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Volume 3 Issue 11

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Title : Influence of Hot Air and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Chilling Injury Incidence and Metabolism of Soluble Sugars in Eggplant Fruit (Solanum melongena L.)

Authors : Diego R. Gutierrez, Laura Lemos, Silvia del C. Rodriguez

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In this study, the influence of hot air (HA) and passive modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on chilling injury (CI) and the metabolism of soluble carbohydrates on eggplant fruits stored at 3 °C for 9 days were investigated. Thus, the content of soluble sugar and the activities of enzymes associated to sugar metabolism, e.g. sucrose synthase (SS-synthesis and SS-cleavage), acid invertase (AI), neutral invertase (NI) and sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) were analyzed. The CI symptoms in the control were manifested in association with an accumulation of sucrose. The fruit treated with HA and MAP showed significantly higher sucrose content with a significantly higher SS-synthesis activity and mildest CI symptoms respect the control. Thus the treatments with HA and MAP applied were effective in reduce CI incidence in the eggplant fruit. This would be associated with the increase in sucrose content and higher activity of SS-synthesis during cold storage.


Title : Interpretation of Magnetic Anomalies in Salihli (Turkey) Geothermal Area Using 3-D Inversion and Edge Detection Techniques

Authors : Emre Timur, Coskun Sarı

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There are numerous geophysical methods used to investigate geothermal areas. The major purpose of this magnetic survey is to locate the boudaries of active hydrothermal system in the South of Gediz Graben in Salihli (Manisa/Turkey). The presence of the hydrothermal system had already been inferred from surface evidence of hydrothermal activity and drillings. Firstly, it was necessary to convert the total field anomaly into a pseudo-gravity anomaly map. Then the geometric boundaries of the structures were determined by applying a MATLAB based software with 3 different edge detection algorithms. The exact location of the structures were obtained by using these boundary coordinates as initial geometric parameters in the inversion process. In addition to these methods, reduction to pole method was applied to the data to achieve more information about the location and shape of the possible reservoir. As a result, the edge detection methods were found to be successful in the field data sets for delineating the boundaries of the possible geothermal reservoir structure. The depth of the geothermal reservoir was determined as 2,4 km from 3-D inversion and 2,1 km from power spectrum method. The results of this study also suggest that the Salihli geothermal prospect extends further to the south of a resistivity boundary delineated from previous studies.


Title : Approach to The Assessment System Stability Through Modelling of Organizational Structure of The Object

Authors : Danielian Tija Yanovna, Epihin Maxim Nikolaevich

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Relevance of the topic due to the use of structural modeling guidelines for describing and studying the behavior of economic entities with a view to deciding on the best choice of a state in which an object may be economic in terms of stability, functionality, profitability and system compatibility between economic entities.


Title : A Real Time Application for Dynamic Pricing Model in the Passenger Air Transport

Authors : Dr. G Vijay Kumar

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Our planet is more connected than at any time in its history. Especially in air travel industry we can see that 2011, some 2,8 billion people traveled on 35,000 routes connecting 3,800 commercial airports. Together they flew 5.1 trillion km. Tariff structure is a tool of a carrier to influence his profit and to react on competitors respectively. It is a strategically planned sophisticated system of offered seat capacity for specific prices depending on many variables. The tariff structure has considerably changed in last years, above all as a consequence of the entry of low cost carriers.


Title : Is Hostility Dancing Along with Conversion and Dissociation?

Authors : Balta GT, Angelopoulos NV

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Background.Hysterical symptoms frequently accompany a variety of neurotic and even psychotic psychiatric syndromes and illnesses.

Methods.The presence and course of these symptoms was investigated in the present study in 73 psychiatric patients. The relationship of conversion symptoms and dissociative symptoms, both two broad dimensions of hysterical symptomatology, with self-reported hostility was examined in particular.

Results.It was found that changes in dissociative symptoms showed highly significant correlations with the changes of externally directed hostility but no significant association with those of internally directed hostility. There was no significant association between changes in hostility and changes in conversion symptoms.

