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Volume 2 Issue 6

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Title : On-Road Vehicle Emission Inspection System with E-mail Alert

Authors : Venkatesh A, Prof. Riyaz Ahmed

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Nowadays traffic is a major issue in the metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, etc,. In this ever increasing traffic there is a need to control the pollution issues as well as traffic accidents by implementing some smart embedded systems in to the vehicles. In this work, an automatic emission inspection system has been designed which will inspect the carbon monoxide level emitted by the vehicle. Moreover some of the safety related abnormalities like drink and drive, not wearing seat belt and high speed are also addressed. An alcoholic sensor, slot sensor and accelerometer sensor will serve the respective purpose. The continuous scanning of these abnormalities is done by the emission inspection system and if any abnormality is found, that abnormality along with the vehicle registration number is sent to the remote sensing unit which is installed in the traffic signals. The remote sensing unit sends a trigger message to the android device which in turn sends an email to the vehicle owner.

The complete setup is implemented using ARM Cortex M0 LPC 1115/303 microcontroller. 


Title : From Government Innovation to Public Innovation. The ICT as Key Tools

Authors : Freddy Marinez Navarro

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This article discusses the difference between public innovation (PI) and government innovation (GI). In this sense, the first is defined by the use of Information and Communication Technology, mainly interactive tools 2.0, and the co-creation of public value. Thus, the areas of PI are public administration, public policy, government and civil organizations whose potential is derived from their own interrelation. Meanwhile, government innovation only takes into account internal organizational aspects.



Title : Security Issues in Cloud Services

Authors : Shaikh Ashapakh Sattar

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Cloud Computing is a flexible, cost-effective, and proven delivery platform for providing business or consumer IT services over the Internet. However, cloud Computing presents an added level of risk because essential services are often outsourced to a third party, which makes it harder to maintain data security and privacy, support data and service availability, and demonstrate compliance. Cloud Computing leverages many technologies (SOA, virtualization, Web 2.0); it also inherits their security issues. The most important threats found in the literature related to Cloud Computing and its environment as well as to identify and relate vulnerabilities and threats with possible solutions.


Title : An Efficient Divide and Conquer Approach for Big Data Analytics in Machine to Machine Communication

Authors : Mukesh Nair, Prof. Amruta Chadawar, Ashitesh Bhosle

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Many Machine-to-Machine communications relies on the physical objects like satellites, sensors etc interconnected with each other, creating mesh of machines producing massive volume of data about large geographical areas. Thus, the Machine-to-Machine is an ideal example of Big Data. On the contrary, the Machine-to-Machine platforms that handle Big Data might perform poorly or not according to the goals of their operator in terms of the cost, database utilization, data quality, processing and computational efficiency, analysis etc. Therefore, to address the aforementioned needs, we propose a new effective, memory and processing efficient system architecture for Big Data in M2M, which, unlike other previous proposals, does not require whole set of data to be processed (including raw data sets), and to be kept in the main memory. Our designed system architecture exploits divide-and-conquer approach and data block-wise vertical representation of the data- base follows a particular petitionary strategy, which formalizes the problem of feature extraction applications. The architecture goes from physical objects to the processing servers, where Big Data set is first transformed into a several data blocks that can be quickly processed, then it classifies and reorganizes these data blocks from the same source. In addition, the data blocks are aggregated in a sequential manner based on a machine ID, and equally partitions the data using fusion algorithm. Finally, the results are stored in a server that helps the users in making decision.


Title : Benign Breast Disease and Associated Factors in Women Attending in A Public Hospital

Authors : Lisiane Lopes da Conceicao, Milene Cristine Pessoa, Mariana de Moura e Dias, Renata Nascimento de Freitas, Jose do Carmo Lopes Moreira, Maria do Carmo Gouveia Peluzio

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The aim of this study was to present the main features of women with benign breast disease (BBD) and the factors associated with these diseases. Our study was a case-control, masked and hospital-based study. Sociodemographic, clinical and gynecological, as well as obstetrical, anthropometric and lifestyle data were collected from the BBD-diagnosed women and controls. Most participants were diagnosed with fibroadenoma. The three protective factors against the development of BBD included parity, late menarche and breastfeeding. In general, these major protective effects are connected to the endogenous hormone levels and main reproductive events, which are more difficult factors to control. The type of benign breast disease, age of diagnosis, degree of education and woman's age seem to contribute to this relationship.


