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Title : Psychological Empowerment Status Among the Midwives: A Cross-Sectional Study

Authors : Taraneh Taghavi Larijani, Fatemeh Rahimikian, Mona Khakpour, Negin Zamani, Fataneh Ghadirian

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A survey on psychological empowerment as an effective approach could be referred to as one of the significant and determinant factors in organizations’ achievement. The present study is intended to investigate the psychological empowerment status of midwives working in Tehran University of Medical Sciences affiliated hospitals. In this cross-sectional study that conducted in 2014, 80 midwives working in Gynecology and Obstetrics wards of Tehran University of Medical Sciences affiliated hospitals were selected by Census method. Spreitzer standard questionnaire was used to collect data. Data analysis was done by descriptive statistics. The mean psychological empowerment of midwives is reported 34.65 percent. Among the components of psychological empowerment, Competency dimension (9/53) had the highest average and the lowest average was related to effectiveness dimension (7/73). Midwives’ Psychological Empowerment Working in Tehran University of Medical Sciences affiliated hospitals was at intermediate level. It is suggested to give close care and attention to psychological empowerment of staff. Hospital administrators could devolve further responsibilities to midwives. By essential planning a good clinical atmosphere could be available to midwives and this can increase the advantages of psychological empowerment in clinical fields.


Title : Secondary Aquaculture Practices to Treat Shrimp Farm Discharge Accelarated by Oyster

Authors : N. Santhi, B. Deivasigamani

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Biological treatment aims at using plants and animals to reduce nutrients load and particulate matter in shrimp farm discharge. Although extensive literature is  available on the different types of shrimp culture practices, its advantages and disadvantages including the impact caused due to enormous application of chemicals such as antibiotics and use of robotics, he information available on the treatment of effluent in general and biological methods in particular are very scarce. The extensive search of literature revealed   that only a few works are available in the direction and the following works are worth mentioning. Some researchers used Halophytes for the treatment of aquaculture effluents and the solid management and removal for intensive land based aquaculture production system. However, information on the commercial utilization of coastal organisms and their possible extent of removal of water from the culture pond by growing them as secondary cultivars are wanting. Biodegradation of farm wastes could be accelerated by employing biological treatment using various important cultivable organisms such as edible oysters, mussels, clams, seaweeds and similar others. Hence these organisms can be effectively cultured as secondary species to provide added income to the shrimp farmers apart from cleaning the discharge waters.


Title : Impromptu Speaking and Authentic Assessment in English Language Teaching/Learning

Authors : Adolf Tanyi Mbeh

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Spoken English is one of the major communicative skills in English. The impromptu speaking teaches the students to focus their speaking and listening skills as well as teaching them how to logically organise their ideas. This paper sustains that impromptu speaking can aid ESL learners in their confidence in formal speaking situations while improving their general ability to communicate on all levels. The article presents examples of topics and speech frameworks are given to help teachers understand the mechanisms of an impromptu speech. An assessment sheet is also outlined and explained for teachers. This will help them’’ organise speech development and assessment of the learners. In addition, some of the most common formal speaking difficulties are discussed and different solutions are suggested.


Title : Didactics and Intersections in the Teaching of Genre and Interracial Desire in Octavia Butler’s Kindred

Authors : Adolf Tanyi Mbeh

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Slavery’s legacy haunts present-day America, and its enduring trauma is reflected in the writing of “neo-slave narratives,” or contemporary novels about slavery. Although neo-slave narratives have received scholarly attention for their use of slave history as a tool for engaging with current sociopolitical concerns, critics have not yet examined the importance of romantic love in this project as a healing strategy for the pathology of enslavement. This project contends that neo-slave narratives attempt to repair the trauma of slavery through romantic love, seeking to undo slavery’s destruction of black families, marriages, and other unions through a didactic innovation. While undertaking this intervention, neo-slave narratives risk inscribing traditional gender roles, affirming heterosexuality, and promoting a homogenous vision for black families, communities, and relationships. My central conclusion is that there remains a need for continued scrutiny of the neo-slave narrative’s investment in conventional romantic paradigms and how these paradigms are educative. I examine Octavia Butler’s Kindred and its interracial queer taboos. The historical basis for my research is split into an analysis of rhetoric surrounding the black family in two