Conclusions.In patients recovering from mental illnesses (acute or relapses), as the dissociative symptoms became less marked so the patients expressed less extrapunitive forms of hostility. Changes in dissociative symptoms correlate significantly with changes in total hostility, as well. Conversion symptoms, on the other hand, do not correlate significantly with changes in these scales. It is also of interest that no significant correlations have been shown between the score changes of the intropunitive subscales with either conversion or dissociative symptoms.


Title : Dinotefuran and Piperonyl Butoxide Mixture for The Extermination and Prevention of Ctenocephalides Canis and Ctenocephalides Felis Felis In Dogs And Cats

Authors : Joseph Yanai, Amir Kafri

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Ctenocephalides canis and Ctenocephalides felis felis are insects which are among the most common ectoparasites of common household dogs and cats. Flea killers have been developed for decades to counter this worldwide pest. It is a never-ending battle because of the continuous genetic resistance presented by the pest. In the present study, we applied a mixture of the pesticide Dinotefuran (26% w/v) and the synergist Piperonyl butoxide (6% w/v) to dogs (Solpreme Dog™ and cats (Solpreme Cat™) infested with the fleas via “Spot on” method. The treatment exterminated all of the fleas within 3 days (100%, p< 0.001). Re-infestation after 10 days caused an increase in the number of fleas, yet most of the effect lasted for at least 30 days. Further tests showed that the treatment is safe, water resistant, and has a long shelf life. The development of this novel mixture of substances provides an effective, safe means in the struggle with the continuous development of resistance to pesticides among major skin parasites.


Title : Carob (Ceratonia siliqua L) Seed Tegument Separation and Analysis: Comparison with Locust Bean Gum Hot-Water-Insoluble Residue Monosaccharide's Composition

Authors : Patrick Aubin DAKIA, Marie Michele Agnan COMBO, Beda Marcel YAPO, David Kouakou BROU , Michel PAQUOT

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The proximate composition of the carob seed hull were analyzed in order to evaluate the effect of carob seed tegument fragments (as contaminants) on locust bean gum (LBG, a galactomannan usually used as food additive) composition. It has been observed that the hot-water-insoluble residue, recovered after LBG flour dissolution and centrifugation, contains about 71-100% of total arabinose, xylose and rhamnose present in LBG crude flour. These results suggest the presence of non-galactomannan polysaccharides in LBG flour. The separation of the seed components by boiling water pre-treatment furnished ~30% of brown coat. The seed coat sugar composition, determined by GC analysis after partial acid hydrolysis, shown that arabinose (~20%) and xylose (6%) are the major monosaccharides in the hull polysaccharides (theorically from hemicelluloses fraction (≥20%)).

It can suggest that the minors sugars as arabinose, xylose and rhamnose, usually determined in carob gum analysis, came from the small pieces of seed husk remaining in gum flour during its primary extraction process.


Title : Study of Different Conditions of Enzymatic Hydrolysis in Earthworms

Authors : Maira Post Muller, Alana Uebel, Maite Lampert Nieland, Maria Cristina Dallazen, Daniel Kuhn, Henrique Pretto Etgeton, Claucia Fernanda Volken de Souza, Cristiano Giovanella, Eduardo Miranda Ethur , Lucelia Hoehne

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The aim of this paper was to study different conditions of enzymatic hydrolysis in earthworms. As to methodology, 25 g of earthworms of the Eisenia andrei species were frozen and crushed. After, the samples were divided into two different procedures (A and B). In the first one, pH level of the earthworms was adjusted to 8.6 with a 0.5 mol/L NaOH solution prior to the addition of a buffer solution (H3BO3.KCl - NaOH). The second procedure consisted of adding the same buffer solution without pH modification. Both methods were submitted to the addition of the alkaline enzyme. Samples were agitated with a shaker equipment (280 rpm at 54.2 ºC) and tested at time intervals between 0 and 10 hours. The Lowry method for protein quantitation was used to analyze the soluble protein content. A difference of 22 times in the better performance time of the two methodologies was noted. Procedure B presented the best efficiency, with the time interval of 6 hours. This work may contribute to the development of new products containing high levels of hydrolysates, which facilitate their absorption into livestock.


