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Volume 3 Issue 4

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Title : Drivers Distraction and Road Traffic Crashes in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria

Authors : G. C. Emenike, C.A. Kanu

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The study examined the drivers’ distraction and road traffic crashes in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria. The study made use of three hundred and eighty six copies of questionnaire administered to the commercial vehicle operators in the six traffic zones in Port Harcourt Metropolis using a random sampling technique. Descriptive statistics were used to explain the results while inferential statistics (Spearman’s Rank Correlation) were used to determine the relationship between drivers’ distraction and traffic crashes. Findings showed that majority (97.4%) of the respondents were males, majority (39.1%) were within the age bracket of 25-34 years while 41.7% had driving experience between 3 to 5 years and majority (36.8%) had driving training from the family. Furthermore, types of drivers’ distraction common in the study area included making/receiving calls (59.9%), phone texting (66%), in-vehicle conversation (68.2%), adjustment of Cd/radio (81.9%), eating/drinking (80.1%), outside vehicle distraction (71.2%) and in-vehicle gadgets (64.3%). However, the effects of drivers’ distraction were accidents (42.3%), near crash (61.7%), issues with traffic officials (47.4%), poor turning in heavy traffic (63.4%), poor turning in heavy traffic (63.4%), misuse of lanes (63.4%) and improper indication (63.5%). Correlation analysis showed that road traffic crashes had significant relationships with making/receiving calls (r= -0.164; p<0.05) and in-vehicle gadgets (r= -0.102; p<0.05). The study therefore recommended among others that effective training procedures are required before issuing licence to motorist in order to control the rate of drivers’ distractions; and pro-active measures and effective control practices are essential should be put in place to promote safety on the road and reduce road traffic accidents.


Title : Anti Collision Sensor Based Blind Stick

Authors : Akshay Meppurath, Akshay Monde, Nikhil Karadkar, Aditya Joshi, Ankur Ganorkar

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Visually impaired people find difficulties detecting obstacles in front of them, during walking in the street, which makes it dangerous. The smart stick comes as a proposed solution to enable them to identify the world around. In this paper we propose a solution, represented in a smart stick with ultrasonic sensor to detect any other obstacles in front, left and right of the user, within a range of four meters. Moreover, another sensor is placed at the bottom of the stick for the sake of avoiding puddles. The vibration of motor is activated when any obstacle is detected. The blind stick is integrated with ultrasonic sensor along with GPS &GSM based Navigation/Tracking system. This proposed system uses the microcontroller ATmega 328 embedded system. The stick is capable of detecting all obstacles in the range 4 meter during 39 ms and gives a suitable respect message empowering blind to move twice his normal speed because she/he feels safe. The smart stick is of low cost, fast response, low power consumption, light weight.


Title : Emergence of Ethics in Education

Authors : Dr. Rashmi Mishra

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Ethics is defined as the discipline dealing with what is good, what is bad and what is a moral duty and obligation? Ethics in organization deal with behavior of people that to an educational environment and by the body corporate with respect to ethical issues in public interest. The main sources of ethical behavior are values & goals. Now a day’s in organization principle codes such as ethical code, enforcement, and communication system are not followed well. Developing an ethical environment is a long term process in business  it is not only  a social responsibility but also an asset which have their own return in financial and non-financial terms. Recently have seen an increasing stress on the need tomonitor and manage educators, and hold them to account for ethics. Learning outcomes can be valuableif properly used, they have been misappropriated and adoptedwidely at all levels within the education system to facilitatethe managerial process. Theclaim that they can be made precise by being written with aprescribed vocabulary of special descriptors so as to serveas objective, measurable devices for monitoring performance,is fundamentally mistaken, and they may be damaging to educationwhen used in this way. The people are taking buyer and seller relationship in teacher and student role. That is the reason it has taken the shape of teaching organization rather than temple of olden time.


Title : Radiation Effects on Unsteady MHD Flow of A Visco-Elastic Fluid Along Vertical Porous Surface With Heat Source and Chemical Reaction

Authors : Pavan , G. S. S. Raju

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An unsteady two dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flow of a visco-elastic incompressible fluid (Walters B0 fluid model) along an infinite hot vertical porous surface bounded by porous medium with free stream as well as suction velocity in the presence of Thermal radiation, heat surface and chemical reaction has been investigated. The governing equations of motion, energy and concentration are solved by the successive perturbation technique. The variations in the fluid velocity, temperature and concentration are shown graphically where as numerical values of skin-friction; Nusselt number and Sherwood number are presented in tabular form. 