Periods, the nineteenth century and the post-civil rights era. Methodologically, this paper utilizes trauma theory, cultural rhetoric on love, and critical race studies with attention to gender, sexuality and interracial issues


Title : Technological Inputs in Higher Education and Graduate Destinations in Cameroon. The Case of The University of Yaounde I

Authors : Njebakal Souck Emmanuel , Teneng Patience Penn

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This century has fondly been called the android generation because of the explosion of technology in unprecedented dimensions. knowledge of and ability to use technological gadgets and information communication and technology(ICT) is almost indispensable in all areas of human life. Education and especially higher education, is one of those arenas where such technologies are rife. Graduates destinations could be variously affected or determined by the possession or not of ICT competences which have become some of the determiners of smooth transitions from higher education to the world of work. Using the University of Yaounde1, this paper finds out the extent to which the use of digital technology in the teaching/ learning process in Higher education in Cameroon, can affect graduate destinations in terms of finding a good paying job. The methodology consisted in using questionnaires constructed in the format of the Likert scale, to collect data. The data was analyzed using the Spearman correlation. The significance level was defined p≥ 0.05. Results revealed that students from the University of Yaoundé1 are likely to swell the ranks of unemployment in the country, if they are not recruited by the government.The paper proposes a rigorous implementation of the use of digital technologies and ICTs in state universities to professionalize students before graduation.


Title : Artificial Intelligence - New Era

Authors : Ashish Yadav, Vidhi Gupta, Harshit Sahu, Stuti Shrimal

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After conducting a systemic research on Artificial Intelligence, we are safe to conclude that the world is about to experience the splash of the greatest technology made so far. We are about to face perhaps the biggest technological revolution. Artificial Intelligence is the zenith of the currently prospering technological systems, which in the near future shall revolutionize the existing portal of information processes and the way humans perceive automation. This research serves as a befitting response to the question -How the world is running on AI behind the curtains and further provides an insight to the evolution of AI over the period. This paper gives a deep sense of understanding of various applications and implementations of Artificial Intelligence in different fields and the manner in which the aforementioned evolution shall root advancement into every aspect of life. It also demonstrates the negative aspects of the implementation by providing legitimate evidence from prominent scientists and acclaimed people in this arena of science. In a nutshell, this paper will illustrate the different possibilities of aspects of the development of Artificial Intelligence in the coming future.


Title : Cloud based Solution for Small and Medium Franchisees

Authors : Zainab Mirza, Zaeem Farooqui, Mohit Jain, Anas Karolia

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Cloud Computing is a leading sector of IT and is attracting the attention of various industries as well as for personal computing. A business that adapts cloud infrastructure has access to various functionalities and advantages that would otherwise either not be available to them or would have to expend a lot of resources and money to avail them. Normally the word Cloud Computing is usually associated with bigger organizations, however with the evolution and advancement in the field of cloud computing, it has become easier to develop and utilise cloud applications and has increased their overall accessibility.

Small to Medium businesses or organisations, particularly those with multiple branches are beginning to adopt cloud technologies or are basing their business models on top of cloud computing as they are realising the benefits that it can bring to their organisation. In this paper, the focus is on Small to Medium sized Franchises (SMFs) that use existing traditional applications for their management and the problems that these applications face. We have proposed a cloud based application for the management of SMFs and show how it will be executed and with the help of research and analysis describe how it will benefit the SMFs, the developers and the cloud providers.