Title : Reduce Product Defect in Stainless Steel Production Using Yield Management Method and PDCA

Authors : Rosalendro Eddy Nugroho, Agus Marwanto, Sawarni Hasibuan

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This study aims to examine and analyze the factors that cause the emergence of defects Wavy & Curve Up on Coil Spring Plate (CSP) at PT. BNM Stainless Steel. Both types of defects are also what makes the trust of customers to the products produced by the company to be down. This is marked by the decrease of orders from Customer from 2014 to 2016. The research data is daily data from 2014 to 2016 data which is the Data of Secondary from Quality Control Department and Production Department. The research covers all product with coil spring plate type (CSP) which is 1/8 Hard, 1/4 Hard, 1/2 Hard, 3/4 Hard, Hard, Extra Hard, and Super Extra Hard (SEH), where sample which is taken by product category which has the highest defect rate among the number of processed products. This research uses PDCA method (Ishikawa Diagram and Pareto Analysis) and Yield Management (Management to produce good product). The results showed several factors that cause the emergence of defect wavy, defect Curve Up and Curve Down. Factors cause of all these problems obtained by using tools fishbone diagram. Completion of all problems using the PDCA system by promoting improvement as a foundation for eliminating all problems. The spirit is Continuous Improvement.


Title : Are Singularity and Dark Energy Consequences of Vacuum Solution of Field Equations?

Authors : Branko M. Novakovic

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Modern physics is trying to solve problems like singularity, dark energy and universe expanding by using sophisticated methods in particle and quantum physics. But, the mentioned problems should also be solved in the classical General Relativity Theory (GRT). As it is well known, Schwarzschild solution of the Einstein’s field equations is in fact a vacuum solution. Unfortunately, this vacuum solution generates appearances as singularity and dark energy with unknown source. Here we show that the singularity and dark energy with unknown source are direct consequence of the vacuum solution of the Einstein’s field equations. In that sense we employ new Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT) that proposes solution of the field equations without appearances of singularity and offers the source of dark energy. This is the consequence of the following predictions of RAF theory: a) no a singularity in a gravitational field and b) the gravitational force becomes positive (repulsive) if (GM/rc2) > 1, that could be the source of a dark energy.


Title : RAF Theory Extends the Applications of GRT to the Extremely Strong Gravitational Fields

Authors : Branko M. Novakovic

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Modern physics is trying to solve some problems in the extremely strong gravitational field by using sophisticated methods in particle and quantum physics. But, we also should solve the mentioned problems in the classical General Relativity Theory (GRT). As it is the well-known, GRT cannot be applied to the extremely strong gravitational field. The main reason for it is an appearance of the related singularity in that field. Here we show that Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT) extends the application of GRT to the extremely strong fields including of the Planck’s scale. This is the consequence of the following predictions of RAF theory: a) no a singularity at the Schwarzschild radius and b) there exist a minimal radius at r = (GM/2c2) that prevents singularity at r = 0, i.e. the nature protects itself. It has been theoretically proved that the metrics of RAF theory at the Schwarzschild radius, as well as at the minimal radius and at the Planck’s scale are regular.


Title : Artificial Intelligence Based E-Learning

Authors : Akshatha P

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This paper is regarding exploring a possibility of providing free education to the unprivileged by means of E-Learning. Most of them are very eager to learn but are unable to do so because of the lack of resources, and awareness of how to get an already available free resource. The paper addresses an Artificial Intelligence-based data model: Artificial Neural Networks [ANN]. This model can be used to provide online materials for educational purposes based on the needs and interest of a user. An approach to this issue is discussed, and a proposition has been given to address the preferred issue.


