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Volume 3 Issue 6

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Title : Water Quality Analysis in Mandawa Town And It’s Surrounding Area of Jhunjhunu District (Rajasthan)

Authors : Sonu Malsaria , Anil Saxena

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The water has become an emotive issue with the people. The  paper presents  groundwater quality assessments  of Mandawa town and it’s surrounding area of Jhunjhunu district (Rajasthan). The results of this analysis were compared with the water quality standards of WHO AND BIS. The water samples were collected from 15 open wells and tube wells  in Mandawa town and it’s surrounding area. In this analysis the various physicochemical parameters such as pH , EC, Total Dissolved Solids(TDS), Total Hardness(TH), Alkalinity, F-,  Cl-,  NO3-  were determined using standard procedures.

The study reveals that the concentration of major constituents are not within the permissible limits of IS (10500-2012). It is observed that the water is polluted and affecting the human health  in certain areas. Hence a study has been carried out for the quality of the available groundwater.


Title : Video Annotation Model Based on Multi-Label Classifier and Fuzzy Knowledge Representation Schemes

Authors : M.Sumithra, V.Mercy Rajaselvi

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Video annotation is a promising approach to facilitate video retrieval and it can avoid the intensive labor costs of pure manual annotation. But it frequently encounters several difficulties, such as insufficiency of training data and the curse of dimensionality. Video annotation is processed by three steps, In the first step, in order to extract the key feature, video is taken as input and a single frame is extracted from the video by using the video cutting tool. From the selected frame GIST Descriptors for spatial structure and the feature vector of 8x 8 encoding samples are extracted. In the second step, classifier are trained and annotation is done. In the training phase, trained classifier is obtained by using SVM algorithm and in the classification phase, labels are given to the object using the trained classifier.  In the third step, scenes are recognized by inference based algorithms which takes object labels as input. The inference based algorithms are used for annotation refinement and scene recognition. These algorithms use fuzzy knowledge representation scheme based on Fuzzy PetriNet and KRFPNs. KRFPNs is defined to enable reasoning with concepts which is useful for video annotation


Title : Digital Signature Combined with Subliminal Channel and its Variants

Authors : Saumya Singh, Himanshu Agrawal

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A subliminal channel or a covert communication channel, where the message is send to the authorized user. Only an authorized user can access this message. In digital signature implemented in a subliminal channel, subliminal message is embedded in the signature by the signer. Signature can we verified by any receiver but only authorized receiver can access the subliminal message. A discussion will be made on, 1.subliminal channel with two digital signature schemes constructed on discrete logarithms. 2. Threshold subliminal channel where message can be recovered with the help of t users among the authorized user.  3. A subliminal channel with an ID based signature scheme 4.Integrating subliminal channel with access control 5. An applications based on subliminal channel.


Title : Appendicular Pathology Which We All have to Know

Authors : M Moujahid, V A Blata, I Talbi, Y Mejdahoui, A Laalou, R Chouiba, F Mohafid, M Laaroussi, N Njoumi, M Najih, H Laraqui, M Yaka, A Ehirchiou, A Zentar

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Appendiceal mucocele is a rare disease. Sometimes it is discovered accidentally and sometimes it resembles acute appendicitis. Correct diagnosis before surgery is important for the selection of adequate surgical treatment to avoid intraoperative and postoperative complications. Ultrasonography, and particularly computed tomography (CT), should be used extensively for this purpose. If mucocele is treated incorrectly, pseudomyxoma peritonei may develop. We report a case of appendicular mucocele in a male patient aged 60 years old who was admitted to the emergency department of Military Hospial Mohamed V in Rabat, with the signs of acute appendicitis. As if it were an elderly patient, in whom the literature insists on performing CT, therefore appendicular mucocele was discovered by this imaging technique. Emergency open right hemicolectomy and ilio transverse-colon anastomosis termino lateral was performed because the base of the append was involved in the process. No free fluid was found in the peritoneal cavity. Histopathologic diagnosis was mucocele of appendix with simple mucous cyst. The follow-up were simple without any recurrance since five years.


Title : Importance of Work-Life Balance

Authors : Chetna Arora, Dr. Rajlakshmi Wagh

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The question which arises is whether we are enjoying a healthy Work-Life Balance in Reality? This is a big question which stands like Gibraltar for all of us. Work-Life Balance refers to the concept of managing and the excellent execution of the responsibilities at the workplace as well as in Business organization. With the passage of time and age, the responsibilities increase making it extremely important to streamline our work-life balance. If an employee is able to execute the workplace and personal responsibilities in a balanced way, it leads to decrease in the appearance of tell-tale signs of poor work-life balance like absenteeism, stress, job dissatisfaction and many other morale deteriorating signs. Let's face it, working fewer hours frees up the time so that an employee can give some time to community, family, hobbies and so on. It's important to keep assessing work-life balance. This article is written with a perspective of understanding the importance of having a healthy work-life balance. 