Title : Comparison between Ancient and Fresh Biochar Samples, A Study on The Recalcitrance of Carbonaceous Structures During Soil Incubation

Authors : E. Pusceddu, A. Montanaro, G. Fioravanti, S. F. Santilli, P.U. Foscolo, I. Criscuoli, A. Raschi , F. Miglietta

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Biochar (BC) is a carbonaceous product that comes from pyrolysis process of different biomasses, such as lignocellulosic feedstocks. Biomass nature, pyrolysis temperature and speed heating rate affect the physical and chemical characteristics of BC produced. The aim of this work concerned the investigation of recalcitrant aspects of carbonaceous structures in biochar's matrix, which evolved during its long time permanence in soil. Using X-Ray diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy, this study was focalized on the evolution of carbonaceous structures with increasing pyrolysis temperature. Fresh samples, produced in laboratory from larch wood feedstock, were compared with ancient fragments (dated 1859), collected in Oriental Alps soils (PejoValley, Trentino, Italy) and produced in ancient kilns from larch wood as well. From this comparison, we found a significant degradation of aliphatic compounds and low-extended aromatic ring systems as a function of incubation time in soil. It was observed, over degradation on carbonaceous structures, signs coming from the interactions with the environment against the time, such as the adsorption processes of mineral elements and encapsulation of mineral crystalline phases, that increase the stability of the carbonaceous residual fractions of biochar.


Title : The Effect of Thermal Ageing on The Transformation Temperatures of Superelastic Nitinol Tubing

Authors : A. Kokkinos, V. Kostopoulos, D. Aslanidis

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Ni- Ti shape memory alloys (nitinol) have become widely known for both their shape memory effect and their pseudoplasticity (superelasticity).  Their properties are depending upon the thermomechanical processing during the manufacturing phase of the material.  Thermal ageing is the long term exposure of the shape memory alloys at a relatively high temperature (in some cases long term exposure (more than 240 h) at temperature close to austenitic transformation could be considered as a post-processing treatment phase used for the final tuning of the transformation characteristics). 

In the present paper, the effect of thermal ageing on the transformation characteristics is analyzed and discussed.


Title : Twitter Based Information Extraction

Authors : Manjeet Kumar, Abhishek Garg, Anuj Munjal, AkanshaTanwar

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In the modern world of social media dominance, the microblogs like Twitter and Facebook are probably the best source of up-to-date information. The amount of information available on these platforms is huge, although most of it is unstructured and redundant which makes our task of extracting information from it much more challenging. This automatic extraction of information from noisy sources has opened up new opportunities for querying and analyzing data.

This paper is a review of the research that has been done on extracting information like event dates [1] and classification of information from social networking platforms like Twitter. We present a brief study of the work which shows that extracting useful information from Twitter and other social media platforms is indeed feasible. We provide brief study about the extraction techniques applied by the applications based on this subject like the extraction tasks and the input exploited for extraction, the types of methods of extraction used and the type of output produced.


Title : Color Image Processing in Digital Image

Authors : Dr. Mir Mohammad Azad, Md Mahedi Hasan , Mohammed Naseer K

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The use of color in image processing is motivated by two principal factors.  First, color is a powerful descriptor that often simplifies object identification and extraction from a scene. Color image processing is divided into two major areas: full-color and pseudo-color processing.  In the first category, the images in question typically are acquired with a full-color sensor, such as a color TV camera or color scanner.  In the second category, the problem is on of assigning a color to a particular monochrome intensity or range of intensities. Until recently, most digital color image processing was done at the pseudo color level. However, in the past decade, color sensors and hardware for processing color images have become available at reasonable prices. The result is that full-color image processing techniques are now used in a broad range of applications, including publishing, visualization, and the Internet.


