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Volume 3 Issue 2

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Title : Storage Devices

Authors : Jyoti Madabhushi

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A subnetwork of storage devices that are connected with one another over a high speed network connection is Storage Area Network(SAN). It allows all designated users on the network to access multiple storage devices not only the storage devices installed within their computers. Once a SAN is constructed and all the storage devices are shared within the SAN, it is than connected to the servers that are accessed by network users. Large backup disk arrays can be stored on an off-site location and shared on a SAN where users can access them remotely. SANs are used for storage redundancy purposes in case of unexpected disaster and loss of data. A SAN typically supports data storage, retrieval and replication on business networks using high-end servers, multiple disk arrays and interconnect technology.


Title : Benefit of Physical Exercise in Seropositive Patients

Authors : Bruna Peres Garcia Spanier de Oliveira, Julio Vicente Costa Neto, Julio Cesar de Faria Pastore, Fabiola Claudia Henrique da Costa, Carlos Alberto de Azevedo Ferreira

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The present study aims to analyze by the perception of seropositive individuals the improvement in the quality of life with the practice of physical exercise. The study was attended by 55 (fifty-five) HIV / AIDS divided into 30 (thirty) experimental group and 25 (twenty five) control group of both sexes. To collect the data, the study used the Quality questionnaire SF-36 life and 04 (four) objective questions with HIV positive people in the experimental group in order to identify an improvement in the quality of life of people living with HIV / AIDS with physical activities. The study made use of descriptive statistics using the mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation and the inferential analysis was carried out a Student’st test to compare means of independent samples.


Title : Determining The Affecting Factors on The Delay to Renew The Auto Insurance (Case study: a survey on the Saman insurance agencies in Shiraz)

Authors : Narges Abbasi, Simin Moradi Kakash, Mansoreh Maani Shirazi

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All the owners of land and rail vehicles whether they are real persons or legal persons, are obliged to insure their vehicles against physical and financial damages to the third parties which may occur because of accidents of the mentioned vehicles or towing and trailer attached to them or their cargo. Despite third party insurance is compulsory, but there are people who have delays in their renewal of the insurance contract. This research intends to identify the affecting factors on this delayed action. For conducting the research, 524 registered case in all of the Saman insurance agencies in the city of Shiraz over five years (2011-2015) was studied. The factors are year of manufacturing, the number of driving accidents record, the type of automobile, type of insurance company, the beginning month of the contract. The results show that only the desire to change of type of insurance has been the affecting factor on this delay.


Title : Topper’s Desk

Authors : Mukesh Chopra

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This research paper reveals the brains behind the finest mind of a topper. It includes topics such as learn initials, underline, derivative of alphabets, visualize, memorizing and language study.


Title : The Impact of The Internet Use in Physical Activity, Exercise and Academic Performance of School Students Aged 14-16 Years Old

Authors : Lapousis George, Petsiou Elisavet

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In most countries, the vast majority of young people use the internet several times a week. The increasing use and the importance of the internet among teens, has gradually lead those who deal with the health in professional level, to address the serious health effects possibly related to this activity. The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between the use of the internet and the relation with exercise, physical activity and academic performance. In was investigated, through questionnaires, the profile of adolescents who use the computer and the internet connection as well as their correlation with social demographic characteristics (gender, age), sports activities and school performance. The survey involved 171 students (79 boys and 92 girls) high school students aged 14-16 years. The selection of the sample students was randomly sampled among high school students. For data processing it was used the principal components of factor analysis and ANOVA analysis of variance. Regarding to gender results showed that there were no statistically significant differences between boys and girls on the frequency of the negative thoughts because of the internet connection absence. Regarding the age there were statistically significant differences with the frequency of the satisfaction feelings because of the online connection, (F2,165 = 10,20, p = 0.00), frequency of the negative thoughts because of the internet connection absence, (F2,165 = 10,68, p = 0,00), frequency of abnormal reactions because of the online connection, (F2,165 = 27, 30, p = 0,00), frequency of decreased performance in courses because of online connection and (F2,168 = 18,79, p = 0,00). Also, there were statistically significant differences between the students who exercised with the frequency of decreased performance in courses because of online connection (F(1,169) = 4,3, p = 0,40), with those students who have practiced more have better performance at the grade in their lessons. In conclusion the use of the internet was found to have a direct positive relationship to health, such as the existence of abnormal reactions, as well as the existence of negative emotions and a direct negative relationship with school performance of teenagers’ students.


