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Volume 3 Issue 7

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Title : Major Vault Protein of the Protozoan Raphidiophrys contractilis Has a Binding Property to β-1,3-Glucan and is Involved in Food Capturing

Authors : Mousumi Bhadra, Mayumi Kobayashi, Rina Higuchi, Lin Chen, Toshinobu Suzaki

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A centrohelid heliozoan Raphidiophrys contractilis was found to recognize curdlan, an insoluble β-1,3-glucan, as food. When a suspension of curdlan gel was added to the heliozoans, the gel particles were ingested into food vacuoles. By affinity purification with curdlan gel, a protein of 100 kDa was isolated as the only β-1,3-glucan-binding protein from the detergent-extracted cell homogenate of R. contractilis. The protein was subjected to mass spectrometry with a reference contig dataset obtained by transcriptome analysis. From the obtained partial nucleotide sequences and additional PCR-based sequence determination, the protein was identified as major vault protein (MVP), the main component of Vault complex. The R. contractilis MVP reacted with an antibody against human MVP, and specific binding to β-1,3-glucan was verified by a competition assay with laminarin, a soluble-type β-1,3-glucan. The heliozoans were mixed with prey flagellate Chlorogonium capillatum and extracellular fluid was collected during food-uptake. The fluid was then subjected to pull-down assay with curdlan gel, by which multiple protein species were detected including MVP as one of the major proteins, suggesting that MVP is secreted from the heliozoans during food uptake as a component of a large protein complex.  The involvement of the heliozoan MVP in prey recognition suggests a possible novel function of this protein in self/nonself discrimination.


Title : FinDoctor-Interactive Android Clinic Geographical Information System Using Firebase and Google Maps API

Authors : Anisa Rahmi, I Nyoman Piarsa,Putu Wira Buana

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Health is a very important thing for human life. Health must be maintained for human survival. This is the main reason someone is looking for a doctor as fast and appropriate in dealing with the illness or commonly called a check-up. The number of processes that must be done by patient while seeing the doctor can make the patient feels uncomfortable. Departing from these problems, a system should facilitates the relationship between patient and doctor in a more efficient way. This research proposes a mobile Android and web application to facilitate the needs between doctors and patients. The designed application using MySQL as the main data storage like data of doctors, patients, clinics, and doctor's assistant. Firebase Storage is use for saving additional data such as doctor's files, or photos. The system also uses other Firebase service that are Firebase Real-Time Database to handle chat data and Firebase Notification to create notifications. The application also uses Google Maps API to support GIS.


Title : Public Procurement Liability System in Latvia

Authors : Inara Opmane

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Procurement as business process management object has significant economic impact in both the private sector and the public sector. It affects both production and service sector and public administration also. This article analyzes procurement as business process its management and related risks. Research on Public procurement cover both procurement problems in economic models generally. Over time procurement research changing according to specific economic models. Research is based on situation analysis and statistical data in Latvia. The main interest was devoted to public procurement processes related to infrastructure (constructions) development. Data about situation in Latvia approve that data are real, but processes are similar in others countries also.


Title : Using Extensive Reading to Improve First Year Students Learner Autonomy

Authors : Nguyen Van Son

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Extensive Reading (ER) has been a hot topic among the scholars all over the world due to the benefits it brings to students’ study. It is often argued to improve learner autonomy, vocabulary learning, writing, attitude towards reading and so forth. This paper reviews the literature relevant to the above issues and indicates the challenges of implementing Extensive Reading into the language classrooms.


Title : Dominance and Persistence of PE strains (Saccharomyces sensu stricto) in Brazilian bioethanol fermentation tanks (three units, one season)

Authors : Maria da Graca S. Andrietta,Patricia R. Kitaka, Silvio R. Andrietta, Claudia Steckelberg

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The purpose of this work was to follow up the dynamics of yeast population in fermentation tanks for ethanol production starting their processes with PE strain (Saccharomycessensustricto) as inoculum. This follow-up was carried out by using the pulsed-field technique. The results suggest that even though the replacement for indigenous strains took place at different times, the PE strain was unable to remain until the end of the season in the units assessed. In spite of the complete replacement of the PE strain, this fact cannot be associated with the entry of a certain strain, since those that eliminated the PE were also replaced by others at some point at the three units. Each process presents a different dynamics with regard to the yeast population in process, which changes depending on a number of biotic and abiotic factors favoring the installation of certain strains at different periods of the season.


Title : Propane Gas and Fuel From Plastic Waste Material

Authors : P.Satheeshkumar

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Disposal of plastic waste especially poly propane plays a major role in our environment. plastics have woven their way into our daily lives and now pose a tremendous threat to the environment. Over a 10 million tone of plastics bottles (poly propane) are produced annually worldwide, and the used products have become a common feature at overflowing bins and landfills. Though work has been done to make futuristic biodegradable plastics, there have not been many conclusive steps towards cleaning up the existing problem. Here, the process of converting waste plastic bottles into value added gas is explained as a viable solution for recycling of plastics(PP). Thus two universal problems such as problems of waste plastic and problems of gas shortage are being tackled simultaneously. The waste plastics are subjected to pyrolysis to obtain value added propane gas. Converting waste plastic(PP) into gas hold great promise for both the environmental and economic scenarios. Thus, the process of converting plastics to gas has now turned the problems into an opportunity to make wealth from waste.