Title : In-house Production Method for DNA Ladders to Determine Nucleotide Fragment Sizes up to 1500 Base Pairs

Authors : Tengis A, Duuriimaa.O, Badamsuren B, Batchimeg N, Ulziijargal G, Tsendmaa TS, Javkhlan B, Baigalmaa B, Bilegtsaikhan TS, Munkhtulga L, Nyambayar D, Munkhbat B, Baatartsogt O , Purevjargal N

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the human genome project was recently completed after running for 15 years and revealed the presence of 30,000 genes in the human genome with a total nucleotide length of 3.2 billion base pairs (bp). Many novel methods and techniques have been developed in the field of molecular biology and molecular genetics as a result of intensive research, where basic analysis is impossible without the use of DNA size markers or DNA ladders. This research aimed to establish an in-house method to produce DNA size markers detecting up to 1500 bp size. DNA size markers are commonly used consumables in molecular biology laboratories. In this study, we report preparation of a DNA size marker consisting of 12 fragments from 100 to 1500 bp. DNA fragments were amplified by PCR and PCR products were then ligated in the cloning vector pDYNE TA V2. Our procedure for DNA size marker production could be simple, time saving, and inexpensive. 


Title : The Outcome of Early Experience of Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery at Armed Forces Hospital

Authors : Maj Gen C K Jakhmola, Wg Cdr V Trehan , Col S S Kumar , Wg Cdr Ameet Kumar

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laparoscopic colorectal surgery for colorectal malignancy is still under-utilized among various surgeons. A steep learning curve is one of the most common cause of its restricted acceptance.

 Aim: To determine the probability of laparoscopic colorectal surgery in a single institution by implementing a well standardized protocol based operative technique.

Methods & Materials:  92 patients underwent laparoscopically colorectal surgery for colorectal malignancies between 2008 to 2016 were included. All the procedures were performed by trained gastrointestinal surgeons by following protocol based operative technique. Procedures were performed according to the principle of complete mesocolic or total mesorectal excision (TME). Postoperatively fast track recovery programme was followed and recovery parameters, morbidity and mortality have been assessed.

Results: Type of resections: 31 patients underwent  right colonic  resections, 17 low anterior resection with TME, 14 left colonic  resections, 13 anterior resection, 11 underwent abdominoperineal resection (APR) , 6 patients underwent total panproctocolectomy with ileal pouch anal-anastomosis (IPAA).  Mean operative time: 250 min; Mean number of lymph-nodes removed was 18.2. Eight cases were converted to open procedure. Overall morbidity and  mortality was 31.5% and  2.17% respectively. The major morbidity, as defined by Clavien Dindoe grade  III or higher was  9.78%.

Conclusion: Laparoscopic colorectal surgery is safe and leads to good results in terms of recovery parameters and immediate outcomes. Stringent criteria of patient selection, identical preoperative workup and protocol based surgical technique leads to shortening of learning curve and improved outcome.


Title : A Study on Classification Algorithms and Performance Analysis of Data Mining using Cancer Data to Predict Lung Cancer Disease

Authors : E. SathiyaPriya, Dr. S. Mary venila

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In the field of Healthcare, cancer diagnosis is the challenging problems and also many of the research has focused to improve the performance to get a satisfactory results in the particular area. To diagnose a Lung cancer is a difficult  tasks in medical research. To overcome this challenging task, the many researchers use data mining techniques were applied to predict the many type of diseases. In this research we studied and make comparison of different classification  to classify and predict the lung cancer disease. In this research work using Naïve Bayes classification algorithm, SVM (Support Vector Machine) algorithm, KNN algorithm, and J48 algorithm. By using a classification algorithms it  produces a different results for the lung cancer datasets in this research. The quality of the result has measured depends on correct and incorrect instances that are correctly classified by a classification techniques.


Title : Verification of the Factors of Quality Image Formation in Advanced Companies with Emotional Value

Authors : Takumi KATO, Kazuhiko TSUDA

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The concept of product quality is said to include not only objective value (functional value) such as performance and durability but also subjective value (emotional value) such as beauty and perceived quality. In recent years, companies such as Apple and Samsung, which have excellent emotional value, are emerging, which is a major source of competition in the manufacturing industry. However, few studies quantitatively verify the quality factor and composition ratio based on customer perceptions. Therefore, in this study, we verify these aspects based on customers’ pure recall. Furthermore, we examine differences between advanced companies with emotional value and other companies.