Title : Availability of a Redundant System with Two Parallel Active Components under Markovian Assumptions

Authors : Jaechan Shim, Chang Kyu Kim, Yutae Lee

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We consider a redundant system which consists of two parallel active components. The time-to-failure and the time-to-repair of the components follow exponential distributions. The repairs of failed components are randomly interrupted. The time-to-interrupt is taken from an exponentially distributed random variable and the interrupt times are also exponentially distributed. We obtain the availability for the system.


Title : Pilot Contamination Effect in Massive MIMO and Analysis of Mitigation Techniques

Authors : Neha Mehrotra, Ashutosh Kr. Chaubey

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Pilot contamination is the major factor to limit the performance of massive MIMO systemsdue to degraded channel estimation. In this paper, we have tried to provide an extensive survey on pilot contamination, and identify all possible sources causing it. We mostly cover the theoretical aspect and review the established theories that have analyzed the effect of pilot contamination on the performance of massive MIMO systems. We studied about a pilot pattern design where zero pilot symbols are inserted into the pilot sequence to reduce the pilot contamination impact on uplink channel estimate and bit error rate performance. We evaluate the achievable rate in forward link with maximum-ratio and zero-forcing precoding at the BS. We analyze spectral efficiency when employing maximum ratio transmission or zero forcing precoding at the base station. We investigate the performance of simple least-squares channel estimator with the higher-complexity minimum mean square error estimator. A brief analysis of mitigation techniques based on existing long term evolution (LTE) measurements - open loop power control (OLPC) and pilot sequence reuse schemes, that avoid PC within a group of cells has been done. Finally, some open problems are highlighted and concluded with broader perspective and a look at future trends in pilot contamination inmassive MIMO systems. 


Title : Towards Environmental Retrofitting of Egyptian Transitional Spaces: Courtyard-Building in Alexandria University, Egypt

Authors : Amr A. Bayoumi, Tarek A. Farghaly, Zeyad T. El Sayad

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Consuming huge amount of energy and emitting large amount of heat can be assumed as one of the main problems facing urban environment in the world today. These problems associated with current high urban density and less of vegetation within urban fabric. For instance, in Egypt, Universities are today facing rising problem of offering more educational spaces especially in large cities such as Cairo and Alexandria. The study thus focuses on Revival Egyptian buildings in Alexandria University based on hierarchical transitional spaces. As Egyptian transitional spaces, such as courtyards historically were essential outdoor spaces for multiple uses and purposes.

As part of retrofitting research project of existed transitional spaces in Alexandria University, this paper focused on one parameter which is building height. This is by targeting to find the maximum height of courtyard building with minimum negative effect on air and thermal flow. This simulation is done with consideration to the surrounding urban context in Alexandria University. The simulation approach is based on two years of field measurement of thermal conditions and air velocity in the University’s transitional spaces. The study is usingfield-measurement data for nurturing the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model, and for validating the simulation results. The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study is done by introducing four cases of different building heights to investigating the changing air and thermal flow inside the existed courtyard.



Title : Geo/Geo/1/N Queue with State Dependent Retention of Reneging Customers

Authors : Yutae Lee

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This paper considers a Geo/Geo/1/N queueing system with retention of reneging customers, in which retention probability depends on the number of customers in the system. The steady state distribution of the number of customers in the system is derived. Other performance measures are obtained. Some numerical examples are also given.


Title : Discrete-time Queue with Batch Geometric Arrivals and State Dependent Retention of Reneging Customers

Authors : Yutae Lee

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This paper considers a discrete-time queueing system with batch geometric arrivals and retention of reneging customers, in which retention probability depends on the number of customers in the system. The steady state probability distribution of the number of customers in the system is derived. Other performance measures such as mean number of customers in the system, blocking probability, abandon probability, and service completion probability are obtained. Numerical examples are also given.


Title : Review: Application of Nanomaterial in Diferrent Areas

Authors : Akanksha Singh

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There are many applications of nano-materials like nanoparticles and nanoclusters in different areas of science. Nanoparticles used in crop biotechnology to improve crops and their utility in agricultural production. Nanoclusters used in medicine and also curing in cancer treatment and tumor detection. Nanoparticles and nanoclusters also take part in treatment of agricultural wastes, nutrients, plant hormones, food industry, oil industry and in future, it used in nano-tube, nano-star, nano-rod synthesis.


Title : Physicochemical Properties of Silybum Marianum Seed Oil in Two Different Regions of Iran

Authors : Z. Nemati, E. Talebi, I. Nasrollahi, M. Khosravinezhad

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In this experiment, Silybum marianum was collected from Kazeron and Lorestan in Iran. Hexane Soxhlet method were used and the oil was analyzed by gas chromatography. The fatty acid composition included C16:0, C18:0, C18:1, C18:2 were estimated. The oil refractive index was performed with Refractometr. Peroxide was measured with thiosulfate and peroxide value of the oil sample was 0.68 and 0.57 in Kazeron and Lorestan, respectively.