Title : Settlement Behavior of Reinforced Embankments Supported by Encased Columns

Authors : Mehmet Rifat Kahyaoglu

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Stone column supported embankments on soft clay deposits have some construction problems due to low bearing capacity, high compressibility and lack of lateral resistance. To overcome these difficulties, geosynthetics have been widely preferred by geotechnical engineers in recent years. This paper presents a two dimensional (2D) finite element model study, simulating a geosynthetic-reinforced (GR) and geosynthetic-encased stone column (GEC) supported embankment on soft soil. Numerical analyses are performed to investigate the effect of reinforcement and encasement on the vertical displacement of stone columns and soft soil. The results reveal a significant decrease in settlement with encasement, which is thought to be a direct consequence of the additional confining pressure produced by the geosynthetic encasement. With the help of base reinforcement, the surface settlement values of the soft soil reduced significantly.


Title : Improving the Quality of Healthcare Using Big Data

Authors : Dr. Ashfaq Amir Shaikh, Singh Nikhil Chandrashekhar, Ayshan Maredia,Khan Faimin Shakeel,Saif Sayyed

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In India there is a lack of doctor’s availability in rural areas compare to urban areas because of which the number of deaths is increasing in the rural areas. To solve this issue we are building an android application (Healtho) which will recommend the disease based on the symptoms given by the end user. Basically, a recommended system will be used by using Hadoop with mahout that is a Big Data concept. By using android as a platform we can provide higher availability of the system to the end user and provide some emergency services like location of nearby Hospitals and blood bank. The system also provides the medicine time (Meditime) in which the end user may come to know at what time the medicine is to be taken. This system could mostly be used by the people who live in rural area because there is lack of doctor’s availability and hospitals. 


Title : In Vitro Cytotoxic Effect of Rodgersia Sambucifolia (Hemsl) in the Treatment of Leukemia

Authors : Gan Mei Wann, Anbu Jeba Sunilson John Samuel, Anandarajagopal Kalusalingam, Anita Gnana Kumari Anpumoni Vimala

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Rodgersia sambucifolia (Hemsl) commonly known as rhizome of Featherleaf, Rodgers flower is one of the Chinese traditional medicinal plants in cancer therapy. The powder of R. sambucifolia rhizome was traditionally used by Chinese traditional healer for the treatment of leukemia and throat cancer. However, no scientific research has been carried out about this traditional claim. The aim of the present study was to investigate the potential cytotoxic effect of this plant rhizome extract against human T4 lymphoblastoid cell lines (CEMss). Among the ethanol and water extracts of R. sambucifolia, the ethanolic extract showed a significant (P<0.01) anti-proliferative effect which was followed by water extract at a concentration of 3.0 and 10.8 µg/ml subsequently. The ethanol and water extract of the R. sambucifolia reveals the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates and glycosides, tannins and phenolic compounds, flavones and flavonoids and the absence of proteins and amino acids, sterols, fixed oils and fats. The present study opens and new stand point to validate R. sambucifolia extracts as one of the cytotoxic drugs for cancer therapy based on the traditional claim.


Title : The Trend of Using English in Bangladeshi Social and Electronic Media Conversations: Reasons ‘Within’ and ‘Beyond’ the Circle

Authors : Shamima Akter Shanta

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Language is one of the strong driving forces in shaping the identity and culture of people of a community, therefore, issues related to language is always dealt with tact and imminence. One of the noteworthy traits of language is change and progressiveness, which is prevalent in Bangla (native language or L1 of Bangladesh) language as well. These changing trends of language include code switching/mixing tendency (Bangla, English or Hindi), violation of standard form of Bangla, transliteration of Bangla into English, use of English accent in pronouncing Bangla, deliberate attempt of young generation to use English as a fashion statement etc. This paper intends to explore the existing realities behind this linguistic changes and the impact of this changes on Bangla. To do so, examples of a few conversations from private radio & Television channels and face book pages have been provided and analyzed to give a glimpse of the current linguistic situation of Bangladesh that is evident in Bangladeshi electronic and social media conversations at present. This paper tries to illustrate the importance of a nation-wide language awareness that can make a difference in policy and practice of using language in Bangladesh emphasizing literature, culture and functions of both native (Bangla) and foreign (English) language.


