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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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Volume 3 Issue 8

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Title : Encryption of Blob Field Content Using AES Algorithm on CBT (Computer Based Testing) System

Authors : Juli Rejito, Deni Setiana, Rudi Rosadi

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Implementation of information technology especially in CBT (Computer-Based Test) is starting to use. Confidentiality matter stored in the database becomes the main thing that must be considered because the questions used in the test should not publish both from test participants (clients) as well as from a database manager (administrator). In this paper will be presented one alternative security solutions matter stored in blob field database that contains the encoded image, so the original content that matter will only be read when using the actual application. Technical encryption used to take advantage of symmetric encryption that is raised in the application form entry question bank as tools incorporate a matter also functions for encryption of content matter, on the other hand, the used of applications CBT used by the user to work also functions as the decrypted content question. Proof of the encryption result is shown with direct access to blob field matter content stored in the database using database access interface.


Title : Study of the Elementary Surgical Procedures and Instruments with Applications in the Micromechanics of Surgery

Authors : Andra-Maria Ciutac, Carmen-Gabriela Popa

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The theme of this research project is creating different methods suitable to analyze one’s accuracy. Starting from theoretical studies of medical instruments and procedures, as well as studies of biomechanics of the tissue, we introduce a number of devices that can be used to monitor precision and accuracy. This paper presents and analyzes the most important surgical procedures, all in order to develop several mechanisms able to teach and evaluate aspiring surgeons and even specialists within their subject of work. Final models of the prototypes are also included, where the performance of the surgeon can be interpreted from the pressure they apply to the tissue and the precision of their incision.


Title : Review of Color Revolution

Authors : Javad Nikmoeen

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The Velvet Revolution or the Color Revolution is a bloodless transformation that was first proposed by the former Czech president, Waslaw Howell, who at that time was the leader of the opposition. Color revolutions developed into a series of related movements in the post-communist societies of Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Central Asia. This movement is not a real revolution, since it is not spontaneously public, rather it is guided and supported by a foreign power.


Title : Adaptive Controller Design for the Air-to-Air Missile Uncertain System

Authors : Yanjun Liang, Junqi Liang, Zhongsheng Wang

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The guidance and control problem of the air-to-air missile system is studied. A nonlinear, coupling dynamic model of the air-to-air missile with six degrees of freedom is investigated, and an uncertain control system is proposed according to some assumptions and simplifications. In order to make the closed loop of the air-to-air missile control system globally uniformly asymptotic stable and the output of the closed loop control system  asymptotically approach zero, based on adaptive control theory, an adaptive control law for uncertain parameters and a controller for the air-to-air missile are designed. Numerical simulations show that the control system proves the correctness and has preferably tracking performance and illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed controller.


Title : A Comparative Study of Classification Algorithm and Performance Analysis Using Cancer Data to Predict Lung Cancer Disease

Authors : E. Sathiyapriya, Dr. S. Mary Venila

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Lung Cancer is the major cause of human deaths in worldwide. Therefore, to identify the lung cancer is very important to avoid a more deaths in the world. The Lungs are the important organs in our human body and  It act as Primary Organ In Our Human Body. The function of lungs is to extract oxygen from the atmosphere and transfer the oxygen in to blood stream and to release carbon dioxide from bloodstream in to atmosphere. Therefore a lung cancer prediction process it has very ease, cost effective and time has saved more when compare to diagnosis system manually by using Lab Test Reports. The aim of this study to predict lung cancer diagnosis using the classification algorithm. Earlier these study were carried out by the classification algorithm such as Naive Bayes algorithm, J48 decision tree algorithm and SVM algorithm. Data set of 1000 Lung cancer patients data, it has Preprocessed and perform classification using a classification algorithm. J48 produces more accurate results than the Naïve Bayes and SVM Classification algorithm.