Title : Thingspeak Based Sensing and Monitoring System for IoT with Matlab Analysis

Authors : Sharmad Pasha

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As the expeditious of Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging and is accustom for remote monitoring of the surrounding parameters and other stuffs with the use of sensors that acquaint for wireless sensing of real time data and transfer them into the desired form and help to forward the sensed data across the network cloud via ‘Internet Connection’. Here the project work deals with The IoT ‘Thingspeak’ web service which is a generous open API service that act as a host for the variety of sensors to monitor the sensed data at cloud level and composite a special feature of porting the sensed data to the MATLAB R2016a using a channel ID and read API key that is assigned by services and able to track data value at picky sample at particular intervals. This project also uses an Arduino UNO board, ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module that helps to process and transfer the sensed data to the Thingspeak Cloud.


Title : Which Treatment for Abdominal Trauma in Pediatric Age

Authors : Giorgio Maria Paolo Graziano, Federica Castelli ,Prof Antonino Graziano

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Abdominal trauma are present in 40% of multiple trauma patients and in relation to the position of damaged tissues are classified into superficial (bruises) and deep (affecting vessels, parenchyma and viscera) the purpose Of this work is to propose a valid diagnostic algorithm effective and safe. Materials and Methods From January 1997 to December 2000 were seen at the Surgical Clinic III of the University Hospital of Catania No 11 patients aged 8-13 years average age 10.5, with blunt abdominal blunt trauma. N 9 pts. (81%) were male, the remaining n 2 cases (19%) were female, the causes of trauma were accidental and contusion, the most affected organs were: spleen (52%) the liver (31%), kidney and ileum (18%). Results In abdominal trauma in children most frequently was found to parenchymatous organs (spleen and liver, kidney) The diagnostic approach is made by clinical examination based on a history that collects information that guide immediately to the affected organ from trauma for the purposes of defining what the exam is the most appropriate therapy. .Discussion In patients with hemodynamic istabilità after evaluation of CT eco investigations, with the presence of peritoneal fluid proceed to invasive intervention after laparoscopic evaluation. In cases where we have a hemodynamically stable patient in whom the CT and echo tests show small and medium-sized lesions treatment is not implemented invasivo.La tab 1 summarizes the algorithmic Conclusions Conclusions The secondary blunt trauma to domestic traumatic causes or falls frequent accidental in children require special attention not only has specifics kills.


Title : Low-Temperature Extraction-Pyrolytic Synthesis of Functional Composites

Authors : N.I. Steblevskaya, M.V. Belobeletskaya, M.A. Medkov, V. S. Rudnev

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Perspective of use of the extraction-pyrolytic method for obtaining mixed-oxide composites, including nano-scale ones, based on the rare-earth elements, iron, manganese, bismuth, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, platinum, and other elements displaying important practical properties: magnetic, optic, catalytic – was shown. The composition, morphology, and properties of the functional materials prepared were studied.


Title : The Effects of School Facilities on Educational Quality. The Case of Public Primary Schools in Kupe-Muanenguba Division, South-West Region of Cameroon

Authors : Mbonteh Vivian Mbole Nkong, Professor Fonkeng Epah George, Dr. Galy Mohamadou

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The quest for every society is to have an admirable educational quality. The quality of school infrastructure relate to other school quality issues, all having an impact on the critical learning factor of pupils in school. This paper investigated the effects of school facilities on the educational quality of pupils in kupe-muanenguba division, south-west region of Cameroon. Data was collected through questionnaires and direct observations. Analysis with SPSS was applied, using the regression analysis model. Based on the findings, a significant correlation was observed between school facilities and the educational quality of pupils. Some proposals were made as contribution to boost educational quality.



Title : The Impact of Integrated Plant Nutrition Management System on Some Morphological Characteristics and Nutrient Uptake in Citrus Seedlings

Authors : Babak Jamshidi, Mahmoud Reza Ramezanpour, Alireza ladan Moghadam

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Citrus is considered as one of the most important agricultural products in the world; that increasing its yield and product has attracted global attraction. The present researchhas been designed in the Randomize Completely Design inthe factorial plan in four replications. The main factor was includedsubstrate enriched (PGPR bio fertilizers) and without enriched substrate. Subplot was conventional 5 treatments: 1) control (without chemical fertilizers and phosphate bio fertilizer), 2) seedlings’ root inoculated with Pseudomonas putida 41; 3) phosphate fertilizer based on soil test; 4) phosphate chemical fertilizer, 25% less than soil test + Pseudomonas putida 41 and 5) phosphate chemical fertilizer, 50% less than soil test + Pseudomonas putida 41  in 4 replicates .Overall 40 pots have been tested. The results analysis with MSTATC software using Duncan test showed that wet and dry weight of root and shoot and the P, Fe, Zn concentrations and the lateral branches number increased in substrate enriched in compared with control.  The growth parameters include; rootstock length, scion length, rootstock diameter and scion diameter increased in different treatments of pseudomonas and phosphorus fertilizer.


