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Volume 3 Issue 1

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Title : The Development of The Rural Community and The Role of The Fishing Cooperative

Authors : Marcela Rebeca Contreras Loera, Elizabeth Olmos-Martinez

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Rural communities are characterized by taking advantage of natural resources to carry out their economic activities; fishing cooperatives in Mexico emerge as a way of organizing shrimp harvesting and on the other hand represent an instrument to promote local development of the community. The objective of the study was to analyze the development of the rural community of Las Arenitas and the role of the fishing cooperative. The research was conducted with a qualitative approach; Information was collected through semi-structured interviews with managers of fishing cooperatives, complemented by analysis of documents and government reports. The results indicate that Las Arenitas is a rural community where fishing is its way of life and over time is gradually transformed and developed organized fishing through the integration of economic entities with cooperatives, which conform to fishermen Inhabitants of the community; On the other hand, also shows social changes since it improves the school, housing and infrastructure levels of the community.
In economic terms, cooperatives had boom times, however in recent years production has been unstable. With the above it is concluded that Las Arenitas from its origin to the present has been developed. The resources available allow fishing to be carried out as the main economic activity capable of detonating local development; the fishermen have been integrated into cooperatives as economic units of production.  However, they are currently facing a decline in production, which is an obstacle in the economic development of the community as the main unit of contribution to the community; for that reason it is necessary to promote complementary economic activities to stimulate the development of the locality.


Title : Graphene Nanoribbon Double Junction Device Modeling

Authors : S.N. Hedayat, M.T. Ahmadi, H. Sedghi, H. Goudarzi

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Low dimensional transmission coefficient as a main transport factor need to be explored in this work the transmission coefficient for multi potential barriers is investigated. All theoretical expressions such as height, width of potential barriers, distance between them and carrier property are included to have exact value of transmission coefficient. Additionally, as it is required in many electronic devices to specify conductance of component the exact determination of transmission coefficient especially for graphene based devices is analyzed. Non-isotropic character of transmission coefficient causes to have some extension on Land Auer formalism to derive more accurate expression on graphene based transistors. Finally based on the proposed model the temperature effect on device characteristics is discussed. 

In this paper transmission coefficient of the schottcky structure in the graphene based transistor is modeled based on the width of semiconducting channel and then its quantum properties due to the dependence on structural parameter are analyzed.


Title : Quantum Transmission Modelling in Graphene Nano Scrolls (GNSs) of Double Barrier

Authors : S.N. Hedayat, M.T. Ahmadi, H. Sedghi, H. Goudarzi

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Graphene has amazing carrier transport property and high sensitivity at the single molecule level which leads them as a promising material for biosensor application. In order to develop the new device types same as graphene nanoribbon, Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) and Nanowire, it is essential to investigate of quantum limit in low dimensional devices. In this paper quantum current of double barrier Graphene Nano scroll (DGNS) is modelled and the electronic properties due to the dependence on structural parameter are analyzed. In addition, 1D quantum transport coefficient based on the approximation of the wave vector relation for MGNS is presented.

The present paper deals with quantum transmission on GNS for double barrier and also models current-voltage characteristic based on quantum transport given structural parameters electronic Properties are analyzed. In addition, 1D quantum transport is presented based on the wave vector approximation on GNS.


Title : Demonetisation and E-banking in India

Authors : Dr.Sweta Singhal

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This case study examine the awareness level of people of rural areas in India about e-banking facilities and how much it has increased after demonetization. The present study is conducted to investigate the use of e-banking facilities for purposes post demonetization in India. An awareness level scale and an operation level scale are administered about simple transaction activities like amount transfer to other person’s account on a sample of 100 people of rural and urban areas of India.  An ANNOVA test was conducted which shows that rural people differ significantly with urban people in their awareness level as well as usage level of e-banking. The survey was done on rural and urban customers of both public and private sector banks. It is observed that urban male youth have higher awareness and usage of e-banking whereas rural women have noticeable awareness about e-banking but level of using it is very low. Further stepwise regression analysis determines the factors that contributed in creating awareness and use pattern of e-banking. Finding of the study are helpful for banks to improve their e-banking facilities, making their websites user friendly and improving awareness and usage of e-banking.


Title : Comparing and Optimizing of Solar Insolation on Yearly, Monthly and Seasonally Basis for Solar Devices Performance in Nepal

Authors : Rijan Karkee, Sumit Khadka, Gaurav Luitel, Mausham Devkota, Bibek Khadka, Shushilata Sapkota, Puja Bhetwal

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Solar Photovoltaic panels and solar water heating systems are the most used form of harnessing solar energy (utilizing both diffuse and direct radiation) and evidently, the power harnessed by the system is dependent on location, time of the day, the amount of sunshine hours, cloud cover etc. The orientation of the solar energy harnessing devices is another important factor and in fact, the factor that can be easily controlled for maximum power harnessing. This paper presents the calculation of the optimal tilt angle of solar energy devices according to different month, seasons (summer and winter) as well as for a year based on average data of insolation previously recorded for 5 different places of Nepal (latitude 26.450N  to 29.270N). Furthermore, the solar insolation for yearly fixed optimal tilt angle versus seasonal tilt angles has also been discussed and is compared.