Title : Investigation of Signal Strength Level Between Sensor and Sink in Wireless Body Area Network

Authors : Lina Narbutaite, Liudas Mazeika, Dwivedi Pawan Kumar, Pratha Umesh Mehta

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The rapid advances of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has empowered the development of several application fields. Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) is an example of ICT system applications used in medical areas. Combining sensors and wireless communication technology, wireless body area network (WBAN) is one of the most promising fields. One important aspect of wearable health monitoring devices and WBAN is their wireless connectivity. Several technologies can be considered to provide connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for local connectivity, cellular interface (2-5G) for mobile access. In this article, we mainly focus on from the website. There are several wireless technologies such as Low power WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.6. In this paper we have analysed experimental evaluation of the signal propagation between sensor and sink according to sensor position on human body and transmission environment using Bluetooth. According to these data was defined the best working performance zones for our WBAN system.


Title : Structural Design and Analysis of Steering Clevis Joint of an ATV For Weight Reduction & Steering Stability

Authors : Niraj Kulkarni, Pratik Maid

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The weight of the vehicle is going on increasing due to additional luxurious and safety features. The increasing weight affects the performance of the vehicle. Clevis joints are mostly used as an extension to steering rack to drive the power of steering rack to the tie rods of the vehicle. There are various parameters that affects the connection of steering rack directly to tie rods. Hence clevis joint are used as an attachment to the rack which are able to change the position of the tie rods of an ATV accordingly control the necessary steering arm angle and conclusively tie rod angle with respect to the steering assembly . This paper is based on custom clevis joint. Typically design software CATIA & Solidworks is utilized to achieve the purpose. ANSYS is used for analyzing the component.


Title : Effect of Total Quality Management Implementation on Business Performance of East Java Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Companies

Authors : Lena Ellitan, Dominicus Wahyu Perdana

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TQM approach has long been known and applied to various organizations, but in Indonesia there is a lack of empirical studies that examine the relationship between TQM practices and the impact on the business, operational and human resource performance. This study aims to examine the relationship between TQM practices on the firms’ performance.  Samples were selected randomly from East Java Manufacturing Company directory. Total questionnaires of 400 questionnaires sent to manufacturing companies in the area of East Java. Of the 400 questionnaires have been sent through post, 6 companies are not willing to participate, 17 questionnaires were returned to the researchers with some of the reasons the company closed, change the address, and the address is not known. Researchers also sent a follow up letter after 2 weeks questionnaire submitted. The results of data analysis in this study showed that:  management practices (i.e. leadership, management of supplier quality, vision and planning, evaluation, process control improvement, product design, quality system design, participation, rewards and recognition, education and training, and customer focus) have a significant influence on financial performance, operational performance, and the performance of human resources. The result of partial analysis concluded that: (1). Leadership, supplier quality management, quality system design, education and training, and customer focus have significant influence on financial performance. (2). Leadership, supplier quality management, rewards and recognition, education and training, and customer focus have a significant influence on the operational performance. (3). Leadership and customer focus have a significant influence on the HR performance.


Title : An Evaluation DEM Accuracy Acquired Using a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Across a Riverine Environment

Authors : Entwistle N.S. ,Heritage G.L.

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Fluvial systems offer a challenging and varied environment for topographic survey, displaying a rapidly varying morphology, diversevegetation assemblage and varying degree of submergence. Traditionally theodolite or GPS based systems have been used to capture cross-section and break of slope based data which has subsequently been interpolated to generate a topographic surface. Advances in survey technology has resulted in an improved ability to capture larger volumes of data with infrared terrestrial and aerial LiDAR systems capturing high-density (<0.02m) data across terrestrial surfaces but instruments are expensive and cumbersome and fail to survey through water.

The rise of Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry, coupled with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has potential to rapidly record information needed to derive elevation data at reach scale with sub decimetre density. The approach has the additional advantage over LiDAR of seeing through clear water to capture bed detail, whilst also generating orthorectified photographic mosaics of the survey reach.  However, the accuracy of the data has received comparatively little attention. Here we present a survey protocol for UAV deployment and provide a reach scale comparison between a Terrestrial LiDAR Survey (TLS) and SfM UAV survey on the River Sprint near Kendal in England.. Comparative analysis of elevation data between TLS and SfM suggest comparable accuracy and precision across terrestrial surfaces with error lowest over solid surfaces, increasing with vegetation complexity.  Submerged SfM data captured bed levels generally to within ±0.2 with only a weak relationship recorded between error and flow depth.