Title : Typing Fingers Vs Writing Fingers

Authors : Tazeen Jamal Siddiqui

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This paper intends to discuss the impact of  typing on the behavior of kids and the behavioral traits they acquire in comparison of kids who write more than type and are less exposed to electronic gadget interactions.


Title : Smart Car Parking Using Arduino Microcontroller

Authors : Mr. Vedant Chikhale, Mr. Raviraj Gharat, Ms. Shamika Gogate, Mr. Roshan Amireddy

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Smart car parking project aims at providing a confusion free and easy parking. This project helps the drivers of the cars to park their vehicles with minimum wastage of time with accurate information of the availability of the space to park over Android app. The operator also can collect parking fees efficiently and the drivers can book and pay for their parking space over Android app. It includes an Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega as the microcontroller unit to which the servo motors, LCD, object counter using IC 555 and IC 4026, ultrasonic sensors (HC-05) and IR sensors SR21-IC are interfaced. The LCD displays the availability of the space, the counter keeps the check of the number of cars entering and exiting the parking space, the servo motor helps as gate for the entry and exit of the cars. The ultrasonic sensors detect the availability of the parking space.  


Title : Autism and Inclusive Education in Cameroon: Attitudes, Resistance and Pitfalls

Authors : Chaffi W. Cyrille Ivan

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Integrating children affected by autism in ordinary education remains a challenge within public primary schools in Yaoundé. Actually, children living with autism, despite the "Inclusive education" slogan, still do not have access to ordinary schools, which hinders significantly the achievement of Education for all. This article examines the attitudes of teachers with regards to the integration of children affected by autism into ordinary schools. It seeks to verify the hypothesis that the attitude of teachers dealing with autistic children in educational situation has a clear impact on the integration of these children into ordinary schools.  Through a qualitative approach based on interviews, the study brings out a set of unfavorable factors that strive against the inclusion of autistic children at ordinary schools.


Title : Role of Working Capital Finance in the Growth of SME Sector in Bangladesh

Authors : Md. Maniruzzaman

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The main objective of this research is to highlight the SMEs working capital requirement and access of finance and related issues, as experienced by SME Entrepreneurs in the Bangladesh. Our study also indicates that the existence of trust between organization and bank improves access of financing and reduces the borrowing costs. This paper helps to think the SME owner/Manager to arrange alternative access of finance to meet up working capital finance. Bangladesh has huge potential in SMEs sector, it is a labor intensive sector but requires optimum level of current assents. Most of the time the SMEs entrepreneurs couldn’t arrange the  current assets from their own capacity, So they requires support either from financial institution or from unorganized sources. This study tries to find out the source of working capital finance and its easy access among the SME owners who are highly ambitious to go forward the SMEs business and try to contribute economic development in Bangladesh


Title : Identification, Distribution and Density Determination of Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Ornamental Plants of Mazandaran

Authors : Seyed Esmaeil Mahdavian , Farahnaz Jahanshahi

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170 samples of soil, root and standing parts of ornamental greenhouses plant collected from different city of Mazandaran province which included AmolTonekaboon, Ramsar, Salmanshahr, KelarAbad, AbasAbad, Nashtarood, Nowshahr, Hachirood. These samples collected from 74 flowers and ornamental plants that belong to the 50 different groups of plant and collected between the years of 2012-2015 and then investigated. There wasn’t any nematode contamination in aboveground organs of plant.  Totally nine genera and 10 species ( M. javanica، Aphelenchoides، D. dipsaci، Helicotylenchus، Scutellonemabrachyurus، M.brevidens، P. thornei، P. vulnus، Paratylenchus and Tylenchulussemipenetrans ) Belonging to eight families and Tylenchidae  family ( from this family of the following genera Filenchus، Boleodorus، Psilenchus، Basiria and  Neopsilenchus) extracted and identified. M. javanica, Aphelenchoides and D. dipsaci were the host of three important nematodes of ornamental plant parasites; these hosts investigated according to the number of nematodes per 250 Cm ³ of soil, average of population that exist on each host and the number of  contaminated samples for each city. Tylenchidae with 64 contaminated has the most frequency percentage. The most population of nematode related to the Pothos plant that was located in Abas-abad region. Paratylenchus nematode with one contaminated sample has the lows frequency percentage and the most population of nematode related to the Asparagus plant in Amol city. M. javanica with 43 contaminated samples and 2520 nematode was collected from Pothos plant that is located in Nowshahr. 32 out of 74 collected ornamental plants was host of M. javanica, 21 plants was host of Aphelenchoides and 12 plants was the host of  D. dipsaci; therefore 43, 25, 14 samples reported  that contaminated to these three nematodes. 15 contaminated samples was the most amounts that located in Nowshahr, the most population of 2520 identified from the Pothos plant of Nowshahr city and Nashtarood and tonekaboon has zero contaminated samples. The most contaminated samples to the Aphelenchoides identified from Nowshahrthah has six samples and the most population of this nematode with 320 population identified from camellia plant in Hachirooda and Tonekaboon with one sample has the lowest contaminated sample.  There are six contaminated samples to the D. dipsaci that located in Nowshahr and the most contamination of this nematode was 190 that identified from Begonia plant in Abas-Abad.