Title : Detection and Prevention of ICMP Flood DDOS Attack

Authors : Harshita

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The term denial of Service (DOS) refers to form an attacking computers over a network. The denial of service attack is an explicit attempt by an attacker to prevent the legitimate users not to access the services. When this attack is made at a larger amount that is by using multiple computers than it’s known as Distributed   Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) [1]. An attacker can use many techniques for denial of service like flooding technique is to flood a network and reduce the legitimate user bandwidths to disrupt the services of the users. In DDoS attack, the attacker try to interrupt the services of a server and utilizes its CPU and Network. Flooding DDOS attack is based on a huge volume of attack traffic which is termed as a Flooding based DDOS attack. Flooding-based DDOS attack attempts to congest the victim's network bandwidth with real-looking but unwanted IP data. Due to which Legitimate IP packets cannot reach the victim because of lack of bandwidth resource [5]. ICMP FLOOD initiated by sending a large number of ICMP packets to a remote host. As a result, the victimized system’s resources will be consumed with handling the attacking packets, which eventually causes the system to be unreachable by other clients. In this reserach firstly, we detect the ICMP Flood by using various methods and tools and then find out the prevention techniques for DDOS attack using ICMP Protocol.


Title : The Tightly Super 2-good-neighbor connectivity and 2-good-neighbor Diagnosability of Crossed Cubes

Authors : Shiying Wang, Xiaolei Ma, Yunxia Ren

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The reliability of an interconnection network is an important issue for multiprocessor systems. We know that connectivity and the diagnosability are two important parameters for measuring the reliability of an interconnection network. In 2012, Peng et al. proposed the g-good-neighbor diagnosability, which has been widely accepted as a new measure of the diagnosability by restricting that every fault-free vertex contains at least g fault-free neighbors. As an important variant of the hypercube, the n-dimensional crossed cube CQn has many good properties. In this paper, we show that (1) the 2-good-neighbor connectivity of  CQis 4n-8 for n≥4, (2) CQn is tightly (4n-8) super 2-good-neighbor connected for n≥6 and (3) the 2-good-neighbor diagnosability of  CQis 4n-5 under the PMC model and MM* model for n≥4 .


Title : Construction of Hierarchical and Interdisciplinary Virtual Simulation Teaching System

Authors : Jiangfan Feng, Yuanyuan Liu

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This thesis analyzes the requirements and tasks of the virtual simulation experiment teaching center and puts forward a new idea of “hierarchical and interdisciplinary virtual simulation teaching system”. This thesis focuses on the study of virtual simulation experimental platform, experimental resources sharing mechanism, open interdisciplinary experimental teaching team. Based on the example of experimental subject of “spatial information and digital technique” in computer science, this thesis introduces the construction process of “hierarchical and interdisciplinary” virtual simulation teaching system development, summarizes its result in cultivating students’ independent consciousness and manipulative ability, and looks far ahead the development prospect of the model. 


Title : Implementation of Enhanced Honey Encryption for IoT Security

Authors : Dr. Santhi Baskaran, S.V.L Sarat Chandra , P.Venkatesh , E.Silambarasan , M.Dinesh

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Internet-of-Things (IoT) is becoming an emerging trend where most of the digital and physical things are connected and can be interacted with the help of Internet. Since the usage of IoT devices are increasing, there is a need for better security. In this paper, we  propose a new cryptographic architecture for  IoT devices which is based on honey encryption scheme.


Title : The Journey in Making ‘Smart Cities’ smarter with Solar Energy

Authors : Mr. Hayagrish Balaji

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Growing urbanization has meant the influx of a larger population into cities, a tremendous increase in the demand for resources such as water, electricity and thereby, an inevitable strain on them. Urban India has been a witness to this trend, necessitating the need for renewable sources of power and energy efficient measures. The work on solar cells forms part of a broader initiative to harness high tech knowledge in the physics sciences to tackle global challenges such as climate change and renewable energy. This paper has discussed and analyzed the integration of solar energy for electricity production in smart cities.


Title : Thermo-Induced Dynamics of Model Cell Membrane by Action of Menthol

Authors : Pooja Gusain, Naofumi Shimokawa, Masahiro Takagi

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It is important to understand the physicochemical mechanism that is responsible for the morphological changes in the cell membrane in the presence of various stimuli and sensory compounds. Menthol, popularly known for its cooling sensitization, activates TRPM8- a cold-activated thermo TRP ion channel. We used cell sized synthetic liposomes that mimic actual cell structure to study the model cell membrane dynamics and the unclear mechanism behind the cooling sensation of menthol on the cell membrane. Hence, we are interested in the direct interaction of menthol with bio-membrane. We observed the effect of menthol on membrane dynamics in artificial membrane. It was also observed that menthol concentration plays an important role and hasa significant effect on the model cell membrane. In homogeneous membrane, menthol enhances the fluctuation rate and also changed in the membrane area. We believed that menthol has a direct interaction with the model cell membrane and affects membrane physiochemical properties.