Title : Improving the Spectral Efficiency of OFDM System Using Raised Cosine Filter

Authors : Reyaz Ahmed

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The current research trends towards mobile broadband communications highly focused on mitigating the power spectral analysis and frequency localization issues associated with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing namely OFDM signals. There are various existing research works have been found ensure less efficient communications strategies. Therefore to address various interference problems during transmission data filter, OFDM has been conceptualized and implemented. Most of the f-OFDM techniques have been designed without coding. The proposed study aims to develop a higher order modulations e.g. QAM/PSK based filtered OFDM system to mitigate the inter-symbol interference issues of channel properties. The proposed system has been configured and simulated in a real-time test bed (Matlab). The proposed system uses Root Raised Cosine (RRC) filter design specification and it also integrated the filter modules in the transmitter and the receiver side. The experimental outcomes of the proposed system show that it achieves very higher signal quality on less amount of bit error rates and the huge amount of power spectral density at the receiver end. It also achieves a high data transfer rate, well utilization of bandwidth as well as frequency localization factors as compared to the conventional OFDM models.


Title : Rural Tourism a Solution for Ghost Villages of Uttarakhand

Authors : Pankaj, Ashish Pant

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The rural areas in India have experienced substantial changes in the last two decades. The share of rural population in Indian was 74.28% in 1991 which decreases to 68.84 % in 2011. One of the reason for the decreasing in rural population is migration from rural to urban area. The pace of rural to urban migration has gradually accelerated with each passing decade. As per census of India, rural to urban migration increased from 42% in 2001 to 56% in 2011.People from rural area migrate to urban area in search of better job, education and life. Uttaranchal (now Uttarakhand) was carved out of the state of Uttar Pradesh on November 9, 2000 as the 27th state of the Republic of India. It occupies 53,483 sq. km. of total land area out of which 86% is mountainous. As per the Census of India the rural population of Uttarakhand was 74.33% in 2001 and it decreases to 69.45% in 2011.Uttarakhand has a high rate of out-migration and majority of the population migrate to various urban areas for better education and economic opportunities. The reasons of out migration is due to regional backwardness, small landholding size, unemployment and under-employment. As the result of migration 33 villages no longer exist in the state’s map and about 1053 villages are completely abandoned and uninhabited and have turned into ghost villages. The present study focuses on the hill out-migration from rural areas of Uttarakhand, its reasons, it impact and rural tourism as a solution.


Title : Beauty and the (B) East: A Postcolonial Reading of Disney’s Arab Woman

Authors : Hajar EDDARIF

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This paper draws on gender as a fundamental cultural mechanism of Disney animated film, Aladdin (1993). Adopting a cultural(ist) and postcolonial theory, the aim of this study is to investigate Disney’s representation(s) of the Arab woman. It shall argue that the production of such representations streams from colonial principles and serve imperialist intentions.. Part of the concerns of this work is to briefly tackle the portraying of man and space in Disney’s Aladdin. In this vein, the present article provides a scrutiny of how Disney as a culture machine represents the Arab world in general but focuses mainly on the image of Arab women in one of the most popular Disney animated films which are generally labeled as innocent, fun and entertaining.


Title : Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on Patients Receiving Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer

Authors : CP Hou, PY Pan, YH Chang, YC Hsu, YH Lin, CL Chen, PS Yang, PL Chang, KH Tsui

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Background: The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether diabetes mellitus (DM) affects outcomes in patients receiving robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RARP) for prostate cancer.

Patients and Methods: We compared the early clinical results of diabetic and nondiabetic patients in terms of preoperative (pre-OP) variables and surgical outcomes. Patient records were obtained from a review of the database for prostate cancer patients receiving RARP at Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, between July 2012 and December 2014. The patients underwent a comprehensive physical examination and medical history review and were classified into two groups: diabetic (DM cohort) and nondiabetic (non-DM cohort). The pre-OP variables and intraoperative and postoperative (post-OP) data of the two cohorts were compared. In addition, biochemical recurrence (BCR)-free survival and urinary continence recovery in the cohorts were compared.