Title : The Impact of Supervision on Serving Principal’s Management of Resources in Cameroon

Authors : Asah Martin Anjah

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One aspect of education which is problematic is the management of resources. Presently, successful organisations insist on quantitative goals, capacity creation and higher professional skills for human resources at all level. Consequently, the survival and destiny of an organization is endangered if the head is not effective in managing the resources. The principals who are directly in charge, has been neglected over the years. This study seeks to investigate the relationship between acquired skills in resource management and principal’s effectiveness. A quantitative survey was conducted on  a  sample  size  of  886  serving  principals  in  the  south west and north west  regions  of Cameroon,( the Anglo-phone or English speaking regions) through the direct delivery method with the help of a questionnaire suited for the purpose. Data was collected and computed using the Pearson movement correlation and chi square with the SPSS software testing principals, organisational supervision, and resource management on the likert 4 scale of (SA, A, D. SD)  totaling 10 points. The result was analyzed and it was observed that, there is a significant relationship between human capital skills developed through in-service training of principals and resource management in schools. From these findings, it was commended that capacity building of principal’s competence can enhanced the management of resources and eventually improve the standard of educational in Cameroon.


Title : Device for Blind People Navigation

Authors : Nimran Kaur, Ayush Sharma, Manisha Gururani, Atul Kumar Srivastava

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Blind feel very discouraged because they need help to move around the outdoors and indoors. They can only walk through the known roads but they can’t detect the obstacle on their way. It is very difficult for them to walk on the roads. Blind people are not able to sense things. Blind people lose their friends and relatives due to their blindness. People should not look the disabilities of the blind. They must instead help them when in need.

For this purpose, we are going to develop an aid to help the blind people in walking, So that they can walk freely in the environment without being conscious. Major researches have been under consideration on developing a smart stick with various sensors attached to it to be used as a mobility aid by the blind as a part on an ongoing study. For the project we will be using sensors, GPS and GSM. Our project completely relies on implementing an innovative product to help the blind.


Title : An Intelligent Behaviour Shown by Chatbot System

Authors : Vibhor Sharma, Monika Goyal , Drishti Malik

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Chatbots are software agents used to interact between a computer and a human in natural language. Just as people use language for human communication, chatbots use natural language to communicate with human users. The main aim of their creation was to resemble a human being in the way they perform said interaction, trying to make user think that they are writing to a human. In this paper, we analyse some existing chatbot systems namely ELIZA and ALICE and then concludes that it is easier to build bots using ALICE because of its simple pattern matching techniques that building one for ELIZA since it is based on rules. Finally, we discuss our proposed system. In particular, the proposed system is the implementation of ALICE chatbot system as a domain specific chatterbox which is a student information system that helps users in various queries related to students and universities.


Title : Assessment of Road Traffic Violations in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria

Authors : G.C. Emenike, D.N. Akpu

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The study examined the impact of traffic violations on road transportation in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The study made use of structured questionnaire which was administered to drivers in the six traffic zones created by the Rivers State Government. Also, crash data from Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) between 2005 and 2015 was made use of in the study. Inferential and descriptive statistical methods were utilized for data analysis. Findings showed that speed violation (33.0%) and dangerous driving (23.0%) were the most occurring traffic violations in Port Harcourt City. The study showed that all major junctions in Port Harcourt City were identified as areas prone to traffic violations. Majority (31.8%) agreed that drivers’ attitude to reduce travel time or saving fuel was the cause of traffic violation while 48.12% and 31.38% agreed that commercial drivers and private drivers were the types of drivers largely prone to traffic violation. However, 86.2% understood round about signs, 82.43% understood T-Junction, 71.55% understood pedestrian crossing while 32.22% understood double bend and 33.1% understood narrow bridge.  No stopping sign (47.7%) was the least understood in regulatory signs while the knowledge of the drivers on information signs was higher for filling station (92.05%) and telephone (phone booth) (80.8%). Similarly, No crossing sign (38.1%) was the least understood sign in road markings while more than 85% understood all the traffic lights. The study recommended among others that the traffic agencies in the city should enhance the enforcement of traffic rules and ensure that every vehicle plying the city’s highway is fixed with speed limiting devices.


Title : Analysis of Crimes Against Women in India between Years 2001 - 2015

Authors : Ronakh Thaikkat

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The motivation behind this report is to break down the wrongdoings conferred against women in India between years 2001 – 2015 and specifically those violating section 375: Intercourse with a woman without her assent or will.  

