad libbed by the HM and HE and additionally HR is actualized for redistributing the histogram as an outline GLG (gathering of dark level), RGB shading. The R, G and B components are taken and their remapping is finished. Taking R, G and B part separately and remap them.


Title : Influence Of The Availability And Utilization Of Educational Resources On Students Academic Performance In Carpentry And Joinery Trade In Technical Colleges In Edo State, Nigeria


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This study investigated the influence of the Availability and Utilization of Educational Resources on Students’ Academic Performance in Carpentry and Joinery trade in Technical Colleges in Edo State, Nigeria. Two research questions wereraised the required resources available for teaching and learning of carpentry joinery subject, available physical and material resourcesin teaching and learning of carpentry and joinery in technical colleges. The research instruments were administered to 143 respondents with the helped of research assistants and trained research assistants. The instruments were collected back and analyzed with mean and percentages. The researcher adopted survey research design for the study. The findings revealed that there were enough teachers, students and workshop assistants in carpentry and joinery and the carpentry and joinery equipment/tools were grossly inadequate. The recommendations of this study areGovernment and school authorities should provide adequate equipment/tools in carpentry and joinery workshops so as to improve the students’ academic performancein technical college in Edo State, Nigeria.


Title : More Depressive: More Hostile. Less Depressive: Not, Necessarily, Less Hostile...

Authors : Balta GT, Angelopoulos NV

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Background. Purpose of this study was the investigation of the relationships between depressive symptoms and features of hostility in psychiatric patients with the passage of time.

Methods. In two groups of psychiatric patients (DI and DII) two successive measurements, with a time interval of 4-6 weeks, were carried out with the Hostility and Di­rection of Hostility Questionnaire (HDHQ) and the state of Depression (sD) subscale of the Delusions Symptoms States Inventory (DSSI). The DI group (N=39) consisted of patients who reported lower scores on the (sD) subscale at the second measurement. The DII group (N=20) consisted of patients who reported higher scores on the (sD) subscale at the second measurement.

Results. In the DI group, the significant decrease of sD scores was accompanied by an analogously significant drop of the scores of all HDHQ subscales. In the DII group the significant increase of the sD scores was not followed by significant increase of hostility levels, with the exception of Criticism of Others and Paranoid Hostility. In the subscale of Guilt the scores actually were dropped, though non-significantly.

Conclusions. These findings may suggest that although depressive symptoms are related to cer­tain hostility factors, this relationship is not stable but changes according to the course of depression, in the sense that it is strong when depression decreases, but not so significant when depression increases. 


Title : Thinking Unconventional: Alternative Assessment at Tertiary Level Education in Bangladesh

Authors : Naushin Nazifa Islam, Irtisam Ahmed

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The contemporary developments in the sphere of teaching English as second language have introduced some significant alternatives to the evaluation and assessment approaches of language classrooms. As a result, educators have started focusing on the implementation of the alternative assessment (AA) to empower their learners. This paper aims to explore the current status of the practice of AA and its effectiveness in tertiary level ESL classroom in Bangladesh by conducting a research among the participating students and teachers. For this paper, researchers will evaluate the strategic outcomes and productiveness of three different tools of AA: portfolio, project-based learning, and oral presentation. They have applied both the qualitative and quantitative approaches for collecting and analyzing the data.



Title : Study and Simulation of an Analogical-to-Digital Converter 8 Bits

Authors : Diouba sacko, Alpha Amadou Keita, Drissa Traore

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According to the advantages of the digital signal processing, we turn us towards the numerical field.¶ The design of digital circuits in the majority of cases is much less complex than its analogical counterpart.¶ It is an incomparable flexibility and entrains a reduction of cost.¶ The digital signal is stable, robust and insensitive to noise.¶ It allows us to reach a very high degree of accuracy.¶   However, the sources of the electrical signals are mostly analogical;¶ consequently, these signals must be digitized for being treated numerically.¶ The analogical-to-digital converters (ADC) constitute the bridge between the two fields (analogical and digital).¶ The portable biomedical applications for instance have contributed to the development of more powerful analog-to-digital converters with a low consumption of energy compared to the speed of operation.¶ The industrial development of the integrated circuits during the last decade was so fast, that it is now possible to integrate a complex system on just one chip.¶ This evolution towards increasingly high levels of integration is justified by the needs for more powerful, light and compact systems with a minimum consuming power.¶

In this paper, we design and simulate an analogical-to-digital converter.¶ The digitalization of systems allows us less consumption of energy and higher precision. The principal architectures of analog-to-digital conversion are classified in two families:¶ ADC at Nyquist rate (Nyquist rate converter) for those converters, the sampling rate (FS) coincides with the Nyquist rate of the ADC.¶