Title : A Study on Vibration Reduction of the Torsional-Vibration Responses of A Uniform Beam Subjected To An Eccentric Moving Force

Authors : Jia-Jang Wu

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The conventional single degree-of-freedom (dof) vibration absorber is a widely used device for suppressing the (vertical or horizontal) flexural-vibration responses of a structure induced by dynamic loads. Thus, the relating information is abundant. However, because the device for suppressing the torsional-vibration responses of a structure is rare, the relating literature is limited. The objective of this paper is to determine the optimal parameters for a two-dof vibration absorber such that the torsional-vibration responses of a structure due to dynamic loads can be effectively suppressed. To this end, the equations of motion for a two-dof vibration absorber and the generalized main vibration system corresponding to a certain predominant mode shape of the beam will be firstly derived using the theory of Lagrange's equations. Then, based on the dynamic magnification factor for the rotational dof of the last generalized main vibration system, the optimal parameters of the aforementioned two-dof vibration absorber will be determined. Numerical investigations concerning the use of two-dof vibration absorber for suppressing the rotational-vibration responses of the generalized main vibration system due to dynamic loads will then be conducted. Finally, based on the mode superposition principle, the foregoing technique will be extended to suppress the torsional-vibration responses of a uniform beam subjected to an eccentric moving force. Because, in addition to the torsional-vibration responses, the presented two-dof vibration absorber can also suppress the flexural-vibration responses of the structure to some degree, its functions should be greater than those of the conventional single-dof absorber.


Title : Corporate Social Responsibility in VietNam

Authors : Giang Cao Tran

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the harmonious combination of environmental and social factors in the decisions and activities of the business to ensure that enterprises manage the benefits effectively. Different of individuals, business and society. Since the 1980s, CSR has become an important business strategy. More and more businesses are realizing that they can not only aim to maximize profits but also carry out social responsibilities. This paper aims to clarify key elements of CSR, the trend of CSR, and guide the integration of Human Resource Management (HRM) into CSR.-


Title : To Study the Effectiveness of Laser Therapy and G.D Maitland Mobilization in Adhesive Capsulitis Among 40-50 Years Age Group Male Patients

Authors : Zaki Anwer, Suraj Kumar

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Background:Thestudy focused to make a comparative evaluation regarding the efficacy of laser therapy treatment with that of the Maitland mobilization technique in patients with adhesive capsulitis. Objective: Study to show the effectiveness of laser therapy and G.D Maitland mobilization in adhesive capsulitis. Methods:In this randomized controlled study, total subject 30participants were equally divided using random method in to two different treatment groups with each group having 15 patients each in each of the group namely GD Maitland Mobilization and the LASER therapy group. All the subjects were treated for 3 sessions per week for six weeks (total 18 sessions). The variable of the study include assessments of pain severity on Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), shoulder active ROM (flexion, extension, abduction), associated disability SPADI scores for pain and disability scales.  The variable score were taken in the beginning of the study (day 0) and after 30 days and 90 days for both the group. Goniometric assessment of active ranges of shoulder movements were made for the range documentation of the study. Data of 30 subjects (only men) enrolled subjects were used for analysis. Results:In the study there are improvement in all shoulder parameters after treatment and in the follow up period compared to before treatment in both groups. Conclusion: though both treatment are effective in reducing the symptoms associated with adhesive capsulitis, the study concludes that G.D Maitland is more effective than Laser therapy at the 30 days documentation. 


Title : Effectiveness of Adult Literacy Program through Computer Assisted E-Learning

Authors : S.R.Jeyashree, T.Selvaraj

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There are innumerable means, sources and methods of adult learning for adult literacy programs are experimented over the period of time. The evolutionary trends of methods, means and modes of adult education and its teaching methods are notable. There are number of researches shows that the methods of teaching especially adult literacy teaching have made positive impact on the adult learner’s performances from time to time since adult literacy is a basis for the development of society. In the recent years, technology has played a key role in promoting literacy among the illiterates in the rural and urban areas. Particularly, the computers are being utilized under this study to assists in teaching basic 3 “R” skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. The present article is highlighted the impact and effectiveness of the Adult Literacy Program through Computer Assisted E. Learning Software used in the promoting adult literacy among rural and urban illiterates.