This report covers the insights of crimes perpetrated against women in each state, the increase/decrease in the crime rate in each state between the mentioned years (2001-2015), the relation between the casualties and the offenders, the age groups of the victims that the offenders target the most. 

According to 2015, the number of cases of evidence announced against women have practically multiplied since that of the year 2001. It has been expanding in every state each year. Madhya Pradesh has been the state that had the most number of cases followed by West Bengal. The states with minimal violations against women are Manipur and Sikkim. [note that population is not taken into consideration here]

From the charts that are appeared towards the finish of the report, clearly, women between ages 18-29 are targeted the most. Kids under the age of 6 had also been casualties of assault.

The graphs taking after that demonstrate the connection of the victims to the offenders. 96% of the casualties knew the offenders somehow. Neighbors and individuals who promised to marry their victims secured a vast bit of this graph.   


Title : Comparing Content Based and Collaborative Filtering in Recommender Systems

Authors : Parul Aggarwal, Vishal Tomar, Aditya Kathuria

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In daily life we need many things to be searched over the internet, for search purpose there are many search engines available. Whenever we search something we try to get the most relevant results, and this can be achieved using Recommender systems.In a world where the number of choices can be overwhelming, recommender systems help users find and evaluate items of interest. They connect users with items to “consume” (purchase, view, listen to, etc.) by associating the content of recommended items or the opinions of other individuals with the consuming user’s actions or opinions. The paper presents an overview of the field of recommender systems and describes the difference between two of the most used approaches in recommender systems, i.e. Collaborative Filtering and Content based Filtering Techniques.


Title : Effect of Income Tax Outcome Revenue Based on Digitization of Bangladesh

Authors : Dr Mir Mohammad Azad, Syeda Shajia Sharmin, Kazi Nafiul Mazid

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Bangladesh as a developing country is committed to increasing tax revenues and achieving fiscal discipline with a view to increasing self-reliance. The external environment influencing the tax performance of Bangladesh has changed remarkably as the country more and more integrated with the global economy during the 1990s. In recent years, the Government of Bangladesh has initiated some administrative and policy reforms in the tax system. An improved tax administration in association with some pragmatic policy initiatives has of late resulted in a modest improvement in the tax to GDP ratio. However, the performance is still unsatisfactory as compared to other countries at a similar stage of economic development


Title : An Automatic Alignment and Grouping of Hadoop Cluster

Authors : Dr V. Govindasamy,P. Siva Kumar, K. Puviarasu, K. Vijiya Kumar

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The MapReduce Framework and Hadoop is the platform for scalable analysis on large Datasets in recent years. The primary concern in the Hadoop is to minimize the completion length (i.e., makespan) and fixed number of MapReduce jobs. This makes performance low and causes low resource utilization. To overcome this, we propose a system which dynamically allocates the map and reduce jobs, thus leading to high resource utilization and reduced completion length. The dynamic allocation of MapReduce jobs is achieved by implementing Combiner Interface in MapReduce Framework. The Proposed solution is implemented in the Amazon EC2 Cluster in both Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Clusters. The experimental results show the effectiveness and robustness of our proposed system under simple workloads. 


Title : Security Issues in Cloud Computing

Authors : Rachit Singhal, Shivam Gupta, Rachna Jain

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Cloud computing is a paradigm that gives user an efficient and scalable business model to perform various technology functions like network, hardware, storage, bandwidth, software etc. Services are provided by some other company and these can be accessed over internet therefore it is just an alias of using computer hardware and software beyond firewall. Benefits include unlimited storage, universal access, collaboration, scalability and revolutionizing the way modern computing works. But with benefits comes the problems like organizations are transferring data and applications over cloud but security remains a very important concern. There are many threats related to cloud security like data loss, data breaches, malicious attacks, privacy etc. In this article we have studied the current problems in cloud security and proposed a security model using encryption techniques like SHA and RSA to tackle such situations.



Title : Design and Manufacturing of Progressive Die

Authors : Pritam B. bhawar, Shubhangi A Dongare,Shubham R Bhamare, Ajinkya B Padul, Shubham V. Shirsath

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Progressive die performs a series of operations in a single die at two or more workstations. There is given finish part at eachstroke of press machine. Design and development of progressive die is one of the important phase in sheet metal manufacturing. Thesmall error at any work station can induce heavy manufacturing losses through die failure, part geometry distortion and productionrisk. This research deals with designing a progressive die, simulating the blanking and piercing process. By using this die we canproduce accurate component. In this work authors have designed a progressive die which have two work stations. The former operationis piercing and is followed by blanking. It is the material removing tool. This progressive die is designed for Seva Engineers Pvt. Ltd. which is further used in agricultural sector. There is no of workstation gives the no of operation formed on thepart. Required modeling is done with CATIA.