Title : Dyeing of PET Fibers in Ionic Liquids

Authors : Klaus Opwis, Rainer Benken, Dierk Knittel, Jochen Stefan Gutmann

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The dyeing of textile materials is still accompanied with several economic and ecological disadvantages resulting in a high consumption of water, energy and chemicals. In particular the dyeing of polyester fibers (PET) - beside cotton the most important fiber type - is accompanied with additional disadvantages, because it needs high process temperatures of more than 130 °C enabling the disperse dye stuffs to penetrate the fiber matrix above the glass transition temperature of PET. Therefore, an aqueous dyeing liquor would evaporate if open systems were used. Due to this, in praxis the dyeing of PET fibers is carried out in special pressure vessels, which results in another cost intensive factor. Thus, since many years textile researchers around the world are looking for alternative dyeing techniques for all kind of fiber types but especially for PET. In this context, ionic liquids (IL) can play an important role. IL are salts with a melting point lower than 100 °C and they are often thermo-stable far beyond 200°C. IL excel by their extremely low vapor pressure, which makes them easy to handle in contrast to typically used organic solvents. Moreover, IL show high and temperature related dielectric constants, therefore showing outstanding solvent power for different textile-related substances, such as cellulose, keratin, and silicones. In addition, preliminary work at DTNW has shown that IL are suitable as dyestuff medium for textiles (e.g. for disperse dyestuffs, cationic dyestuffs, reactive and metal complex dyestuffs). Now, the DTNW has developed an innovative operational technique to dye various fibers in IL. This has been systematically investigated for the commercially most important fiber PET. Our dyeing procedure allows a pressure-free dyeing at high temperatures with minimal air pollution, which enables the textile industry in future to carry out their business with new methods avoiding high consumption of energy, water and chemicals.



Title : Fuel Consumption Study In Indian Fcv Tobacco Value Chain

Authors : Nishith Ranjan Kar

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Tobacco is an important commercial crop grown in India. India occupies third position in tobacco production in the world with an annual production of about 840 Million Kgs. Based on the curing practices, tobacco is generally classified as FCV (Flue cured Virginia) and Non-FCV. Among various types of tobacco grown in India, flue-cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco accounts for only 190 Million Kgs and the rest of the tobacco is non flue cured. FCV tobacco is the only agricultural crop which is highly regulated by Tobacco Board (an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Commerce) and subjected to stringent restrictions on extent of area planted, quantity of tobacco produced and cured. Production of FCV tobacco in excess of authorized limits, without registration from Tobacco Board and not following sustainable practices is subject to levy of heavy penalties and cancellation of license deterring the farmers from doing so. FCV tobacco requires fuel for curing and the study was conducted to find out the complete value chain of fuel used for curing FCV tobacco. The study covered all the FCV growing districts in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and the focus was on understanding the fuel requirement and consumption pattern. Tobacco grower’s survey, fuel supplier’s survey and focused group discussions were conducted to find the results of the planned study. The study reveals that the average Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) or quantity of fuel (in Kg) required to cure 1 Kg of tobacco across the region is 4.5. The variation in SFC among districts surveyed was found very less. The study also found the sustainable sourcing of fuel for curing of tobacco is demonstrated due to every year plantation from farming community and usage of alternative fuel (viz., Prosopis juliflora weed, Coconut fronds, Carpentry waste, Coffee stem etc.) accounts for 63%, Eucalyptus (10%), Acacia (9%) and the rest approx. 18% are the other fuels. Further, the study also revealed a strong fact that there is “no deforestation” due to tobacco curing in India. No natural wood or timber wood or forest wood is used in tobacco curing in both the FCV growing states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka [1]. 