Title : Determination of Water Consumption Rate for A Growing Urban City in Osun State, Nigeria

Authors : AWOFADEJU Ayinde Samuel, AKANNI Ayotunde Oluwayemisi,IDOWU Olajumoke Temitayo, FAMILUSI Ayokunle Oluwaseun

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Water is the simplest important element of life that is basic to man’s existence. Most researchers are discouragedfrom working on determination of water consumption rate in Ikirun due to improper and inadequatewater demand data estimate in Ikirun the headquarters of Ifelodun local government in Osun State. Hence, this study determines the rate of water consumption in Ikirun.1213 questionnaires related to water uses and demand rate were randomly distributed to residential, and 250 were administered on institutional, commercial and industrial consumers from high density area (Eweta), medium density area (Oja-Oba, Thursday market, Oke-Afo area) and low density area (Laade/testing ground area) using End Use Analysis Technique.The results obtained show that most residential and commercial consumers source water from deep well, industrial consumers source their water from boreholes while institutional consumers mostly depend on tap water for their basic needs. The total volume of water used daily per house for residential consumers at low density area varied from 95-1255liters, the values at medium density area varied from 3465-11,570liters, while that of high density area varied from 3485-22,805liters. The daily values for total volume of water consumed for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities were4,824, 3299 and 3812 liters respectively. The average water demand for low, medium and high density areas were 25.31 l/c/day, 16.42 l/c/day, and 27.61 l/c/day which is not within the range specified by WHO standard. It is recommended that the water pipe network should be extended to all nook and cranes of Ikirun township to allow consumers access to portable water. 


Title : Improve Image Security Over wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Wail A. H. Hadi, Hayder F. Y. Hussein, Safa A. A. Abass

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The major weaknesses of Wireless Sensor Network is the energy consumption, because the difficult battery replacement or recharge . The energy consume can be regulator by more than one layers. In this paper goals to reduce the energy consume in the physical layer, because the most of the energy consume occurs in the physical layer. This reduce will be achieved via the use of Zigbee transceiver standard at the physical layer with the reduced complexity and lower power consumption than other system used in wireless sensor networks. Furthermore, such use will also enhance energy efficiency and bit error rate of the wireless sensor network. In this paper will apply the chaotic interleaver and chaos encryption to get best encryption (two level encryption) and reducing in time processing and enhancement simulation for bit error rate and peak signal to noise ration by transceiver image cameraman though an AWGN and Rayleigh fading  channels are displayed.


Title : Understanding Professionals, Politicians and The Society in The Motorized World - and How To Help Them

Authors : Hermann Knoflacher

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The paper is a summary about the paradigm change which is on the way in the motorized society and the related professions today. How the enormous losses of human life from accidents and air pollution as well as the degradation or the urban environment are tolerated gives rise to the question, what is wrong in the related disciplines of transport and urban planning. A brief summary about findings from interdisciplinary research the last five decades describes the way to a better understanding why human behavior has been affected by cars and what chances we have to escape from this “evolutionary trap” of this technological and technical progress. The empirical results of the application of these research findings in many cities are finally listed in a comparison between “positive” and “negative” effects on cities, human societies and cultures and the environment.


Title : The 1-Good-Neighbor Diagnosability of Shuffle-Cubes

Authors : Yingying Wang, Shiying Wang, Zhenhua Wang

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The diagnosability is an important parameter in measuring the fault tolerance and the reliability of multiprocessor systems. In 2012, Peng et al. proposed a measure for fault diagnosis of the system, called the g-good-neighbor diagnosability that restrains each fault-free vertex containing at least g fault-free neighbors. The shuffle-cube  is a variation of the n-dimensional  hypercube


Title : An Investigation into Client Satisfaction in Health Care Delivery at Komfo Anokye Polyclinic, Kumasi

Authors : Eric Abayie Prempeh, Francis Anyan

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The study investigatedclient satisfaction with health care delivery at Komfo Anokye Polyclinic,Kumasi. Data were collected using open and closed ended questionnaireadministered to 300respondents randomly selected using the simple random sampling technique. Data collected was analyzed using both inferential and descriptive statistical tools. The study revealed that majority of the respondents were female. Also it was indicated from the study that the level of outpatient’s satisfaction is dependent on attitude of health workers. Furthermore, the study revealed that the level of outpatients’ satisfaction is dependent on the waiting time of outpatients before treatment. The study recommended that the hospital authorities should put in measures that would improve on the time patients spend at the hospital before accessing health services.