Tonekaboon, Amol, Ramsar, Kelar-Abad and Nashtarood have not any contaminated samples. 52% was the most population for M. javanica that was in Ramsar, Aphelenchoides had the most frequency of 29% that was in Amol, D. dipsaci had the frequency of 22% that was in Salmanshahr and the total frequency percentage of these three nematode was 25, 15 and 8 respectively.


Title : Spectroscopy, Optical Properties of NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles Prepared by Co-Sputtering Technique in Different Gasses Mixture Ratio

Authors : Baha T. Chiad, Ruaa A. Mohammed

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We report the optical properties of the inverse spinel ferrite NiFe2O4,All the films were deposited on Si (100) substrateby co-sputtering technique, We carried out variable gasses mixture argon to oxygen for  transmittance measurements on the thin films to investigate the optical properties. Thicknesses of the films determined by x-ray reflectivity vary from 73nm  to 176nm as the varies of gas mixture  from 30:70 to 10:90 (Ar:O2) respectively . The films were characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR)  , Optical properties were studied by UV-vis reflectance spectra. The value of optical  indirectband gap  ranging between  (1.779-1.785ev  ) was found to be independent of thickness of the film. The absorption spectra of  NiFe2O4nanoparticles  for the prepared sample in the spectral uv- visible region 400-700 was obtained.


Title : Impact of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill on the Indian Economy

Authors : Angshuman Banerjee

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The passing of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill has generated much momentum in India. The unification of the indirect taxation system under a single tax regime is a monumental move in the history of Indian economy. With regards to the same, this paper seeks to discuss the different manners by which the GST bill may impact the various parties in the market such as customers, businesses, and the governments.


Title : Combined Effect of UV-C and Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Keeping Antioxidant Compounds and Extend to Shelf-Life of Fresh-Cut Rocket Leaves

Authors : Diego R. Gutierrez, Silvia del C. Rodriguez

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The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of UV-C treatments (7.5, 15 and 30 kJ/m2) combined with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on phenolic compounds, antioxidant capacity and shelf-life of fresh-cut rocket leaves during 12 days of storage at 5 °C. Samples no UV-C irradiation under passive MAP were used as a control. According to the sensory quality attributes, all combination treatments resulted in a shelf-life for up to 12 days, with the exception of higher doses of 30 kJ UV-C/m2 which resulted in a shorter shelf-life. The results showed that combined treatments had no adverse effects on ascorbic acid content, phenolic compound and antioxidant capacity of fresh-cut rocket leaves. The application of 15 kJ/m2UV-C combined with MAPdelayed the degradation of total chlorophyll content throughout shelf-life. UV-C decreased microbial counts after illumination. Until 8 days at 5 ºC, mesophilic, psycrophilic, enterobacteria and yeast and moulds populations were significantly lower in treated samples with UV-C with MAP.As a main conclusion, UV-C light treatment combined with MAP was demonstrated to be a high potential novel technology for surface decontamination and keeping the overall quality and bioactive compounds of fresh-cut rocket leaves.


Title : Dominance and Persistence of PE strains (Saccharomyces Sensu Stricto) in Brazilian Bioethanol Fermentation Tanks (One Unit Four Seasons)

Authors : Claudia Steckelberg, Patricia R. Kitaka, Silvio R. Andrietta, Maria G.S. Andrietta

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The use of select yeasts as inoculum at the start of the season of bioethanol production has been a recurring practice in Brazilian distilleries. The Saccharomyces sensu stricto strain mostly used to start the process in distilleries is know as Pedra (PE). In this work, we assessed four different seasons (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) at the same unit, which started the process with the PE strain in all years. The dominance and persistency capacity of the PE strain varied from season to season, but in none of the seasons we noted the presence of this strain the end of the activities, even though this strain was found to have considerable capacity to remain in the process. The data presented in this study elucidate that one selected strain is replaced by the other, or even by more than one originated from feedstock. We have also noted that yeast dynamics behavior in tanks is variable from season to season, suggesting the influence of feedstock in yeast selection.