Title : Smart Highway

Authors : Nagen Kumar Sahoo

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Heavy  transport  is   the   last    transport    sector  remains   dependency    over  fossil  fuel  which   makes  it  a leading  source  green house  emission .Due  to the expected  growth in  demand  for    transport  the  estimate  that  global  emission  from  road     freight  transport  will  grow  from  1.36  to  2.4  co2  by  2050.  Now   world    want  electric  vehicle    to    reduce   pollution .  So   have           to   develop  and   design  new technologies  regarding  transportation  system . In this smart    highway           project     we   designed    for   heavy  vehicle transportation  system  .Heavy  vehicle  move  safely  without  imbalance  of  electric  overhead lines. In  this  project  we  use  special light  weight design  steel   rail  wheel  as  front  wheel  which   will  move  on   track   rail   and   back   rubber   tube  wheel  as  back  wheel  and  electric  overhead  lines  as  energy  source.


Title : A Review on Shunt Active Filter Elimination of Harmonic by Shunt Active Filter

Authors : Ankur Gheewala , Pratik Tambakuwala , Hiren Lad , Vishvajeetsinh Solanki , Urjit Desai

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Most of industrial applications are utilized power electronics converters and drives. Harmonics are introduced because of very large switching frequency of power electronics converters. Hence power quality of voltage and current is deteriorating. The shunt active filter is used to eliminate the harmonics which are present in the system. These problems will be solved with MATLAB simulation. The proposed design of shunt active filter used balanced non-linear load.


Title : Creating Sustainable Interventions for Artisans Development of Orissa Handicrafts

Authors : Dr Manjusmita Dash

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India is a well-known country for its rich culture, heritage as well as its unique handicrafts. From time immemorial, Orissa has carved out a name for itself in the field of handicrafts. The gifted artisans could produce wonderful objects of craft from simple materials. Their rare artistic skill has been streamlined in the manufacture of exquisite household pieces. Orissa’s unique topography and the gracious nature bestowed their choicest blessings on the artisans of Orissa. Orissa handicrafts items are acknowledged to be among the best in the country and also abroad due to their beauty, elegance and exquisite designs. This sector of economy directly or indirectly provides employment to more than one lakh people of the state. The nimble fingers of the craftsmen turned every article they touched into a thing of joy. The present article focuses on identifying the challenges faced by the artisans for marketing their handicrafts. The study covers the overall problems being faced by the artisans. If proper measures are not taken to help the artisans and provide support to them, then the beautiful art will have to face extinction. In this backdrop, the present research paper is an endeavor to study various avenues of social and economic upliftment of state in terms of revenue generation, foreign exchange, raising standard of labors, employment generation and sustainable approach for overall improvement of handicrafts. Today it has become difficult to understand the real difference between handmade craft and a semi handmade crafts produced in a factory.The intervention of industries to produce manipulated handicrafts inspired by the low cost fine finished imported goods and artifacts from the countries like China and the marketing strategy to sale these products has been the main source of the decline in the growth of the genuine handmade crafts.The paper focuses on the contemporary challenges as well as the scope of handicraft sector in the state of Orissa and thereby providing suitable interventions in order to make industry more market oriented and sustainable in future.


Title : The Mediating Effect Of Perceived Quality on The Customer Loyalty in Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in The Mobile Phone Sector in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)- Vietnam


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This paper is to analyze the relationship of branding on perceived quality of the service enterprises towards customer loyalty in marketing management’s perspective in Vietnam; particular in the retail market in a time of intense competition for the products or service supplied by the SMEs in the mobile sector. In the business organization, the primary target of enterprises is to convince customers to buy products or services in the long-term relationship. Nowadays, the most important issue for the business organization is to create an advantage of sustainable competition. In addition, brand is a vital asset of any business organization because it leads to the customer’s loyalty. Hence, the customer loyalty is the most important factor to enhance the competitive advantage in any enterprises. Besides, perceived quality of customers on their products or services when they purchase remains one of the most significant values in marketing management. There are two reasons why the perceived quality is important for the mediating role between in customers and branding; firstly, the perceived quality determines the success or failure of business; secondly, it influences the rate of acceptance of the products or service for the business organization. Therefore, this paper aimed to explore the mediating effect on customers’ perceived quality towards their loyalty the branding in the SMEs in the mobile sector. In the first stage, the study has applied the expert’s opinion to analyze the factors effect on the customer’s loyalty. In the second one, the researcher applied the qualitative method to interview around 10 buyers who regularly purchase in The Gioi Di Dong’s Shops and Vien Thong A’s Shops in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) with the convenient method to observe the process of service to get the close ideas of service to build the questions for the observed variables in the SMEs in mobile phone sector as well as enhance customers’ loyalty. In general, the author composed 5 factors including 34 observed variables from total of 50 observed variables chosen to build the questionnaire scale such as (1) Brand trust, (2) Service Organization, (3) Brand Awareness, (4) Perceived Quality, and (5) Customer’s Loyalty to study in Vietnamese SMEs in mobile phone sector in HCMC, Vietnam.                