These converters can be under various architectures like ¶integrator, reallocation of burden-sharing, algorithmic, parallel Flash and pipeline. The ADC¶ with oversampling, are the Sigma-Delta and the Sigma-Delta pass-band. ¶


Title : Corn Forage Yield with Bovine Manure Solarized and Mycorrhiza

Authors : Jesus Luna-Anguiano, Enrique Salazar-Sosa, Jose D. Lopez-Martinez, Ana A. Valenzuela Garcia, Ignacio Orona Castillo, Jose L. Garcia-Hernandez

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Increase in dairy bovine cattle in Mexico central region, has raise maize forage production demand, however there are not any varieties or hybrids that accomplish both quantity and quality of this feed and also there is no tendency to organic agriculture system. The objective of this research is to generate an organic maize forage production technology. In 2012 four solarized bovine manure (SBM) treatments were evaluated. Factor A was mycorrhiza, with (MA) and (WMA), without application and factor B was SBM with 0, 20, 40, 60 and 80 Me-gagrams (Mg), respectively.  A chemical fertilizer control (CFC) 200-150-00 Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) Mg ha-1 were also used.  The experimental design in each crop cycle was a complete randomized block with split block arrangement and four replica-tions with a density of 133, 340 plants ha-1 (p ha-1). Forage yields (FY) were evaluated for total green mater (TGM) and total dry matter (TDM) in Megagrams por hectare (Mg ha-1). The variables studied in the soil samples were: electric conductivity (EC), hydrogen potential (pH), organic matter (OM), and nitrates (NO3). Production results showed the highest FY in the 80 Mg ha-1 of SBM with mycorrhiza application. There were no statistical significant differences between factor A levels for TGM and TDM forage yields. 


Title : Bacteria or Caketeria?!!?

Authors : Vinithra Suresh , Kousalya. M , Nachammai. SM , Krittika. S

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Background. The present study is done to confirm the transfer of bacteria when birthday candles are blown.

Materials & Methods. The study has been carried out in the 2017. The candles were blown on sterile foil and the samples were collected in sterile swab and cultured in blood agar plates.

Result. Our study shows a 100% increase in the bacterial count comparing a sterile foil sheet containing blown candles.

Conclusion. The ceremony of blowing out candles in a birthday cake is proved to transfer bacteria to a greater extent. Probability of   the risk of spread of respiratory illness is 100%. Hence this study stands as an evidence proving the spread of bacteria aerosolized from the respiratory tract. Precautions should be taken when a person coughs, sneezes and nowadays even when the person blows his or her birthday cakes!


Title : Validation of Wireless Volumetric Soil Water Content Sensor Based on Soil Temperature and Impedance Measurements

Authors : Jose Antonio Gutierrez-Gnecchi, Enrique Reyes Archundia, Adriana del Carmen Tellez Anguiano, Arturo Mendez Patino, Luis Enrique Fregoso Tirado

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The rational use of water resources requires accurate assessment of soil moisture content. During the last three decades, electromagnetic measurement techniques have evolved into versatile, cost- effective solutions for conducting in situ soil moisture measurements. However, it is still necessary to further continue developing technological solutions that can yield soil moisture measurements close to the real content, stressing ease of use and can be adjusted to operate under different site conditions. Here the authors describe a volumetric soil moisture measurement instrument based on soil impedance measurements. The soil temperature is used as an additional parameter to implement a measurement compensation method. The measurement compensation process uses a feedforward artificial neural network. 10 measurements were obtained in situ in three test fields (maize, wheat, pastureland), over a period of 10 weeks (october-december 2017). The results were compared to measurements obtained using a commercial soil moisture instrument (6050X1 Trase System) and the gravimetic method. The results indicate that the prototype developed for this application can yield information close to gravimetric data for the three test sites (Maize SSE [sum of squared error]: 5.97, Wheat SSE: 19.81, Pastureland SSE: 12.71) in agreement with TDR data. 


Title : Implementation of Zakat Accounting In Amil Zakat Institute (LAZ) In Jember (Reviewed From Zakah Shariah : PSAK 101 And PSAK 109)

Authors : Setyawardhana Nugraha, Siti Maria Wardayati, Yosefa Sayekti

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This study aims to evaluate the application of zakat accounting in Yayasan Dana Sosial Al Falah (YDSF) Jember reviewed from SAK Syariah, PSAK 109 on Zakah Accounting and PSAK 101 on Presentation of Sharia Financial Statements. This research is a qualitative research with analytical descriptive method as a problem-solving procedure that is investigated by describing or describing the state of research subjects. The finding of this research is that the process of zakat accounting implementation in LAZ YDSF Jember is in accordance with the PSAK 109 guideline specified for zakat institution and the making and reporting of finance by LAZ YDSF Jember is complete and in accordance with SFAS 101.