Title : Effect of Food Quality on Customer Perceived Satisfaction Level and Mediating Effect of Food Safety on Them

Authors : Ghulam Mohaydin, Abubakar Chand, Bilal Aziz, Munim Bashir, Junaid Irfan

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Purpose:We done a study to known  impact of food safety on food quality and customer’s satisfaction and the purpose of our study to know how much people are concerned about safety of food what they eat in their routine life.

We used questionnaire to get results and our target group is students of UET.

Findings:We got to know that food safety has mediating effect on food quality and customer’s satisfaction and people are concerned about what they eat is either safe or not and pay attention to what adds up in their food and what they engulf in eating. Food producers and restaurants must pay attention to their food processing procedures and home cooking persons should make sure about healthy food items.

Limitations:All respondents are belong to one institution. Other researcher can add respondents of many demographics.   


Title : Networked Clouds

Authors : Jyoti Madabhushi

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Advances in cloud technologies and on-demand network circuits have given opportunities to enable complex data intensive scientific applications to run on dynamic, networked cloud infrastructure. Cloud based networking is an increasing part of how companies do business. Cloud is central and essential. Companies retain private clouds for business critical or sensitive data but many companies use combination of public and private clouds as a hybrid approach of cloud services. Desktop virtualization enables data security, employee flexibility and mobility by enabling administration of all desktops centrally from a secure data centre environment. End users need not physically store sensitive data hence there is no threat of data leakage from loss or theft. The network sees all data, connected resources and user interactions over public internet as well as within and between clouds. Network can be used to monitor and meter usage and performance of distributed cloud services and infrastructure. Network is critical to advanced cloud services. In cloud information technology from infrastructure to applications is delivered and consumed as a service over network.


Title : Sustainable Urban Development Indicators: Misrata, Libyan Case

Authors : Mohamed A. Bakier, Khalid S. Al-Hagla, Ingi A. Elcherif

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Sustainability indicators play a key role in putting the ambiguity of the urban development concept in a way that could be realized and accordingly measured. This paper develops a set of indicators for a local city based on the study of the experiences of a number of quintessential international institutions and organizations for measuring urban development. It analyzes the ethics and concepts of measuring sustainability in terms of the main system, subsystems, and the Orientation theory for the system’s classification. The paper develops a model based on studying these systems. This model investigates the three aspects of the environment in local cities; the Built environment, the Natural environment, and Human Well-being. The paper applies this model to the city of "Misrata", Libya. The findings were used to validate the proposed model measuring the achievements of urban development using local indicators.


Title : Chemical Heat Pump (CHP) Simulation, Energy and Exergy Analysis

Authors : Satmon John, Sarah B. L., Samson S. J.,Zhu Mingqiao

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A suitable heat pump coupled to low-temperature sources can upgrade heat to higher temperatures. This is commonly achieved by consumption of electricity (vapor compression heat pumps) or by thermal means (vapor absorption and solid–gas sorption heat pumps). However, vapor compression and vapor absorption heat pumps are frequent, intensive research on chemical heat pumps conducted in recent years. Since no mechanical compression is required for attaining a considerable temperature rise, chemical heat pumps expected to take an important role in the utilization of solar, geothermal or waste-heats. They do not require electric power and generally have higher thermodynamic efficiencies than mechanical heat pumps. This paper present a detailed simulation of Isopropanol-Acetone-Hydrogen Chemical Heat Pump. The CHP system was simulated using ASPEN PLUS and further analyzed and optimized for the energy efficiency. Under the optimum distillation column condition (Table 2), the COP and exergy efficiency was considered0.25 and 0.33 respectively, which proved that simulation results are greater than the reported results. The developed model can be invoked as a guide for understanding the reaction kinetics for CSTR reactor.


Title : Optimization of IC Engine Valve for Stationary Engine on Fillet Basis

Authors : Sandip Dongare , Prof. P.A. Narwade

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Design of the valve depends on many parameters like behaviour of material at high temperature, vibrations, fluid dynamics of exhaust gas, oxidization characteristics of valve material and exhaust gas, fatigue strength of valve material, configuration of the cylinder head, coolant flow and the shape of the port. This project deals with the study of stress induced in a valve due to high pressure inside the combustion chamber, spring force and cam force at high temperature conditions. For modelling CATIA is to be used and to analyze the valve ANSYS will be used as the tool. Structural analyses are to be performed on the valve based on fillet radius and results are discussed in detail.