Title : The Perfect Life

Authors : Mukesh Chopra

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This research paper discusses the perfect life of our mother Goddess Vaishno Devi. It shows how she has children with 3 Khans of Bollywood through surrogacy, how to accelerate anti-gripping, role of inactivity, spirituality, horizontal and vertical levels, loneliness reason, ups in downs and downs in ups, evil classmates and benefits from all directions.


Title : Review of Hyperloop : The Fifth Mode of Transport

Authors : Rohan Jacob, Rachel Phillip, Sonu Sunny, Joso George

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Existing conventional modes of transportation of people consists of four unique types: rail, road, water, and air. These modes of transport tend to be either relatively slow (i.e., road and water), expensive (i.e., air), or a combination of relatively slow and expensive (i.e., rail).

Hyperloop is a new mode of transport that seeks to change this paradigm by being both fast and inexpensive for people and goods. Hyperloop consists of a low pressure tube with capsules that are transported at both low and high speeds throughout the length of the tube. The capsules are supported on a cushion of air, featuring pressurized air and aerodynamic lift. The capsules are accelerated via a magnetic linear accelerator affixed at various stations on the low pressure tube with rotors contained in each capsule. Passengers may enter and exit Hyperloop at stations located either at the ends of the tube, or branches along the tube length.
In this study, the initial route, preliminary design, and logistics of the Hyperloop transportation system have been derived.



Title : Air Traffic Control and Management System

Authors : G.Hemanth Sai

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Traditional “Air traffic control system ”  is working on the ideas of DBS(Distance Based Separation ) and TBS (Time Based Separation) which leads to some minor issues regarding collisions. But here I want to design a new system to make technology highly efficient by managing the air traffic and managing the routes for flights so that they fly in different lanes. Also, it manages the free slots in the runway. There are multiple stations available in the space in which flight can travel from one station to another via multiple routes, the selection of two stations from which the flight can depart and can land so that it would not obstruct the other flight routes and no two flight would crash and maximum number of passengers can travel from one station to another . Along with that, my second primary objective is to almost choose the optimal path between the source and destination Prim’s algorithm is being used in order to calculate the shortest path between the stations and after among the different shortest path the selection of optimal path is being done, so that the overall cost would be minimum.The result would show the different path among various different station so that the maximum number of passengers can travel from one place to another (source and destination) and all that paths would represent the optimal path between the stations.


Title : Science Behind Paranormal Activities

Authors : Souvik Bhattacharjee

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This detail explanation is about the scientific causes behind every paranormal incident. Now-a-days documentary films on paranormal activities or researches on paranormal incidents is spreading throughout the world. But none of the researcher shows the exact cause behind those incidents. Scientists or the host of any paranormal tv shows directly said those can’t be explained. Yes, that’s true but not completely. They should say those can’t be explained by normal scientific explanations. That’s why it is called ‘Paranormal’. In this paper, I’m going to unveil the real cause behind every paranormal incident with logics and scientific explanations. People should be reminded that all those concepts of physics and metaphysics are based on assumption. All those prove has been done on the basis of several assumptions.


Title : Design and Implementation of a Simulator for Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols

Authors : Mudit, Sachin Chaudhary

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In consideration of adaptability to the environment and flexibility in protocol construction, a power aware routing protocol methodology is proposed in this paper. The major aim of proposed work is to design a simulator for the routing protocols so that we will find out the some parameters like average number of nodes needed to get path from source to destination, average number of retransmission during finding the path from source to destination, average number of throughput and average power remaining of each node.