Title : Knowledge Regarding Postnatal Care Among Postnatal Mother: A Hospital Based Study

Authors : Muna Maharjan,Babita Singh

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Background: Becoming a mother is an important stage in every woman’s life. Most different period in women’s life is their growth into parenthood and is precisely postpartum period. The postnatal period is a critical phase in the lives of mothers and newborn babies. Most maternal and infant deaths occur during this time. Yet, this is the most neglected period for the provision of quality care.

Objective: To assess the level of knowledge among postnatal mothers about postnatal care.

 Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study design was adopted for the study.Non probability purposive sampling technique was used to select the postnatal mothers. Fifty seven postnatal mothers were interviewed face to face using structured interview schedule in Gynecological/Obstetrical Ward of National Medical College Teaching Hospital, Birgunj. Data were collected using pre-tested structured interview schedule in Bhojpuri version. The obtained data were analyzed by descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage) and inferential statistics (chi-square).

Findings: Among 57 postnatal mother half of the postnatal mothers, 30 (52.63%) had average level of knowledge regarding postnatal care. Highest knowledge was in the area of breastfeeding and lowest in the areas of family planning. There is still lack of knowledge among mothers regarding postnatal period, postnatal exercise, timing of first bath after birth of baby. There were statistically significant association between religion and knowledge of postnatal mothers (p-value 0.006). Similarly, there was no any statistical significant association of knowledge with others socio demographic variables.

Conclusion: Different types of awareness program are required to improve maternal knowledge on postnatal care.


Title : Implementation of Oracle RAC on Oracle Cloud

Authors : Skant Gupta, Anuradha Mudgal

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Today’s world is all about technology .Our life is contingent upon technology. Little change in technology makes huge differences on today’s business. Cloud computing is a virtualized compute power and storage delivered via platform-agnostic infrastructure of abstracted hardware and software accessed over the internet.

In this paper you will acquire details about cloud computing. We have provided brief about oracle database, Oracle RAC and oracle cloud computing. This paper focused on advantages of cloud computing and how do we can setup Oracle RAC on cloud. 


Title : Co3O4 Modified C3N4 Catalysts with Enhanced Photodegradation Performance toward Methyl Blue

Authors : Jie Teng, Quan-Liang Chen, Wen-Xin Long, Qian Chen, Cheng-Yuan Pei, Yu Duan, Yu-Xin Feng, Jing-Qi Fu

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Different loading rates of photocatalysts Co3O4/C3N4 were prepared by calcination method. Their photocatalytic performances were evaluated by the degradation of methyl blue under visible light irradiation. The results show that the introduction of Co3O4 significantly improves the optical absorption properties of C3N4, which is beneficial to the separation of photogenerated electrons and holes on the surface of catalyst. The prepared Co3O4/C3N4 for visible photocatalytic degradation of methyl blue has higher catalytic efficiency than that of pure C3N4 or pure Co3O4. The best cobalt loading rate was 30% when the concentration of methylene blue was 40 mg/L. Recycling rate of 30% Co3O4/C3N4 composite catalyst was studied. After 4 cycles, the degradation rate was only slightly decreased from 86.8% to 82.8%, indicating the catalyst with good photostability and repeatability. 


Title : Beauty Unlimited

Authors : Mukesh Chopra

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This research paper deals with a typical situation of stalking by a freak. He forges ahead to conquer a beautiful Princess. He leaves behind no trace of evidence and cleverly plants every move in such a way that he can’t be caught by the hands of law. This article gives solution to the problem in the last segment.


Title : Geometrical Optimization and Electronic Properties of Li on Xn Nanoclusters

Authors : Falah Hassan Hannon

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The optimized coordinates has been investigated at ground state, B3LYP, 3-21G basis sets with density functional theory (DFT).  Also optimized parameters such bond lengths, bond angles and dihedral angles have been calculated for all nanoclusters under study. Density of states (DOS) also performed for pure Xn nanoclusters, Lithium on Xn nanoclusters.    Infrared spectra has been carried out for pure Xn nanoclusters and Lithium on Xn nanoclusters, in which (X = Copper (Cu), Chromium (Cr)) and (n = 4 , 6). Some electronically properties have been achieved in this study like electronic states, energy gap, ionization potential and electron affinity. All calculations have been investigated by using Gaussian 09 package.