Results: In total, 363 patients (84 DM; 279 non-DM) were enrolled. Compared with the non-DM cohort, patients in the DM cohort were older (68 vs. 65 years, p = 0.002) and had a higher BMI (26.2 vs. 24.8 kg, p = 0.009); the DM cohort also had a higher proportion of clinical T3a (35.7% vs. 26.5%, p < 0.001) and Gleason score 8–10 (26.2% vs. 14.3%, p = 0.019). Intraoperatively, the two cohorts were similar in terms of operative time, blood loss, hospital stay, transfusion rates, and surgical complication rates. However, the final pathology stage of the DM cohort seemed to be more advanced than that of the non-DM cohort. The BCR-free survival was similar in both cohorts, but the speed of recovery from urinary incontinence differed. The continence rates in the DM cohort at post-OP 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months were 30.9%, 45.0%, and 62.8%, respectively, whereas those in the non-DM cohort were 43.0%, 66.5%, and 94.9%, respectively (p < 0.001). Through univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis, we discovered that DM was an independent factor that affected urinary incontinence at post-OP 6 months.

Conclusion: DM patients could achieve a favorable radical prostatectomy outcome with the utility of da Vinci robotic arms. However, diabetes is an unfavorable factor affecting recovery from post-OP urinary incontinence.


Title : Investigating The Relationship Between Transparency and Liquidity Risk of The Banks Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Authors : Davoud Tarverdizadeh, Nasrin Ekhtiari Bilehsovar,Nazanin Majd

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The purpose of the present research is to investigate the relationship between the transparency and liquidity risk of the banks listed in Tehran Stock Exchange. Considering the aim, this is an applied research and considering  methodology it is a scientific research(after occurrence).research samples are the banks listed in Tehran Stock Exchange that 13 banks were selected as the samples and were under study during 4 years on the basis of their financial statements of the years from 2009 to 2012. In order to examine the hypotheses, multivariable linear regression analysis was applied. This research includes one major hypothesis (there is relationship between the transparency and liquidity risk of the banks listed in Tehran stock exchange) which is divided into six secondary hypotheses. Results of the research showed that there is a direct significant relationship between the transparency of financial information and liquidity risk of the banks which implies the importance of the financial information transparency.



Title : Study of Switched Inductor Based Z-Source Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter

Authors : P. Satheesh Kumar, Dr. S. P. Natarajan, Dr. Alamelu Nachiappan, Dr. B. Shanthi

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This paper proposes a Switched Inductor-Z-Source Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter (SL-ZS-CHB-MLI). This proposed topology has wide applications in ac- ac, dc- ac, dc- dc, dc- ac power conversion. This topology is made up of numerous basic units. The number of basic unit required is based on the formula (n-1)/2, where n is the number of levels. Each basic unit in the proposed SL-ZS-CHB-MLI topology are developed by a Z-Source (ZS) network comprising switched inductor cells, and a H-Bridge cell. The proposed topology has high output voltage boosting capability due to the presence of switched inductor cells, which further reduces ripple contents in the input current. It is also having the advantage of lower voltage stress across capacitors. The proposed topology exhibits high output voltage boosting capability with lower THD. The principle of operation of shoot through and non-shoot through states of the SL-ZS-CHB-MLI is elucidated in detail with equivalent circuit diagrams. Capacitor voltages for each basic unit in the 11-level proposed topology have been presented. The Harmonic analysis of the proposed topology for 5, 7, 9 and 11 level output voltages is presented with simulated results obtained from MATLAB software.



Title : Application of Fuzzy Statistics Evaluation Theory for Analyzing the Performance of Rolling Bearings

Authors : Xintao Xia, Liang Ye, Zhen Chang

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This paper discusses the basic process of fuzzy statistics evaluation, which is based on fuzzy system theory. A type of deep groove ball bearing (type 6203) and two types of tapered roller bearings (type 32210 and 30204 ) are used as examples in this work; the statistical analysis results are derived using classical methods and compared with the results from fuzzy statistics. The method is proven to be scientific and reasonable based on the results of the experimental investigation. The evaluation method reduces the influence of subjective factors, improves the accuracy of the economic conclusions and provides a method for determining the performance of rolling bearings and other products.


Title : Organizational Behavior, Decision Making and Virtual Simulations in Military Personnel

Authors : Vassia Karamanoli, Konstantinos Papachristopoulos, Nikolaos V. Karadimas

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The aim of this study is to make a brief review of the research on Human Behavior Models (HBMs) in military simulations. The need to represent the behavior of individual combatants as well as teams and larger organizations is expanding as a result of increasing use of simulations for training, systems analysis, mission rehearsal, systems acquisition, joint force analysis and command decision aiding. Both for training and command decision aiding, the behaviors that are important to represent realistically are those that can be observed by the other participants in the simulation, including physical movement, detection and identification of enemy forces, as well as the aspects of behavior influenced by the cultural background, such as Beliefs, Desires and Intents. Innovative technologies provide opportunities to train the required skills in an interactive and realistic setting, for this reason are needed adequate models that generate the behavior of virtual players. Areas of modelling human behaviors are combat field situations and situations of high risk decision making, teamwork, culturally and emotionally affected behavior. In this paper we provide an overview of current research on human behavior models in military simulation, in order to be used to train military forces, develop force structures and design weapon systems. Implications for further research are made.