Title : Classification of Handwritten Digits using Machine Learning Techniques

Authors : Prashasti Gupta, Navni Bhatia

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The MNIST dataset (Mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology database) is a large database of handwritten digits that is commonly used for training various image processing systems. [1][2] The database is also widely used for training and testing in the field of machine learning. The MNIST database contains 60,000 training images and 10,000 testing images. [3]

In this paper, we aim to apply classification techniques to predict labels for records in the MNIST dataset using machine learning. In total, there are 10 labels ranging from 0-9. Classification will be done using Random Forest Classification Algorithm. We also aim to implement Principle Component Analysis to reduce the dimensionality of the data while retaining its variance. To this data, we aim to apply K Nearest Neighbors Classification Algorithm


Title : Rational Design of Antifungal 1,2,4-triazole derivatives by 2D-QSAR Study

Authors : Rajesh D. Hunashal , Mahesh B. Palkar

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2D-QSAR studies were performed on a set of 35 analogs of 1,2,4-triazole using V-Life Molecular Design Suite (MDS 3.5) QSAR plus module by using Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) and Partial Least Square (PLS) regression methods against fungal strain Aspergillus niger (ATCC 6275). MLR and PLS have shown a very promising antifungal activity prediction results against A.niger. QSAR models were (MLR and PLS) generated by a training set of 25 molecules with correlation coefficient (r2) of 0.7632, 0.7666, and F test of 16.1183, 22.9938 respectively. In the selected descriptors, alignment independent descriptors such as T_N_Cl_5, T_N_O_4, T_C_O_1, T_O_O_3 and G_C_O_1 were the most important descriptors in predicting antifungal activity.


Title : Voice Controlled Robotic System using Arduino Microcontroller

Authors : Mr. Vedant Chikhale, Mr. Raviraj Gharat, Ms. Shamika Gogate, Mr. Roshan Amireddy

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Voice controlled robotic system is very beneficial in areas where there is high risk for humans to enter. Voice controlled robotic system is controlled through voice commands received via android device. The integration of control unit with Bluetooth device is achieved using a Bluetooth module to capture and read the voice commands. The robotic vehicle operates as per the command received via android device, for this Arduino is integrated in the system. The controlling device may be any smart phone having an Android OS. The transmitter uses an android application required for transmitting the data. The receiver end reads these commands and interprets them into controlling the robotic vehicle. The android device sends commands to move the vehicle in forward, backward, right and left directions. After receiving the commands, Arduino operates the motors in order to move the vehicle in four directions. The communication between android device and receiver is sent as serial communication data. Arduino program is designed to move the motor through a motor driver circuit as per the commands sent by android device. The wireless camera is interfaced with Arduino to record forward movement of the robotic system which also includes wireless night vision camera which will not only allow viewing whatever will be recorded in day time but also during night. A robotic arm is mounted at the front of the system to make changes in the environment along with a lcd screen to view the received commands. An obstacle detector is added to protect the system from obstacles on the way by using an ultrasonic sensor.


Title : Assessment of Irrigation Potential Utilization in Major Irrigation Project Using Geospatial Data

Authors : Muthyam Shanker

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Many irrigation projects were constructed in India post-independence period spending huge resources. However, there is a gap existing between Irrigation Potential Created (IPC) and Irrigation Potential Utilized (IPU). The reliable data on IPU under different irrigation projects is not readily available because of various reasons. Several studies were carried out for mapping of irrigated area at regional and global scale using coarse resolution satellite data but not at project level.  Also, to assess IPU in an irrigation project, needs season wise irrigated area. Therefore, in the present study, multi-temporal medium resolution satellite data of Landsat-8  OLI (30m) coupled with other geospatial data of the project command area is used for assessment of IPU in a major irrigation project. The methodology proposed in the present study, can be upscaled to cover all the Major and Medium (M&M) irrigation projects in a river basin / State.  This information is useful for taking remedial measures to achieve full I.P. utilization at project, river basin / Sate level.