Title : A Prey-Predator Model with a Linear Cover the Prey

Authors : Gaddam Shankarajyothi

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A two species syn-ecological model with a Prey and a predator is considered for analytical study. Here, the prey is protected with a linear cover to some extent from the predator and the predator is supplied with an additional food.

      First order coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations are used to form the model. Possible latent roots for the system are obtained and their stability established. The linearized equations are solved completely and results are noted.


Title : Regionally Gradient Efficient actuators and Sensors

Authors : Soraya Rekkab

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In this paper, we introduce and characterize the notions of regional gradient remediability and regionally gradient efficient actuators. We study their relationship with regional gradient controllability and sensors. As an application, we consider the case where the domain is one and two dimension.



Title : Effect of Temperature and Storage on Seed Germination of Archontophoenixalexandrae H. Wendl. and Drude (Arecaceae)

Authors : Marina Romano NOGUEIRA, Marcos Vieira FERRAZ, Petterson Baptista da LUZ, Suzana Targanski Sajovic PEREIRA, Kathia Fernandes Lopes PIVETTA, Roberto Jun TAKANE

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This work had as goal to verify the temperature's effect on the germination of seeds. The experiments were carried out at the laboratory of Seeds Analysis of Horticultural Plants of the Department of Plant Production, at the University of Agrarian and Veterinary Sciences, UNESP, Campus Jaboticabal, SP, Brazil. The experimental design was interely randomized in factorial scheme being six temperature conditions (25ºC, 30ºC, 35ºC, alternate of 20-30ºC, 25-35ºC with photoperiod of 12 hours  and environment temperature) with 4 repetitions of 25 diaspores (seed with adherent endocarp). The fruits were collected from matrices localized at Jaboticabal, and were pulped (removal of mesocarp and exocarp). The diaspores were dried at shade and their water content was determined were placed in plastic boxes (gerbox type) containing vermiculite. Diaspores that emited the germinative intumescence were daily counted until stabilization of germination. The germination percentage and the Speed of Germination Index were calculated.



Title : Rooting of Azalea Cuttings (Rhododendron x simsii Planch.) Under Indolebutyric Acid and Boron Concentrations

Authors : Renata Bachin MAZZINI-GUEDES, Marina Romano NOGUEIRA, Marcos Vieira FERRAZ, Amanda Kelly Dias BEZERRA, Suzana Targanski Sajovic PEREIRA, Kathia Fernandes Lopes PIVETTA

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Azalea plants produce flowers of different colors, and are one of the most cultivated ornamental plants. Their propagation is performed mainly by cuttings, but it still results in low commercial return. The objective of this study was to evaluate the indolebutyric acid and boron influence on the rooting of cuttings of two azalea varieties. One produces white flowers, while the other produces pink ones. Softwood cuttings were treated with five concentrations of IBA (0, 100, 200, 300 and 400 mg L-1), with or without boron (25 mg L-1), along 14 hours without light. The experimental design was randomized in plots, in a factorial arrangement 2x5x2 (two azalea varieties, five IBA concentrations and the presence or absence of boron), with a total of 500 cuttings. Rooting, mean root number, mean root length and mean root dry mass were analyzed. Rooting of both varieties were not influenced by boron, but all treatments showed high percentage for this variable, as the lowest value was 91% at the absence of IBA and boron. The pink variety was superior to the white one what concerns the mean root number, the mean root length and the root dry mass, but the best treatments for it were the ones with low concentrations of IBA with boron. The white variety rooted better without boron. Both varieties, however, showed high rooting power, regardless the treatment used.