Title : Prediction of Manufacturing System Using Improved Infomax Method Based on Poor Information

Authors : Xintao Xia, Wenhuan Zhu, Bin Liu

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The improved infomax method consists of the bootstrap methodology, the grey system theory, and the information entropy theory. The bootstrap methodology is adopted to imitate the generated information vector of large size by bootstrap resampling from the current information vector of small size, the grey system theory is used to introduce the generated information vector into the grey prediction model for forecasting the future information vector of large size, and the information entropy theory is employed to predict a probability distribution of the future information via the maximum entropy criterion. Information prediction of a manufacturing system is put into practice under the condition of poor information. Case studies of the diameter and roundness of a tapered rolling bearing raceway present that the method is able to make reliably information prediction of a manufacturing system only with the current information of small size and without any prior information of probability distributions.


Title : Fuzzy Norm Method for Evaluation of Uncertainty in Vibration Performance of Rolling Bearing

Authors : Xintao Xia, Wenhuan Zhu, Bin Liu

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the performance of current bearings in terms of variations in friction, wear, vibration, temperature rise, etc. is drawing considerable attention. The limited availability of characterization data and a lack of a priori knowledge concerning the probability distribution and trends in bearing performance have rendered it difficult to perform a statistical analysis on this topic. To overcome these limitations, in this paper, we adopt the fuzzy norm method, which integrates fuzzy theory with the norm method. We utilize the fuzzy norm method to assess the uncertainty in rolling bearing vibration performance, which can help to reveal the degree of variation in rolling bearing vibration performance despite the unknown probability distribution and trends, thereby allowing for accurate assessment of the vibration conditions of bearings. The results of an experimental investigation of a specific type of rolling bearing vibration-acceleration time series demonstrate the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed method.


Title : Stability Assessment of a Manufacturing Process Using Grey Relationship Theory Based on Two Unsorted Data Series

Authors : Xintao Xia, Liang Ye, Zhen Chang

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Based on grey system theory, which is used to analyze two unsorted data series produced during the manufacturing process, the stability of a manufacturing system can be evaluated. First, two unsorted data series with the original order maintained are acquired from a manufacturing system. The grey relationship of the two data series without sorting can be established based on the distribution features of data series. Grey confidence level is calculated to evaluate the stability of a manufacturing process dynamically. A simulation experiment and an actual case were studied by analyzing two unsorted data series produced during the manufacturing process to evaluate the stability of manufacturing systems. In the simulation experiment, a normal distribution with unsorted data sequence was added with a linear error distribution sequence with the same number of data points. The result of simulation experiment showed that the grey confidence level P = 69.5% < 90% when the weight f =0.5. Therefore, two unsorted data series did not have the same properties, indicating that the manufacturing process was not stable. In the actual case, a sine function distribution was added to a triangular distribution with the same number of data points to generate a systematic error. The result of actual case showed that the grey confidence level P = 89.5% < 90% when the weight f =0.5, indicating that the manufacturing process was not stable. The stability assessment model is proven to be able to be used to analyze the system property of two unsorted data series under the condition of poor information, which is beyond the constraints of grey relational sequence space in original grey system theory and is the expansion of the grey system theory.


Title : Empowering Economy Through ICT: A Case Study of Kashmir Valley

Authors : Muheet Ahmed Butt, Majid Zaman

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The beautiful valley of Kashmir is situated at such a place on the global map which puts several disadvantages for its overall economic and social development. The place is full of naturally occurring odds and impedances which need to be resolved by developing relevant strategies which will provide it with distinctive advantages. Besides, all these odds the Almighty has bestowed Kashmir with other advantages which need to be capitalized as has been done in most of the developed nations around the globe having same type of climatic conditions and natural recourses. All of the governments that have ruled the valley have been introducing several schemes for the economic welfare of the common people but mostly they are not up to the mark and because of that don’t meet the necessary goals. The proposed research provides an insight to the various potential areas of Kashmir which can be influenced to a great extent by the application of the Information Communication Technology practices.