Title : Cell Therapy Decreases Inflammation and Improves the Morphology of the Lung Parenchyma in a Murine Model of Cigarette Smoke-Induced Emphysema

Authors : Nathalia Longhini-dos-Santos, Valter Abraao Barbosa-de-Oliveira, Talita Stessuk, Marna Eliana Sakalem, Joao Tadeu Ribeiro-Paes

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is characterized by a limitation of gas exchange, associated with an enhanced pulmonary inflammatory response to noxious particles and gases. The pulmonary emphysema, within the spectrum of COPD, is characterized by destruction of alveolar walls with consequent progressive dyspnea. To the present day, there is no effective clinical treatment for COPD, and the available therapeutic approaches are only palliative. In this context, the aim of this study was to verify the effectiveness of cell therapy with a pool of bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMC) and bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells (BMMSC) in an experimental model of cigarette smoke-induced emphysema in mice. To induce pulmonary emphysema, female mice (n=60) of the strain C57BL/6 (treated animals) were exposed to cigarette smoke, 3 times a day for 90 consecutive and uninterrupted days. Another group of animals (control, n=15) was exposed only to ambient air. Treated and control animals were comparatively evaluated regarding the therapeutic transplantation effects of the pool of BMMC or BMMSC from male C57BL/6-EGFP (Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein) donors. The results showed that cell therapy with either BMMC or BMMSC determined morphological recovery of the pulmonary parenchyma and the reduction of inflammation. No improvement in functional parameters was observed. In conclusion, cell therapy with a pool of BMMC or BMMSC promotes the morphological recovery of the lung parenchyma and reduces inflammation in the lungs of smoke-induced pulmonary emphysema in mice.


Title : Fruit Consumption in the City of Lavras - MG (Brazil) from 2002 to 2017

Authors : Jose Clelio de Andrade, Lair Victor Pereira, Angelo Alberico Alvarenga, Ester Alice Ferreira, Marcelo Ribeiro Malta, Paulo Marcio Norberto, Joyce Ludimila da Cruz

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The advancement of fruit research has enabled the generation of new technologies for the production of most of these plant species in quantity and quality. This made possible a great development of fruit growing in Brazil, highlighting as one of the most prominent sectors of agribusiness, achieving significant results and generating business opportunities. On the other hand, the change in people's behavior for a better quality of life, among them, the increase in fruit consumption, has further boosted the trade of this product in the retail market. The objective of this work was to know the evolution of the fruit trade in the city of Lavras, state of Minas Gerais, from 2002 to 2017 in relation to the quantity sold, losses in the gondolas of retail establishments and consumption per capita of fruits by the population of this City.


Title : Energy Optimization of Building Using Design Builder Software

Authors : Bhagyesh S Pawar, Prof. G.N. Kanade

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The infrastructure industry is growing at the rate of 12.5%. The development of new infrastructure results in the increase of energy consumption, in particular electrical power consumption. The real estate, infrastructure growth in field of IT parks, hospitals and institutional buildings is the prime need of developing country. In order to minimize the energy consumption, there is a lot of initiatives taken by various institutions so that the newly constructed buildings should take into consideration the electrical consumption of buildings.

The energy consumption can be reduced at the design stage by using the knowledge of climatology, solar engineering etc. In order to estimate the energy consumption of a building, energy consumption is analyzed using various methods. In this work the efforts are made to understand how to assess the energy consumption of a commercial buildings.

The software design built is used as a tool to assess and analyze the energy consumption of buildings. The software is used to quantify the architectural design concept to assess the energy consumption and the design can be modified to further reduce the energy consumption


Title : Cytotoxic Effect of Extracts From The Moroccan Marine Sponge on Human Prostate Cancer Cell Line

Authors : Khadija BARY, Belkassem ELAMRAOUI, Fatima Ezzahra LAASRI, Mohamed EL MZIBRI, Laila BENBACER, Toufiq BAMHAOUD

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Marine sponges have been prominently featured in the area of cancer research. Here, we evaluated the cytotoxicity of aqueous and dichloromethane extracts of Cliona viridis, a marine sponge, collected from the Moroccan coast. Using the WST 1 assay, dichloromethane extract displayed significant cytotoxicity against human prostate cancer cell line PC3 with IC50 value of 150 µg /ml while the aqueous extract had no effect on the cell proliferation. These data highlight the potential of C. viridis for future drug discovery against major diseases, such as prostate cancer. Further studies are necessary for chemical characterization of the active principles and more extensive biological evaluations.