Title : IT Portfolio Management- Where to Begin

Authors : Jyoti Madabhushi

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Organizations continue to manage IT project Portfolio as a collection of individual projects instead of as a portfolio. Portfolio management solution enables us to govern entire IT portfolio by evaluating, prioritizing, balancing and approving both new initiatives and existing IT service portfolio , analyze multiple what-if scenarios and align with the business strategy with budget and IT resource constraints.


Title : X-bee Based Spy Robot with Night Vision Camera

Authors : Ashish Zade, Priyanka Rahangdale, Akshay Giri

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Latest studies in the development of wireless sensor networks have achieved a significant attention on a world level. These consist of small sensors with limited power which consumes very less power and also require limited resources. One of these very well-known standards are ZigBee which has been developed to focus on low cost of deployment, low complexity and low power consumption. ZigBee defines the higher layer communication protocols built on IEEE 802.15.4 standards. This paper provides a review on ZigBee technology, its characteristics, its alliance, its access methods, devices and topologies supported by ZigBee. The most important part of this paper is the protocol architecture of ZigBee and its application in Spy Robot with night vision camera.

                Its wireless sensor and actor network builds an information bridge for the components in the intelligent space, the spatially distributed devices are connected together seamlessly. With this network, robot can share the mass information in the intelligent space and improve its performance with “light-packs”, devices in intelligent space, in defense, spy robots with night vision camera etc.  


Title : Manual and Automatic Extraction of Lineaments From Multispectral Image in Part of Al-Rawdah, Shabwah, Yemen by Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology

Authors : M. S. Alshayef, A. M. Mohammed, A. Javed ,M. A. Albaroot

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Lineaments extracted from satellite data have advantage of extracting lineaments which are not recognizable by the human eyes. Lineaments are considered as one of the most important topographic features used in exploring resources such as minerals, groundwater, oil and gas etc. beside they are indicators of structural and tectonics of a basin. Satellite data become useful for extract lineament feature especially in high resolution images. Lineaments have been extracted by manual and automatic methods successfully in parts of Al-Rawdah, Shabowh, YEMEN. Various image processing methods such as spatial filters and FCC applied in manual method whereas PCA technique and various default parameters have been applied for automatic technique. These, methods used for remove the noise, sharp the linear feature and enhance the image. Numbers of software have been used such as Erdas Imagine2014, Arc GIS 10.2.2, PCI Geomatica13 and Rockwork15. Four geospatial analyses have been applied for assess the extracted lineaments such as length, density, and intersection density and orientation analysis. The total length of manual and automatic maps after superimpose are 740km and 1978km respectively. The lineament density in all manual and automatic concentrate largely at NE &SW. The intersection density map for manual extraction concentrated largely at NW&SE of the study area, besides in automatic intersection density mostly concentrate in NE&W. Rose diagram indicated that the dominate trend of lineaments are NE-SW. The study area demonstrate the utilize of Landsat ETM+ for extract automatic and manual lineaments to assess and compare between them.


Title : Wave-dominated Shoreline Sediments in Early Cretaceous Surajdeval Formation, Saurashtra Basin, Gujarat Western India

Authors : Abdullah Khan, M. Aslam, Ebadur Rahman

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The Early Cretaceous Surajdeval Formation of the Dhrangadhra group consists of the following three major facies: 1) a sand dominated facies (S), characterized by hummocky cross-stratification, planar and trough cross-bedding (Sp, St), and swaley cross stratification (SCS). 2) the hetro lithic facies (H) characterized by shatter red mudstone and fine-to very fine grained sandstone / red siltstone, exhibiting parallel and low-angle cross-laminations including symmetrical and interference ripples; 3) sand matrix-supported conglomerate/pebbly facies (Cg-S) displaying an alternation of coarse (50mm), medium to fine (<10-20 mm) pebbles in successive beds, and couplets of crudely graded conglomerate.

      The sedimentary facies and structures of the Surajdeval Formation reflect deposition by wave, and tide dominated events. Parallel-laminated and fine-grained sandstones are deposited in response to decrease incompetency and capacity of the flow.

      The conglomerates and couplets with sandstone may be the product of longshore deposits. Mudstone may have accumulated in protected lagoonal environment. Paleocurrent indicators, such as cross-bedding and pebble fabric show orientation toward south-south-west, and north-north-west, and may be attributed to ebb tidal (onshore), and those exhibiting north-north-west orientation to flood tidal/ longshore (off-shore) currents. Thus, the sedimentological features of the Surajdeval Formation suggest that wave tides and storm processes were involved during its deposition.