Title : Substrate and Reposition of Water in The Germination of Copernicia Prunifera (Mill) H. E. Moore (Arecaceae) Seeds

Authors : Marina Romano NOGUEIRA, Marcos Vieira FERRAZ, Ana Carolina Correa MUNIZ, Kathia Fernandes Lopes PIVETTA, Petterson Baptista da LUZ, Roberto Jun TAKANE, Ingrid Bernardo de Lima COUTINHO

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Carnauba, Copernicia prunifera (Mill) H. E. Moore, is a palm tree native from Brazil with high ornamental value and it is widely used in landscaping in the northeast of the country. Besides being ornamental it also provides many products such as the wax removed from their leaves. Despite its economic and ecological importance, carnauba is still little studied. To elucidate aspects related to seedling production, this work aimed to study the effect of substrates and water reposition in the germination of seeds. The experiment was conducted at the Seed Laboratory of the Department of Plant Production in UNESP/FCAV, Jaboticabal, SP. The experimental design was completely randomized. The treatments were arranged in a factorial 3 x 3 + 1,for example three substrates (vermiculite, sphagnum and coconut fiber) combined with three water reposition regimes(60%, 80% and 100%) + sand with 60% of reposition (control); it were used 4 replicates with 25 seeds each. In every two days it was performed the count of the number of germinated seeds (determined by the appearing of the germination button) and it was made the reposition of water. After the stabilization of the germination it were calculated the germination percentage and the germination speed index (GSI). Data were statistically analyzed and the means were compared by the Tukey test at 5%. Higher germination percentages were observed in vermiculite and in coconut fiber being the fastest germination found in the coconut fiber, regardless of the reposition of water. The percentage of germination and the GSI were not affected by the water repositions regimes, regardless of the substrate.


Title : Identification And Risk Assessment Health, Safety, And Environment On Apartement Project

Authors : Arif Rahman Hakim

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Occupational safety and health issues in Indonesia are still often overlooked. Data shows in Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) that the number of workers in construction is considerably increased, from 4.844.689 people in 2010 to nearly double by 2015, that 8.208.086 people or about 7% of the 114 million workers (BPS, 2016). The construction sector is also considered to be one of the sectors that are at high risk for workplace accidents. The data previously presented work accidents are not specifically contain information on construction work accident, but some sources (BpjsKetenagakerjaan, 2016) (Pritanti, Purwoto, & Solechan, 2012) recorded at least 30% of cases of occupational accidents occurred in the construction sector. In this study will be examined on the identification and assessment risks of health, safety and environment in the construction of apartments. Methods of assessment using a risk assessment matrix derived from the AS / NZS 4360: 2004 Risk Management Standard. From this study obtained the highest risk that is at variable workers fall from high places at activity Dismantle pairs of scaffolding with risk index 12,6. The lowest risk index that is variable workers exposed to dust at activity Lifting material with tower crane with risk index 5.94.


Title : Interpretation of Health-Related Expressions and Dialogues: Enabling Personalized Care With Contextual Measuring and Machine Learning

Authors : Lauri Lahti

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We propose a new research framework that develops a method for interpretation of health-related expressions and dialogues to enable personalized care with contextual measuring and machine learning. The new research framework is implemented with a research project that gathers from various patient groups and other population groups a broad collection of essential perspectives towards health and well-being. In experimental setups persons (for example patients, their family members and representatives of care personnel) are asked to classify a given set of expressions (linguistic statements, image materials or other stimuli) into different categories, and these categorizations are then used as input vectors for computational models. To develop the method a central task is to classify with machine learning models health-related expressions and dialogues in respect to various events, processes and persons in healthcare. Our experimental results based on a sample of context-based linguistic health data indicated fruitful possibilities for gaining classifications of essential traits of language usage, appearance and activity for persons of diverse population groups based on various scales, perspectives, background assumptions and contexts.