Title : Effect of Gamma Radiation on Super paramagnetic Nano-Particles

Authors : Nguyen Thi Ai Thu

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Background: Nanosized spinel ferrite particles, a kind of soft magnetic materials with structure formula of  MFe2O4 (M = divalent metal ion, eg. Mn, Mg, Zn, Ni, Co, Cu, etc.), are one of the most attracting class of materials due to their interesting and important properties such as low melting point, high specific heating, large expansion coefficient, low saturation magnetic moment and low magnetic transition temperature, etc [1], [2]. Because of these properties, the spinel ferrites have many technical applications such as in photoelectric device [3], catalysis [4], sensors [5], nano devices [6], microwave devices [7], [8] and magnetic pigments [9].

In this work, the synthesis of Fe3O4, NiFe2O4, MgFe2O4 nano-particles by coprecipitation method is reported. The influence of gamma radiation on magnetic properties of these superparamagnetic nano-particles is examined.

Methods: The samples were prepared  by coprecipitation route. The X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) were used to characterized the samples. In this study, we used 60Co gamma radiation to emit on superparamagnetic materials.

Results: The result of XRD showed that the products were pure Fe3O4, NiFe2O4, MgFe2O4 particles. The hysteresis loop obtained from VSM measurements showed Fe3O4, NiFe2O4, MgFe2O4 superparamagnetic nanoparticles have an inverse spinel structure. From the SEM micrographs, it is proved that the nanoparticles obtained are cube like and rather uniform. The average particle size was changed under affecting of radiating and found to be in the range of 52 ¸ 54 nm that increased up to 48.6 ¸ 112% of 52 ¸ 54 nm that increased up to 48.6 ¸ 112%.

Conclusions: Nanosized ferrite particles were synthesized with coprecipitation route and were irradiated by 60Co gamma radiation source. The result showed that magnetic properties and particles size changed.  


Title : College Enquiry Chatbot Using A.L.I.C.E

Authors : Balbir Singh Bani, Ajay Pratap Singh

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In  this  paper,  a  proposal  is  carried  on  to  explain  the  design  of  a  chat  bot specifically tailored as an application which is going to help new students to solve  all  the  problems  they  face  and  the  questions  which  arises  in  their mind during and after the admission . In particular, the proposal investigates the implementation of ALICE chat bot system as an application named as college enquiry chat bot. A keywords-based human-computer dialog system makes it possible that the user could chat with the computer using a natural language, i.e. in English.


Title : From Basel I to Basel II to Basel III

Authors : Pushpkant Shakdwipee, Masuma Mehta

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The financial system of a country is of immense use and plays a vital role in shaping the economic development for a nation. It consists of financial intermediaries and financial markets which channels funds from those who have savings to those who have more productive use for them, in a way leading to money creation. The volume and growth of the capital in the economy solely depends on the efficiency and intensity of the operations and activities carried out in the financial markets. One of the most important functions of the financial system is to share risk which is catered mainly by the banking sector. (Cortez, 2011) Banks are betting that the individuals and companies to whom they lend capital will earn enough money to pay back their loans. This process leads to generation of Risk and in turn necessitates Regulations.


Title : A Review of Different Secret Image Watermarking Technique

Authors : Vipra Bohara, Sandeep Toshniwal

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In this paper, we discussed several different techniques use on digital image watermarking.The enlargement of internet and availability of the network incomputer now adays provide facility of multimedia data during passing information over the transmission medium. In this regularly developing society of the internet if using the traditional digital image watermarking technology doesn’t have the capability to provide security from intentionally or may unintentionally attacks. So multimedia data received conveniently without suffering the losses of information. The repercussion of these application create moderation and distribution of the illegal information easily for the uncertified parties. The technique of digital watermarking come into existence to vanquish these authentications issue. So watermarking is one of the solution come to salvage for protection from the unlawful operation like forgery, duplicity, modifying data content, copyright-violation. The digital based content can be protected by using watermarking. So digital watermarking is basically an embedding or hiding data technique. This data may in form of image, audio, text or video. In this paper we point two categories of digital image watermarking via spatial domain and frequency domain. We mainly focused to describe variety of techniques applied on digital image. The comprehensive set of experimental results through variety of the watermarking techniques on digital image, which is showing that their proposed method has superiority and provide improved performance of the watermarking algorithms in comparison with the previously proposed methods. These approaches having the ability to withstand against variety of image processing attacks such as salt and pepper noise, JPEG compression, Gaussian noise, some filtering attacks as median filtering, Conv filtering (Gaussian filtering and sharpening), some geometric structure distortion attacks as bending cropping, resizing and rotating. These schemes output performed to measure imperceptibility and its Robustness with Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Normalized Cross Correlation (NCC) values.