Title : Higher Education The Key in The Development of The European Union Economy

Authors : Pana Elena Cristina, Nisulescu- Ashrafzadeh Ileana

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Higher education is a key element in the knowledge-based society, encompassing education, research and innovation. Higher education graduates manage to find a job on average twice as fast than those who have attained lower secondary education. The purpose of the article is to perform a comparative analysis of Romania-EU higher education. In this respect, the total number of students per 1000 inhabitants was followed, in conjunction with some of the most important influential factors, such as admission restrictions, population age group, and financial support for students. The degree of participation and the results obtained by the students during the study period are influenced by the capacity of the education systems in each country to meet the needs of the students, to ensure that their financial situation does not constitute a barrier to either access or for educational progress and to provide them with appropriate services to support them during the period of study.


Title : Life Improvement on Retired Civil Servant in Tanzania: an Analysis of Social Security Policy in Tanzania

Authors : Salum Mohammed Ahmed, Lyatamila (Lyata) Ndyali

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Since the main aim of social security is to help individuals maintains a reasonable standard of living when faced with social and economic contingencies, different countries including Tanzania develop specific policy in ensuring the proper provision of social security service towards their people. It is in this line therefore this paper providing critical analysis of social security policy with respect to the life improvement of retirees from public service sector in Tanzania. Using household survey data on pensioners from western region of Tanzania, which comprises of Geita, Kigoma and Kagera, this study employs an interpretive paradigm analysis to robustly identify, understand and suggest sources of retirement income as well as determine significant impact of these income sources with respect to financing consumption expenditure of retirees specifically after their retirement.

The study was conducted in Western Region-Tanzania since is among the leading regions in terms of poor efficiency on Social Security System provision for retired employees in Tanzania (Regional Administrative Secretary, 2010). The study employed both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Qualitative research entails as means for exploring and understanding the meaning; individuals or groups ascribed to a social human problem (Creswell, 2009). While qualitative approach dominated a large part of the study as it sought to generate the general theme from the analysis and interpretation of the collected data basically on challenges facing retired teachers in processing terminal benefit of their pensions. Most of the complaints revolved around were inadequacy of benefits, delays in payments, lack of up-to-date information about the schemes, complains about the amount which individual contributing to the scheme made as well as estimated benefits. Apart from this study, further researches especially on operationalizing surveys and in-depth interviews are highly encouraging for the aim of overcoming these identified limitations. The findings of the study will be of additional knowledge to the management different social security agencies found in Tanzania. This is due to the challenges they faced during the implementation of their social security strategies in realizing life improvement of retirees. The findings also hoped to benefit the Government of United Republic of Tanzania especially on institutions that concerning with management, implementation and proper supervision of policies, procedures and directives that regards to civil service retirement and statutory benefits issues visa vie social security policy implementation in Tanzania. The study contributes to the scanty literature on retirement income by robustly identifying the alternative sources of retirement income and their importance or significance to pensioners in Tanzania. It may also be used as a source of reference for other researchers based on life improvement on retired civil servant in general. 


Title : Offline Database Access

Authors : K.Sivaprakash, Sundar.R, Siva Sankar.S, Rathina Kumar.B, Pranesh.R

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Most of the People around the globe are not familiar with internet, the reason for inaccessible internet may vary region to region, somewhere because of geographical hurdles but internet has become one of the vital elements of survival for them. In such a scenario, there are parts of the Globe that doesn’t receive internet facility, or governmental restrictions.In some places, such as rural areas and remote regions, cell towers and Internet cables simply don’t exit. The connectivity will be achieved with the help of remote database access through wireless medium. Once the data has been sent to outernet server we can access it at anytime and anywhere by offline database (Without internet).


Title : Building Bi-lingual Anti-Spam SMS Filter

Authors : Heba Adel ,Dr. Maha A. Bayati

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Short Messages Service (SMS) is one of the most popular telecommunication service packages that is used permanently due to its affordability and do not need the internet service. The growth of using SMS leads to the increase of SMS spam problem. So, SMS spam filter become a goal of many organizations to deal with those spams. This work proposes a spam classifications approach using "Naïve Bayesian" (NB) bi-lingual classifier. Based on the content; body of short messages, this classifier categorize input English/Arabic (E/A) messages as being Ham (legitimate) or Spam (unsolicited). As is the tradition, each message's body is represented by as set of features. These features are to be extracted from E/A SMS provided by certain datasets. The proposed filter was exterminated to measure it's efficiency under different settings of working permeates. For English SMS dataset, a total of 5574 SMS were considered; 70% for training and 30% for testing. For a total of 15-featuers, extracted from each SMS, an accuracy of 93% was achieved. For Arabic SMS, a total of 400 SMS were considered and under the same specifications for the English SMS, an accuracy 85% was reached. Using features selection, accuracy level was raised up to 95% for English SMS and 88% for Arabic SMS.